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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: What is the significance of the Seven Thunders to the Bride?


“And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when He had cried, SEVEN THUNDERS uttered their voices. And when the SEVEN THUNDERS had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a Voice from Heaven saying unto me, ‘Seal up those things which the SEVEN THUNDERS uttered, and write them not.’” [Revelation 10:3-4]

“The Bible said here that that would be one of the mysteries that would be unfolded. Protestants, prostitutes committing spiritual fornications, leading people by denominations with their cup of iniquity of man-made doctrine, and pulling them away from the fountain filled with Blood, where the power of Almighty God flows freely to manifest Jesus Christ. If that's true, then God will back it up; and He has done it; and He will continue. But when that comes to pass, the Word is finished. Now, there's only one thing left. That is the SEVEN THUNDERS that we don't know; and it would not have thundered in vain. God don't do something just to be playing. We play and act silly, but not God. Everything with God is "yea and nay." He doesn't just fool. He doesn't kid. He means what He says, and He says nothing 'less there's something meaning to it.” [Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir? 62-1230E]

“And SEVEN THUNDERS right in the revelation here of Jesus Christ, is some mystery. Does not the Bible say that this is the revelation of Jesus Christ? Why, there's some hidden mystery then of it. What is it? The SEVEN THUNDERS have it. For John was just about to write, and a VOICE came down from heaven, said, "Don't write it. But seal it. Seal it up. Put it on the backside of the Book." It's got to be revealed. It's the mysteries. Now, we solved out these things by the Holy Spirit. It's told us it wasn't apples; it was sexual. Told us these things... There's not no-one able to stand before it. I never seen a preacher in my life agreed with it. But I've asked them.” [Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir? 62-1230E]

“Now, look, when it is time for the SEVEN VOICES, then it's time for the SEVEN VOICES when the Book is completed of Revelations 10 to be revealed. Now, notice, listen. Now, I won't keep you too much longer; I know I'm wearing you out here; it's twenty minutes till ten. Listen close now. I know standing up and you all changing positions and things. I'll be glad when the church gets fixed so we won't have to be cramped up. We can take all day to preach it. Now, notice. Now, note, the SEVEN VOICES was THUNDERS: blast. God help us. If I'm wrong, Lord forgive me. I'm asking you the question. It blasted with thunder when this voice rung out. Did you notice that when the SEVEN SEALS, that followed the seven church ages; when the first seal was opened, that there was a thunder? The first seals in the Book was opened, there was a thunder. Would not the first seal on the outside Book open the same way? God doesn't change His program.” [Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir? 62-1230E]

“Now is it plain? When the first seal was opened, the seals that was inside the Book, these mysteries that was sounded forth: justification, sanctification, Roman Catholic church, Protestants, and when all their little battles and things left these loose ends in the Word of God, the seventh angel comes on and gathers them all up and explains them. See? And then he finishes; SEVEN THUNDERS utter out. John started to write. He said, "Don't write it, but seal it." And the first seal was opened of the seals on the inside of the Book; it opened with a thunder. If this is Scripture, it can only be... If any Scripture is... Anything that's supposed to be of the Bible... It's just like you can't tell me there's such a thing as a purgatory and things like that. There's no Scripture in the Bible to back it up.” [Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir? 62-1230E]

“Then if this is a continuation for the sounding of these last trumpets or these last SEVEN THUNDERS that's coming forth, the mysteries, the last seals, it will have to compete--or compare with the rest the Scripture. And if them first ones in there opened with a blast of thunder, the second ones will too, that's on the backside.” [Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir? 62-1230E]

“Notice, Revelations 3 and 4. SEVEN THUNDERS, SEVEN THUNDERS and then notice... (3 and 4). And then what? An oath from that mighty angel that time was finished. When these THUNDERS (You see?), brought forth their VOICES, then the angel... Just think of it. An Angel clothed in a cloud, and a rainbow covered over His head. Why, you know Who that is. Put one foot on the land and on the sea and lift up His hand and swore that when them SEVEN THUNDERS uttered their voices, that time would be no more. And if the ministry of the mysteries of God is finished... What if that is them SEVEN MYSTERIES coming forth?” [Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir? 62-1230E]

“The other angels was messengers, men of the earth. But this Angel... This said, to the angel of the church of Laodicea; to the angel of the church of Ephesus, messengers of the earth, see, men, messengers, prophets, and so forth to the church. But this One didn't come from the earth; He come down from heaven, because the mystery's all finished. And when the mystery's finished, the Angel said, "Time shall be no more," and SEVEN THUNDERS throwed their voices out. What if it is something to let us know how to enter in to the rapturing faith. Is it? Will we run and leap over walls? Is there something fixing to happen, and these old marred, vile bodies are going to be changed? Can I live to see it, O Lord? Is it so close that I'll see it? Is this the generation? Sirs, my brethren, what time is it? Where are we at?” [Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir? 62-1230E]

“Time shall be no more.” He announces that time is over. What happens? What happens? Could that be so now, brethren? Seriously think. If it is, then the pyramid is capped by the SEVEN THUNDERS. You remember the pyramid message? It's the capstone. What did it do? The Holy Spirit capped off the individual and sealed it when we added to our faith, righteousness, and godliness, and faith, and so forth. We kept adding to it till we got SEVEN things, and the seventh one was Love which is God. That's how He makes the individual. He caps him and seals him with the Holy Spirit. Then if that be so, He's got seven church ages that He's had SEVEN MYSTERIES that's been sounded away and they fought for to bring back, and now the Headstone comes to cap off the church. Does the THUNDERS mean that, my brethren? Sirs, is that where we are at?” [Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir? 62-1230E]

“And those blasting the other morning that shook me plumb till I raised up in the air as high as this building, and that constellation of angels, SEVEN ANGELS, in the form of a pyramid... Is that them THUNDERS that's coming forth? Could it be? This is all interpreted. According to his dream, it's all finished. According to God's Word the seventh messenger will finish--SEVENTH MESSAGE will be finished. And then the SEVEN THUNDERS, and he saw the capstone rolled over, which many people don't even know there is SEVEN SEALS to be revealed. I've read many men's books on Revelations, never did hear it talked on. They skip that. But it's been told you that it's there. I don't know what it is. Could that be that? God, be merciful to us. If that is, we're in a serious hour.” [Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir? 62-1230E]

“Look, then look, the Capstone was not interpreted. See? "Get west and come back." Or is it this? Is these SEVEN ANGELS in this constellation that came to me... When I meet you at the day of the resurrection, you'll see that I lie not: God my Judge. Or is this that second climax that I talked about the other day. Is there something coming forth for the church? I don't know. I could stay on that a little bit, but I'll move on. Could it be that? The mighty thunder, or the SEVENTH ANGEL IN THE SEVEN CONSTELLATION, seventh period constellation, the pyramid made in a form, three on a side, and one on top, and they dropped from eternity. Could it be? Is this the mystery of the THUNDERS that will bring back the Headstone?” [Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir? 62-1230E]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington]

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