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Prayer Line 63-08
63-pl-08, Prayer Line 63-08, 56 min

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63-1114 - Marc Ballroom, New York, NY (Paragraphs: 219 - 235)
L-220 I been watching this little fellow sitting here, right here in front of me. You don't have a prayer card. You, if God will tell me what you're sitting there for, you believe it? It's a spiritual problem, you're all wound up and you don't know what to do. If that's right, raise up your hand. All right, it's all over. Take the Word, what I've said, and it's all over.
Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-221 That colored lady sitting right back there, looking over at him; got heart trouble. Do you believe that God will make you well? Sure. You believe? [The sister says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right, you can have your healing.
Do you believe He is the same yesterday and...
L-222 That man, that white man with his hand up, do you believe me to be God's prophet, His servant? I don't know you. You're a stranger to me. You have prayer card or anything? You're just a man sitting here. All right, sir, you got a tumor in your throat. That is right. Is that right? Do you believe me to be His prophet? You believe me with all your heart? You got another, you got a burden on your heart. It's about a little girl, your grandchild. She's got a bad hand. That's right. Is that true? There is a good connection. Just a minute. You're not from here. You're from Connecticut. And your name is Wilson. Your first name is Art. Art Wilson. That's exactly right. Is that true?
Do you believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Right!
L-223 There is a lady sitting right back here, a colored lady, look like got something like a yellow coat on, yeah, chartreuse green. She is praying. Got a prayer card? [The sister says, "Need none!"--Ed.] You haven't got a prayer card? You haven't. You believe me to be His servant? I'm a total stranger. We're two races of people. You, but you're praying. That's you. Yes. Do you believe that God can tell me your trouble? You got a tumor. That's right. You got something on your heart, too. You're praying. It's a friend, got kidney trouble. If that's right, raise up your hand. All right. Now you can have your request.
L-224 I challenge your faith! What is it? When the prophet saw that he was in the Presence of God, he humbled himself. Look, first he humbled himself, then the Fire cleansed him. And after the Fire cleansed him, then it was a cleansed Isaiah. When he heard the Voice of God, said, "Who will go for Me?" he went into action, "Here am I, send me." Oh, my!
When the coal of Fire had touched the prophet,
Making him as pure as pure could be,
When the Voice of God said, "Who will go for us?"
Then he answered, "Master, here am I, send me." [Isaiah 6:8]
L-225 Amen. That was the call of the clean Isaiah, after the Holy Ghost had cleaned him. He didn't need any seminary experiences, he didn't need any book experiences. He had been cleansed by the Fire of God, and called into action. What was it? When he seen God in action, he went in action.
L-226 We see God in action. It's time for the church to get into action and be examples of what God is. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] How many wants to confess all your wrongs and everything now, and say, "God, cleanse me"?
Heal the young man.
When the coal of Fire had touched the prophet!
L-227 Let's stand to our feet. I'll stop right here, it's getting late. Believe with all your heart now.
L-228 I want you to bow your heads. Remember, after he saw God! There It is again. Amen. Now anything can happen. Anything can happen.
When the coal of Fire had touched the prophet,
Making him as pure as pure could be,
When the Voice of God said, "Who will go for us?"
Then he answered, "Here am I, send me."

Speak, my Lord, (raise your hands now) oh, speak, my Lord,
Speak, and I'll be quick to answer Thee;
Speak, my Lord, speak, my Lord,
Speak, and I will answer, "Lord, send me."

Oh, millions now in sin and shame are dying, (look on your streets)
Oh, listen to their sad and bitter cry;
Oh, hasten, brother, hasten to their rescue;
Quickly answer, "Master, here am I."

Speak, my Lord, (really mean it now) speak, my Lord,
Speak, and I'll be quick to answer Thee;
Speak, my Lord, speak, my Lord,
Speak, and I will answer, "Lord, send me."
L-229 Let's place our hands over our heart, while we're humming. Make your confession, say, "Lord, I'm a man of unclean lips. I'm a woman of unclean lips." Let's have a real confession, we'll have a real revival. First be cleansed. Watch, the prophet had to be cleansed first. The Fire touched him, then he was in action. "Lord, give me a zeal in my heart. Place something in me I haven't got, Lord. Put Your love and Fire in me, then send me." Now make your confession, believe God with all your heart.
Speak, my Lord, speak, my Lord,
Oh, speak, and I will quickly answer Thee;
Speak, my Lord, speak, my Lord,
Speak, and I will answer, "Lord, send me."
[Brother Branham begins humming--Ed.]
Making him as pure as pure can be,
When the Voice of God said, "Who will go for us?"
Then he answered, "Master, here, send me."
L-230 "Speak." Now let God speak to your heart now; real humbly, sweetly, reverently in His Presence. Every sinner, every saint, this is for all of us. It's for me. It's for all. Here is His Presence, He is here what He said He would do. The sign that He said we would get, here He is. While the music is playing sweetly, let's just confess our wrong. "I'm not nothing, anyhow, Lord. Speak to my heart. Cleanse me first, Lord. Send the Holy Ghost and cleanse me. I know I'm in Your Presence. I see You as Isaiah saw You, moving. The place is full of, not smoke now, it's full of Light, full of Glory."
L-231 O Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, as this is on our mind, we see what happens to high-exalted people. They were all examples to us. We see what humility and prayer, to the saved, means.
L-232 I pray, Heavenly Father, just now for this audience and for myself. Lord, take from me anything that's not like You. I--I--I--I want You to live in Me, Lord. I want Your Spirit with the--with the pre-eminences. I want You to live so completely in me, that I'm no more myself, that I--I just walk and talk and live in You. Grant it, Lord. Here am I. Cleanse me, Lord. Cleanse this church. Cleanse us all, together. Take sickness, take sin, take unbelief, take doubt, take it all out. Let the Holy Ghost come now with a coal of Fire from the Altar, a new spark of pentecost, and cleanse every heart in here. Take us, Lord. We are Yours. We believe You. Grant it, Father.
Speak, my Lord,
Speak, and I will answer, "Lord, send me."
L-233 All that wants, and will, and have consecrated your lives to Christ, anew, right now, and want to consecrate yourself in His Presence!
