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And From That Time
60-0210E, And From That Time, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 69 min

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L-1 We are very thankful tonight that the weather has changed. At least it's a little better. And we trust that the Lord will let us have a good service tonight.
I'm trusting, sometime, that, if the Lord willing, to have a... come back to your island, have a longer meeting. I'm... Thank you. I met many of your leaders today, and they expressed that we would have a committee, and have an extensive meeting around the island someday, the Lord willing.
Pray for us. I am now going into South Africa and through Europe; should be back here sometime soon.
L-2 I am asking the interpreter now to read the Scripture lesson for the evening.
[The interpreter reads Matthew 4:12-17--Ed.] [Matthew 4:12-17]
Let us pray.Almighty God, Who created the heavens and earth, let Thy blessings rest upon Thy people tonight. Bless this people of the island, all that's in authority, bless Thy churches, Thy ministers, and Thy people. And may it be tonight that when we leave the service, may we be able to say like those who came from Emmaus, "Did not our hearts burn within us, as He--as He talked to us along the way?" [Luke 24:27-32]
Father, we would ask Thee that Thy people would have faith to believe--to believe in Thee; that Thou would come into our midst tonight and would do something the way You did when You were here on earth in a body of flesh; that the people might know that Thou art not dead, but You're alive for evermore; that the Scriptures are fulfilled which it said: "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." In Jesus' Name. Amen. Be seated. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-3 The language barrier is always a difficult to speak to people, but this is minor to what we had in Africa once. I had to speak through fifteen different interpreters at one time before around a hundred and fifty thousand people. But at that same meeting, we had the privilege of seeing thirty thousand heathens come to Christ at once, twenty-five thousand was healed.
The next morning, the mayor of Durban, South Africa, his name is Mr. Sidney Smith, he came to my room and said, "Brother Branham, would you come to the window?" And I heard, coming down the street, and I looked out the window, and seen six or seven big cattle trucks loaded with crutches and wheelchairs; and these people walking behind these trucks. (You should have been in the meeting, it was wonderful; you know what I mean?) They were singing Only Believe. I shall never forget that.
It could be the same tonight. It only takes faith.
L-4 I would like to make this statement because of doctors being present, that, I do not claim to take a doctor's place. I do not claim to heal people. I don't even put my hands on people. The--the gift of God that He gave me to work by was through visions to declare His Presence, and the people know that the Presence of God is near.
That's the way it happened in Africa. There was only about three people on the platform, but when they seen that, they knew that the God that the missionaries had told them about and that they had read about in the Bible was present, doing the same things that He did when He was here. I made one prayer asking them to believe. And when they run the line through with testimonies, piling up the wheelchairs and crutches, the ministerial association did this, they counted twenty-five thousand was healed--healed at the meeting. They were packing idols, many of them, sprinkled in blood; and when they seen the Presence of the Lord, I asked them to break their idols. It looked like a dust storm. Jesus Christ is not dead. He is alive for evermore.
L-5 I wish to take just three words out of the... three words out of the 17th verse of the--of the same chapter that he read for a text. And these are the words: And From That Time.
You know, we... many of us can go back in life, and think, "from a certain time." Like, "When I was a child," you might say, "I was healthy and strong, and then I fell out of a tree; and from that time, I been a cripple."
Then there... a--a immoral woman, she might say, "I was a virtuous woman till my lover left me. It upset me so until I--I did not care for myself anymore. So I started living wrong. I was all right till that time. But, from that time, I've walked the wrong road."
The drunkard, alcoholic, might have said this: "One time, I was an innocent man. I taken a drink to be sociable; and from that time, I started drinking." [Matthew 4:17]
L-6 Many times in our country, in the United States, we have a New Year's celebration. Everybody "turns a new page," they call it, and they're going to start something new. Well, they, next day after New Year's, they have broken all their vows they've wrote out, and they've broken everything that they said that they would not break, though they were sincere when they made that promise, but they meant well.
Like at the end of the First World War, all, everyone said, "The wars are finished forever." They meant that. They thought they'd found something that would stop wars.
