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March 2012 Newsletter: Somebody Has Touched Me

“And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.”  [Luke 8:46]
“And besought him that they might only touch the hem of his garment: and as many as touched were made perfectly whole. “ [Matthew 14:36]
“For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.”  [Hebrews 4:15]
“And there He was, pressing on through. After while He stopped. He said, "Who touched Me?" When, Peter might have said these words, "Lord, they'll think there is something mentally wrong. Look at the arms and hands that touching You from everywhere, and then say, 'Who touched Me?'" He rebuked Him for it. Jesus said, "But I felt a different kind of touch, a real touch."  So many of us tonight have confessions, so many of us do different things, but yet there's a touch, there is something that calls the attention to God. And God reflects Hisself in His child. The work that He does, we are supposed to do the same. There the little woman set down. Jesus looked around till He found her. He told her about her blood issue, and said her faith had saved her.” [Show Us The Father, TUCSON AZ, 63-0606]
“Your genuine faith will do it right there. Your--your genuine faith will make it so real to you that... Look at that little woman with the blood issue, she said, "If I can only touch the border of His garment, I'll be made well." And as soon as she did it, she said she "felt within herself that her blood issue stopped." She actually believed it. And when she touched It... to prove that it stopped--it stopped, Jesus turned and said, "Who touched Me?" That Perfect Faith! And that same Perfect Faith tonight, will touch Jesus Christ just as it did then. The woman come with a Perfect Faith for that time. [Perfect Faith, Jeffersonville IN, 63-0825E]
“Now, now we see, at first the disciples didn't have this Perfect Faith. They didn't have it, because they'd had Christ, walking with Him; but then afterwards, Christ was in them. And so, you see, it's hard then to have this Perfect Faith without the Holy Spirit; It has to bring it, It does. Now, you say, "The disciples didn't have Perfect Faith?" No; for they had an epileptic child there, that they were trying to cast this devil out of him, and they couldn't do it. And the father seen Jesus coming, and he said, "We have brought my son to--to Your disciples, and they could not cure him." See?  And afterwards, the disciples asked Jesus, saying, "Why could not we cure him?" And Jesus said, "Because, of the lack of faith, of your unbelief." That's right. "[Perfect Faith, Jeffersonville IN, 63-0825E]
“Now, faith is the substance, and by it, we understand, all of those things are done. It's not a--it's not a imagination, it is a substance; especially Perfect Faith. That's what I'm talking on tonight, getting to Perfect Faith. It is not an imagination. Now, others, have people come say, "Oh, I got all faith; oh, I sure have." Well, what are you standing here for, then? See? See? See, your--your very actions prove that you haven't got what you're talking about. See? If you had faith, then what you stand in the prayer line for? See? What do you do these things for? See, if you had Perfect Faith, you'd look right straight to God and believe it, and walk away. You would--you would have no need of coming into a prayer line. You'd have no need of these things, because your faith has done made it so. See? What would be the use for me saying, "I got to put a shirt on"? I got a shirt on! "How do you know you got a shirt on?" "Well, I see it, feel it, and I know it's there." Well, that's just how real that when Perfect Faith takes ahold. You don't--you don't need no more. It's already done; you know it. "How do you know it?"  "Faith tells me so!" That's it. See? Do you get it now, what I mean? That Perfect Faith.” [Perfect Faith, Jeffersonville IN, 63-0825E]
How many knows that the Palestinian garment hung free? It was a robe. And it had an underneath garment, too, see, keep dust off their limbs. So they had--they had an underneath garment, the garment picked up dust as they walked. And so they had an underneath garment. And this woman touched the border of His garment, with her finger. And Jesus stopped, and He said, "Who touched Me?" I don't believe He was just kidding. I don't believe He did that. I believe truly He didn't know who did it. He said, "Who touched Me?" And insomuch, so many people with their arms around Him, "Hello, Rabbi! Is this the Prophet of Galilee? Well, we're glad to see You here." Everybody, "How are You?" Peter said, "Lord!" He rebuked Him, the Bible said. In other words, Peter might have said this, "Why, that sounds rather unusual, for a Man of Your caliber to say 'who touched' You. And I guess, since I've been talking to You, there has been fifty hands touch You. And then You say, 'Who touched Me?' Why, it doesn't sound mentally right, Lord. You shouldn't say a thing like that." The Bible said, "Peter rebuked Him." But Jesus said, "I perceive that virtue has gone from Me." It was a different kind of a touch, a touch of faith. Virtue is strength. "I perceive that My strength... I got weak. Somebody touched Me with a--a touch of faith." [Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday Today And Forever, Hot Springs AR, 63-0627]  
