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June 2018 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


What Is Your Spirit Reason?


“They reasoned with themselves, saying, If we shall say, From heaven; he will say, Why then did ye not believe him?” [Mark 11:31]

“Then there arose a reasoning among them, which of them should be greatest.” [Luke 9:46]

“Then if a man is born of the Spirit of God, he doesn't listen to REASONS at all. God cannot be reasoned. God is believed. We don't know God by theology. We don't know God by education. We don't know God by REASONS. We know God by faith. It's beyond REASON. You cannot REASON it. That's what makes it so real to us believers. We look at the unseen. The things that we do not see, we look--we look at that.” [The Testimony Of Jesus Christ, Chicago, IL 53-0829]

“You cannot REASON God. You can't REASON out God. God's not to be reasoned; He's to be obeyed. What God says do, don't REASON with Him, just do it.” [It Is I Be Not Afraid, Chicago, IL 54-0720E]

“You can go refer to your REASONS, and you can confine yourself to REASON. Don't try to REASON it. You say, "Now, let me see. Maybe I'd do this, and..." Don't reason it. Believe it. God doesn't come by REASON. It's all, all UNREASONABLE; no man can figure God out. You never did and they never will. You don't know God by REASON. You know God by simple childlike faith, to accept His Word. You say It's the Truth and believe It. That's how you know God is by faith, not by reason. Your reason power within yourself, but faith comes from God. Faith is something that's born in you, something that God gives you. "And it's the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not reasoned." [The Unpardonable Sin, Jeffersonville, IN 54-1024]

“Jehoshaphat his son, raising up to take his place, had a good background to look upon, to see that when a man will walk for God and walk with God, God will walk with the man. But when that same individual turns his back from God, then God just lets him shift for himself. And we find out it--it's very bad thing when we have to shift for ourself. [PAR] I never try to trust my own wisdom, 'cause I have none. I'm so glad that I do not. If I had some, maybe I would try to trust in it. But the Lord just seen fit that I didn't have any, so I just have to trust in Him. And I believe it would be good if we all just tried that awhile, don't you think? Just don't take our own ideas about things, but rest solemnly upon THUS SAITH THE LORD. Don't try to reason it, 'cause you can't reason it. If you can reason it out and see just exactly how it's going to be, it would not be a act of faith any more. [PAR] Faith is what you do not see; it's what you believe, that you don't--you do not see it, but there's something inside of you sees it. And that's God that's inside sees His own Word being made manifest. But you couldn't reason it. I just--there's no way of doing it. God never can be reasoned, because He's beyond reason; He's God. And we just take what He said about it and call it the truth.” [Father, The Hour Has Come, Chicago, IL 56-1002A]

“You cannot accept it by an intellectual thought. That's intellectual. Your minds will reason, but faith does not reason. If you got intellectual faith, then that's just a reasoning faith. You'll say, "Well, if I only was healed, I could get up. If I only was healed, this lump would leave. If I only was healed, I'd feel different. If I only was healed, the doctor would tell me so. But when you've got faith, all the doctors in the world could never tell you anything different. You possess that. It is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” [Faith By Experience, Middletown, OH 58-0325]

“A reason, reasonings, "God is too good. God is too merciful. He loves you too much." You hear that same old Devil today. "God is too good to do this. God won't do this. God won't punish." He will do just exactly what His Word said He'd do. See? "Ye shall not surely die." See? What's he trying to do? Getting her to reason with him. In a minute that you reason on God's Word, then you're losing faith. See? Don't have no "yes, no's, maybe so." Stay right with It. See? Eve had the right approach, but she listened to his reasonings.” [Wisdom Versus Faith, Jeffersonville, IN 62-0401]

“What started it? Reasoning. See? Faith has no reason. You don't reason, at all. You believe. When you're prayed for, and accept God's Word for healing, don't reason with your feelings. Don't reason with nothing else. There's no reasoning to it. God said so, and that settles it.” [Wisdom Versus Faith, Jeffersonville, IN 62-0401]

“Don't presume; believe. Don't reason. Knowledge has reasonings. Faith has no reason. Faith just holds onto it. What if Abraham would've reasoned? Think. What if Abraham would've reasoned? Hundred years old, lived with his wife (it was his half sister) since she was about seventeen years old. They married. Why, nature showed all his young manhood and womanhood coming together, husband and wife, not a child. He was sterile, and she was barren--forty years a past menopause, totally impossible. Why, your reasonings would've--would've showed that he couldn't have done it. But faith in the Word held onto it. See? Faith don't take reasonings. Faith holds the Word. Somebody say, "I--I believe..." I've met many ministers, say, "Brother Branham, I believe that's the truth you're saying.