L-7 When the electricity was invented, they said then, "We have something in our hands that would destroy humanity, and we'll have no more war now." But they did. Then they formed the League of Nations, a police, to police the world. We said... They said they'd bring the whole world under military police, and we'd never have war no more. They meant well by doing it. But they had just the same: war. We've got the U.N. now, and we meet, trying to keep wars down, by free-thinking people. We mean well by it, but the Bible said that we will have wars and rumors of wars. [Matthew 24:6], [Mark 13:7]
Satan told Jesus that all the kingdoms of the world belonged to him. Jesus acknowledged it to be so. He said, "I do with them whatever I wish." Satan said to Jesus, "I'll give them to You if You'll worship me." But Jesus knew that in the millennium, that all the nations, He'd fall heir to all of them. (He would be Heir to all.) So He said, "Get thee behind Me, Satan."
They mean well. But we cannot go contrary to the Word of God. God's Word is always true. [Luke 4:6-8], [Matthew 4:8-10]
L-8 Like the young couple, when they first get married, they--they mean to do well, and they try to make a go of married life. Then if they are separated, they'll start back and say, "It... well, we had got along all right until a certain time, or, till we were in a dance and my husband danced with the wrong woman, or, my wife danced with another man; and from that time, there was trouble in the home."
It looks like that everything that man tries to do, he is not able to achieve the things that he thinks he can do. But let me say something to you: There is a time and a place that man can meet Something that's everlasting. That's when man meets God. He's never the same, forever. Let us look at a few people that met God.
L-9 Let's think of Abraham. He was seventy-five years old. His wife was sixty-five. And He met God one day when God asked him to believe something that was impossible. He said, "You're going to have a--a baby by that wife." It was almost impossible. [Genesis 18:10], [Romans 4:16-21]
Could you imagine today, in San Juan, that a--an old man, seventy-five, and his wife, sixty-five, going down to the doctor to make arrangements at the hospital for her to have a baby? Doctor would declare him mentally.
L-10 Sometimes when God tells people to do things, His ways are so supreme that the intellectual mind cannot grasp what He's talking about. We do not know God by science; never will we. God is known by faith.
Our schools, our colleges, as good as they are, but, they will never declare God. If anything, it takes them away from God.
God is only known one way: by faith. "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." It makes you believe things that the five senses will not declare. "Faith--faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." You do not see it, taste it, feel it, hear it, or smell it. You believe it. That's faith. [Romans 10:17], [Hebrews 11:1]
Men, God, was given five senses to contact his earthly home. Never was the five senses give to lead a man. The sixth sense, which is the super sense, was given to man to lead him. The sixth sense is faith. Now, five senses are all right, as long as they agree with the Word of God; but when they do not agree with the Word of God, Jesus said, "Let every man's word be a lie, and Mine be true." So we look at what God said. [Romans 3:4]
It changed Abraham from an ordinary man, walking by his intellectuals, to a man of faith. Twenty-five years later that baby had not come yet. Sarah was now ninety, and Abraham one hundred, and God gave them the baby anyhow. [Romans 4:16-21]
L-11 It's why men meet God, there is something happens to him, that's an Eternal hope. Moses, an intellectual man, trained in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, had run from God, and was forty years on the backside of the desert. But one day, he met God in a burning bush. He was a changed man from then on. The place he was running from, the place he had failed, he went back in the power of the Spirit, and conquered a nation, him and God. [Exodus 3:1-10]
L-12 Now, we find out that God... when He... we take His Word, sometimes it's ridiculous to the people, but God's ways are past finding out intellectually. Could you imagine an old man, eighty years old, with his wife on a mule, with a child on her lap, a white beard blowing, and a little stick in his hand. Someone would say, "Where you going, Moses?"
"I'm going down to Egypt to conquer the nation." That was ridiculous. But the thing of it is, he did it because God had met him, and it wasn't a question anymore. What God says, God will do.
L-13 Mary, the virgin, she was just a little girl, per...
L-14 It was Peter, the fisherman, rather a rough character, could not believe his brother Andrew about--about this lowly Nazarene Prophet being the Son of God. He was an unlearned man. The Bible said that Peter was ignorant and unlearned; the Acts the 4th chapter. And when Peter came up before Jesus, maybe under curiosity, and as soon as Jesus saw him, He said, "Your name is Simon and your father's name is Jona." It changed Peter. From then on, he was an apostle.
What made the difference? Standing out and criticizing (standing off and saying evil things), or coming, seeing for yourself? He was a changed man.