L-234 If I would start calling what I have seen, I'd... it'd take everybody in here, I believe, right now. I know you. You know I wouldn't stand here and say that as a servant of Christ without It's just everywhere. You're in a condition right now to start a new pentecost. It certainly is true, friends.
L-235 Just humble yourselves. Cover your face, cover your feet, just get close to Him. Bow down and make your confession, and believe. Do you want to do that? If you do, just raise up your hands, while we sing "Speak, My Lord."
Speak, my Lord, (pray now) speak, my Lord,
Speak, and I'll be quick to answer Thee;
Oh, speak, my Lord, speak, my Lord.

63-1116E - Marc Ballroom, New York, NY (Paragraphs: 275 - 335)
L-276 And in the Voice, the Christian Business Men's Voice, just recently, it appeared. See, before you write anything, you've got to have evidence that that's right. Doctor signed the statement, "The baby died, with pneumonia; all respiration left it, that morning at nine o'clock," in his office. And this was ten something that night, when it come back to life again, because a little woman was persistent.
L-277 If God could open the eyes of a blind man, He also could give her baby back. He is still the same God, tonight, friend. You've got to be persistent, to achieve something. What if she would have listened, and said, "Well, the baby is dead," and just give it up and go on? See? And see if that same faith that lived in the women like the Shunammite woman, it still lives in people today. Once in a while, they could strike that something. Not a put on, not a make-belief; but something that's real, something that's--that's genuine. Don't you think we can do that tonight? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-278 Now we are going to pray for the sick, laying hands upon them, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, to pray for them. Now we probably can have the line through in about, oh, perhaps twenty, thirty minutes. Now we can't stop for a discernment, you really understand that, because it would be so much. But we're going to pray and lay hands on the sick. Are you ready tonight? Do you feel, in your heart, something is anchored, the Presence?
L-279 How many has been here in the meetings through the week, let's see your hands. I guess practically all of you. All right. How many that's never been in one of the meetings before, raise your hands. Well, my, that's half. Well, I guess some can't get in. Well, let me just say to them... Course, some of them may have a prayer card.
L-280 Divine healing is something that God has already done. See, it's something. We believe, and I believe with all my heart, that the Bible of Hebrews 13:8, "that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever," He is the same. And I believe that the Life that was in Christ should be in us, if we're Christians. And He said, in Saint John 14:12, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do, shall he do also." Said, in Saint John 5:19, "I do nothing till the Father shows Me." Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-281 Now here, for instance, here. Every one of you, as far as I know, is strangers to me. All right, I want everybody to be real reverent for a moment. And if Jesus Christ doesn't appear among us, in His same Power, then I'm a false prophet, don't listen to me no more.
L-282 How many here doesn't have a prayer card, you won't be in no prayer line, raise up your hand, anywhere you're at. You look this way, and pray with all your heart, and believe. This is a hard... Wasn't, didn't come prepared for this now, but I know we ain't got much longer to stay here.
L-283 Now I'm going to take every spirit in here under my control, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Now sit still. And if you don't believe, why, better keep your head bowed, see. See?
L-284 But if you're a believer, the Bible said that, "He is the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." And how did He act when the woman touched Him? He turned around and knowed who she was, and what was wrong with her. He perceived the thoughts of their heart. Don't you believe He is the same today and forever? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] If you have a need, you pray now. And what is...
"What are you talking about, Brother Branham?"
L-285 If I'm His servant, and I claim that His life is in here, then the same works will show theirself. Now, you know a man can't do those things. It's impossible. But Christ remains the same. And I want you to believe that.
L-286 Anywhere in the building, I want you to have faith in God and just believe, and you say, "Lord Jesus, the man doesn't know me. And I've been hearing about this, but maybe it's so, and maybe. I don't know. But I know he doesn't know me. And I know if he could tell me... Now he says, 'Your healing is already done.'"
L-287 If Jesus was standing right here now, with this suit on, that He gave me, He could not heal you. How many knows that, you Bible students? No, He has already done it. See? See? He could prove that He was Jesus, same yesterday, today, and forever; not by nail scars. His Life! Anybody could have nail scars and wear long hair, maybe, and a beard. We don't even know He dressed like that. We couldn't say that that was right. See? But any man could do that. But His Life is what it is, His Life in you.
L-288 Now you pray, and you say, "Lord Jesus, let me touch You," and find out whether He remains the same yesterday, today, and forever. If He'll do it, will you believe? You know that's the way He did it. That proved Him being Messiah.
L-289 This little lady sitting here, keeps looking up at me, and putting her hands over her face, and so forth. You have a... You don't have a prayer card, I suppose. You, I mean the little lady, you don't have a prayer card. No. All right, do you believe me to be God's servant? If the Lord Jesus Christ then... We are perfectly strangers, we're--we're a different race, one from the other. But if I can just speak to you.
L-290 Sitting in front of you is a good friend of mine, Mr. Dauch, from down in Ohio, that had a complete heart failure, not long ago, at ninety-one years old. Doctors give him up, and everything. I started to him. He is a lovely brother, he and his lovely wife, sitting there. They're good friends of mine. And I started to him. And I was just coming out of a filling station, trying to get to him, about a couple, three hundred miles from me. And I was driving as hard as I could, to get to him, 'cause he... She called me, said, "Bill is dying." Complete heart failure, and a heart attack, and ninety-one years old. And I started out of the filling station, I seen Bill standing before me, walking to me, on the street. "I come with THUS SAITH THE LORD. He won't die."
L-291 Here he sits right here now. That's been months ago. He has got much faith. He is sitting close to this woman. She is sitting right behind him. He believes. She is believing, too.
L-292 Now, I don't know you. But if Jesus Christ... While, we're talking now like our Lord talked to the woman at the well. If He will tell me what's your trouble, what you want, or something, well, you'll know whether it's the Truth or not, won't you? It's for a son, and that son has a mental condition. It's a... If that's right, raise up your hands, if that. That, that's right. That's right. All right. If you will believe with all your heart, and take that scarf that you've wiped your face with, lay it close to him, and don't doubt, that condition will leave him. Now the very God that could tell you... Don't you doubt. Can't you see what's happened?