But if I did that, you know what I'd do? I'd be begging. They'd kick me out of my church." They'd just have to kick me. "Nobody else would have me." He will have you. You can't live here forever; you got to go there. See? Faith knows no reasons; it just believes, separates you from every--every tie--there's nothing. You stay right with faith. Reasonings drop away.” [Presuming, Cleveland, TN 62-0408]

“I was trying to speak last night about reasonings, not, when anything reasons against God's Word... I don't mean reason, just any reasoning, because Paul reasoned with the people. And trouble today, people just take anything that comes along, and don't reason it out with the Scripture. But when it's reasoning against God's Word, then stay away from it. That's the enemy. See? But when it's reasoning with God's Word, that's God. See? That's right, the two reasonings. So we believe in reasoning with the Word, believe that the Word is right. Now, you cannot scientifically prove the Word, because it's... and you never will, because it's so contrary to science. If it's scientifically proven, then it isn't any more faith. See? You've got to have faith, and faith is contrary to scientific proving. So you must believe it, not prove it; believe it. That's the idea.” [Perseverance, Aberdeen, NC 62-0608]

“Abraham, one thing I want you to notice, he obeyed God's Word to the letter. Always remember that! That's my Message. You must obey the Word. And knowing anything contrary to It, leave it alone. It may look good, but don't reason against God's Word. That's the first thing Satan did, was reason against God's Word, to Eve. And she never doubted It. She just reasoned. Satan reasoned It. And that's the way they do today. "Isn't it reasonable that we should do this? Isn't it reasonable?" If it's against God's Word, leave it alone! It's the voice of Satan.” [Jehovah Jireh, Grass Valley, CA 62-0707]

“I come to find out that He will judge the world by His Word. That was what He gave man in the beginning, to fortify the man from sin, was to give the Word. And just to misbelieve one part of It is eternal separation from God. That's what happened when Eve, just never disbelieved it, just reasoned with something contrary to It. Then she don't have to disbelieve it, just REASON with it. And anything that REASONS against the Word, remember, it's the enemy. Don't you listen to it at all. It's got to be the Word.” [Hear Ye Him, Spokane, WA 62-0711]

"Any kind of worldly knowledge reasons. See? But faith has no reasoning. God reveals to you a certain-certain thing is going to happen, every scientist in the world could tell you, "It's contrary. It could not happen." You believe it, anyhow. See? Yes, sir. It doesn't reason. The Bible said, "We cast down reasons." You don't reason with faith. Faith has no reasoning. Faith knows where it's at. Faith acts. Faith holds on. It can't move. Nothing can move it. I don't care whatever says this, that, other. It doesn't move, a bit. It stays right there, wait, wait, wait, wait. Don't make any difference. It stays right there.” [The Stature Of A Perfect Man, Jeffersonville, IN 62-1014M]

REASON will try its best to recognize, "Well, this system is bound to be better. This is That." It looks better because you're looking with the intellectual mind. You can prove reasonings. [PAR] But you can't prove faith. Cause, if you can prove it, it's no longer faith. But faith knows only the Word and the promise, and it looks to that thing that you do not see. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." You can't reason. I can't prove how it'll be done. I don't know how it's going to be done. I don't know it, but I believe it. I know that it's so, because God said so. That's settled. [PAR] That's the reason I know that This is right. I know the Word is right. I know the Message is right, for It's in the Word. And I see the living God moving among It, to prove.” [The Third Exodus, Jeffersonville, IN 63-0630M]

"Why," you say, "Brother Branham, it's reason that God wouldn't heal the sick, we've got so many fine doctors." The Bible said, "We cast down reasonings." We don't reason. Faith don't reason. Faith believes and accepts. Notice. But he believed instead of unbelieving; and called the things, which were not, as though they were, which was absolutely against any reasoning. But he didn't reason. He just believed it. There was no reasons could prove that that baby could be born. That woman was about twenty years past menopause, and his body was as good as dead. And when he was a hundred years old, twenty-five years later, he still was giving God praise, against any kind of an understanding. But by faith, he knowed that God would keep His Word. He leaned not to his own understanding.” [Lean Not Unto Thy Own Understanding, Phoenix, AZ 65-0120]

“That's what Cain did; he reasoned. That's what Korah did; he reasoned. It's not him that reasons. "We cast down reasonings." We believe God, no matter what anything else says. We believe God. We don't reason what God says. You can't reason with It. You have to accept It by faith. And anything that you know, you don't have to reason any more. I don't know how He does it; I just believe He does it. I don't know how He is going to keep that promise; but He said He would do it. I believe it. I accept it on the basis that I believe that it's the Word of God.” [Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word, Jeffersonville, IN 65-0418E]

Bible References: Mark 11:31; Luke 9:46

 [Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington, USA]


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