L-15 Saint Paul, known as Saul, the persecutor of the Christian church, had orders in his pocket to arrest all the people that were Christians; a cruel man, making havoc of the churches; pulling them out of church and stoning them to death. But one day, he was on his road to Damascus with orders from the high priest to arrest every one he found.
But all of a sudden, there was a Light shined upon him. He fell on the ground. And from that time, he was a changed man. He's immortal today among men. [Acts 9:1-9]
L-16 There was a blind man named Bartimaeus. He had set year after year at the gate, begging; he was ragged, hungry. And he heard a noise. He said, "What's the noise about?"
Someone said, "Jesus, the Prophet of Galilee, is passing by."
And he cried, "Thou Jesus, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me." And from that time, he could see. [Mark 10:46-52], [Luke 18:35-43]
L-17 There may be some here tonight blinded; spiritual blindness. Oh, when He comes by, cry out, "Thou Son of David, have mercy on me," and He'll open your spiritual eyes.
He was too far from Jesus to make Him hear him physically. Jesus was on His road to Calvary, or, to--to Jerusalem knowing--knowing He was going to Calvary. The weight of the sins of the world was upon Him. There was so much to wear Him. Priests and rabbis was running before Him, throwing things at Him. Perhaps saying something like this: "We heard you raised a man from the dead. We've got a graveyard full of them up here. Come raise them up and we'll believe you." Satan had said the same thing to Him. "If--if thou be the Son of God, turn these stones into bread. Let me see you do something." [Mark 10:46-52], [Luke 18:35-43]
L-18 The Roman soldiers put a rag around His head, and took a stick and hit Him on the head, said, "If you are a prophet, tell us who hit you and we'll believe you." Jesus opened not His mouth. The--the--the gifts of God are not given to appease Satan or to satisfy curiosity. They are given for the glory of God...?...
L-19 There was a leper full of leprosy: no hope for him; all hopes was gone. One day, coming through the gate, he saw Jesus of Nazareth. He fell at His feet and worshiped Him. And from that time, he was clean of his leprosy. [Mark 1:40-45]
L-20 There was a vile woman (immoral woman) at Samaria. She had probably been out all night. And at about noontime, she went to the well, because she had probably been sleeping all morning. And she saw a Jew setting over against the well, and she said to Him, or, He said to her, "Woman, bring Me a drink." She said, "Sir, it's not customary for you Jews to ask Samaritans such." But He--He said to her, "If you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink." Now, He was an ordinary Man, dressed like the men of that day. Who could this Person be? "Why," she said, "the well is deep, and You have nothing to draw with." As the conversation went on, He said, "Woman, go get your husband, and come here." And she said, "I have no husband." He said, "You have said well: for you've had five husbands; and the one you're living with now is not your husband: you said well." Watch the surprise of that woman. She said, "Sir, You must be a prophet. We know, we Samaritans are taught like You Jews, that the Messiah is coming, and when He comes, He'll be a Prophet that will reveal these things to us. But Who are You?" He said, "I am He." And from that time, she was a changed woman. She left her waterpot, and she ran into the city, and said to the men of the city, "Come, see a Man that's told me the things that I've done: isn't this the very Messiah?" And they believed on Him. [John 4:1-32]
L-21 My precious friends, words from me (my words) is just a man, but just one Word from Him will mean more than I could speak in a year. Everything... Sometime, every person is going to meet God. Now, listen close. Give me your attention. You're going to meet God sometime. You're going to meet Him with sin on your soul, or, you're going to meet Him with the Blood of His Son before you and God, blessings of God on you.
