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Simeon And Anna
59-0211, Simeon And Anna, San Jose Park, San Juan, PR, 53 min

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L-1 And we are expecting God to do great things for us. Our scene opens tonight at Jerusalem just about one year later than what we were speaking of last evening. It's just after the birth of the Lord Jesus. The news didn't scatter in those days like they do now. They didn't have television, and the press, and so forth. The only way they had to scatter it was from lip to ear.
And then there was an old man by the name of Simeon. And he was a priest at the temple, what we would call an old sage. He was one of God's anointed servants. God in all ages has had His servants. God in every age has someone that He can put His hands on, or His Word in. Sometimes He comes to a small number; sometimes to only one person. But He's always had someone. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-2 This man was waiting for the consolation of Israel. He was waiting for God to perform what He said He would do. He was a man with the Holy Ghost, because the Holy Ghost revealed to him, that he would not see death until he seen the Lord's Christ. He had a right to believe it.
Now, many of his priest brethren, what they called, he had gone a little off at his head. Well, how could that be? They'd been waiting for the Messiah since the beginning of time. Now, they're in worse condition than they ever was. How could he come then?
But you see, God works in His own ways, mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. Jesus said, "In the hour that you think not, the Son of man will come." Would not it be a wonderful time now? [Luke 2:25-35], [Matthew 24:50]
L-3 You see, He never does anything until He takes His people together for such.
That's what I believe He is doing now, calling out the elect. When the world's in the state of prosperity, plenty to eat, and great airplanes, and all kinds of great scientists. "Aw," they say, "we're just getting ready to live. Nothing like that could happen now." It's the hour that you think not, the Son of man will come.
L-4 Don't you see what He's doing? He's calling His elected children together just like He did then. Simeon, and Zacharias, and Elisabeth, John the Baptist--they were just getting ready. Something was fixing to happen.
The other part of the world, even the religious world, thought they were gone off on the wrong end. They were fanatics.
But they knew what they were talking about. Simeon knowed what He was speaking of, for the Holy Ghost said so. He had a right to believe it. If the Holy Ghost said so, that settles it.
L-5 I believe the same today. We have the promised of the Holy Ghost. And in this last days, He will pour out His Spirit, and He will call His Church together. He will show great signs and wonders. I believe were seeing it, just as He promised it. So we're waiting, called fanatics. But yet, there's no two Holy Ghosts--one Holy Ghost. The same Holy Ghost that promised this man, He also give us a promise. We believe it. No matter what the world says, we believe it. God will keep His promise. He always has. He always will. [Joel 2:28], [Acts 2:37-39]
L-6 Now, Jesus, after eight days, it was customary for Him to be taken to the temple at Jerusalem for the circumcision. According to the law, the mother had to offer a offering for her purification.
Let's just think it's Monday morning. We're at the Temple. It's a busy day. I look along the line, like a prayer line on the right hand side of the Temple. There's about two million Jews in Palestine, many babies is born in twenty-four hours. And every day, a great line of mothers are getting in that line for the circumcision of their male children, and for the offering of the purification. [Luke 2:22-35]
L-7 Let's look at that line this morning. It's about nine o'clock, and the mothers are all lined up. Each one is packing a little baby, little needle-work jackets on them, pretty little booties. Many of them are offering lambs. A lamb was a rich man's offering. But a peasant's offering (a poor person) was two turtledoves or two pigeons.
And notice along the line, there's a little girl not over eighteen, and she's standing by herself. All the other people are keeping their distance from her. "Don't fool around her. She's--she's of ill fame, because that baby she's got was born out of the holy wedlock. So keep your distance. Don't have nothing to do with her." But Mary, she knew where that baby come from. She knew that was the Son of God. [Luke 2:22-35]
L-8 Like today, tonight, people say we're fanatics, because we believe in God, believe in the supernatural. But we know where It come from. No matter what they think or what they say, we're can see their styles, the way they act. They think that we're a poor illiterate class. But we know what we got in our hearts.
All the other babies with needle-work. But this little fellow was wrapped in swaddling cloth. [Luke 2:22-35]
L-9 If I understand it right, what He was wrapped in... He didn't even have any clothes when He was born. Yet He was the Creator of heavens and earth, born in a manger in a little stable, which was a cave in a wall. They had no clothes, and they took the wrapping off the back of the yoke of an ox, and wrapped Him in it. Here He is in swaddling cloth. [Luke 2:22-35]
L-10 He didn't look much to the rest of them, but to His mother who knew who He was, it was a jewel. So is it tonight, everyone who holds Him deep in their heart, the same.