“The--the woman that had the blood issue, the doctor told her, said, "There is no hopes." She had spent all of her living, with the physicians, and none of them could help her. And she didn't lean upon that. When Jesus... She walked through the crowd, and she said, "I believe if I can touch that Man's garments, I'll be made well." She goes over.  "Now wait, the doctor said, 'You can't get well.'" She had had this blood issue for years and years. She got weaker all the time, and worse. The doctors had give her up. That's all the understanding they had. But she said, by faith! There is no Scripture telling her to do that. But she said, "If I could touch the border of His garment, I'll be made well," and she slipped around and touched Him. She walked back, sit down. And Jesus turned around and said, "Who touched Me?" He looked around till He found her. He told her of her blood issue. And she felt at that moment, in her own body. She couldn't prove it then, but she felt in her own body that her blood issue stopped. She never reasoned, "If the doctor had turned her down, how could anything else help her?" She never went to reason, but she went to faith.” [Lean Not Unto Thy Own Understanding, Phoenix AZ, 65-0120
“Notice, now, God's safety zone, God's place of safety. And when we are in here, in this refuge, we have a--a right to the healing power of God. If God will forgive His enemy and take him into the refuge, how much more will He take care of him after He's got him in there. See? There's healing power. So when the Christians get sick, there's no need of being all steamed up about it. Just remember, "By His stripes we are healed." That's the promise. He promised it, so He just can't take it back. It's a place of refuge for our sickness, for our worries. "Cast all your cares upon Him; for He cares for you." It's a refuge. Trust in His Word, His promises. Every promise that He made belongs to you as long as you're in His Kingdom. As long as you come to Him for refuge, then you have a right to every promise that He made. Every Christian in here, or anywhere else, has a right to anything that Christ died for. And when you're in Christ you possess the whole thing. It's all yours. That's exactly right.” [Letting Off The Pressure, Green Lake WI, 62-0518]
“What does "virtue" mean? "Strength." Is that right? "I got weak." in other words. "Somebody touched Me; I got weak." Now, what did that woman do? That woman, with her faith in Jesus Christ, being the Gift of God, drawed dividends on her faith from Him. Is that plain? Her faith operated God's gift in Jesus Christ. Jesus didn't know the woman. He didn't know who touched Him, He would've said, "You who touched Me." He didn't know it. He said, "I don't know nothing, or do nothing till the Father shows Me first, then I go do it." And this woman touched and she drawed from Jesus, the very desire of her heart, because she believed that He was the Emmanuel.”[Come Let Us Reason Together, Chicago IL, 55-1004]   
“But before we pray for the sick, we've got to get the people in that attitude. It's the attitude that always brings the results. It's the attitude that you take towards God. Here is a woman touched His garment, she was healed, with a blood issue. A soldier spit in His face and put a crown of thorns on His head, and felt no virtue.It's your approach. The attitude is what it takes. And that's what it is tonight, dear friend, it takes the attitude. We are, and believe that we are, in the Presence of Jesus Christ, but it's your attitude that brings the results. The mechanics is here, and so is the dynamics. If you can just get started, God will do the rest.” [Proving His Word, Embassy Hotel, Los Angeles CA, 65-0426]
“That one little woman now brought strength from Him. He looked around in the audience and He found where she was, and He told her her trouble and what had happened. The Bible said that, "He is now a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." Is that right? Now if you have that same faith in that same Jesus, it'll do the same thing for you. Now be real reverent. Pray. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He'll grant to you these blessings.” [The Identified Christ Of All Ages, Topeka KS, 64-0617]
Our Bible Study Subject for March 2012: Somebody Has Touched Me
Lord help me to take the right attitude towards your word, so that I can bring results in my life.
Bro. Robert Wilson
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