L-22 There's another thing you're going to meet: You're going to meet death. Did you know death and God came together one time? And as He was going up Calvary, He was... the robe on His back (the robe on His back; the garment) had little red spots on it. Further up Calvary He went, the spots got bigger. After a while, they are one great, bloody robe. Death was around Him. It was buzzing like a bee. And after while, death, not knowing Who that was, 'cause Satan had questioned Him, and Satan is the author of death: "If Thou be the Son of God," so he did not believe that That was the Son of God, but like a bee, he was buzzing around Him. After a while, Life and death come together, and death never was the same after that. What did it do? It lost its stinger. When--when an insect or a bee (bee; bzzz), when--when a bee... Them people at Babylon: going through the judgment. When a bee is buzzing, he's got a stinger, but if he ever stings deep, he pulls his stinger out. He has no stinger after that. That's what death done. Death anchored his stinger in the flesh of God, and he pulled it out. Now, death has no sting. He can buzz. He can make a noise, but he cannot sting the Christian, he... 'cause he met God. He met God one day. Death--death met God. The sting of death met God, and it's never been the same. From that time until now, death has no stinger. [I Corinthians 15:55]
L-23 When Saint Paul was coming to his death, they were going to behead him in Rome, here come death, and he cried, "O death, where is your stinger? O grave, where is your victory? But thanks be to God (thanks be to God) Who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ." That Jesus is not dead. He is here tonight. His Words are true (His Words are true). [I Corinthians 15:55]
He made this promise: "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I'll be in their midst." That must be true. Before He left the earth, He said, "A little while, and the world will see Me no more," that's the unbeliever, "yet--yet ye--yet ye shall see Me: for I..." a personal pronoun, now, "I will be with you, even in you, to the end of the world; and the things, the works that I do, shall you do, also." [Matthew 18:20]
What kind of works did He do? Saint John 5:19, He went to the pool of Bethesda. Thousands were laying there crying. He found the man that the Father had showed Him that was laying on the little bed. He healed him, left the rest of the multitude. The Pharisees questioned Him. He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise." You see, He cannot do nothing, or, He did not do nothing until He saw a vision what the Father was doing. Let those words be close to you. "Verily, verily," means, "'absolutely, absolutely', I say to you, The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing." [John 5:19-20]
L-24 Now, it is my heart's desire that by this meeting, being here in the city tonight, that all you people who doesn't go to church; that doesn't know Jesus; and all you sick people that are needy; that somehow or some way, tonight, that you'll meet Him in His Presence here; that in years to come you can look back to this night, and say this: "And from that night, I been different."
L-25 Let us bow our heads.Lord, the Creator of heavens and earth, great Jehovah, send Thy blessings upon this waiting people. We pray that Your mercy will be granted unto us, that Thy hand of power, the hand of the Lord Jesus, might be reached over these people tonight, and that they would be healed and saved, that Thy Name might be honored. And from this night on, may no one here be able to be the same person, from this time on, because of Your Presence. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-26 Immediately after we pray for the sick, I would ask you to, when I make the altar call, that you'd come forward. Now, I'm going to ask our brethren with the television, while the prayer line is going on, please don't throw the light on--on at that time. The Angel of the Lord is a Light and--and when I'm watching, I have to watch for That. The Lord bless you.
L-27 Now, I would, everyone remember: now, we cannot, and no one can heal another person. It is only done by faith. If Jesus was here tonight wearing this suit, He could not heal you. Listen! Listen closely now, you ministers: Divine healing, salvation, anything that was included in the atonement, is a past tense. Listen to this: "He was wounded for our transgression;" was, past tense, "and with His stripes we were," past tense, "healed." Now, the only thing that could be done... Divine healing isn't some "touch me", or some magic wand, or something, some--some superstition. Divine healing is based upon the shed Blood of Jesus Christ at Calvary and upon your faith to believe that: "That He was wounded for your transgression; with His stripes you were healed." So, you see, I know many lay on hands, but did you know that was a Jewish custom? Never used among the Gentiles. Zacchaeus... (Now, don't have me on long, now. I'll help call the numbers.) The Jew always wanted to lay on hands, but the Gentile not so. The Jew said, "Come lay Your hands on my daughter, or she'll die." The Roman said, "My servant is sick; just speak the Word, my servant will live." Always, to the Gentile: "Speak the Word!" Now, you believe. [Isaiah 53:5], [Mark 5:22-43], [Luke 8:41-56], [Matthew 8:5-13], [Luke 7:1-10]
L-28 Now, we call prayer line. The reason we do that, so that--that everyone just be real reverent. Now, if you'll do this, it'll be better. Now, in the--the reason, coming in here just for a night or two, it makes it hard. It's all new to you. You haven't studied it much in the Scripture, knowing the promise, it's to be here. Everybody jumps up, tries to get up here. My brother, if I could heal you, I would do it, but I can't. It's already done. Jesus did that at Calvary. It's your faith in a finished work. If He was standing here tonight, and you came up to Him, and you'd say, "Lord, heal me"; He'd say, "My child, I did that at Calvary. Believest thou this?" Now, He might tell you something like He did when He was here on earth, like the woman at the well, like Simon Peter his name, or perform His Messianic sign to show that He's still Messiah; but the atonement's already made for your sins and sicknesses. Do you believe that? Now, be real reverent. Just keep your seat, we'll start calling some cards by number. We'll call a few up here. Do not come until your number is called. See, I have been in this work for fifteen years, and it causes confusion; and it's not an arena (it's not a playground), it's the House of God; reverence and respect. The Holy Spirit is timid. [John 1:40-42]
L-29 Now, let us call some prayer cards again now. [Brother Branham speaks with Bro. Billy Paul--Ed.] What? [Brother Billy Paul says, "G"] G? ["We gave G."] E? G? ["Something. I don't know. What'd we give last night?"] A, B, C, D, E... ["G."] G. Prayer card G, number one. Number one, who has it? Raise up your hand. Look at your card. If somebody will raise their hand. Now, I would ask that ushers would go down and watch them there at the end. Now... (Now, just one word; you don't need to...) G, number two. []...?...
