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The Seal Of The Antichrist
55-0311, The Seal Of The Antichrist, Great Western Exhibit Center, Los Angeles, CA, 99 min

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L-1 We're grateful to Thee for this message of calling Thy people to repentance and see visions. And we pray now, that this gathering together tonight will be...?... that Thy Spirit may be upon us, blessing us, and calling sinners to repentance, and bringing the old fashion Gospel into every heart. We pray that You'll heal the sick, call the backsliders back to the house of God again. Get glory out of the services tonight, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Good evening, friends. I'm very happy to be here in this livestock exhibit again tonight, to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's been lots of things has happened since I've seen you last, of across the different parts of the world: been a long ways since I seen you. And the Lord has did great things. And we're so happy for it, especially for the many people who's finding Him in the way of forgiveness of their sins and the healing of their body. And our great mighty Jehovah still reigning over His people, and so, how happy that makes us to be.
L-2 Now, we have come back to you, after closing the revival last night, or my part of it, rather, at the Angelus Temple, where the Lord met with us there in five nights of real old fashion revival, and had a wonderful time. Got to meet many of the peoples and coming and going in and out of the service. And I met Doctor McPherson, about a year ago and his lovely wife.
Just a few moments ago, I had the pleasure of meeting his... Doctor Keeford's son, just at the door here, as coming in. Shaking hands with old friends, my, if I could sing, I'd sing, "Homecoming Week." How many ever heard it? You mean? That's a southern song, I guess, so... "Be a grand homecoming week, the first ten thousand years." It's a wonderful song.
L-3 So now, having ten nights before us, we do not wish to hurry through, be nervous about it. For we just commit all things unto the Lord, take our time, study the Word, get the foundation laid out right, and trust in the Lord, and He will bring it to pass. That's...
And so, we trust that you'll get on the phone now, and call your friends, and tell them to come out to the revival.
We're happy to be here tonight, and sponsored by this lovely group of people, known as The Full Gospel Christian Businessmen, internationally, of which I am a member. I... You know, I... It's the only--only organization I belong to, is the Full Gospel Businessmen. And I'm not a... Yes, I am a business man. I'm in the business of the Lord's business. That's--that's a great business. And I am happy to be a member of them. They represent all the churches together.
And I do belong to the Louisville Council of churches, and a few little things like that, but not a denomination, because I try to stand in the breach between those, and say we're brothers.
L-4 And now, I think tomorrow morning we're going to have... The Christian Businessmen's going to have a breakfast at Clifton's Cafeteria. And I believe I'm supposed to... I'm supposed to be there. I'm coming early this time, get some breakfast, 'cause the last time I liked to starved 'fore it was over, and so... They pushed me up them steps there, and everyone just finishing up their eggs, and me looking all around, and wasn't any. I almost starved 'fore I got back out there to some place to eat. So I'm going to come early in the morning. So we hope to see you there. This is not on the air, is it?
The other night I was over to the Temple, and I was just talking away, and went all through the service, and just a laying out the old fashion type, the best I could. Someone said, "I heard you on the radio." And I didn't even know we was on the air, so... My, I kinda watched what I said after that. All... The radio reaches such an audience as it's broadcast, and these tape recordings going everywhere...
L-5 So we're very happy tonight, I'm sure you all are, if you feel the way I do: a little tired physically speaking, and mentally, of course, but happy in the Lord, expecting this revival to give us the greatest revival we've ever had yet in Los Angeles. Don't know just when we'll be back.
I am certainly trying to press to the ministers, that last year, or this next coming year will be fifty years since the Holy Spirit first fell at (What's the name of that street?) Azusa, Azusa Street, here in California, in Los Angeles. And I'd like to see all the ministers get together, and all the churches get together, and pull down their little barriers and indifference, and just have an old fashion homecoming, wouldn't you? Oh, that would be so good, just get it out where we can just have...
L-6 You know, Jacob dug a well, and the Philistines run him away from it. And I believe he called it "malice." And he dug another one, and they run him away, and he called it "strife." So he--he dug another one, and said, "There's room for us all." So I hope we can dig that well in this coming year, don't you, so there'd be room for us all, everybody, just to come up and--and drink till your thirst is quenched? And I'm sure we're all thirsting for more of God, aren't we? That shows there's more to get, as long as we're thirsting for it.
Now, I'll try not to hold you so late at night, so that you can come back tomorrow night, and the next night, and on and on. And it'll be Sunday afternoon will be the services here, and we'll try to get the boy over here for a healing service, Sunday afternoon, if possible, about--get the cards given out about twelve, one o'clock, something like that. I believe we begin at two. They'll announce it a little later. [Genesis 26:18-22]
L-7 Now, for the--a little text for tonight, I wish to turn your attention over to the Book of Exodus, I believe it is, and the 21st verse, and the--the 21st chapter and the 5th verse, rather (Excuse me.), just for a little background for our text, while we speak... And you pray with us, for if the Lord build not the house, it's in vain, isn't it? So we trust in Him. Reading from the 5th verse, It says:
And if the servant shall plainly say, I love my master, my wife, my children; and I will not go out free:
Then his master shall bring him unto the judges; and he shall also bring him unto the door, or unto the door post; and his master shall bore his ear through with an aul; and he shall serve him for ever. [Exodus 21:5-6]

May the Lord add His blessings to the reading of the Word. Now, for a little while, we wish to speak on a subject tonight: "The Seal Of The Antichrist." And if the Lord willing, tomorrow night I want to speak on: "The Seal Of The Christ."
L-8 Now, we hear so much of it in these days. How many like just old Scriptural texts like that? I--I do myself. And now, in teaching on this, it may be just a little bit different from, maybe, what you believe, or--or have been taught. And I don't mean to--to disagree. If it doesn't just match exactly the way you believe it, let us be brothers, anyhow. See?
And I've always said in my--in teaching, or preaching, that just like someone eating cherry pie, when you run into a seed, you don't throw the pie away, you just throw the seed away, and just keep on eating pie. So you do the same thing. When you hit something that you don't believe it that way, just pitch it over to one side. And what you do believe, just rejoice with me, with the Lord.
