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August 2012 Newsletter - Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers

What does the Biblical Red Heifer mean?


“If you notice, red heifer, notice, being the female, typing the church. Red, the color, had…couldn't be spotted, now, it had to be a solid color. And red always gives a--a--a signifies redemption. You say, " Red always signifies danger." It does to us in a red light, but it's always redemption too; don't run it. So red is always been the sign through the Bible. The harlot Rahab let the spies down through a scarlet cloth or scarlet cord, which was a sign that God left her house standing.” [Redemption By Judgment 54-1114 Jeffersonville, Indiana]

“God telling Moses and Aaron, as he was the prophet and priest: Moses the prophet, Aaron the priest. He said, "Now, I want you to go out and get a heifer, a young heifer which is all one color, one complete color: red." Red we always think, looks of... The red is danger. Red does signify danger, or a life, or so forth. But red in the Scripture signifies redemption through the Blood. Harlot Rahab, when she put the scarlet streak down; and all through the Bible is a scarlet streak. redemption comes through red, through the shedding of the Blood. And without the shedding of blood, there's no remission of sin. And how that God said go get this heifer that's red all over, not one spot of anything else, but perfectly red. For God looked through red. And you know what color red is, looking through red? Red through red makes white. Try it one time. Red through red produces white. So when God looks through the Blood of Jesus Christ to we who are scarlet red with sin and covered by the Blood, He sees us white as snow. "Though your sins be red like crimson, they shall be white like snow.” [The Water Of Separation 55-0121 Chicago, Illinois]

“Watch how beautiful this is, now, before we close. The first, the red heifer, the color red means something. Now, red to us means "danger." It's a bad sign to see red, means, "Stop." It's danger. And also, red in the Bible is a covering. Red is an atonement. Red is a safety. You remember when the harlot, Rahab, let the spies down on the red string to safety? Always safety under red. Now, the blood is red. Now, look. You take the scientific research. And you take red, a piece of red goods or a red piece of stuff, cellophane, and look through at a piece of red, and red through red looks white. Try it. Take red and look through red; it looks white. Well, we, through wrong doings, are red. "Though your sins be like scarlet," red. Through the shed Blood of the Lord Jesus, God looking through there, red through red looks white. "They shall be white like snow." See? Not through your something else, but through the Blood, the only place that He can fellowship. Outside of there, your own righteous, He will never see it. Your good works, He will never know it until you come beneath the Blood, then He sees you as His own beloved son or His daughter. Red through red looks white. No matter what you've done, sinner friend. When God looks, sees you're confess your sins as being wrong, and God looks through the Blood of the Lord Jesus, He sees you snow white. No matter what you've done, He's looking through you through Christ's Blood. You're redeemed, precious thing. God will never condemn you no more. He can't condemn you.” [Fellowship By Redemption 55-0403 Jeffersonville, Indiana]



“God said, "Take me a heifer that's red, that never a yoke has ever been upon her." Heifer, and she must be red, scarlet. Red speaks of redemption, blood, red. That's the reason our sins are red. That's the reason the Blood of Christ is red. You take a red piece of glass and look at a red piece of glass and see what color you'll get. Red through red looks white. Though our sins be as scarlet, when God looks through them through the Blood of His Son they are white as snow. Red, redemption, red through red looks white. When God looks through the Blood of His Son that you confessed to be your Saviour, He don't see your sins any more; they are white as snow. Red through red!” [Dedication Of Building To The Lord 59-0708M, Cleveland, Tennessee]

“We take over in Numbers, the 19th chapter of Numbers, when they were in their journey, God told them to go and get a red heifer. Now, watch this just a moment, the symbol here. Now, "Go, get a red heifer, that had never a yoke has been on her." She's not yoked up, never been under a yoke. And she's red, has to be red all over. Now, red is a bad color to some. Red means stop at the stop light, and so forth. But red also is the sign of an atonement. Now, did you ever scientifically take red and look through red? If you take red and look through red, red's white, take red through red looks white. And so when God looks through... Our sins be as red as crimson, yet they shall be white as snow. When He looks through the Blood of His own Son and sees us, He cannot see us as red crimson sinners; He sees us white as snow, washed in the Blood of His own Son when we are under the Blood. Oh, how beautiful the Bible and Its illustrations. Red through red looks white. I know that that is a great sign to us, the sign of an atonement, the red heifer.” [The Basis Of Fellowship 61-0214 Long Beach, California]

“If we had time we could go into those symbols: a red heifer. She must be red, not a spot on her: red. Red is a bad color in one sense of the word. But red is the color of atonement. Did you ever know, scientifically red through red looks white? That's right. Red through red, looking at red through red, it looks white. "Though your sins be red like crimson..." But when God looks through them through the--the shed Blood of His Son, you're as white as snow: red through red. No other color does it. Red through red looks white. And that's the way God looks at you, though you... No matter what you are, if you've come under the shed Blood, God don't see you, but He looks through the Blood. And though your sins be so many, yet you look as white as a lily to Him.” [Fellowship 62-0519, Green Lake, Wisconsin]

“Notice in Exodus 19, I want you to read it when you go home, when you have more time. Notice, when Israel had committed sin, first they took a red heifer which had never had a yoke on her neck. That means she never was yoked up with anything. And she had to be red. The color red is a--an atonement color. You know, science knows that if you take red and look through red, to red, it's white. Look through red, at red, it's white. He looks through the red Blood of the Lord Jesus, and our red sins become as white as snow; red through red.” [A Thinking Man's Filter 65-0822e, Jeffersonville, Indiana]

Bible References: Numbers 19:1-10

[Answers provided by Brother Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington ]

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