L-293 Look right--right at this woman, going right to her sitting here, a--a colored lady. I'm a stranger to you. But there is something you're desiring. And me being a stranger, another race; just like our Lord and the woman at the well, one a Jew, and the other one a Samaritan. If God... Have you got a prayer card? You don't have a prayer card. I mean this little lady with a red striped dress on, right there. Yes. All right. I--I--I don't know you. We're total strangers. Is that right? And now if God can reveal to me what is wrong with you, or something, and you know whether it's right or not, won't you? Frankly, there is nothing wrong with you, only you have a hungry heart. You are seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost. If that's right, raise up your hand. Then you will receive It, that's right, if you will believe with all your heart. Just don't doubt. Have faith in God. Amen. Yeah. You believe with all your heart? I want you to believe with all that's in you.
L-294 Here is a lady sitting here, looking right at me, right down that aisle here. She is suffering with a heart trouble. I hope she don't miss it. God, tell me who. She is Mrs. Fitzgerald. You believe with all your heart? You can have your healing. Raise your hand. I'm a stranger to you. Is that right? Your heart trouble is gone. Is that your name? That's right. I don't know you, never seen you in my life.
L-295 The lady right behind you, she has got a lot of faith now. She's got a prayer card in her hand, but the lady is suffering. And being It's the Holy Spirit, that Light hanging right over the woman yet. She is suffering with a... She has got a tumor in her neck. And she's also got a fallen stomach. That's right, isn't it? Just lay your prayer card on the floor, you don't need it no more. Have faith in God. Believe.
L-296 Do you believe with all your heart? See? Just have faith. Don't doubt.
Here is a man right back here, he's got tumor.
L-297 See, that devil, thought he would miss it then. There is a man sitting right over here, that's got tumor. The tumor is in his back. I don't know the man. I've never seen him. He is a total stranger to me. But when I seen that devil go out there, that black shadow; and then I seen it run over this way, it went to this one, for mercy. They're trying to congregate around there. Satan thought he would miss that, see, I'd missed it. But the Lord showed it to me.
L-298 The man sitting right here, he's got tumor in his back, and his name is Mr. Carson. If that's right, raise up to your feet, and be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-299 Do you believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Have faith. If you...
L-300 Here is a woman sitting here. She's got a kidney trouble. She has got complications. Her name is Mrs. Byrd. That's right. Is that your name, lady? Am I a stranger to you, is that's the trouble you've had? If it is, stand up on your feet and accept your healing, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-301 Go ask those people. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Don't you--don't you realize that His Presence is here?
L-302 That was my son telling me, "Better not go on." See, I got a meeting tomorrow, and tomorrow, and on and on, see.
L-303 I challenge any man or woman in here to believe. You couldn't hide your life if you had to now, in the Presence of God. That's exactly what our Lord did. That's exactly what He promised in the last days. That's exactly what happened before Sodom burned. That's exactly the last sign that would come to the church. We're here now at the end time. You believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-304 What's your prayer card number? [Someone speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] All right, I'll tell you what would be best, let's take the people by the sections. He says there is many prayer cards. Now you see God is here.
L-305 Now is there any ministers? This is all right, Brother Vick? Is there any ministers here, brethren? Now I'm laying hands on these people, I don't want them people go, say, "Brother Branham did this." See? I--I'm just your brother. Your pastor has just as much right to pray for the sick as I do.
L-306 He might not have this gift; no, he hasn't, see. There is only one of them in the world, at a time. That's exactly what the Bible said, see. That's right. And, that, now notice.
L-307 But your pastor is ordained of God, if he's a believer, to pray for the sick. And I'm asking some of you minister brethren to come here and stand with me while we pray; let some God-, Spirit-filled ministers that believes in prayer for the sick, with along with Brother Vick, Brother Boze. Where is Doctor Lee Vayle and some of them that would come here, so that... The Bible said, "These signs..."
L-308 Let's stop right here, brethren. How about right here? Come right here. Yes.
L-309 "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Do you believe we're in Divine Presence of Christ? ["Amen."] Amen.
L-310 I just wanted you to see. Because I spoke the way I did, it was for a purpose, see, or the purpose worked right. Great things are fixing to happen, if you'll just believe it.
L-311 Now I'll tell you what I want you to do, brethren. I want you divide up half on one side, and half on another, make a little alley-like through here, so the people can come. I'm coming right down with you.
L-312 I'm going to ask someone who is a song leader, that would come here, that could lead songs. I want to go down there and pray for the people. Somebody who can stand here and direct the people that's going to be prayed for. Thank you, choir, for giving us... That's mighty nice of you, giving us that room to come like that. All right.
L-313 Let the ministers line up just like this, right. Turn, face each other, see, like this, and like the brother and I. Like Billy and I here, stand like this, one with the other.
L-314 Now how many has prayer cards on this side? Let's see your hands. There is quite a number. I suppose it would be best if we could let them come out on this side, and come right down along the side, this a way. Now before you... But let's let the first part of the line that has cards, let them line right up over here, and we'll start praying for the sick, and laying hands on them.
L-315 I wonder how many here, tonight, that's--that's all right and well, and you are interested in these people getting well? Raise up your hand. Sure, you are. Now remember, will you pray with me? You pray with me. Now you pray with your pastors.
L-316 Now to you sick people that's going to line up and be prayed for here. Remember, when you come through this line, and these ministers and myself touch you, remember, it's just an act just the same as you was baptized. You've come, having hands laid upon you, by believing-ministers, that, God promised that, "The prayer of faith shall save the sick. And these signs shall follow them that believe." These man come here to testify that they believe in this ministry. And they are come here as associates to it, with us together. We are all of one accord. We're in one place at one time. It's time now for the healing. But, if you don't believe it, don't come, 'cause it won't do you any good. See, you've got to believe it. Now do you believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-317 Now let's just bow our heads just for a few moments. And we're going to sing slowly now. Everybody with your head bowed. "Lord, I believe," Only Believe, now everyone together. Let's be praying now, see.
L-318 Let's imagine seeing Jesus coming down off of the mountain. What Jesus? That same Jesus that's here in the Holy Ghost form. Same One that knows what's in your heart, whether you really believe or not. The same One that knows all about you, tells you night after night. It's Him. You know it couldn't be me.