L-9 Now, this is so many times referred to in believing, being a very timely time for this to happen. I believe that truly with all of our heart, that we're living in the last days. For the last few months, I've been accumulating, trying to, enough scientific material to preach one night on the second coming of the Lord, scientifically. Which being an illiterate person myself, I have to--have to study it much to find out the scientific goings of things, to see whether it's exactly right. And I want to do that. I tried it in Lubbock, failed, Louisiana, failed, Phoenix, every night, I kept saying I'd catch it. Maybe I'll get to it in California.
L-10 So now, the day that we're living is the question mark over the entire world. I have traveled a great deal of the Word--world for the Lord. And in there, not only in America, but everywhere, there's an unsettled peace everywhere. The whole world seems to be shaking; it's scared, like something's fixing to happen. Well, that shows something is fixing to happen. We're... Don't want to scare you. I'm not here to do that; I'm here to show you a way to keep from being scared, and not to scare you.
But we have to face facts, and we must do that. So we find out that over the world, there is a great fear setting upon all peoples in this atomic age, when it's just ready for anything to happen. And men are...
L-11 The churches are cooling off. We just might as well face that. The churches are getting worse and worse all the time. More preaching is being done than ever in the world, and less practice than we ever did in all the world.
Just looks like it just keeps cooling off. Great revivals strike the country: Men come in anointed of the Holy Spirit; they preach with everything that's within them; and the people walk right away as if nothing had ever happened, just unconcerned. Now, there's got to be a reason for that. And if you'll study This, This tells what the reason is.
Do you know the Scripture says there will be a time in the last days, when there'll be a famine strike the land, not for bread and water, but for hearing of the Word of God? And that men would go from east, west, north and south, seeking to hear the Word of God, and fail to find It? Just think of the times we're living in. And we're living in that time. I believe when the prophet spoke that, he foresaw the United States of America. 'Cause it's the only place that I know of, would meet that description in this day. [Amos 8:11]
L-12 Other parts of the country starving to death, practically all over the world. We're practically helping feed the world. We got plenty to eat, everything in here; everybody's well fed, plenty of clothes, no more depression, plenty of money flowing everywhere. And the people are seeking to hear the Word of God and failing to get It. Because every fellow's built him a fig tree, and got his own organization, his own cult, or his own ideas, and no one else will listen. And he's right, and nobody else is right; and they won't have fellowship one with the other. And that's why the poor American people's mind are so disturbed; they don't know what is right.
One man will say, "It's this way." Another one say, "It's this way." One's got a teaching; one's got a doctrine; one's got a song; one's got a tongue. And the American people are the worst confused of any nation I know of in the world. That's awfully hard to say. And now, but it's the truth. We got to face facts.
L-13 Just like in the healing services, when the people come to the platform, maybe sometime prostitutes, drunkards, and so forth... It's hard, when you see that woman's life out yonder, in ill-fame and so forth, I have to speak that right out before her friends. But what's truth is truth. We've... Truth either binds or sets free. That's right. And so, we must know the truth, and it is the truth.
We can bring... God can do something in America, and I--and the first thing you know, there's so much false impersonation over it... They can start a move of God; and I tell you: it becomes after while, runs into a bunch of fanaticism. That's the truth, friends, if I ever told it.
L-14 Now, when I was here the other time, trying to tell you what that I... God's confirming the Word, signs, wonders, and miracles, and so forth; I said, "Someday I want to come back and teach to you a little while." And that's what I come back for, is to do that.
Now, look at the age that we're living. Now, to my opinion, this is the age of the turning time. It's a time when men are either will come into the Kingdom of God or be sealed out of the Kingdom of God. And I believe that the antichrist seals a person. We're taught in the Scriptures in the Book of Revelations, "If any man receives his seal or his mark, or the letter of his name (and so forth) is doomed," is sealed out the Kingdom of God. And the Spirit of Christ, when once sealed with That, is sealed in the Kingdom of God. And just as sure as you can be sealed out with one, you can be sealed in with the other.
And tonight, we're going to talk about the sealing out, and tomorrow night, about the sealing in. And you draw your opinion, as I try to keep it strictly on the Word, not opinions, but at the Word. [Revelation 14:9-10]
L-15 Now, we find out that over in the Book... Many peoples has set up different things and said... I had a man to come to me not long ago; he said, "Brother Branham, I want to show you something." Said, "What do you think the mark of the beast is?"
And I said, "I don't know."
And he said, "Well, let me show you something." The poor boy was course in a illusion. And he pulled out of his pocket, a great long piece of paper that had the Statue of Liberty, on it. He said, "There's the mark of the beast, the Statue of Liberty."
Well, we've heard all kind of things and rumors, but what does the Word of God say it is? That's the next thing. That's what we want to know: What is this apostate seal, and how will it be placed on people?
L-16 I was listening to a radio broadcast in my country, here not long ago, and a man said, "It won't be long until the people's going to get a great tattooing machine. And they're going to tattoo it across the forehead of a man, the picture of the beast. And going to mark it in his hand here, the mark of the beast. And all that receives that mark, will be doomed forever."
Here not long ago, when the N.R.A. came out in my country, I suppose it was in this, too. In my country they said... All the religious people began to say, "That is the mark of the beast. Don't receive it; my, that's horrible. Ever who joins the N.R.A. is sure to receive the mark of the beast." Well, we found out, that wasn't so.
So, there's got to be some basic truth. It's got to come then from, THUS SAITH THE LORD. It's got to come. Many people has placed it way over into a day that's yet to come. Some place it in this day. But for myself, I believe that it begin at the same time the Holy Spirit fell.
L-17 If you'll notice, just about the time that Jesus came on the scene, Judas came on the scene, the antichrist, the one was against Christ. I want you to notice the natures of these spirits now. Judas, was a religious man. He was not an infidel. And all of us know that he was the antichrist. He worked the very closest hand to Christ, His right hand man.
