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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ

Question: If a person's African American (black) mother was raped by a Caucasian (white) man, who should this person marry? Is it ok if this person marries a Hispanic person?
Volume 2

Question: I would like to know why there is a problem with race mixed marriages. God never talked about such a thing but referred to unbelievers and believers marring. Wasn't Moses sister and brother punished for saying something about his wife because of her skin color? Wasn't Bathsheba a different color also than David? We all know the pictures of Jesus are not accurate as to how he looked. Yet he is depicted as a white man. The Catholic Church painted those pictures to reflect someone who looked like them. Jesus was an ordinary looking man that could blend in with the crowd. The pictures you have are of a handsome man. Why? I want Christ so I really don't care so much as people being led away from him. Black people sometime think God has cursed them. But that isn't true. If one is saved then they are blessed regardless of color. I ask these questions not as an accusation but in one wanting to know the truth.
Volume 2

Question: How is a husband to love and treat his wife?
Volume 1

Question: My husband and I were married in the message but very young and didn't have much guidance. My husband had a temper and everyone stayed as far away form him as possible. After 8 years, I found out that he got married, so I wanted to know how he did that, since I was still alive. Then I did the same thing and got married. I want to give my life back over to the Lord but am I also sinning because I am married to my second husband while my first husband is alive?
Volume 2

Question: Can believers marry interracially?
Volume 1

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