L-319 And now after His--His Presence... Now, the little Syrophenician woman, remember, after she got in the Presence of Jesus, still she had trouble. You're going to have trouble. When you come through this line, I want you, each one, to believe that you're going to be healed. If you're not, don't come in. Don't--don't just don't take the others' place. Stay there until you have enough faith that you're going to be healed, and then God will grant it to you.
L-320 Now those on my right side here, line up over on the side, while the rest of us sing Only Believe. You with a prayer card, some of the boys will be standing There to receive your prayer card as you come in the line, over on this side, the right-hand side. Go out on the right-hand side if you possibly can, 'cause it'll confuse them, starting this way. You can't go backwards. You have to come around this a way, see; have to come one way, go around. If you brethren will just--just step back there and let them come through this way. It's a bit, may seem a bit confusing, because that there is such a--a--a group of people to be taken care of. But now watch my son, Billy Paul, watch the ushers there; they'll tell you just how to do it, won't be a bit confused. Then you see, on this side, as you come through the prayer line, then you'll go right back to your seat. And then we'll take this other side, and they'll come from that way, and come through, see.
L-321 Now we'll stand here, just vice versa, the line, from one side to the other, and pray for them. All right.
L-322 Now I believe if you brethren will move down just a little bit, so these brothers here can get in right here, so we can all be laying hands on the sick. That's just fine.
L-323 Now listen, brethren, each one of you now. Each one of you brethren, do you realize what you're doing, see, you know the position that God has put you in? Now this challenges your faith. Just remember that you're going to believe that every person that you touch, you, has to get well. They just have to do it. God said so. I'm going to touch them, with you, and I believe they're going back to be well. Don't you believe that? [The brethren say, "Amen."--Ed.] Let's just have a word of prayer among ourselves, while the rest of you go ahead and line up, we're going to pray for the condition of our own faith.
L-324 Heavenly Father, there is many sick people here. And some of them, Lord, still believe that they should have hands of the elders laid on them. That's all right, Father. We know that You taught that. You said, "These signs shall follow them that believe; if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." You promised it, and the people believe their promise. Your Presence is here. No one can doubt that, Lord. And here is Your ordained ministers standing here, ordained of the Holy Spirit, the ministry of praying for the sick. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-325 Now, Lord God, let every one that we touch, tonight, be healed. We pray the prayer of faith for these now. We're going to believe, that, as we lay our hands on them, they will recover. Amen. Condition us, Lord. Take away our sin and our--and our iniquity. Purge us with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, that we'll... Our hands are not holy. Only through Your holiness are we permitted to do this. So grant it, Lord, as I commit myself, with this bunch of brothers, that we're here to help these people to be healed. Grant it, Lord.
L-326 And now I pray for the people, each one that comes through the prayer line. O God, they're coming as if they were coming for water baptism, they're coming right to the table of the Lord, they're coming beneath the cross of Calvary. As they pass through here, may they realize that the unseen Christ Who is standing amongst these brethren, standing here now to grant to them reward of their faith. And I commit it all to You now, Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-327 Now I want everyone else, have your heads bowed. Listen close now to your instructions. If you don't, you're just taking a walk, see. Now remember, if God will let me know the conditions and so forth, and you believe that, see, now just take my word, you've got to believe that this settles it. If it doesn't, it might make you worse. See, settle everything! If you've got sin in your life, step out of the line and confess it. And don't come in the line till you're prayed through. And if you're going to use your life for something besides the glory of God, don't come in the line. See? If you are ready to make a dedication to Christ, fully surrendered, and fully persuaded that this is Jesus Christ, this great Holy Spirit here; and that you are going to receive your healing when you pass through this line, no matter whether you feel different, or what, you're going to be persistent to hold right onto God's promises until the victory comes, like that woman than we talked about. Do you feel that way, audience? If you do, raise up your hand, say, "I accept that." [Congregation rejoices--Ed.] I don't see no reason for anybody going out of here sick, tonight.
L-328 Now I want you, that's not in the line, to pray. I guess Brother Joseph is going to stand here to lead the singing, and I'm going to get down here, so I can pray, too, and lay hands upon these people as they come through.
L-329 Now look, friends, the services will be tomorrow night. We don't know what will happen, somebody getting healed, and screaming and praising God, and so forth. We might get not officially dismissed for a while now, but please stay and pray with us. We need you right now. Pray that the enemy will not be able to crowd any doubt in these people's mind. What if that was your mother standing there, your sister, your wife, your husband, your baby? You would want somebody to pray real sincere. Remember, it's somebody's mother, somebody's sister, brother, somebody's child, and we want to be sincere about this.
L-330 And when we pray, I want you men, with all your heart, when you lay your hands upon these sick, believe that God is going to make that person well, 'cause they're going to believe it.
L-331 And now, between now and tomorrow night, why, before I come on the platform, tomorrow night, there ought to be three or four hundred testimonies going right here, of, "I was wearing crutches. I was, and I don't have them no more. I was sick, I'm not sick no more." Within the next twenty-four hours, devils will be leaving this place, and because the blessings is pronounced upon the people.
L-332 Now let us bow our heads as we pray, each one as they pass through the line now. Brethren, just laying your hands upon the sick. All right.
L-333 [Brother Branham goes down with the ministers, and prays for the sick. Brother Joseph Bose leads the congregation in singing.]
L-334 Don't you feel right now? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] How many believes that you are healed? ["Amen."] Passing through the prayer line here, time after time after time, it happened right here, that, before they got away from the platform, I believe that each one of you will be well. Oh, I--I believe it. I accept it for you. My faith goes with you, that they will be well. Do you believe that, brethren? ["Amen."] Oh, my, isn't He wonderful!
L-335 Let's just now sing a praise to Him before we're dismissed. And then let's just raise up our hands, and hold them up high. And, remember, we've been through, by the cross, and
there is where we got the Light.
At the cross,... first saw the Light,
And the burden of my heart rolled away,
Oh, it was there by faith I received my sight,
And now I am happy all the day!