Did you know that in heaven, that the devil was God's right hand man in the beginning, that Lucifer, the son of the morning, was given power? And the reason that he brought sin into the world, he was able to take something that God had created, and pervert it back into an evil thing, which started all this trouble in the beginning. Then God, back before the foundation of the world was ever laid, when He seen what Satan done... In his pride went over in the north, and set up a kingdom, and fought against Michael and his Angels... Do you see it? [Isaiah 14:12-16]
L-18 The right hand man of Almighty God was Lucifer, the son of the morning. The first, God granted him almost co-workers with Him; he was a co-worker, partly equal with Him; only Satan could not create. God is the only Creator, but Satan took something that God created and perverted it back into something else, evil. And now notice, when Cain and Abel, a very beautiful picture of it... Cain and Abel was nothing more than the prefigure of Judas and Jesus. [Genesis 4:1-8]
Now, being uneducated, like my brethren are educated, I teach the Scriptures from types, shadows. And if I know what the shadow of anything is, I'll have some understanding of it. If I see what the shadow looks like, I can pretty well tell what it's going to look like. And if we could foresee by the shadow, what these evils are, then we can pretty well tell what they're going to be when we look at them. And without education, then I have to teach it from typology. Paul did a lot of that too, did you know it, in the book of Hebrews. [Isaiah 14:12-16]
L-19 Now, and Judas, just as Cain killed Abel at the altar, Judas killed Jesus at the altar. And about the time that Cain, Abel came on--Cain came on, Abel came on. About the time Jesus came on, Judas came on. The time that Jesus died, Judas died. And about the time that the Spirit of Christ (Get it now.), about the time the Spirit of Christ returned, the spirit of antichrist returned, the spirit of Judas returned. Judas was Satan's man; Christ is God's Man. [Genesis 4:1-8]
Christ was the incarnated God; Judas was the incarnated devil. That's... just as they returned back, here was on the... Many people look at Calvary and only see three crosses. But there were four crosses. You say, "I only see three." Well, a cross is a tree. "Cursed is he that hangeth on a tree." Jesus was hanging on a tree. And Judas hung himself on a sycamore tree, just as much cursed, and just the same as much tree, as Christ was hung on: the cross. [Galatians 3:13], [Matthew 27:15]
L-20 Now, notice Christ in the middle: on His left was one thief; on His right was another thief, now, these representing the believer and the unbeliever. Now, the man that was really a thief on this side, on the left side, cried out, said, "If..." Watch that word, "If thou be the Son of God. If you're all this great person that You say you are, then save yourself and save us too. If Thou be..."
The man on this side, being the Gospel preacher, the believer, preached to him through the cross, said, "What are you condemning Him for?" Said, "He has done nothing amiss. But see that we are condemned, both of us; we're getting just exactly what comes to us. We deserve this, but this Man has done nothing." Said, "Lord..." Look at his confession: This man, "If...," this man saying, "Lord, remember me when Thou comest into Thy kingdom."
And Jesus, quickly speaking back, said, "Today, shalt thou be with me in paradise." There you are. Who was that? Judas Iscariot died on a sycamore tree. Here was God, came down, manifested in flesh, going back to heaven, taking with Him the repented sinner. Here was Judas, the son of perdition, just the same as Christ being the Son of God, come from perdition, returning back to perdition, taking with him the unrepented sinner. You see it? [Luke 23:33-43], [John 17:12], [II Thessalonians 2:2-4]
L-21 Christ, Son of God, come from heaven, returning back to heaven, taking with Him the believer... Judas, the son of perdition, coming from hell, returning back to hell, taking with him the unrepented sinner, you get it?
Now, Christ, when He came on earth, and then when He went back, "A little while, and," He said, "the world will see Me no more; yet ye shall see Me, for I will be with you, even in you, to the end of the world."
Now, about the time that the Holy Spirit came back upon the church to pull out a people for the Bride, the antichrist came back also. Now, read in I John 4:3, and He said, "Little children, every spirit that confesses that Jesus has not come in the flesh, is not the Spirit of God: and this is the spirit of antichrist that should come into the world, and already in the world working in the children of disobedience." [John 14:19], [Matthew 28:20], [I John 4:3]
L-22 If you'll notice, how beautiful, when Judas came in the form, which was Satan, son of Satan, he came into the world, and he went right straight to the church, the first thing, and joined the church, and became a member of the church of the living God. Amen. And Judas went out with the rest of them and preached the Gospel. And came back with them, rejoicing, because the devils was subject unto him, Matthew 11. And Jesus said, "Rejoice not because the devils is subject unto you, but rejoice because your name's written in the book."
Judas was with them. So he came up with Christ, set in the fellowship with the believers, and when it come to the time for him really to be born again and receive the Holy Spirit, there's were he showed his colors. And that... [Luke 10:20]
L-23 I hope I don't hurt no one, but look, today lukewarm, borderline believers will come right up to the Holy Spirit, and then say, "I don't believe in such stuff." You see it?
Come right on up, them believers, just like Cain, they can come as far as their leader Judas comes, be very fundamental in doctrine, but when it comes to the place of the separation, God draws a line. Man must be borned again. You've got to be. But when it comes to being born again and receiving the experience, then men say, "Oh, that's fanaticism; there's nothing to it." [Genesis 4:1-8], [Acts 2:37-39]
And that's the reason they can't believe in the supernatural. That's the reason they can't be--believe in Divine healing and the working of the Spirit. They believe the Scriptures, and the way of mental thinking. They believe it intellectually, but they can't believe it from their heart until the Holy Spirit comes in and takes over in the human heart. My, that's really the truth.
L-24 And when a man ever crosses that line and borned again of the Spirit of God, he becomes a son of God. And then he believes what God says to be the truth. And he says, "All the Word's inspired."
Borderline, halfway, watch that religious spirit. You say, "Brother Branham, do you mean to tell me that the antichrist spirit, will be a religious spirit?"
Jesus said, "It'd be so close, like the real thing, till it would deceive the very elect, if possible." Matthew 24.
