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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: Does God require all of His sons and daughters to have a church home?


“That's our business, is to try to keep the people in--in their churches. And those who do not go to church, we're trying to get them to go to church. We're very grateful for the afternoon meeting, for the souls that was brought to Jesus Christ. And we trust that you'll affiliate somewhere, with some good church of your choice, and will make that your church home, and remain a Christian as long as you live.” [Expectancy, Owensboro, Kentucky, 53-1108e]

“There's just plenty good churches around through here you can go to. So be sure, of all them fine churches, you ought to find one somewhere. And find you a church home, and go in and tell them that you want to become a member of their body of believers.” [Blind Bartimaeus, San Fernando, California 55-1115]

“May they find a good church home here in Phoenix somewhere, or wherever they're from. May they live long, happy, peaceful lives.” [Blind Bartimaeus, Phoenix, Arizona 57-0301]

“Let the ministers come now, around here, so they can be with these people. These people, who are standing here, will want a church home, and these pastors, who are cooperating here in this meeting, they're men who believe this message. They believe the Word. They'll do you good. Make your church home somewhere. Be baptized, and go into the church.” [God Keeps His Word, Phoenix, Arizona 57-0307]

“While we have our heads bowed, I want to ask the church something. Now, friends, you who raised your hands, immediately after healing service, I want you to come up here, stand around the altar, and pray with some of the pastors, as they come pray for you; and find yourself a good church home and go to it, somewhere. There's plenty of good churches around your neighborhood. Find one somewhere, who preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus and Divine healing.” [Jehovah-Jireh, Indianapolis, Indiana 57-0612]

“May they find a church home somewhere close to where they are living, and there, be a faithful member of the Body of Christ until You call them Home.” [Thirsting For Life, Tacoma, Washington 57-0728]

“We want you to give them an invitation to your church. Whatever church you belong to, we want you to come here and tell them people you want them to come to your church. And you know where they're at and if they're in your district or somewhere, we want these people to have a church home.” [Hear Ye Him, Edmonton, Alberta, 57-0807]

“Get you a good church home and there abide until Jesus comes.” [Hear Ye Him, Edmonton, Alberta. 57-0807]

“New born Christian, you that raised your hand just a few moments ago, I want you to promise me something. There's many pastors here in the church, and I want you to get with some of them, some pastor. Promise that to God. Now, you're a Christian now. God's Word is eternally right. "He that heareth My Word, believeth on Him that sent Me, has Eternal Life." [More text.] “Find you a good church home, quickly. Be baptized, and move into that church, you and your family, and live peacefully with God.” [Blind Bartimaeus, Edmonton, Alberta, 57-0809]

“Every person that's saved ought to have a church home. They ought to be in church, and there every--every time that church has a service, or every time you pass it, go in, open the doors and go in and pray or do something. Love the Lord.” [Blind Bartimaeus, Edmonton, Alberta 57-0809]

“Thank You, Father, for those new-born babies that just come into the kingdom of God. May they find a good church home somewhere, and there serve You until death liberates them from this old body of rack pains and aches, and present them before Him, faultless, blameless, in the age to come, with Eternal Life.” [Hebrews, Jeffersonville, Indiana 57-0908e]

“Each of you that raised your hand, you find out from some of the pastors. Get you a good church home. Go to church. If you haven't been baptized, have Christian baptism. If you haven't received the Holy Spirit, now receive it.” [Jesus At The Door, New Haven, Connecticut 58-0529]

“They're Yours, Father, and we present them to You. May they find a real good church home, be baptized, and there, be filled with the Holy Ghost, and live true until death shall set them free and they come in Your Presence.” [The Queen Of The South, Dallas, Texas, 58-0613]

“To the people here on the grounds, that does not have a church home, I recommend these men for your church home. They are men that believes the same message I'm preaching. They too are earnestly contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. If I lived here in Puerto Rico, I'd belong to one of their churches, the one I was closest to.” [Blind Bartimaeus, San Juan, Puerto Rico 59-0209]

“Lord, grant that every man and woman in here will go out filled with the Holy Spirit, go back to their home church, and be a real Christian in it.” [The Queen Of Sheba, Los Angeles, California 59-0405e]

“I wish this above all things, that you here tonight, that who believes in your heart that you love the Lord, and something is happened to you, promise me that you'll find a good Gospel church somewhere, a church that teaches the full Gospel, the power of God, His resurrection. Join up with those people and make yourself a church home. Don't just stray around loose on the streets; go get a good church somewhere of your choice, where the Gospel and the power of God is made known, and the signs of Eternal Life is in there, the signs that was in Christ.” [Balm In Gilead, Chicago, Illinois 59-0614]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington]

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