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February 2021 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

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Featured Questions & Answers


When is God's Bride Married ?


“For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.” [Ephesians 5:23]

“Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.” [Revelation 19:7]

“Those in the bride do only His will. No one can make them do otherwise. They have 'thus saith the Lord' or they keep still. They know that it has to be God in them doing the works, fulfilling His own Word. He did not complete all His work while in His earthly ministry so now He works in and through the bride. She knows that, for it was not yet time for Him to do certain things that He must now do. But He will now fulfill through the bride that work which He left for this specific time.” [Church Ages Book p. 172]

“Notice the harmony of the Father and the Son. Jesus never did anything until it was first showed Him by the Father. John 5:19. This harmony is now to exist between the Groom and His bride. He shows her His Word of life. She receives it. She never doubts it. Therefore, nothing can harm her, not even death. For if the seed be planted, the water will raise it up again. Here is the secret of this. The Word is in the bride (as it was in Mary). The bride has the mind of Christ for she knows what He wants done with the Word. She performs the command of the Word in His name for she has "thus saith the Lord." Then the Word is quickened by the Spirit and it comes to pass. Like a seed that is planted and watered, it comes to full harvest, serving its purpose.” [Church Ages Book p. 172]

“Have you noticed in Revelation 22:17, "And the Spirit and the bride say, Come,--And let him that heareth say, Come." See, the bride speaks the same Word as does the Spirit. She is a Word bride proving she has the Spirit. In every church age we hear these words, "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches." The Spirit gives the Word. If you have the Spirit you will hear the Word for your age, as those true Christians took the Word for their age.” [Church Ages Book p. [Revelation 19:7] 165]

“Dear God, we are grateful to You tonight for the privilege of knowing Jesus Christ (our Saviour) Your Son and the free pardoning of our sins, and to know that His Blood is sufficient that's covered all of our sins and our iniquities. They're so blotted out and put in the sea of God's forgetfulness and His Bride will stand at the Wedding Supper, pure, unadulterated, to marry the Son of God. How we thank Thee for this all-sufficiency and the faith to know that we do not trust in our own merits but in His merit alone, for what He did for us. We're so grateful.” [65-1207 Leadership, Covina, CA]

“And so will the Church come through Justification, Sanctification, Baptism of the Holy Ghost (restoration of gifts), right on into the formed image of Christ. Christ is the Bridegroom, the Church is the Bride, and the Bride is a part of the Bridegroom. It'll have to be a Word Church, not a denominational church. It'll be the Word Church, the Word that's made known, and by the vindicated Word of God.” [65-1206 Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy, San Bernardino, CA]

“He said, "I'll meet them in one place, the Place I put My Name." That's in Jesus Christ. That's where God put His Name. That's the only place He'll meet you; and it's Christ, is the Word, the same yesterday... It's growed from the feet, thighs. And now it's in the head, fixing to go; manifesting in full measure the Bride, the same as the Groom.” [65-1206 Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy, San Bernardino, CA]

“It's a perfect place calling you to that perfection, and you have to be perfect to get there. The Bible said so. Jesus said, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect." It's a perfect Kingdom, so it must be a perfect people come. Because, you have to stand and be married to a perfect Son of God, and you must be a perfect Bride. So how can you do it through anything else but the perfect Word of God, which is, "The Waters of separation, that washes us from our sins"? Amen. That's right. The Blood of Jesus Christ, think of It, the dripping, Bloody Word. Amen. The Blood, the--the Word of God bleeding Blood, to wash the Bride in. Amen. Yes, sir. She stands perfect, virgin, unadulterated. She never sinned, in the first place. Amen. She was trapped into it. See?” [65-1205 Things That Are To Be, Rialto, CA]

“If we are those attributes of God, we cannot live by creeds. We cannot live by denominationalism. We must live by the Word, because the Bride is a part of the Bridegroom, like any wife is a part of her husband. Therefore, we must be that Word Bride. And what is that Word Bride? The manifestation of this hour, the Bride, not a creed or a denomination; but a living oracle of God, a living attribute of God, displaying to the world the attributes of God, in the formation of the Bride that's to be expressed in this hour that we're now living.” [65-1205 Things That Are To Be, Rialt, CA]