That throws a little different light to it, doesn't it? It's a religious spirit, a spirit that can shout, a spirit that can dance in the spirit, a spirit that can cast out devils, a spirit that can do all kinds of miracles, and still not be borned of the Spirit of God. Jesus said, "In that day (Listen at this.) many will come to Me and say, 'Lord, have I not cast out devils in Your Name? In Your Name haven't I done many mighty works?' And I will confess unto them: depart from Me, you workers of iniquity, I didn't even know you." [Matthew 24:24], [Matthew 7:22-23]
L-25 And today, we base our soul, almost, upon somebody who can preach like a--a fire ball, or somebody who can heal--lay hands on the sick, and them get well. That doesn't mean anything yet. Upon somebody who dances in the spirit, or shouts the victory, That don't mean anything yet, not a thing. Upon emotions, you can't rely upon that, although that's all right; that goes with it. But you got to get the real thing first.
I seen people stand, throw themselves back and forth, and work themself into a panic, screaming to the top of their voice, and walk through pits of fire without even touching it, and deny there was such a thing as Jesus Christ. So that doesn't mean anything. I've seen them get such frantic, hollering, "Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah," until they take a lance, and run it up through their chin and nose, like this, and pull it out, wouldn't even be a drop of blood come out. Certainly. Cut theirselves in the feast of the prophets, when they're cutting the leaves... The young lady sitting there cutting leaves, and the man laid his arm out, and take a sabre, and whack his arms, like that, wouldn't even bleed. And such a frantic...?... You get what I mean?
L-26 Not because that we dance, or was happy, or shouting, that doesn't mean it. "The fruits of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, gentleness, patience." That's it. People can shout, dance in the spirit, and hate their neighbor, refuse to speak to one another. That's right. I don't want to hurt you, but it must be told.
The Holy Spirit giving the gift, of going forth, of discerning spirits, and things. Now it's come to the place where I want to tell you the truth about things. They got a wonderful group, fine places, but you're so separated because of evil. You shouldn't be that way. We should be one in heart, one in purpose, all one great church of the living God. That's what keeps us all separated, evil. See? So we base it upon the wrong thing. Base it upon, solidly, upon, THUS SAITH THE LORD, upon the Word, receiving Christ. [Galatians 5:22-23]
L-27 A young man came to my house not long ago, set on the porch. I felt sorry for him, an old beat up Chevrolet truck. And he said, "Brother Branham, I want to talk to you."
And I said, "All right, what is it?"
He said, "I come from Minneapolis." He said, "And my wife went down to the church, to the Pentecostal people, and she got the Spirit." Now, I'll just say it the way he said it. Said, "She got the Spirit." Said, "We did go once in a while to the Presbyterian church." And he said, "She got the Spirit; she was very happy. She come home, and told me all about it, and wanted me to go down and get it. And I said, 'Now, look honey, you go wherever you want to. I'll work and make the living, but I'm not the religious type.'" He said, "You go anywhere you want to; that'll be all right."
She said, "Well, you ought to come down and get happy with us." Said, "We have the greatest time." And said, "She really was a changed person." And said, "Brother Branham," said, "that went on for about two years." Said, "She... We quit playing cards; I didn't go out to the parties with her, with--like I used to." Said, "Everything stopped"; said, "I just come home; she'd go to church. And I'd sit around and read--lead--read a library book, or go down to the lodge, or something."
L-28 And said, "One day I'd made a sale in the car lot. And I come in; I put my coat on." said, "It was summertime." Said, "I put my coat on to go out, 'cause some ladies out there." And said, "On the road back," said, "I hung up my coat, and when I did, I said, I wonder if I gave them the keys. And I reached down in my pocket, and I pulled out a little piece of paper, and it had wrote on it, 'Where will you spend Eternity?'" Said, "I just laid it down, turned the fans on." And said, "I picked it up again; I couldn't get away from it. 'Where will you spend eternity?'"
And said, "I'm forty years old; I--I got to settle that thing." Said, "That's right," said, "I just had to turn the work over to someone else, and I went home to seek God." Said, "I went to a famous minister." Well, it's Mr. Graham, is who it was, Billy Graham. And said, "I went to his meeting." And he said, "All that wants to receive Christ, stand up." Well, said, "That I did.
And he said, "Accept Christ, now as your personal Saviour, and it'll be settled." Said, "I talked to some of the men there who told me that's what I had to do."
Well, said, "I did the best I could." But said, "Brother Branham, it wasn't settled."
L-29 Said, "I met up with some Nazarene people." And said, "They taken me back in a room and told me, unless I got happy enough to shout, that I wasn't sanctified yet." And said, "I stayed in there, and all of us prayed together till it sounded like one person praying." Said, "I did get happy and shouted." And said, "They told me, 'It's all over now.'" And said, "I--I--I thought it was. Then I went out, and still it--it wasn't all over."
Said, "I sold all of my cars." Said, "I was worth nearly a half a million dollars. I sold my car lot, all of my cars." Said, "The only thing is got is just old beat up car, trying to give it to preachers, and so forth, where I can find peace to my soul." He said, "I want to find the Lord." And he said, "Then I finally run into the Pentecostal people. They told me that I'm... If I'd... Asked me if I'd ever spoke in tongues. And I told them, "No."
They said, "Well, you haven't got It until you speak with tongues." Said, they taken me back, and I prayed pretty near half the night in a little tent out behind a big tent."
And said, "Then I spoke in tongues, and they said, 'Now you've got it.'" But said, "Brother Branham, I didn't have it." And said, "Then I went down to Shreveport, or to Dallas, to the Voice of Healing." Said, "They had all their boys up there," and said, "They tried to do me good, and they couldn't." And said, "Then they told me, you was a prophet. To come see you, and you'd tell me, surely, that I had crossed the separating line, and there was no hope for me, if I had done all this, and still didn't have it."