As they moved up...
Now, if God makes a promise, God's got to keep His promise. God promised Simeon, by the same Holy Ghost that promised you, promised me, that he wouldn't die until he seen the Christ. [Luke 2:22-35]
L-11 Let's look at Him. He's over in the study room. He picks up the Bible and he reads it. All of a sudden, the Holy Ghost said, "Simeon, stand on your feet." I like that.
God's gracious to His promise. The Holy Ghost was at work. The Holy Ghost... The same Holy Ghost is working here in Puerto Rico now. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-12 David said, "When the deep calleth to the deep..." If there's a deep calling, there's got to be a deep to respond to it. Something like this, before there was a--a tree to grow in the earth, there had to be a earth first for the tree to grow in. Before there was a fin on a fish's back, [Brother Branham explains to translator what a fin is--Ed.] Fin... Fin on a fish's back, swimmer on a fish. There had to be a water first for Him to swim in, or he wouldn't have no fin.
Now, here some time ago in America, I was reading in a newspaper where a--a little boy would eat the erasers off his pencils at school. And his mother was excited. One day she went out and she found him on the porch eating the rubber pet--the rubber pedal off of a bicycle. So she took him to the doctor, and they taken him to the clinic, examined his body. The doctor said, "His body is craving sulfur. Sulfur.
Now, now if there's a craving here for sulfur, there's got to be a sulfur first, (Sulfur first), because if there has to be something out there to respond to this crave. [Psalms 42:7]
L-13 Listen, like this. Before there can be a creation, there has to be a Creator to create the creation. Therefore, if there is a hunger in this crowd tonight for Divine healing, it shows there's a fountain open somewhere or you'd never have the crave. If you're craving to see the power of God, there's a power of God somewhere...?... God...?... [Psalms 42:7]
L-14 Now, if there wasn't a Scripture in the Bible that would claim Divine healing. Yet there has to be Divine healing, what your souls are calling for--calling out. The deep calling to the deep. Then that's why you're here. The--the same Holy Ghost that give Simeon the promise, is the same Holy Ghost that tells you that there's healing power here. Then from around this city, across these hills, the same Holy Ghost that led Simeon, has led you here to keep the promise. "In the last days I'll pour out My Spirit...?... the people. Signs and wonders will be...?..." That same Holy Ghost is keeping His promise. I see Him. I see Him.
Now, if Christ was in the temple, then it's the Holy Ghost, His duty to bring them to see Him, who believes the promise. So is it tonight. If Christ is here, Christ loving people is drive by His Spirit here to see His mighty works 'less He sent him. [Psalms 42:7]
L-15 He's setting back in the temple, reading. The Holy Ghost said, "Raise up. Walk." I reckon.
Do you believe the sons of God are led by the Spirit of God? You don't have to be smart; you just have to have faith in the One's a leading you. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-16 One time, I remember, I was coming from Dallas, Texas. I was coming home and a storm came up; and the plane had to come down at Memphis, Tennessee. And they had to put me up in a hotel till the next morning. They said, "We will leave at seven o'clock. The limousine will pick you up at six." All right. And tonight I wrote some letters.
I got up the next morning, started to mail the letters. I was going down the street. The Holy Ghost came, said, "Stop. Turn around. Go back. Keep walking." I looked at my watch; I just kept walking.
L-17 Down out of the big part of the city, way down on the river... (What do you call colored people here?) down to where the Negroes people live. And I was going down the street, the Holy Spirit said, "Just keep walking." I know that you believe that we're led by the Holy Ghost. And I looked at my watch; it was almost seven o'clock. The Holy Spirit said, "Keep walking."
I looked, hanging over the gate--leaning over a gate, a little bitty house, there was a--a great big woman. And I started to pass by her.
She said, "Good morning, minister." (A minister).
I turned and looked at her. I said, "How did you know I was a minister?"
She said, "I knew you were coming." God works on both ends of the line. This has happened thousands of times. I'm just telling you this one, for it's on my heart.
And I looked at her, I said, "Auntie (lady), how did you know I was a minister?"
She said, "Last night I was in prayer. I've got a boy, and he was given to me by the Lord." Said, "Did you ever read in the Bible where the Shunammite woman wanted a boy? And the prophet Elijah blessed her, and she had a boy."
I said, "I remember the case."