At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the Light,
And the burden of my heart rolled away,
It was there by faith I received my sight,

63-1117 - The Rock Church, New York, NY (Paragraphs: 205 - 220)
L-206 There is a little woman sitting there. She is in trouble. She is suffering with a--a stomach trouble. And she's had an operation, for cancer, and the cancer was on the breast. They removed the cancer, little lady. Yes. [The sister says, "That's right."--Ed.] That's right.
L-207 So now you'll know. I don't know you, but do you believe me to be His prophet? I'll say it plainly, tonight; I'm leaving. [Congregation rejoices and says, "Amen."--Ed.] Do you believe me? ["Amen."] Do you believe that we're promised that in the last days, according to Malachi 4, that would "turn the hearts of the children back to the Father"? ["Amen."] [Malachi 4:6]
L-208 Why, Mrs. Taylor, that's your name. You can go home, and Jesus Christ make you well. [Congregation rejoices--Ed.]
L-209 What do you think? You've had an operation, too. Do you believe? If you do, with all your heart! Your operation was also cancerous, tumor, in the bowels, intestinal tract. But now you're suffering with complications. If you will believe, Mrs. Shukwit, with all your heart, that Jesus Christ will make you well, you can have what you ask.
Do you believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-210 Here, a lady back here, she is a colored lady. She is suffering with something wrong with her eyes, and with her limbs, her legs. Her name is Mrs. Washington. Stand up, if you wish. You are healed.
L-211 What did she touch? Ask what she touched. The humility of that colored woman...
L-212 By the way, It struck another colored woman sitting right out here on the end. She is suffering with a heart trouble. Her name is Mrs. Harris. Do you believe, Mrs. Harris? Your heart trouble has left you.
L-213 What did she touch? She never touched me. She is twenty yards from me. She touched the High Priest.
L-214 Here, here is another woman, I turn my head, sitting right here. She is suffering with a heart trouble, too. Mrs. Carter, stand up, Jesus Christ makes you well.
L-215 Way back, a woman with an ulcerated stomach. Her name is Mrs. P-a-o-l-i. Mrs. Paoli, stand up, Jesus Christ healed you. All right. There you are.
L-216 "Once more, Lord, once more!" Do you believe Him? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-217 Let's stand up. Let's confess our sins, and pray, "Once more, Lord, let the Holy Ghost fall upon us!" Raise up our hands.
L-218 Lord God, we stand embarrassed; the world makes fun of us, Lord. Help us, tonight. Let the Holy Ghost come again, be poured out upon the people. May He come now, Lord. May every sick person be healed. Every sinner be saved, every seeker filled. Once more, Lord, once more! Just once more, Lord! Once more let the Holy Ghost fall among the people!
L-219 Raise up your hearts now, and cry, "Once more, Lord!" All together, "Once more, Lord, once more!" [Congregation rejoices and loudly cries, "Once more, Lord!"--Ed.]
L-220 Once more, Lord! Once more let the Holy Ghost take this audience, break down the powers of the enemy, and fill every fiber with the baptism of the Spirit!

63-1127 - Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, LA (Paragraphs: 216 - 235)
L-217 How many of you in here, now with your heads bowed, knows this, that you have seen God keep His promise, right here across this platform, and knowed the secrets of the heart? One, not one time has He ever told anything but what happened. You know that's true. In the meetings, everywhere, just exactly what Jesus Christ did when He was here on earth, He has done it again. You know that. You're aware of that. I was thinking of His healing.
L-218 Two weeks ago, before I went to New York, there was a lady come in with a cancer in the throat. The Holy Spirit spoke to her, in the meeting. Here she was there, Sunday, with a cancer in a piece of a rag, she had coughed it out. The doctors looked at it, and said, "The life went out of the cancer, and it's come loose." And she coughed it out.
L-219 Another one had a cancer in the female glands. And she had it right there, with an enlarged picture, with the doctor's statement with it. She had passed it, two days later.
L-220 A little fellow standing there, that hadn't had no memory, from--from months and months and months. He had fell and hurt the back of his head. He didn't even know who he was or where he was at. With just a word of prayer, and laid hands on him, I said, "What's your name?"
He said, "Billy Dukes."
I said, "How old are you?"
He said, "Nine years old." Said, "Where am I at?"
L-221 The Power of God! Wish you had been with me in Colorado, a few weeks ago, when something happened that would shake you, to know what it was. We're at the end time, friend.
Don't, don't put this off any longer. Come. If there is another one here, come up. Will you? Will you come?
L-222 Now, if you're not coming, see, I--I can't, I--I--I--I... All I can do is just tell you the Truth, see, then it's up to you. Like Noah, he went in, the ark shut behind him, nothing happened for a while; but the world perished on the outside, and the world went right on living just the same. See?
L-223 Pilate went right on, after he had crucified Jesus. I'll preach on that, in a few nights, "blood on your hands," the Lord willing.
Notice now, is there another one, before we close?
L-224 Now I'm going to ask the real consecrated women and men, who knows God, to come down and stand here and lay hands on these people. This might be the last time that they'll ever have this opportunity. Some of you consecrated people that know God, come up and stand with these people. They're having pink cards on them, nearly every one of them, that means that they're, they're strangers among you. I think that's right. Come, lay your hands on them. Some of the Life Tabernacle members, come here. Some of you brethren up here want to come? Come on, this is the hour. Don't you--don't you love this, people? My! Where is our zeal? Where is our something that makes us move on? What's the matter?
Now if the audience will wait just a moment, to this prayer.
L-225 You people standing here, now look, don't you rely upon some emotion, although it has emotion in It. Don't you rely upon whether you're going to speak with tongues, or not. Don't think nothing about it. God will take care of that, see. You ask for Jesus Christ to come into your life and to live Hisself through you. You don't want more thoughts of your own. You want His thoughts. "Let the mind that was in Christ be in you." Oh, this is... [Philippians 2:5]
L-226 This, well, you're just going to hear these things the last time, once. Now look, I want all the audience to stand to your feet, out there. Now, you dear people that come up here for the baptism of the Holy Ghost, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, there is no working tomorrow. This is your soul, brother, sister. This is your Eternal destination. This, it's either now or never. And as long as you feel that one little draw! And just think of these Truths, they're laying right before us. Don't be dead on those things, folks. It's real. It's proven, real, perfect every time. And it's the Word, confirmed!