L-30 And I said, "Well brother, I want to tell you something." I said, "I'm not a prophet. It is--that's what people say." But I said, "I--that's," I said, "I'm just His servant." But now, you don't need a prophet to straighten you out; you just need the word of God." And I said, "What Mr. Graham told you is the truth. And what the Nazarene people told you is the truth. And what the Pentecostal told you is the truth; and yet it's not the truth. To shout, to raise up your hands, to speak with tongues, is not receiving Christ. Receiving Christ is receiving the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then these other things take place after that. See? Now, you could do all those still didn't have Christ yet."
He said, "Well, Brother Branham, where can I find Him?"
I said, "I want to ask you something. Let's go back to your story."
And he walked up; he said, "Well, what do you mean?"
I said, "You said, that day when you come in, picked up that piece of paper, something struck you, and you said, "Oh, I want to seek God." I said, "From--up to that time you were going this a way, down the road. And then, you turned this a way, what did it?"
I said, "What changed your opinion? What come into your heart, that made you one time not care for God, and something come in to make you go to loving God? What done it?"
He said, "Well, I don't know."
I said, "Before there could be a creation, there has to be a Creator, to create that creation. God came into your heart, right there when you looked at that piece of paper."
He said, "You mean I've had it all along?"
I said, "Certainly, brother."
And he jumped out of there, and begin to scream and cry. That was settled. What is it?
He said, "Do you want to pray for me?"
I said, "What's the use of praying for you. You don't need any prayer. The truth has made you free. See?
L-31 Now, them other things is all right, but you can't pin your finger to anything. It's the Holy Spirit's work, the Person, not a thought. When He ('He's' a personal pronoun.)--when He the Holy Spirit has come... The Holy Spirit is the Personage of the Lord Jesus Christ, that we accept into our hearts, that brings a new different attitude, look out and everything to life. Amen.
No matter, you might join churches, shake hands with pastors, put your name on the books; all those things are good. You might... Paul said, "Though I speak with tongue of men and angels; though I have wisdom and understand all the knowledge of God; though I give my body to be burned as a sacrifice; though I do all these things, I'm still nothing." That's right.
But he said, "Where there's tongues, they shall cease; where there's knowledge, it'll vanish; where there's prophecies it'll fail; but when love has come, it'll endure forever." [I Corinthians 13:1-8]
L-32 Now, what the church, the Pentecostal church needs tonight, along with the other churches, is a good old fashion baptizing of the Holy Ghost, and love that will make you straighten up, and get together, and come together, like brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, and break down these walls of partition. Amen
Where there is love, God is love. "Love suffers long; love is not provoked; love is not puffed up." When you get puffed up, love's gone. And where there's all this malice, and strife, and wars, and envy, and malice against one another, brother, God just moves out, that's all. And it's a fact; you can see it. Amen.
Now, you've got the right road, brother. You've got the right path, but what you need to do is come back together again, for an old fashion Azusa Street meeting. Where the men and women will come together in all denominations, break down their barriers, and recognize one another as brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. [I Corinthians 13:4]
L-33 Well, all of us being brethren, Adam our first father sold us into slavery of sin, nothing we had to do with it. When you're borned in this world, you are a sinner when you're borned. The Bible said, "We're borned in sin, shaped in iniquity, come to the world speaking lies." When you're born without Christ you haven't even got a chance: Nothing you can help; you were sold by our father, Adam. Adam sold the human race out. And by nature...
I know there's a teaching going around that--up in my country and different parts of the country, that if a little baby's borned of a Holy Ghost parent, the baby's saved, and if it's borned of a sinful parents, and it dies, than it's lost. Oh, brother, if that ain't tommyrot. I know you think I'm kinda rude tonight, but I got to get rude, once in a while. [Psalms 51:5]
L-34 But I don't mean to hurt you; I mean that we get this straightened out. You'll see one of the greatest revivals that ever swept the country. That's right. We get back to the starting place, begin right. There's only one thing to do; that's come back, if you see you hit the wrong road, make back-tracks, go back and see where you started from.
Man usually, when he's borned in the Kingdom of God, his face set right straight towards Calvary. Now, if he's just a little bit emotional, he will go off on fanaticism. If He's just a little bit his shrewd education, he will get so starchy, that he sets over on this side. That's right. But the true Church of the living God, goes right down to the center of the highway, preaching a sane solid Gospel, calling from both sides. Amen.
That's what we need today, a church that he wouldn't be ashamed for anyone to come into. It's perfectly governed by the Holy Spirit, no fanaticism, no starchy, just a good warm church, filled with God's Spirit. Watch that, the good solid Gospel teaching pastors. That's what we need. Amen. God help us to have it. God wants us to have it.
L-35 Notice, in the time when the slaves now being sold, and we we're all sold out to sin, by Adam. Then at a certain designated time, there come a time that this slave had the rights to make his choice, either to remain a slave, or to go free. Now, in type, antitype as this is, all put under bondage of sin by Adam. "For all had sinned and come short of the glory of God, but God in due season, sending His Son, Christ Jesus, made in the form of sinful flesh..." to redeem us, to bring us out from under the bondage... Christ, coming down on earth, God in Christ, "God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself."
And as we see the day... I see so many people in this age, trying to re--regard Christ as a prophet. I look at your papers, and see the Unitarians, and the--all these other different ones, that just don't expect the Blood to do anything. It's just a good teacher. Brother, He was Divine. You can't a bit more separate Christ and God, then you can take hydrogen out of oxygen and make water. They absolutely both have to be together. "In Him was the fullness of the Godhead bodily." Christ and God united in flesh, to take away the sin of the world, to take the penalty off of Adam's sin. Amen. [II Corinthians 5:19], [Colossians 2:9]
L-36 When you believe that, sink it down into your heart, you'll find out something goes to acting in there. When you think that Jesus was just a man, He was more than a man. He was the Divine One. "God was in Him, reconciling the world to Himself." Because He came down, and was made Kinfolks to us. He had to be kindred.