L-18 She said, "I was that kind of woman. God gave me a boy. But I'm sorry, he got out in the wrong company, and he caught a disease--a social disease--and he's dying, backslidden." Said, "The doctor was here two days ago, and said, 'He will never come to no more. The valves in his heart is eat up by the disease.'" And said, "He's laying..." said, "He's laying there dying. And I just can't stand to see him die like that. He's my baby." And said, "I prayed all night. 'O Lord, You give me this boy. But have You an Elijah?'" And said, "I went to sleep, and the Lord said to me at three o'clock this morning, 'Go stand at the gate. One's coming down the street.'"...?... And said, "I've been standing here since before day. And I seen you coming...?...
I said, "Lady, my name is Branham. I pray for the sick. Did you ever hear of me?"
She said, "No, Reverend Branham, I never heard of you."
And I walked over, put my hand on her back; it was wet from the dew. She had a man's shirt tied around her head. The tears was running down her great dark cheeks. She said, "Will you come in?"
L-19 When she opened up the little gate, I walked into that little two room shack. I seen no rug on the floor, just a little bed, but a sign on the door, said, "God Bless Our Home."
I have prayed for kings in their palaces, and had the privilege of being in some of the finest homes in the world. But I never felt any more welcome in all my life than I did in that little hut that morning.
And I looked, laying on the bed, there laid a great big boy, weighed about one hundred eighty pounds. He had the blanket in his hands, making a groaning. And he was mumbling, saying, "It's dark."
And I said to her, "What's that he's saying?"
She said,"That's it, reverend. He's lost, And he's been saying that for two days. Doesn't know anything. He's out of his mind. But he thinks he's out on the sea. He's cold, and cold and dark. And he's lost. Thinks he's in a boat. And he can't find his way out, and he's crying for mercy. Can you see, reverend, that's why I come and prayed to God. If I can only hear my baby say, 'Mama, I'm saved,' I will be glad to see him go home."
I said, "Shall I pray for his healing?"
She wasn't interested in that. She knowed nothing about healing. She just wanted him to be saved. She kissed him on the forehead. She said, "God bless mama's baby."
L-20 Think of it. Laying there, a disgrace, in sin. But yet, that mother's love went out no matter what condition he was in. It was still mama's baby.
What love that Jesus said, God had said, "that a mother may forget her baby, but I'll never forget you."...?... tonight Oh, what love God has for this world.
I said, "Pray, Sister." And we got down on our knees. Oh, talk about a prayer. She prayed till I knowed she knowed God. I wept. And then when she raised up, she took her apron, wiped her eyes. She said, "Will you pray now?"
L-21 I said, "Lord, I'm already two hours late. My plane is gone. And I followed Your Spirit. I don't know why You brought me here. O Lord, You're still God. I just followed Your instructions. Is this who You wanted me to see?"
And about that time, I heard his voice as a man, the voice. He said, "Mama, it's getting light in the house." And in about five minute's time he was setting on the side of the bed with his mother and I, glorifying God.
Two years later, I was going again to the West. This time I was on a train. The sandwiches was too high for me to buy on a train. I couldn't afford them. So I wait till we stop, and get me a sack full of hamburgers. And then, I jumped off at Memphis, started running down towards the little hamburger stand while--while the train was stopped. I heard someone holler. It was a little porter with a red cap on. "Hello, Reverend Branham." I turned--I turned; here--here he come, a young fellow just out, said, "You remember me?"
I said, "No."
He said, "About a year ago you come in this city. Remember when you come down to the--to where my mama was?"
"Yeah," I said, "I remember. You're not the boy?"
"Yes I am. I'm not only healed, but I'm a Christian now."
L-22 When I left that home that morning, I run out of the building, flagged down a cab, and hurried to the airport. And when I got out there, two and a half hours late, They were just making the last call for the flight. Think of it. Think of it.
The God through the faith of a poor ignorant woman, didn't know how to write her own name, but her faith brought a plane out of the sky and put it on the ground...?... If we can only be led by the Spirit.
L-23 Simeon was led by the Spirit. Here--here he comes. He don't know where he's going; he's just walking. And he goes over to that line of women. Here he comes down along the line. He stopped in front of that little woman with that baby wrapped in swaddling cloth.
Well, now think of it. God manifested in flesh, Creator of heavens and earth, laying in a woman's arms with not even clothes to put on. A little old rag wrapped around Him.
What are we then? What do we deserve then? We think we're somebody; we're nothing. Only by the grace of God. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-24 And Simeon stopped. The Holy Spirit must've said, "Stop, Simeon. I'm going to show you a sign." And he turns his head. He runs, grabs the Baby, holds It in his arms, said, "Lord, now let Your servant depart in peace, according to Your Word, for my eyes see Your Salvation."