L-30 When Jesus was on His road to raise up that little dead girl, then, a woman, with a blood issue for twelve years, touched His garment, and she went back in the audience. And Jesus said, "Who touched Me?" And He looked over the audience until He found the woman. And He said to her, "Your blood issue has stopped. Your faith has healed you." Now, listen close, now. The--the Bible said, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Now, if He is a High Priest now, sitting at the right hand of God, if you touch His gar-... He can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. How many knows the Bible says that? Now, if you touched Him, what would be His reaction? If He's the same, He would act the same; the same High Priest. Now, it wouldn't be me. It would be Him in you and me, and all around. It's the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, "When the Holy Ghost is come, He will bring these things to your remembrance, and will show you things to come." May the Lord bless...?... []...?... promise. [Mark 5:25-34], [Luke 8:43-48]
L-31 Now, is His Words true? If they are true, He will manifest them. If He doesn't, then I wouldn't know whether it to be, where He'd be the Son of God or not. I only know He promised it. I believe it. Now, if the Holy Spirit will do the same thing here, tonight, that He did when He was in Jesus Christ walking on earth (Now He's here on earth in you and I.), will you, who is not a Christian, accept Him as your personal Saviour? If you will, raise up your hand. God bless you. Is there others here who's not Christian? Now, then, through this Spirit knowing your heart, is to be a Witness against you at the day of His Coming. But from tonight, you will never be the same: you'll go away a better Christian, or go away not a Christian. What is sin? Sin is "unbelief." He that believeth not is condemned already. Unbelief is sin...?... (Sure. Fine...?... Just a little...?...)
L-32 Here is a lady I do not know. We have never met before in life. Is that true? If it is, raise up our hands. Here is the Bible picture of Saint John, 4th chapter: She's a Puerto Rican woman and I am Irish; a man and a woman, two different races of people, meet for the first time. I do not know what she's here for. I've never seen her. There is only One Who knows; that is God. Then, if He tells her, like He did the woman at the well, what she's here for, something about her life, let her be the judge if it's right or not. And if He can tell her what she has been, she'll know whether that's true or not, then surely, she can believe what He'll tell her she will be, take His Word for it. If He will, will you believe on Him?
L-33 Now, to the lady: I just wish to speak to you a moment, just like our Lord, when He talked: Not as I'm Him; I am just a man. You are a Christian. Your spirit witnesses here that you are a Christian. You are aware that we're standing in the Presence of God. Do you believe that the Lord Jesus is just the same Jesus that He was when He talked to the woman at the well of Samaria? If He will do just the same tonight as He did then, will it make you believe more? Would it help you to believe for whatever you're asking for? It would.
L-34 You are here for sickness. It's for yourself. You have a lady's trouble, female trouble, it is in the uterus. The examination shows it's in your uterus. That is right. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Now, do you believe? Now, that He might... This woman (this--this woman--this woman) has a lot of experience, she's a little excited because of the Presence of the Holy Spirit. You remember what I was talking about today? Here's that Light hanging right here between me and the woman, right now. Now, take down her testimony. I do not know what I told her, as I'm now talking about it. But that you might know that Jesus Christ is present, I will look again. Yes, it's a lady's trouble in the uterus, up for an operation to be. Besides that, you have children that you want prayed for, two boys, one girl. Do you believe that God would reveal to me...?... I believe I saw three children, two boys, one girl. One boy is coughing, asthma. The other one has swelling in the glands, in his throat. The little girl, the girl has asthma. That's right. Do you believe God knows who you are? You believe He could tell me who you are? Mrs. Pepe. That's right. Can return to your home, you have your desire. If thou canst believe, all things are possible. The trouble with your throat; up for an operation. Do you believe that God can heal the boy? The doctor examined the throat, said that it must be operated. That's the truth. You believe if I pray for him, that he'll be all right? Let him come. Lord Jesus, be merciful...?... operation...?... in the Name of Jesus Christ. Now, the operation was to be dangerous, but don't worry, just have faith. If you believe with all your heart...?...
