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January 2019 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


Why Does Your Soul Not Reason?


“Immediately when Jesus perceived in his spirit that they so reasoned within themselves, he said unto them, Why reason ye these things in your hearts?” [Mark 2:8]

“And when Jesus knew it, he saith unto them, Why reason ye, because ye have no bread? perceive ye not yet, neither understand? have ye your heart yet hardened?” [Mark 8:17]

“Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.” [Hebrews 10:38]

“The mind reasons but the heart doesn't reason. It just believes it. If I could ever drive that home to one of my audience, I'd have a real healing service. If I could ever get my audience to see that, that it's not what your head thinks at all. There's where the devil abides, but he reasons it out. "I--I'm sick. I can't get well. I--I got this... or I can't be saved. I--I--I've done too much." See, that's reason. But we are to cast down reasonings. That's right. Casting down our reasonings, we believe with our heart.” [An Uncertain Sound, Middletown, OH 61-0315]

“No wonder people can't believe Divine healing today. They haven't got nothing to believe with. Until God comes into the human heart, a man is not much better than a brute. His reason, he will think it all out, "How can this be?" And explain it all away. But when God ever takes His position in the human heart, all the reasonings fade away, and God becomes first.” [Fellowship By Redemption, Jeffersonville, IN 55-0403]

“In the soul where the man lives, you are what you are in your soul, not in your mind, not in your reasoning. Not because you say, "I will have a better standing. I can associate with better company if I become a Christian." That's reasoning. See? You mustn't do that. Don't do that. Let it become from a new experience, a new Birth, something that's happened, not in the mind, but in the soul, that's taken all reasonings away, and you become a new creature. And you're in Christ Jesus.” [The Uncertain Sound, Jeffersonville, IN 55-0731]

“The doctor, with his intellects, with His intelligence, with His knowledge of medical science, he's told you the best of the travel of his mind. And you taking your mind, and using the same thing the doctor has told you, you... God can never touch that line, as long as you reason. But let's put down reasoning. God never made us to live by our intellect. We live by the Holy Spirit that's in our soul, that says "no" to any reasonings that's contrary to God's Word. [PAR] When God's Word says it's so, there's nothing in the world stands in Its way. Then when you do that, you're getting down on the right side of God. You're getting down, till you can ask what you want to, and it'll be given to you, 'cause there's nothing between there. There's no reason. Let's cast away those reasonings. They stand in your way. Get your mind out of the way. And don't you say what you reason, what you see, what you think; say what God says to be the Truth. And that can only come from the inside, from the heart, not from the intellects.” [The Uncertain Sound, Jeffersonville, IN 55-0731]

“With our heads bowed, I wonder if there's a person in here now, would reverently raise your hand, and say, "I do this, not to the preacher, but to God. God, change my way of thinking. I've tried to reason how these things would be. I tried to reason what my neighbors would say if I was ever born again, if God ever blessed me in such a way that I would shout, if God ever blessed me in such a way that I would have an experience that would make me weep, and I'd have to leave my associates. I've tried to reason it all out, God. But today, I won't reason any more. I'm right now raising my hand to You, God, and saying this is my testimony. If You'll take reasonings out of me, and let my soul take its place to believe Your Word without reasoning, I will believe it's a certain sound given to me."? Will you raise your hand? Anybody in the building, wherever you are. God bless you, you, you, and you, and you, and you. About eighty-five percent of the building.A reasoning? Cast down reasonings. Cast them down. God don't want you to have reason. Reason always tries to find a way out. Faith don't reason. Faith just believes. Your mind, what makes you reason. It's a liar. The lie detector proves that. God's Bible, first, proves it. But your soul is immortal, brother, sister. Your reasoning power will leave you when death strikes you, but your soul will be with you through eternity. Won't you believe God's Word today and accept Him?” [The Uncertain Sound, Jeffersonville, IN 55-0731]