L-227 I'm looking at a man standing right here. I can't think of his name. I believe it's Blair, Reverend Blair. When I was over at Hot Springs, here not long ago, I picked up out there in the audience, that man setting there, and an evil spirit was trying to get to that man, to make him doubt me. Now watch what happened. I said, "You might need me sometime, see." It wasn't but just a few weeks ago until his wife called me, the man was dying. See?
L-228 And the man accepted, he knowed then it was the Devil trying to get him to believe It was some kind of a hoax or something. "But how would he know that?" he thought. So then he... By prayer we drove the evil from him.
L-229 And then a few weeks ago, see, Satan knowed that that time was coming, where he would be laying there with swelling in his side, I believe his wife said, or something, with a high fever, delirious in his head; know not what it was, some infection in his side, swell his sides out. And his little wife called me at Tucson. I said, "Sister, have you a handkerchief?" I believe she had something another there, a little scarf or something. I said, "I--I can see it. Take this and lay it on Brother Blair, in the Name of the Lord Jesus." And he had asked her to come call.
L-230 What if Satan would have succeeded and make him disbelieve, and knowing that was there? He wouldn't be standing here tonight with his Bible over his heart. See?
L-231 It's Satan trying to make you disbelieve This. That's right. Don't you listen to it. Remember, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." See, these things are proven so. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-232 Now let's just all, you here at the altar, let's just raise up your hands, and say, "Lord Jesus, help me right now," each one praying.
L-233 Our Heavenly Father, we are assembled here, O God, it's between death and life, for these people standing here. Let the Holy Ghost come into their life right now. May there come the Power of God, that's brought them up around this altar, may It come to them in the resurrection of Christ, and will give to them that great Eternal Life that they are seeking for. Lord, churches everywhere are dying, spiritual water seems to be taken off of the earth. And while there is an opportunity for these people to come beneath the Fountain, grant, Lord, that their parching souls, tonight, that's hungering and thirsting for God, may be filled with the Holy Ghost right now. Grant it, Lord. Let Thy mercies and grace be upon them.
L-234 Now just--just keep your head... keep praying, just keep praying. Everybody, see, just keep praying. I pray for you. I'll do all I can, but I can't give you the Holy Ghost. God has to do it. Look, form Christ right before you, in your mind. Look out there and see if you see Christ before you, as you close your eyes. Then walk right into Him, and say, "Lord Jesus, here I am. You and I are going to be one, from this on. I'll take every Word that You've told me tonight." Now just stay there, just keep staying, if you stay tonight, tomorrow, the next day, just stay until it's all over, praying, believing that God will fill you with the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
L-235 Come here, Don, lead them in a prayer. God bless you, Don.

63-1128M - Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, LA (Paragraphs: 113 - 166)
L-114 I'm a nature person. I--I--I watch God in nature, the sunset and rise; it's a death, the life, the--the burial; the death, the resurrection again, everything. Like the trees, how Job said about hiding in the grave, "He'd keep me in a sacred place." And see the sap leave the trees, and go down into the grave of the roots, and come back up in the spring, the resurrection. Everything speaking of life and the resurrection.
L-115 And as I stood there watching them, they got closer, closer. Then they turned and walked on out in the woods. And I just stood there, just dumfounded, like.
L-116 And when they went away, that Voice spoke down again, that sun shining on my back, said, "You remembered your promise, didn't you?"
L-117 I said, "Yes, Lord, I remembered my promise. I know that's You. I can't see You, Lord, but You're here somewhere." I said, "I don't see You, but I hear Your Voice. I know You're here."
L-118 Said, "You kept your promise, you remembered your--your promise. I'll remember Mine, too. I'll never leave you nor forsake you."
L-119 Oh, my, I haven't felt the same since! I come off the mountain. All the afternoon, vision after vision happened, taking place. I come on down. It seems like everything has been different since then. A--a burden has gone.
L-120 About when the ministry first come to me, with feeling the--the person's hands, what it was, was a life in them, and--and we know how it went.
L-121 One night, in California, I was sitting with the Malicki family, Brother Moore remembers and Brother Brown, the Malicki family. And the little lady was going to take milk leg, from childbirth. And I--I had her put her hand out, I said, "There it is, you see the vibration of it. See?" And I said, "You, you're going to take milk leg." I said, "It's already working in you." And she did, almost lost her life.
L-122 And Brother Malicki said to me, said, "Brother Branham, how do you do that?"
I said, "I don't know. I can't tell you how it is. It's God."
L-123 And so I held my hand out like that. I said, "Here, here is my wife, I know there is nothing wrong with her. Lay your hands upon mine, honey." And she did, and there a tumor vibrated, from female. And I said, "Sweetheart, you have a tumor, honey, in the female glands."
And she said, "I--I feel no effects."
L-124 I said, "Sweetheart, here it is on my hand. Raise your hand up." She raised up, then lay it back down. "See it?"
L-125 Well, when we went, come home, we got a very fine doctor friend; I went to school with him. We took her down, an examination. Said, "Billy, there is nothing wrong with her." Said, "She is all right. No tumor there."
L-126 I said, "Sam, I don't want to doubt your word, see, because you examined her, but there is tumor there."
L-127 Everybody, over three or four years, when I go to get my physical, when I go overseas, she goes with me for a physical. And when it was, never seen it.
L-128 And about two years ago, I come in one day, now I--I must tell all truth. See, you don't want to just bypass anything, you must tell all truth. And I've expressed to you, my love for my wife. But yet we have to watch in them things. I'm telling you the truth. The Heavenly Father, Who is my Witness right here now, knows it's true. Oh, at the house, how it is, just this, that, and everything! The poor little thing is going through the change of life at this time, menopause.
L-129 And for the last couple years, about two years ago, when we had a physical, then the doctor found a tumor on the left ovary. It had growed to about the size of a--of a walnut. He said, "Let me examine that again, Brother Branham." Said, "About three months, if that goes to growing, it has to come out." Well, then we...
L-130 But just before that, I got something to tell you. I forgot that. One day I come in, and from the house, and I was come in to do something, and I turned around and went out. And I said... She said, "Can you go downtown with me, Bill?"