Then way over in a corner was an old blind prophetess. Her name was Anna. She couldn't see, eighty-four years old. She fasted and prayed all the time. She too was Spirit filled. Just then the Holy Ghost said, "Stand up, Anna." Here she comes, blind, walking through the audience, led by the Spirit, led by the Spirit. Didn't matter where she was going, couldn't see where she was going. But she was led by the Spirit. And the same Holy Ghost that's leading us tonight. Don't make any difference where you're going, as long as you're led by the Spirit. Here she comes. She comes to the--Mary. She sees His face. She raised up her hands. The Holy Ghost come on her and she begin to prophesy.
That same God is here tonight. Led by the Spirit, sons and daughters of God, do you want Him to lead you to that same One tonight? [Luke 2:25-38]
L-25 Let us bow our heads. Before we pray, I would like to know while you have your heads bowed in prayer, how many would say by an uplifted hand, "Brother Branham, remember me in prayer." Raise your hands. My, thousands.
O Lord, we are all earthbound people. We got our faces turned towards the dust from which You taken us. And someday we will return to that dust if Jesus tarries. But O God, give into our hearts, Eternal Life. And someday when Jesus comes, though we be dust, when the Son of righteousness rises with healing in His wings, this mortal will take on immortality, and we shall be resurrected, and caught up to meet Him in the air. Each one of those hands, give them Eternal Life, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-26 I'm so glad that there wonderful thrilling stories that we read from the Bible, it isn't only a history of a historical God; it's the history of a living God that's the same today.
Now, I don't believe we have room here for a prayer line. Maybe if they give out cards, we'll use them, maybe, tomorrow night. I believe with all this space we won't have to have prayer cards. That will give every one of you without a prayer card a chance to be prayed for.
Now, you believe. [Brother Branham speaks to the interpreter--Ed.] You have explained to them...?... The pastor has explained it to you what Jesus Christ promised. And if He remains the same Jesus today that He was then, His promises is true, He will do the same today that He did then. How many has been on the grounds before and seen Him do it? How many has not, raise your hands. Just about half.
L-27 Now, to you... Some... mo... many of you a few moments ago received Him as Saviour without seeing anything. Wonderful. Good. But now the same God that you received this...?... has promised to keep His Word.
Now, for the newcomers, Jesus, as the pastor has said, as Peter was brought to Him, He knew who he was, told him who he was, told him what his father's name was. That is right. The Jew said, The true Jew, the real believer, said, "That's the Son of God."
Nathanael came, brought by Philip. And when he came, Jesus told him who he was, where he'd been. Then he said, "Rabbi, You're the Son of God."
Many of the church people said, "He's the devil, Beelzebub." They thought that in their heart. They didn't say it out loud. Jesus perceived their thoughts. He said, "I'll forgive you for that. But someday, the Holy Ghost will come to do the same thing. One word against It will never be forgiven in this world or the world to come." [John 1:42-51], [Luke 5:22-24], [Mark 2:6-12]
L-28 He found the Samaritan people. You remember, He never went to the Gentiles, just the Samaritans and the Jews--Ham and Shem's people. And we're Japheth's people, the Gentiles.
Now, when He found that Samaritan woman, He said, "Go get your husband. Come here." He found what was in her heart. She said, "I don't have any husband."
"You got five"
She said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet. We know when The Messiah cometh, He will tell us these things. But who are You?"
Jesus said, "I am He that's facing you."
She went into the city, "Come out, and see a Man Who told me the things. Isn't that the Messiah?" If that's the sign of the Messiah yesterday, if He's the same Messiah today, then He does the same. [John 4:1-21]
L-29 There was a woman went through the crowd, touched His border of His garment. She had a blood issue. She went back out in the audience. I'm saying this for the benefit of the newcomers.
Notice, so you'll not think I'm wrong about it, God's promise. He promised...?... so that you might know God keeps His promise.
Now, the woman touched Him. Everybody was touching Him. Then Jesus stopped, said, "Who touched Me?" All of them denied it. Said, "Well, someone touched Me; I got weak; strength's gone from Me." So He looked around, and He found her, and He told her she had a blood issue, and her faith had made her well. [Matthew 9:20-22], [Mark 5:25-34], [Luke 8:43-48]
You're acquainted with that story, how that the Bible said that Jesus Christ, right now, is a High Priest. He's the only High Priest, the only mediator between God and man. That's correct. And He's sitting at the right hand of God making intercessions. And He is a High Priest that can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities. The Bible said, the book of Hebrews... [Hebrews 3:1]
L-30 Now, if He's the same High Priest, He will act in the same way if you can touch Him. Now, how many people here won't be in the prayer line tomorrow night, who hasn't got no prayer card, but you believe that you have faith to touch Him in glory, raise your hand. All right.