“Many people have faith by their intellects; others have faith by their soul. Now, the intellect up here, will reason with the Word of God, "It's not reasonable." But the soul doesn't reason at all, it says, "It's the truth." And that settles it. It's... See, the soul believes it. The intellect will say, "I--I wonder, it might've been for a day gone by. I... That might've been for the disciples, or--or that might been something... Not for us now because we're living in a different day." But the soul says, "Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." No reasoning; doesn't reason, at all. It believes. Now, the big percent of us, friends, will go to reasoning instead of the soul, and that's the reason we fail to receive wonderful blessings from God.” [Jesus Christ The Same, Campbellsville, KY 55-0806]

“There is two, two different elements in the human body that has a mind, and one of them, or reasoning. One of them the reasoning is of the mind, which is intellectual. The other one is the soul, which does not reason but believes the Word of God. Somebody say, "It can't happen. It--it won't be." But something right down in your soul that tells you it's going to be. And don't makes any difference what anybody says or how UNREASONABLE it seems to be, you seem to know that it's going to be that way. It's because your soul has testified and reasonings has been cast down as the Bible said they should be: casting down reasoning.” [Inspiration, Owensboro, KY 56-0128]

“In the heart, the soul lives in the heart, and you believe from your heart. People don't get religion in their head by a book knowledge; you get religion in the heart by an experience in the heart. And the heart will always agree with the Bible, but the head will reason. And the Bible said, “We got to cast down reasoning. You can't go with your mind; that's... The devil work in that; you got to go with your heart. So her mind would tell her, "Now, it's reasonable, if these women can do that, why can't I?

They're called Christians; they have good standing in the church; they good standing in the community, so why can't I? I'm a Christian like they are, and if they can do that, then it's reasonable that I should do it to, 'cause I'll be one of them. If I don't, they'll think I'm an old fogy, and I don't--I won't do this, I'm better than they are." See, that's reasoning. It'll get you in bad every time. No matter what your intellectual knowledge tells you, don't you believe it if it's contrary to the Word of God. Take THUS SAITH THE LORD first. Stay right with that, no matter--and your soul will always agree with that Word.” [Hidden Life With Christ, Minneapolis, MN 56-0213]

“When the Holy Spirit comes in, there's something that moves. You can't understand what it is. It's a supernatural Being inside you, moving, controlling your emotions, making you scream when actually you feel like running. But you'll shout when you don't know what you're doing. You'll praise God just automatically. There's something happens. It's that main spring, the spring of God's grace in the middle of your heart, controlling you, making you shun from evil, accept life, get away from doubt, have faith. That main spring will make you cast down reasoning, accept God's Word. It's a moving, ticking, going around and around, and making your whole emotion come right in control with God. What a marvelous thing! The Holy Spirit brooding over you, as He did a bleak earth one time, and fruits come up out of the bleak earth. When the Holy Spirit drove together the calcium, and potash, and moisture, and whatever texture it taken to make flowers, and fruits, and beasts, and animals, and mankind, the Holy Spirit brooding in connection with God, and these things came to pass. What more will it do over a born-again man now, for his health or whatever he has need of, of God's eternal promise. Sure, it makes you emotionally.” [Jehovah Jireh, Cleveland, TN 57-0106]

“A man thinks with his head, but believes with his heart. That's right. The intellectual will reason. Oh, I'm too bad. I can't do this. This... Oh, if I could go over there, I will be... oh..." See, that's reasoning, but the heart doesn't reason. It just accepts the Word the way It is, and believes It. The Bible said we should cast down reasoning. That's right. We're to believe, not reason. Just believe it. "A new heart will I give you." Now, here's where many of the people has made a mistake. "And a new spirit will I give you." Now, He never said, "I'll just polish up the old spirit, polish up the old heart," but, "I'll give you a new heart and a new spirit." [Why Is It That So Many Christians Find It So Hard To Live The Christian Life? Phoenix, AZ 57-0303A]