And I said, "Not right now, honey."
L-131 And she said, "What are we going to do about Becky, a certain-certain?"
I said, "Well, honey, I don't know just what to do."
L-132 And there was something come up, and she was so nervous she could hardly hold herself together. People at the house, all night long. And like night before last, even at one o'clock in the morning, here were people in, around the house, around the windows and every... So then she was real nervous, and she said something to me, snappy, that she oughtn't to have said it. See? She said, "Then, Bill, you're always gone, and I have to take care of these children myself." She said, "You're never here. We can't make our decisions together. You're either out, gone..." And she started crying, went in, shut the door.
L-133 Right then I said, "Oh, poor little fellow!" I said, "My, I ought..." And I started out.
L-134 And It said, "Read II Chronicles 22." It was when Miriam rebuked Moses, for marrying an Ethiopian girl; be better that her father had spit in her face, than to do this.
L-135 And I--I went back in, I said, "Sweetheart, you said the wrong thing." And she was crying. I said, "You said the wrong thing, honey. God is going to make you pay for that. You shouldn't have done that. I'm all tore up, myself. You shouldn't have said that."
L-136 And she said, "Well, Bill, I--I get so tore up." And I just turned and walked back, 'cause I knowed she wasn't in any mood to receive it, so I went back out.
L-137 And the next examination, about a month after that, showed the tumor.
L-138 Last year, here it come again. When she tried it again, now it was up to the size of an orange. The doctor said, "Don't put her off any longer. You must operate. That's at a fast growing tumor, is malignant. If it gets all fed over, and gets hooked into the side, what are you going to do?"
I said, "Doctor, we have faith in God."
L-139 I never said to the church, or nothing, I just let it go. We started praying. And I said, "Lord God, help us, please. I pray You would help us," and on like that. Tumor growed on and on.
L-140 Then when we left to go to Tucson, our doctor at home sent word to a doctor friend of his there, said, "If... You must take this tumor from Mrs. Branham, at once." Said, "If you don't, it's going to turn malignant." Told him, said, "The tumor has already growed, within a year, from the size of a walnut until the size of about a grapefruit," it had gotten so big. There it was, pushed out on her side, like that. And the other day...
L-141 She--she had put it off, going; I said, "Try..." We prayed. We cried. We begged, everything, nothing would take place. Then she was going, had to go last... let's see, yesterday. Yeah, yesterday she went to the doctor for the final. I said, "Well, I hate to do it, but we'll probably have to give in. And then, honey, you'll--you'll just have to--to give in, to have the... have it taken out, 'cause it's getting so big, our faith is not sufficient."
L-142 So, day before yesterday, before I left, knowing, she said, "Don't call me till after you have Brother Jack's service that night, then tell me what kind of a meeting you had, and how the people are down in Shreveport. Then," said, "I'll give you what the doctor said."
I said, "All right, honey." And I hung up.
L-143 Yesterday, day before yesterday, when I started to leave there, in the house, I went in and... Always when we leave, all the kiddies and all of us get together and kneel around there in the room, and pray. And the Lord, we tell the Lord... When I'm going overseas, I say, "Lord Jesus, take care of my family." And they pray for me, that God will help me, that we can meet together again. Then all the kids start crying and things, you know, 'cause, you know how it is.
L-144 Talk about President Kennedy being shot? I've had to be guarded many times from being shot with an infrared scope, and maybe at three or four hundred yards away, at nighttime. They can see just the same as they can in the daytime, through that spotter scope at night. And I've been in Catholic countries where radicals and everything, down in Mexico there where they sent back there, and send word, telegram messages wrote by everything, "We'll get you tonight," and so forth like that, going in and out, and looking for me. And perhaps I will get it sometime. That's all right. But I got Something that will take care of me when that time comes, see.
L-145 And then when I started to leave again, just by myself, the other day, I knelt down, day before yesterday, and I knelt down in the room. And I looked around. I had been there a couple days, lonesome, nobody there at the house. And I said, "Heavenly Father, I--I pray that You would be merciful now, and help me. I'm going down to Shreveport to do everything I can to help Your Kingdom." I said, "How many times has my wife and I knelt here in the room like this! We pray. And today I'm so lonesome for her." And I said, "Tomorrow she goes in, and perhaps I'll not be able to finish my meetings, because she'll perhaps be taken to the hospital, for this great tumor that we've asked You to take away. It's growed and growed, till now it must be taken away." And I said, "I--I've begged to You."
L-146 And I said, "Lord, if she said something wrong, when she... when there, I was torn up. If she said something wrong," I said, "Lord, just think, she has never one time, not one time has she ever said one thing to me going in Your meetings." I said, "You'll... She has always had my clothes clean and ready; and hold me by the hand, and cry and pray, and say, 'If I could just do something to help the Lord!'" And I said, "Look at her condition, Lord. And don't--don't do it. Don't, please don't, Lord." And I--I said, "God, help her, I pray that You will be merciful to her. And if she has to go through that operation, help her through, Lord. If I'd lose her now, I don't know what I'd do. I'm--I'm an old man. And them little kids to be raised, and what could I do? Be merciful to her, Lord. You know how I love her." And I said, "I--I just pray that You'll help her."
L-147 And as I was praying, I heard Something say, "Stand up on your feet." And I just went ahead, praying, 'cause I--I--I thought maybe I imagined that. And as I prayed on, Something said, "Stand up on your feet." And I stopped praying, and looked up. And the picture of Christ, the one that...
L-148 I never did care for Sallman's picture. I--I like Hofmann's picture, The Head At Thirty-three, you know. And I've got a big picture of it, 'cause, when I seen Him in the vision that time, that's just the way He looked. And there it was, I got it fixed so that He would be looking right at me when I was praying, in this picture.
L-149 And I looked up there, and I looked at the picture. And I looked all around. I thought, "What was that, 'Stand up on your feet'?" I thought, "Well, I'll stand up on my feet." And I got up on my feet.
L-150 Just that same Voice that spoke up there on the hill that night, same One Who always come. I said, "Lord God, was that You speaking to Your servant?"
