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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ

Question: When in the sanctuary and it is time for the sick and the lost to come forward, also those with needs, is it appropriate for a woman to pray with them. Is it appropriate for an older woman to pray with a young man for salvation, for healing? Is it wrong for a woman to go up to the altar to help support and pray for those that are heavy laden? What about when a man the same age asks you to pray for them, (maybe they are sick).
Volume 1

Question: What about a woman dancing in the sanctuary? I know Miriam danced before the Lord...but what about in the sanctuary?
Volume 1

Question: I am so confused as to what my role is as a child of God.. There are so many things I can't do as a woman... So what are the things I can do? Instead of feeling free in Christ Jesus, now I feel limited...I don't feel it is my place to tell a man about Christ anymore, because that's preaching or teaching. .I am trying to figure out my spot... What does the Lord want of women? What can a woman do? What is a woman's role in life?
Volume 1

Question: Can a woman "preach" the gospel? Does Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:19 apply only to men or to women, too. We know of course that women are not to teach or to handle the Word, but how about "preaching" the gospel? Is it the woman's role to just give testimonies, to encourage others and to live her life a good testimony / being a witness the same as "preaching" the gospel. Can a woman pray out aloud in church? Just praying. Like during a meeting, everyone is asked to pray, can a woman participate, or has she got to remain silent. Does "silent" here mean refraining from any noise? If so, then it would be difficult for her to worship God. In Bro. Branham's meetings, women also spoke in tongues etc. Can a woman hold any position in church e.g. church secretary, treasurer? These are just administration roles - just to help out, no authority / leadership is implied. I know she cannot hold any leadership positions. What can a woman do, and what can't a woman do?

Volume 1

Question: In the Message of Marriage and Divorce, the prophet points out that Satan is the woman's designer. I know that God put the laws of reproduction into place. But how could Satan be a woman's designer and how could Satan beautify a woman for his won lust? This has puzzled me for a long time.
Secondly, in the same Marriage and Divorce, the prophet says that once upon a time, God was co-equal with Lucifer. How could the Creator be co-equal with Lucifer, a creation? I do not understand this too.

Volume 1

Question: I would like to know, is it right for a woman to cut the end of her hair if it is breaking?
Volume 1

Question: Is it wrong for ladies to wear ear-rings? There are some quotations in the Bible like in Judges 8:24 that proves it to be bad and a scripture like 1st Peter 3:3, and another quotation that talks about dressing modestly.
Volume 1

Question: Is it okay for a Christian woman to braid or plait her hair?
Volume 1

Question: Should married women work outside of the home and pursue other careers?
Volume 1

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