“If you try to bluff that, it won't work. If you try to reason it in your mind saying, "Yes, God's Word is right. I believe that. I believe it will come to pass. I think that." Now, if that's intellectually, you just might as well stop thinking it. Until something comes down on the inside of you to just says it's so, and that's all there is to it... There is not enough demons out of torment could ever shake it from you. It's something on the inside called the heart. There's where real faith finds its resting place. Intellectuals will try to reason about it. "Now, let's us be reasonable." But faith has no reasoning. It just has one thing, and that's, "God's Word is right." Oh, there's where the soul sets its feet and rest eternally right there, for God said so. Not a bluff, but knowing it!” [57-0623 Believe From The Heart, Jeffersonville, IN]

“If the people can just get this in their heart, that it isn't anything that any man can do, it's accepting what God has already done. See? And then when you—you—you—you receive it intellectually, that's all right, but it'll never work here. Your  reasoning powers is in your intellectuals. But when it leaves your intellectuals and settles in your heart, it's a finished product. There's no reasoning there. We must cast down reasoning. If you reason, "Well, my case is worse. And maybe it didn't..." Then, it--it hasn't settled yet. But when it comes right down into the heart, there's nothing in the world can ever move it anymore; it's settled forever. So therefore, healing, that way, is perfect, if we can believe it, that it is a finished work that Christ purchased for us, at Calvary.” [Hear Ye Him, Tacoma, WA 57-0725]

“The Bible said, "We must cast down reasoning." So if you're believing Christ in the reason realm, how can you ever take His Word when you got to cast that aside, and let that Word that you have caught with your mind, come down into your heart to a living faith. There's the faith. "Buy of Me, gold tried in the fire," said the writer of the Revelation, God speaking through him, "the gold that's been tried and put to the test." There you are. So we have to cast away reasonings. Then if we believe God, we must be born again, and when a man's born again, his nature becomes of his Parent. God has no reasoning powers. He just speaks, and it's so. And we become His children. No wonder people can't believe in Supernatural. They have no powers to believe with. They try to reason it out. You'll never get it. You just believe it. God said so; that settles it.” [The Great Commission, Edmonton, AB 57-0804A]

“Don't try to use your own intellectuals; use your heart. Now remember, you don't never try to reason; we cast down reasoning. In the garden of Eden, the devil took a man's head to work through; God took a man's heart. And the man's always working to what he can see, and faith makes him believe things he cannot see. But he believes it because God said so. That settles it. That's just the--the story of faith.” [Abraham's Seed, San Jose, CA 59-0423]

“In the garden of Eden Satan chose his part of the man: his head, his intellectuals. God took his heart. The intellectuals will reason. "Why, well, I'm--I'm this way, and I'm that way." You'll never get anywhere with God there. But your heart, your faith will make you believe things that your mind knows nothing about. You cast down reasoning. See, you must be positive, and you stay there until you are positive. Then when you're positive, there's nothing can turn you.” [Jesus Christ The Same, Tucson, AZ 61-0205E]

“Just stay behind  the Word. That's all. Christ retreated to the Word Himself: "It's written..." See? Now, stay behind the Word. But Eve, she begin to kind of let down, but she never let it all down; she only let one little phrase down, and that's what Satan wanted her to do. He got her from behind God's promise by reasoning. Don't never try to reason God's Word; just believe It.” [The Third Seal, Jeffersonville, IN 63-0320]

“The natural woman fell, and God made a way for her to be redeemed. Although she had fallen, He made a way. Now, that was, the first bride on earth fell before her husband and her were married. She fell by--by the reason of--of reasoning. Instead of staying with the Word she fell, and she fell to death, eternal separation. With her, she took her husband and everything else there was on the earth; she fell.” [The Third Seal, Jeffersonville, IN 63-0320]

Bible References: Mark 2:8, 8:17; Hebrews10:38

 [Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington, USA]


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