L-151 He said, "Just say the word, and there will be no more tumor."
L-152 I stood there a little bit, to get to myself right. Many of you knows, in here, and the people in the tabernacle knows what was, that she had it. I said, "Then I say, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that that tumor shall leave her." Been bothering her so bad, she had been in bed for three or four days, with it. I said, "They will never even find a trace of it. For, the Lord my God, Who is Creator, Who can stop winds and storms, and can rebuke the seas, and bring forth that, He is the Creator of heavens and earth. And I love Him and believe Him, and I believe that this time is now nearing when these things are to be. And You, Who could create a squirrel and put it into existence, could take an enemy out of existence." I said, "When the Devil wrapped hisself in the storm... The winds is God's creation. The water is God's creation. But the Devil got into it, that's what did it, and put a--a spasm in the sea, like that." I said, "You could calm it. And You that could calm that, can take away the tumor from my wife. And I say that it is done right now, never shall it be found anymore. It's finished."
L-153 I went out of there with assurance, told my son and daughter-in-law. We come on down, and last night I run in here real quick to have the meeting; and went back, called her. And she knowed nothing about it yet. I didn't tell her.
L-154 And when she called, she was just all happy. She said, "Billy, I got something to tell you, honey." She said, "There isn't one sign of tumor left nowhere. The doctor said he couldn't find a thing." She said, "I was so happy! And Mrs. Norman and many of the sisters here, two or three of them, was with us here in the room." She said, "The doctor said, 'And you mean to say! I can't understand. A month ago, was a tumor there the size of a grapefruit.' And said, 'Mrs. Branham, rest assured, there is not one sign of tumor about you, no more."
L-155 It's the Lord our God! A thanksgiving day? Oh, thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ, that supreme Gift that is the same yesterday, today, and forever! That is true. I don't believe in taking oaths by the heavens or by the earth, or nothing else. But with the Bible over my heart, and God Whom I love, knows that every word of that is solemnly the truth. Thanksgiving day! When I thought tomorrow I'd have, or the next few days, I might have to even leave the meeting, to go. Couldn't even promise the people that I would be back at Christmas time, at home, for my children, to bring them back home again for Christmas; knowing, quivering down in my heart, that an operation waited my wife, with a tumor the size of a grapefruit. And there it was.
L-156 And the very Word of God, that said, "Say what you will, and it will be that way."
L-157 And I said, "The tumor is gone. They will never find it no more."
L-158 And it's gone, today. And the best surgeon and best doctors there was on this staff at Tucson, Arizona; when, a few days ago, there was a great, a great big tumor like that. And the same doctor could find no trace of it at all, and wrote out a free statement like this, that, "Mrs. Branham has no sign of tumor, nowhere at all."
L-159 Oh, thanksgivings to God! This is a day of thanksgiving, to me. To know, above that, that someday that little face that I married there, glory to God, someday these old-age marks of death will fade away, and we'll be there in the likeness of youth, and never no more to get old. And the gift of God, through Jesus Christ, of the Holy Ghost that we have received now, is what gives us this, this anchor.
L-160 And look at it today, friends. You talk about a thankful people. We ought to be the most thankful people of everybody in the world. Besides the healing, besides these things that's taking place, what is it? It's the absolute assurance that the same God, by the same nature, the same Pillar of Fire, the same Angel of God, the same Jesus yesterday, today and forever, is doing the same things, by the same Power, through the same Name. What an anchor of the soul, steadfast and sure! May the Lord God of Heaven richly bless you, every one.
Let us bow our heads.
L-161 Lord, I am so grateful, Lord, I--I don't know what to say. I just can't express it. When that hymn was sang a while ago, and them people singing that song; in my heart, just jumped for joy. And the testimony come upon my heart. And now, Heavenly Father, Thou knowest these things are true. Thou knowest, from the depths of my heart, that, and that it is the truth. I have no reason, Lord, to tell them nothing but that which is right. And I pray, God, that today... may my heart feel to see all these Christian brothers and sisters here, who are my brothers and sisters in the bonds of Christ, rejoice with me, with thanksgiving, for my little companion [] spared. []... the earth praise God. Let nature praise God! Let all that's got breath, praise God and be thankful for this great time we have.
L-162 Dear Heavenly Father, there I see there is a little boy sitting here in a wheel chair. There are others in here who are sick and needy. And just as You're the God of salvation for our souls, You're the God that heals all of our diseases and our afflictions. And You're still... with these testimonies, just one or two, when they rank into the thousands, that Your humble servant has seen You perform and do, without one blemish in it, anywhere. And we know that You are still Jehovah-Jireh, and You have already provided the Sacrifice for the healing. The very God that removed that tumor out of my wife's side, You're just as much God right here at Shreveport as You are in Tucson; and yet I was miles, two thousand miles from her at the time. I pray, God, that Your holy Presence will fill this tabernacle today, with healing Power, that will heal every sick person that's here, that these thanksgiving blessings might continue to ring out, back and forth, across the country, Lord, that You're the same yesterday, today, and forever. Grant it, Eternal God.
L-163 Now as you people are sitting here, put your hands over on one another and pray. Connect yourselves together by a unity of faith in the Presence of God, and remember that each one of you are privileged. God will judge me, whether I've told you the truth or not. Has it ever failed, have I ever told you anything but what happened?
L-164 As Samuel said that time, as when they was going to make a--a king, Saul. He said, "Have I ever told you anything in the Name of the Lord, but what come to pass? Have I ever begged you for your money, for my food?" "No, Samuel, but we still want the king. We still want our own earthly king." And Samuel knowed that God was their King. [I Samuel 8:6]
L-165 I tell you, this morning, folks, I bring you to record, have you ever seen the gift of God fail one time, that we read about this morning? No, sir. It's Jesus Christ, it can't fail. Science has proved it. The church knows it. And He is here right now, right at this minute. He is here. And the only thing it lacks is for your faith to pick up that Word and anoint It to yourself, and He'll heal you.
L-166 And with your hands on one another, cry out to God, with all your heart, and say, "Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, You Who can stop the storm, two thousand years ago, You did it and You do it again right now. And You stop my sickness. You make me well. And I'm grateful in my heart for You, the Almighty God."

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