“In the sight of God, the Bride is justified. She never done it, in the first place. Amen. Standing there, married to the virtuous Son of God; never sinned, in the first place. Why? She was foreordained. She was trapped into this. And now when She heard the Truth and come forth, the Blood cleansed Her. And She stands there, virtuous. See? She, no sin on Her, at all.” [65-1204 The Rapture, Yuma, AZ]

“But, to the Elected, God is calling to the Elected. They know it: calling the virtuous Bride, the Word, the last-day Church, the elected Lady of our Lord Jesus Christ, Word. If... Jesus is the Word. How many believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right. Then, the Bride is always part of the Bridegroom, so the Bride will not be a denomination. It'll have to be the Word, manifested, to be the Bride of Christ. He promised to do it. He said how He did. Never uses... loses His pattern. He always did it by the pattern. He done it, every time, by the pattern. He does it again, calling out His virtuous Bride in the last day, the lovely Rebekah waiting for Her Isaac. What a beautiful time!” [65-1125 The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ, Shreveport, LA]

“I wonder, today, if all of our drawing in and great crusades and revivals, we haven't been filling up the Methodist ark, the Baptist ark, the Presbyterian ark! But what about the Ark of Christ, the Word? [ Par] And if the Bride is to be the Word, then She's got to be of Christ, part of the Bridegroom. She's got to be the Word; the Word not for His day; the Word of this day, that He promised would be this day, that He sent His Word forth to mold His Bride and make Her. Hope we see it! Don't get some idea of your own now, and don't take somebody else's idea. Take the vindicated Word here, the Bible. It says. [Par] God has promised in His Word how He would choose His Bride in this last day. Did you know that? He promised it, how He would do it, and that by His original plan of choosing Christ, of choosing the times, choosing the seasons, how he... He can't miss it, on His Bride, because She is part of that Word.” [65-0718m Trying To Do God A Service Without Being The Will Of God, Jeffersonville, IN]

“The other is pregnated by the Word of God and will bring forth the Body, the finished Body of Jesus Christ, which is the Bride. The Body of Christ isn't finished yet. How many knows that? A man and woman is one. And Christ is one Body, the Word. The Bride will have to be the rest of that Body. And the two, together, makes the one Body again. Like Adam was at the beginning: man, his wife, are one. Now, She, the true Bride, so sold out to Him, that She use no mind of Her own. His mind, of course, is His will, and His will is His Word.” [65-0429e The Choosing Of A Bride, Los Angeles, CA]

"Then, Christ, according to His Word here, tells us what our future Home will be. What kind of a wife will He choose then, a denominational prostitute? Never! He'll choose a woman that's characterized by His Word, and that will be the Bride." [65-0429e The Choosing Of A Bride, Los Angeles, CA]

“Well, you got the same choice today. She's fixing to bring forth the perfect Word back there, and the Word is coming for the Word Bride. As a--a woman is the part of a man, taken from him, so the Church will have to be a Word-abiding Church, every Word of the Bible; not systems, dogmas, or nothing added to It. It'll have to be in an unadulterated, pure, virgin Word. Right.” [65-0124 Birth Pains, Phoenix, AZ]

“So, you see, He has cut, wants to cut the Church out, just like He did the Son out, like He did the Bride and the Groom. To be His Bride, you must be part of Him. Not part of the creed, not part of the church, not part of the denomination, but the part of Him. Hewed out of any other kind of a form, won't work. You got to be hewed from the Word. The world cut off of you, and just leave the Word only live in you. The great Sculptor is counting on you, willing to stand and have yourself shaped into the likeness of His requirement that His Word requires. "In the last days I'll pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy." Christ is the identified Masterpiece of the Word made flesh. You are asked to identify yourself in Him, by the same Word, to be the masterpiece for the Bride.” [64-1205 The Identified Masterpiece Of God, Yuma, AZ]