In a few nights I'll preach on the Kinsman Redeemer, and then you'll see, that He was Kinfolks. God Himself was made Kinfolks to the human race in order to take away the sins of the world. The sin anchored upon Him. None of us could do it. We're borned of sexual desire. Every one of us, no matter what kind of a parent we had, we're all borned of sexual desire. There was only one holy Person ever born, and that was the Lord Jesus Christ, that was created in the wombs of a virgin, conceived by the Holy Spirit. And He gave His Life to redeem us back to God again. Amen. Oh, I feel religious, better.
When you see the real true principles of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, when you see our foundation is sure and solid, all devils out of hell can't upset the foundation of God. "Upon this rock I'll build My Church, and the gates of hell can't prevail against it." It will be against it; sure it will. But it will never prevail. God's foundation stands sure. Amen. [II Corinthians 5:19], [Matthew 16:18]
L-37 Notice, stand--this man, he was not afraid. He worked under a taskmaster. And then when the final year come of jubilee, then when the priest sounded the trumpets, no matter what he was doing, if he was in the field a hoeing, and the jubilee sound came, then he could drop that hoe, and say to that slave driver, "You have no more jurisdiction over me; I'm going home to my wife and babies. I'm free." How did he do it? Because he heard it.
"Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the Word of God." He knowed as certain as that sound of the jubilee came, that he was a free man. And Christ Jesus came to the earth to bring a jubilee to the human race, that through the preaching of the Gospel, hearing by faith, might set every slave to sin free. Amen. [Romans 10:17]
L-38 Now, you say, "I'm free," and you still get angry, you still hate your neighbor, you won't speak to one another, and you're free? I'm persuaded to say, "Brother, you need another sip." That's right.
L-39 Oh, you say, "I belong to a Pentecostal church." That don't have nothing to do with it, don't have one thing to do, except you're borned again. And when you're borned, the same Spirit that was in the Lord Jesus Christ, comes into you, and you live the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.
God made a covenant in the Old testament; He made a covenant in the New Testament with the Christ. And every man, when they made a covenant in them days, they took a animal, and killed it, and split it's body, wrote the covenant out on paper, tore it apart, and when they come together again, them two pieces of paper had to dovetail.
L-40 And if we are ever resurrected in the resurrection, the very Life that God tore out of the body of Jesus Christ, taken this body up, and set at the right hand of the majesty on high, and sent back the Holy Spirit; It will make you live a God centered life, or it isn't the Spirit of Christ in you.
You say, "Well, Brother Branham, I--I--I've shouted; I've--I've danced; I've spoke in tongues."
Oh, yes, brother, I've seen them speak in tongues and drink blood out of a human skull. That's right. Seen witch doctors lay up a stick, like that, and it write in unknown tongues, and people stand there and read it, interpret it. You wouldn't say they had the Holy Ghost. Now, I'm not saying that you don't speak with tongues with the Holy Ghost. I'm not saying that, but I'm saying you can speak with tongues, and still not have the Holy Ghost. That's right.
L-41 I know that's hard in a Pentecostal church. That's hard with Pentecostal people. But brother, if I love you, I'll tell you the truth. And if I don't tell you the truth, God will hold me responsible at the day of judgment. That's right.
Except the love of God abides in your heart, with love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness, and the fruits of the Holy Spirit living in your life, no matter what demonstration you done, it's no good. Why do you think, that Christ's Church divided? Do you think Christ wants one little cult over here, calling this one's a buzzard's roost, and that one calling them everything else? Do you think the Spirit of Christ does that? Never. We are brothers. By your fruits you're known. Amen.
Oh, my, how that hurts me in my heart, but brother it's the truth. It's off my shoulders, anyhow. Now, I have to answer--won't have to answer for that, 'cause I've told it. All right. Just look the way it runs, you can see whether Christ is in it or not. See? It's Satan moved in, blindfolding the people. [Galatians 5:22-23], [Matthew 7:20]
L-42 Notice, when the jubilee sounded, the man could drop his hoe and go home, if he wished to. But, what if he didn't want to? Now, what happened? Then they must take him down to the judges. And the judges taken him to the post; they pulled out his ear; put it up against the post, and bored it through with an awl. And from that time on, never no more, it was a sign that he could never hear that jubilee no more. It was finished. No matter how many jubilees he lived through, he would never be able to do it again, because he was marked, because he rejected. Whew.
That's not skim milk, brother. He was--rejected the truth. And by rejecting the truth, he was doomed forever out of the kingdom of--of the jubilee, back into the fellowship again. You say, "Can we be that way, Brother Branham?" Absolutely. [Exodus 21:6]
L-43 Notice, certainly. Jesus said so. One day He was standing there casting out evil spirits, and the people come along and said, "Why, He's a devil. He's Beelzebub."
Jesus turned around to them: Because He was the truth, and presenting the truth, they wouldn't believe on Him. And God was confirming that He was with Him. He said, "If you can't believe Me, believe the works." And He was casting out evil spirits. He was looking out into the audiences and seeing the people, and signs and wonders were being done. The teachers come along, and knowing different... They knew different; in their hearts they knowed different. "God's not willing that any should perish, but that all might come to repentance."
The Holy Spirit moved, but because the prejudice, and church creed, they had to reject the Prince of Life. That same spirit is in the world today. I know it's solemn. That's what I want it to be: solemn. I want it to go so deep, that every person in here will see it. "But when the Holy Spirit's come, and who speaks a word against That, shall never be forgiven him in this world, or the world to come." [Luke 11:15], [John 14:11], [II Peter 3:9], [Matthew 12:32]
L-44 Now, Paul picks it up in the 5th chapter of Hebrews. He said, "If we sin willfully..." Sin is unbelief, then if we disbelieve willfully, after the truth has been presented to us, there remains no more sacrifice for sin, but a fearful looking for the judgment." Then if the Gospel truth has been presented to people and they turn their head and reject it, then Satan takes them to the post. They're willing to serve their creeds and so forth, stick their ear out, and bore it in there, and you'll never be able to understand the truth no more. That's the type, and there's the antitype.