L-35 Do you believe? We are strange to each other, but God knows us both. If God will reveal to me what is your trouble, will you believe? Look on me. I--I mean that like Peter and John passed through--through the gate called Beautiful, and there laid a crippled man; they said... he said, "Look on me...?..."
You're not here for yourself. It's for someone else. It's for your mother. It's a mental. That you might know that I be the servant of the Lord, you're in the Presence of Christ, not your brother, your Lord, you got someone else, that's males, it's nephews. They're both mentally retarded. THUS SAITH THE LORD...?... You believe, go and find it the way you have believed...?...
L-36 We are strangers to one another. Is that true...?... We're strangers? If the Lord can reveal to me something that you're here for, would you believe that it was Holy Spirit, the Messiah? Jesus was a Man, but when He was anointed, Messiah was the anointed One. He was in one body then, but now His Spirit is all over the whole church, in all of us, but He's the same Jesus, and He is the same Messiah, and He knows your heart. If He can reveal to me, to you, what you're here for, something you've done, you'll know whether it's true or not. Would it help you to believe?
The lady is suffering with weakness in her body. Oh, she took a fall. You have trouble in the head. You are a missionary...?... You believe God knows who you are? The same God that knowed who Peter was, could know you? Miss Roman.
I keep feeling...?...
L-37 Do you believe? You believe that God can tell me what your trouble is? Lady's trouble. Go home. You have what you asked for. God bless you.
Do you believe with all your heart? You believe God can tell me what your trouble is? There's much of it out there. You have heart trouble. Go believe. Get well. God bless you.
Do you believe? Your stomach trouble left you. Go home and eat your supper.
Come. Your trouble: in the back. Go home, you're healed.
Your trouble: your back and your kidneys. Jesus Christ makes you well.
Your trouble: heart...?...
Your trouble: lady's trouble, heart trouble. Go home, Jesus Christ makes you well.
Come. This lady suffers with heart trouble, also. Go home, believe with all your heart and be well.
L-38 This lady, a nervous condition, real nervous, change of life, menopause. Go home, you're going to be all right. Jesus Christ makes you well.
You're nervous, also. You have a heart trouble. The heart's worse after you eat, lay down. It's not exactly a heart trouble. It's gastric ulcers, causes gas to come up around the heart...?... That is right. You're well.
Believe with all your heart. Do you believe with all your heart? Have faith in God. You believe that God can tell me what your trouble is, not knowing you?
Now, be real reverent. Something happened in the audience. Be reverent.
All right, sir. Believe me now as His servant. You're suffering with high blood pressure. You got kidney trouble. And you're praying for some member of your family. You believe God can tell me what the trouble is? They were hurt in an automobile accident. You believe God knows you? Ralph, go home.
L-39 Just a moment. What about you out there? Have faith. You say this to God: "That man doesn't know me...?..."
...?... that touches Him. Touching me does no good, touch Him...?...
The lady setting there on the end, next to the end: High blood pressure. Stand up on your feet. You believe? Jesus Christ make you well.
What did she touch? She's thirty feet from me. Listen to this: she was setting there, praying over her condition when God heard her prayer, pulled back. Isn't that right, lady? That's right. Raise your hand if that's so. How would I know what the woman was saying in prayer? God is present.
The man right in front there on the end...?... He is praying for a boy. Boy's got tumor on the brain. He has been operated on. He... it's no good...?... something...?... going away...?... Do you believe? You are a Methodist by faith. Your name is Mr. Long.
L-40 Friends, let me speak to you in the Name of Jesus Christ. I must be getting weak; I can tell when they come behind me, and beat me on the side, they have to take me. Let me ask you: Do you believe on the Lord Jesus? If you are not a Christian, would you come and stand right here and let me pray with you...?... Somebody here a few moments ago...?...

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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