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April 2011 Newsletter - Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers

Does drinking breed immorality?


“If you go to Germany, you get a German spirit. See? Germany has a national spirit. You go to Sweden, you get a Swedish spirit. Now, when I was in Germany we was having (Brother Arganbright's here somewhere)... And we had a great meeting. We was averaging about ten thousand converts a night, and fifty thousand in five nights they registered of Germans, communists, and so forth, coming to Christ.” [Jehovah-Jireh, Long Beach CA 61-0209]

“And then I'd go down the street, and here was these saints with a great big schooner of BEER in their hands, hollering, "Glory, Hallelujah. Praise the Lord." And I went over there, and set down at the table, a saintly, godly home, they was all pouring that BEER around. I thought, "My goodness." Around like that, and they... So I was eating. All of them started talking in German one to another. They looked at me. And Doctor Guggenbuhl said, "They're wondering why you don't drink your BEER.” [Jehovah-Jireh, Long Beach CA 61-0209]

“And I thought "Oh, oh." I said, "You say what I say." I said, "I guess it's all right," I said, "But, you see, I was born under a Nazarite birth. I wasn't supposed to smoke, chew, or drink anything. Oh, that was all right, "praise God," just went right ahead DRINKING. That's Germany.” [Jehovah-Jireh, Long Beach CA 61-0209]

“Went to Italy. They won't set you out water; it's WINE. And I went down to the drug store and got me some of this here distilled water. It was in a jug. It had one of these... like vines, wrapped around it. I guess everybody thought I carried my own brand. So I just went around DRINKING out of this jug all the time (See?), this distilled water. I didn't want their WINE. No. But, you see, that's--that's the Italian spirit.” [Jehovah-Jireh, Long Beach CA 61-0209]

"When they were having a television show, they wanted to crack some jokes about religion, and they went and got the holy vessels of God, and begin to make fun of them, by DRINKINGWINE out of them. And there come an unknown tongues writing on the wall. And all of their super race didn't know what it meant. But they had one man among them who could interpret unknown tongues: Daniel.” [Super Sign, Chicago IL 61-0430]

“Why does the nation, why does these--this nation let the people be deceived? That oughtn't to be allowed to be said like that. That ought to be against the law. About the modern cigarette advertisement, what a disgrace, "Not a cough in a carload," all kind of... Well, that oughtn't to be allowed. What is it doing? It's deceiving. There's death in every one of them. There's death in the DRINKING of whiskey: rape, murder, insanity in the bottle.

But yet we're allowed to put it on our programs and advertise it as "The kind that grandfather drank. More joy out of life," certain kinds of beverages of BEER and alcohol. What is it? It's deceiving. It's placing something before the public to kill themselves with. And we're allowed to do it.” [Oneness, Jeffersonville IN 62-0211]

“On the fellowship, everyone wants it. Tonight there at the motel, they were having fellowship. What was it? Around DRINKING. They were having... They went and got some more bottles and BEER, across at the taverns, and here they all was, grandmothers and grandfathers, DRINKING and carrying on the most immoral things till I had to, in the hot room, had to pull down the windows and shut it up, to keep from hearing the loud carrying on. And looks to me like, if we live in a Christian nation, that ought not be permitted even. But I tell you one thing, you start screaming and shouting, and watch how long that lasts. There'll be something said about that right quick. Yet we're in a Christian America.” [Fellowship, Green Lake WI 62-0519]

“As we got off of--of the stage or the--the little escalator, or elevator, rather, and started out, there was a hall, and there was two young women standing down there with just their underneath garment on. They had a bottle of WHISKY in their hand, and they were DRINKING. And they started down, and drunk men coming out of the house, so drunk, or the little rooms, trying to catch them and pulling their clothes down. And it was horrible-looking. And they come down, and I just ducked back in a little hall and waited till they passed by, a little door, and they stopped in front of me. And nice-looking women, and they were standing there just with their little underneath skirt on, all the clothes they had. They took this bottle, and trying to pour it on one another. One pulled up her underneath garment as high as she could pull it, throwed her leg up in the air, and holler, "Whoopee, this is life!" [The World Is Falling Apart, New York NY 63-1115]

“We love You. And we want our dispositions... our change to come into us, that we can be Your children, feel of Your Spirit moving in our hearts, Lord, tendering us and bringing us to realization of this insane age that we're living in. Grant it, God. When we see young women so caught up in the web of the Devil, young men, perverted minds, children, dope addicts, cigarette smoking, DRINKING, immoral, Satan's Eden.” [Leadership, Covina CA 65-1207]

“We do this because that we are giving thanks to Him, and among one another. Eating the bread between each other, DRINKING the WINE between each other, as His Blood and His Flesh.” [Communion, Tucson AZ 65-1212]

Bible References: Isaiah 5:11, 22; 28:7; Amos 2:8; Mark 15:23; Luke 1:15; I Corinthians 5:11; Ephesians 5:18

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister/Editor, Lynden, Washington]
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