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July 2013 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


How can one tell that the Rapture has not taken place already?


“Now, he was first called antichrist. The second stage, he was called the false prophet, because that spirit among the people become incarnate. You remember the white horse rider now had no crown when he started, but then he was--was given a crown. Why? He was the Nicolaitane spirit to begin with. And then he become incarnate in a man, and then he was crowned, and received a throne, and was crowned. And then he served that for a long time, as we'll see as the Seals break, and then we find out after that a long time Satan was kicked out of heaven. And he come down, according to the Scriptures and enthroned himself. Just think, enthroned himself in that man and become a beast. And he had power, supreme power like, that he done all the miracles and everything that there--the killings and bloody fights and everything that--that Rome could produce.” [The Second Seal Jeff. IN 63-0319]

“Now, we find out here that this Satan, after being kicked out of heaven, incarnates himself in the beast, and now he is a beast. Antichrist, false prophet, and now beast and given the name of death, and hell follows him: fully Satan on his throne... Oh, my. On the earth--he's Satan representative on the earth; that he now is head of the kingdoms of the world, the very same kingdoms that he offered to the Lord Jesus in Matthew 4, Satan now becomes a full king. Now, this happens later on. He's false prophet now. He will become beast after while when he breaks his covenant there with the Jews. You know how we been through... All right.” [The Fourth Seal Jeff. IN 63-0321]

“Now we find out, that every seed bringing forth of its kind, there was no death in the new... in that Eden. There will be no death in the new Eden. See, there was no, nothing else but holiness, purity, and Eternal Life.” [Satan's Eden Jeff. IN 65-0829]

“Now, by unbelief in all of God's Word, has brought the seed of unholiness in Satan's Eden. We are now entering in where Satan is taking the throne, as the antichrist, in a--a Eden of this earth, a Eden of sin, perverted religion. He started not upon, "I am Satan. I am the great angel." No, not upon that, but upon perverting God's Word. And that's how he's brought his kingdom, in every age. And now in this great deceitful age, ready to take his throne, by his people! He has built hisself an intellectual, educated, scientific Eden; right, scientific preachers, scientific church, scientific theology, everything is scientific. Everything is on basis of knowledge. The whole church is built upon knowledge. It ain't built upon faith.” [Satan's Eden Jeff. IN 65-0829]

[Answer provided by Brother Donny Reagan, Pastor, Happy Valley Church, TN, USA]

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