Now, if thou canst believe... Now, this is the showdown. This is when God's Word has to be true or be wrong. I'm either a true witness of God, or a false witness of God. God will testify, then let Him be the Judge. [Hebrews 4:15-16]
L-31 I know none of you. Now, be real reverent, believe on God. Don't move. But just be reverent for a few minutes, and pray. (Now, be ready for my introductionary.) I'm sure you understand the position I'm in. But I believe God. He sent me to do this, that you might know that the Christian religion is the only true religion...?...
I see a lady (if you wish to raise your head), praying out here on the corner, with a little girl. If you believe that that little girl will be healed... The little girl has a trouble with her speech. Raise your heads if you want...?... her speech. That's right. Also, she's been to a doctor. And the doctor said she--she's going to operate on the tonsils. And you got her here believing that Jesus will heal her. So you might know that I be God's servant, that's the grandmother of the baby setting next to you, the mother out on the end. That is true. And you might know that I be God's servant, the grandmother is praying for her stomach trouble. That's right. Do you believe with all your heart what I said is the truth, that I'm a stranger to you. All right. You can go home. Don't doubt, and you'll be all right. If thou canst believe.
L-32 Here sets a man, setting right here in front of me, and He's praying. He has a stomach trouble. His wife is next to him; she has female troubles...?... If you believe with all your heart. You do? Then you can be healed. Raise up your hand...?... All right. Stand on your feet and be made well. Amen. Jesus Christ makes you well.
Setting right back here, looking this way, a man, suffering with stomach trouble. If you believe, sir, second person set in the end, you may be healed. Jesus Christ make you well. All right. Believe...?...
Someone praying. It's a man. He's got trouble with nerves. He can't sleep. He gets up. He's afraid he's got cancer. You forget about it. You'll sleep tonight. Jesus Christ makes you well.
L-33 Will you do me a favor, seeing that God has healed you, the lady setting next to you...?... lines over. Stand up, lady. You suffered with a oppression... regular mental depression. That's right. Mister, lay your hands on each other. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I condemn that spirit. Satan, you are exposed. Come out of the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Now, you may go, be well. That evil spirit is on the woman. There it is again...?...
There's a woman just behind her, praying. There she's got her boy setting by her, her son that's--that's also got mental trouble. And the mother's praying for the son. Stand up. Put your hand on your boy. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may it leave him. Hallelujah!...?...
L-34 Here's a lady, right here in front of you. She's suffering with back trouble, complications. She in bad shape. I don't think she gets me. Hear me, Juanta Ortez--Ortez. Stand to your feet. Jesus Christ makes you well...?...
If thou canst believe. There she is; see her standing on her feet. She's well. What are they touching? Not me. They're touching the High Priest, Jesus Christ in the Holy Ghost, the same One that led Simeon.
A lady, setting on the end back here, asthmatic. Stand on your feet. That's good faith. But there's one thing you need worse, that's Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Will you accept Him as your Saviour? That's good faith for a sinner. Raise up your hands and be saved, sins are forgiven you. Go in peace. Hallelujah!
L-35 Right behind the woman, there's a man praying. He's got nervous trouble. His wife's looking over next. She has diabetes. That's right. Stand up on your feet. Jesus Christ makes you well.
There's a lady just like the woman. Stand on your feet. I'm a stranger to you. I don't know you. Jesus Christ knows you. If God will tell me what's your trouble, will you believe me to be His prophet? Raise your hands up. You have lady's trouble. You been to a doctor; he wants to operate on you. That's right. Do you believe me? I will tell you what church you belong to. You're a Baptist. Raise your hands up.
L-36 There's a man setting next to her. He's suffering from prostate trouble, gets up at night. Do you believe. []...?... That's right. Stand on your feet. Believe with all your heart. Go home and be well.
Setting right down the line. There's two setting there with dark shadows over them, it's epilepsy. You believe. And do you believe, and accept your healing, accept Jesus Christ will make you well. Hallelujah.
L-37 Do you believe? Now, do you believe that Jesus Christ is God's Son. If you believe now, can every one be healed, if you do, stand up your feet. O Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ, make every one well. And Lord, hear the prayer of Your servant. Satan, I come here to challenge the devil. You're exposed. You're just a bluff. We're calling your hand. Jesus Christ has defeated you, and you have no legal rights. You are defeated. Jesus Christ defeated you. Come out in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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