Paul said the same thing, "If we disbelieve willfully--willfully after we've received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin, but a fearful looking for the judgment, who will--fiery judgment shall devour the adversary." There you are: To reject the Holy Spirit of God, after you've received it, and believe and know, you hold back with prejudice... [Hebrews 10:26-27]
L-45 Sinner will come into the audience, he will look around and say, "Aw, I tell you; there's nothing to that." Walk out just as stiff as he can be. Brother, one of these times you'll walk out for the last time.
And some people will walk into a meeting where they're seeing the Holy Spirit move, and say, "That's the devil's work." Do you realize the danger line that you're on. You say, "Well, I belong to the church. I'm--name's been on the book, and my mother's of a this, that; and my daddy..." That has nothing to do with it. Salvation's a individual affair between each and every individual.
Coming around and saying, after you've see the Holy Spirit presenting anything, you see sign and wonders, you see the love of God flowing, you see the works of the Holy Spirit, and deliberately turn around, and say, "I don't believe that," when you--down in your heart, you do want to believe it... But because that you can't accept it, because some dogmatic thing's got a hold of you here, you cross the line then, and taken to the post. I'm just telling you what the Scripture says.
L-46 If he doesn't want to go... He can go freely; there's no price to pay. There's nothing to go through with. "How do you do it, Brother Branham?" Just drop your hoe, or whatever you're working with, and come lovely, and take your freedom, free. There's not a thing you have to do.
"Brother Branham, will I have to be done this a way, or done that way?" You don't have to do nothing; you have to accept it. Just say, "Lord Jesus, I'm so thankful that You've brought freedom to me, that You took me out of the bondage of a whirling mind, that I didn't know where I was at. I tried; I joined different churches. I went from place to place. I tried to get right; I didn't know what to do. But now I'm coming on the basis that You died in my stead. And I'm accepting You right now, as my Saviour."
Watch how the love of God will sway down into your heart. Peace that passes all understanding will soothe over. I don't care what the neighbor says, you love Him anyhow. [Philippians 4:7]
L-47 When you meet this man on the street, that you used to wouldn't talk to, that lady across the neighborhood there, that's so ugly and so bad, and runs the children off the block, you'll walk right down and say, "The Lord bless you, sister." Not as a hypocrite, if you say it as a hypocrite, you're worse off than you--you would otherwise. Certainly you are. You've got to come from your heart.
Jesus said to the Pharisees, "How can you say good things, when out of the abundance of the heart, speaks the mouth." Said, "You hypocrites, that's thinking one thing in your heart, and speaking another." You can't do it. The Church of God, what we need tonight, what California needs tonight...
Looky here, we'll go out here to hold a meeting, coming here in a united effort, and churches say, "Well, if they've got anything to do with it, I won't have nothing to do with it." [Matthew 12:34]
L-48 The other night... I've got something to say. The other night my manager's here, that knows it's the truth, setting in the room. Round three o'clock in the morning, the Holy Spirit woke me up. And a certain Baptist minister that told me when I come in here not long ago, Mr. Moore and them knows exactly who it was, and the man may be setting present now... He told me, said, "Brother Branham, you're Baptist, watch, when you come to the west coast, what you're talking about."
I said, "I'm preaching Divine healing."
I said--He said, "Oh, I believe in Divine healing, Brother Branham. But just watch. Oh, my, just pick up your Saturday's paper and look." He said, "The awfullest fanaticism's hooked in that you ever seen: people under all kinds of theories, all kinds of funny feelings, and all kinds of everything."
I said, "Look, sir, this comes from God, and I know it does."
He said, "I'm not doubting that." He said, "But the thing of it is, Brother Branham," he said, "It'll only scatter that more." He said, "The people..."
L-49 I said, "Well, I believe that it'll bless the people." I said, "And I believe that it'll do good to them. And surely as them being spiritual minded people will see and understand. My desire is, sir, to see this great big broke up people of Pentecostals, that's lovely brothers, that I've met everywhere, to see them with one heart and one accord." I said, "They've got one of the greatest things."
He said, "I don't doubt that a bit." But said, "Brother Branham, God be with you."
So I went on; and about four nights ago, God taken me away in a vision and set up yonder on the panoramic view of Los Angeles. I seen every kind of a vulture that there was flying from tree to tree, squawking, and hollering at one another. And I thought, "What's this? One little old vulture will...?... real pretty bird, but just eating any kind of stuff, and was flopping his wings, like that, hollering, "You ain't got it; you ain't got it."
And the setting over there doing something else hollering, "You ain't got it," flying from palm tree to palm tree.
L-50 Here stood that Baptist preacher there before me, with his square chin, his stern look; he said, "What did I tell you eight years ago, Brother Branham?"
I looked over to him, I said, "Sir, I apologize. I thought surely they would understand."
Just then the Holy Spirit, the Angel of the Lord, which you see discern the diseases and things, spoke here to my right side, and said, "So did Moses think that the Israelites would surely understand."
L-51 You don't understand it, brethren, what it is. The God of heaven has tried to call you together. And every time I come, the crowd gets smaller and smaller. No matter what you try to do, it's still tries to pin the people down to some little cult or something. Brother, you'll never prosper. You'll never be able, great Pentecostal church, which I believe today... I've took my lot with you, because I believe in you.
But the thing you've got to do, is break down these prejudice things and put your hearts together as one unity of people. That's right. It's the only way you can do it. And if you keep on rejecting it, remember the Laodicean church age, the last, went off into lukewarm, and God spued it from His mouth. Hear the Word of the Lord. [Revelation 3:16]
L-52 Tonight, right here in this great coliseum, or exhibit, where Christian Businessmen brought me out here, so it would be outside of any church, so there wouldn't be any prejudice, so everybody could come together; but each person holding their little groups up like this, "Don't do this. Don't do this. Don't go out there, because he don't belong to our groups, but belong to that group." This place ought to be packed and jammed, and standing out into the lot, with ministers up-and-down this platform, shaking one another's hands, and glorifying God, because God has sent us a revival.
That's the reason, Billy Graham, crossing the country, can draw the people together, because in the natural side, they are united. But my brethren, you've got something greater than that, but the devil's in-between you, separating you, breaking you apart. Can't you see what I mean?
