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November 2010 Newsletter - Statistics

Tune-In Statistics

Website Statistics

Sermon Downlaod Statistics

Website, Tune-in, Sermon Download & Book Distribution - Summary Statistics

Generated on October 31, 2010 11:59pm Central Standard Time

Website Statistics -October 31, 2010
Item Totals
This Month Since
March 17, 2002
 Website Requests* 711,005 135,017,068
 Total Website Request Domains/Countries: 195
 Top 5 Website Request Domains/Countries: Moldova, Canada, Russian Federation, Ghana, South Africa
(exclude .com, .net, and numeric IP addresses)
 Media Player / iPod Downloads 636 38,900
 Sermon Files Downloaded 23,369 2,348,033
 Top 5 Sermon Download Countries:Russia, India, Norway, Australia, Canada 
(exclude .com, .net, and numeric IP addresses)
  Top 5 Messages Downloaded: 53-0904 Healing (What Cancer Is); 60-0930 Visions of William Branham; 48-0305 At Thy Word, Lord; 59-0419a My Life Story; 51-0729e The Second Miracle
* Represents website traffic
Tune-in Statistics - October 31, 2010
Item Totals
This Month Since
March 17, 2002
Listeners (requests) 9,643 1,220,157
 Total Unique Listeners (requests) 99,149
 Total Sermons Broadcast 7,832
 Average Listening Time 20-60 mins.
 Most Active Hour of the Day 9:00-9:59am CST
 Most Active Day of the Week Saturday
 Most Active Month March 2005
 Total Listener Countries/Domains 160
 Top 5 Listener Domains/Countries: Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, South Africa
(exclude .com, .net, and numeric IP addresses)
 Top 5 active streams (sermons) requested: 54-0620E Divine Healing, 61-0515 A Greater Than Solomon Is Here, 62-0218 Perseverance, 63-0728 Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed, FRN64-0305 Perseverer

Books/Bibles Distribution Statistics - October 31, 2010
Item Totals
This Month Since
March 17, 2002
 No. of KJV Bibles mailed: 0 4,846
 No. of Boxes Mailed: 0 708
 No. of Packets requested: 0 11,280
 Number of Countries: 111
 Top 5 Countries: Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, India, USA
Each mail Packet includes: One Wm. Branham Biography Book #1/Healing Thoughts + Sermon booklets & Tracts

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