“Notice, the Bride. If the Bride, in the beginning, was the Word, or the Bridegroom; and then if the Bride is taken from the Bridegroom, It must be the Word also. Notice, the Bride must be. [Par] Why, why must the Bridegroom be the Word manifested, made plain? Is because the Bride and the Bridegroom are One. She is just a smitten piece off of Him. There is the Masterpiece. It was smitten. Say...Michelangelo could not reproduce that again. He could not put it back. But God is going to do it. He is going to bring this little Bride, that's smitten, right back to the side of the original Word. And there He is, there is the Masterpiece, the family back again in garden of Eden. How is this Bride going to do this? How is this Wheat going to do this? Malachi 4 said, in the last days, it would be restored back, (what?) restored back like the beginning; take it back! "I will restore," saith the Lord, "all the years the palmerworm, and cankerworm, and all these other things has eaten. I will restore again." Malachi 4 said, "He will restore the hearts of the people, and the Faith of the people, back to the original fathers again." See? We see this right before us, Church. Where are we at?” [64-0705 The Masterpiece, Jeffersonville, IN]

“But, remember, the Bride will be a called-out, separated and different, filled, Holy Ghost born, washed in the Blood of the Lamb. She'll abstain from everything that's filthy, around her Husband. She is a chaste virgin, pure, by the Word. The Word and her are the same. As a man and his wife becomes one, in union, so does the real genuine Church of God. When he becomes in Christ, the Bible is punctuated with an "amen," every promise. Don't make any difference what the denomination says. The soul that's in the believer, punctuate it, because it is the Word in him speaking out.” [64-0410 Scriptural Signs Of The Time, Birmingham, AL]

“The Church is ready. She is sealed in, ready to come. There will be a big outpouring of the Spirit, yes, sir, to grab that Church and take Her into the skies. Exactly. Because, see, the Church, the Word, the Bride... And, Christ, His ministry is in His Bride, which is His Body, the celestial Body, or I mean to say, the--the supernatural Body of His here on the spiritual body on earth, His Spirit is in there living His Life right out, until Him and the Church becomes one in the wedding. See, they become one. He takes them, just a little minority in the last days.” [63-1127 The World Is Again Falling Apart, Shreveport, LA]

“God is uniting His Bride. She is coming together, from the East and the West, and the North and South. There is a uniting time, and that's on right now. What is She uniting for? The Rapture. Amen! God's getting Her ready. Yes sir, uniting! What is She uniting with? With the Word! "For all heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never pass away." She's uniting Herself with THUS SAITH THE LORD regardless of what any denomination or anybody else says. She's uniting Herself. She's getting ready. Why? She is the Bride. That's right. And She's united Herself with Her Bridegroom, see, and the Bridegroom is the Word. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us." [Par] And the Church and the Bride and the Word is becoming so one, until the very Word Itself is working out the work of the Bridegroom. Amen! You see it? A uniting! Not no more, "Join the church"; not more of this, but flee from everything and tied to Jesus Christ. See? It's the uniting time. God, uniting His Bride together, bringing It back; just exactly. Uniting the Words of His promise.” [63-0818 The Uniting Time And Sign, Jeffersonville, IN]

“When He come on earth, He was the Tree of Life. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] And Rome, what did they do? He had to be chopped down. And He was put on a tree of disgrace, "cursed is he that hang on a tree," become a curse for the human race. [Par] And now through that, He brings forth a Bride Tree, which will be the Tree of Life restored back to Him, as Husband and Wife in the garden of Eden, (oh, glory to God) by the same Word and the same God made manifest in Husband and Wife, the same Bride Tree back again. [Par] Notice, making it known! How, my, there's just so much here, we could just keep on going. Notice, the Tree of Christ's Body in the garden, making... now making His mystery known to this Bride Tree. [Par] Watch, redeemed by Christ, the second Adam! You believe He was? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Going back Home, to Eden, with His fallen wife redeemed back Home again. That's Christ in the Church today, taking His Wife back. See the threefold mystery now? ["Amen."] God manifested in Christ; Christ manifested in the Church; all together, to bring back the original Adam and Eve again, man and woman, which are one, made out of the same Blood and same Spirit, and everything else.” [63-0728 Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed, Jeffersonville, IN]

“It's time for the Sixth Seal, pretty soon, to be opening up, and when she does, oh, my. The end... The Bride has done gone forth. She's done... The Queen's done went to take her place. She's being married now to the King, while this was going on. And Israel's remnant is sealed and ready to go, and then nature lets go. Oh, what a time.” [63-0323 The Sixth Seal, Jeffersonville, IN]

Bible References: Ephesians 5:23; Revelation 19:7

 [Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Blaine, Washington, USA]


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