L-53 Then I apologized to the minister. And if he's here tonight, I apologize again. And instead of it bringing the people together, it's started cults. Everybody's got a smell a devil. Everybody's got a stomp a devil. Everybody's got to do something. Oh brother, get out of it. Come back to your Word of God, back to the Gospel. Come back to the preaching of the Gospel in the old fashion, Holy Spirit of God, moving up-and-down the earth, among the people.
It's what we need tonight. It's what we must have tonight. Hear me, if you believe me of being God's servant, hear my voice tonight. Not 'cause it's me; because I'm telling you from the Word of God, friends. You base yourself upon something that hasn't got a bottom to it. But you're hungry, and you're wanting God. Please come back to God. Come back to the Holy Spirit, and pray for God to give you the love that will break all the prejudice out of your life, and bring you down humble, and mold you over again, and start you new. Then you won't have any of these false vine things, that trying to impersonate and do this. The people--oh, it's a pity. Amen.
L-54 God bless you, loved ones. I--I don't want to say those things. But God's going to hold me responsible if I don't tell the truth. You ought to go home, everybody, get down around the bed tonight, or else bring the mother and kiddies, all of them get around the bed, say, "Mother, let's pray right here, till God really makes things different around here." Pastors, you ought to call your congregations together on Sunday morning now, and say, "Let's start anew."You'll be kind to one another.
Pentecostal preachers, sometimes, and men, will go downtown. You see them on the street sometime, will just jump into traffic, and consider your friends. If you see him fixing to get a ticket; I don't care who he is, put a nickel in the--don't let him be fined.
Even in everything, it will grow on you. Try to be good to one another. Try to shake hands and be friendly and nice. Tear down all the walls of partition around you, that's malice, and different, ungodly, tear it down. Keep doing good to one another. Every time you meet one another, make yourself be good to one another. And the first thing you know, it'll grow around you, till a bundle of love will wrap you up. Hallelujah. That's the marking of God.
L-55 What did He say to--about little old David when he was up there? She said, "Your soul is wrapped in a bundle of love." Amen. When Abigail, the great woman that met David, said, "We know that your enemies will be flung out like a sling." That's right. Said, "Because you're wrapped in the bundle of the love of God." Oh, brother, where there's prophecies, it'll cease; where there's healings, it'll fail; where there's all this, will cease; but when that which is perfect is come, the love of God will set us together.
What we need today... We talk about Pentecostal people knowing more, and getting farther along than the old fashion Methodist, they'd rise on the scene and make us ashamed of our life. You know that's the truth. When they'd have revivals from house to house. You had it once. That's right. But you begin to break up. Set over this way, set this way, come this way, creeds and denominations, put the barriers down. That's all right if you want forty thousand churches, as long as you can recognize one another as brothers and love one another. If you different in doctrine, little bitty old things about your baptisms, and all these little ins-and-outs, forget it and be brothers with one another. That's right. [I Samuel 25:29], [I Corinthians 13:8-10]
L-56 And when a revival comes to town, with one great united effort, everybody go in and help out. That's the way. Then you'll see ministers get together in a fellowship and a love with one another, and such things that you've never seen before will take place. Amen. Oh, I love Him, because I know that that's the truth. I can say it in the Name of the Lord. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That's right. That's the truth.
We must have it friends. We've got to have it, if the church ever thrives on. Now, you say, "Well, I--Brother Branham, I've testified, this and that. I know I belong to church so long; I don't know what my neighbors would think." It ain't what your neighbors thinks; it's what your Lord thinks. That's right.
What's He going to say about... Oh how you'll want Him to say, "Well done," on that eternal day.
L-57 People's got so, as I noticed today in the Pentecostal people... I come over here not long ago to find the people all shining with the glory of God. And I find out, what a difference. You let down the bars; everything takes place; you're permitting everything to come into your churches. Oh, that right. Now, you Baptist are patting your feet, but we're going to get to you just in a minute.
The women, it used to be, when I first seen Pentecostal people, the women had long hair, dressed nice. And now every one of them cuts their hair; that's all right now. Use this here stuff and make-up all over their face, and manicure on their eye brows, or shave them off, wear a little old dresses that they're skinned into, and then call themselves baptized with the Holy Ghost. I persuaded to believe that the Holy Ghost will make you dress right, and live right, and talk right, and be right, when the Holy Ghost gets you. Amen. That's right.
L-58 That's what you need: a calling back to God. If the Holy Ghost condemned it in the beginning, it's still the same Holy Ghost tonight, and He doesn't change. Now, Pentecostal church has let down the bars and got too starchy. What we need is an old fashion calling back to the Presence of God again. That's right. And you know that's right. Yes, sir.
Used to be a long time ago, it was different. But what's happened? That's the reason you're cooling off. That's the reason you're getting out of the will of God. That's the reason you can't cooperate with one another. You're putting more attention to your organizations, than you are to your Lord. That's exactly right.
Everybody's trying to build the biggest church in town. And one wants to outshine the other one. What does God care about churches? If Jesus is coming soon, why you building these great big places and putting millions of dollars in them, when it ought to be on the mission fields out yonder, somewhere? Amen.
L-59 If Jesus is coming, let's act like it, and talk like it, and live like it, and be like it. What I'm persuaded to say: there's something didn't start right in the beginning. Amen. Oh, my, I hate to say that. But how can I keep from saying it, when it's pushing out of me just as hard as it can? That's right.
Marking of the people, sealing of apostasy, unbelieving, walking after their own lust... That's right. And people are going from east, from west, from north, and south, hungering for the Word of God, and fail to find it. They'll go to the Pentecostal church; they'll say, "Well, I..." First they'll go to the Baptist. One's got this and one's got that. They go; they're all different. They come back to the Pentecostals; they all different. We ought to be together. Amen.
L-60 Well, God bless you. I love you. And if you want to see real true genuine gifts and not impersonations, if you want to see real solid Christians, walking and so salty till the earths a hur--thirsting for them, to be like that... Why, my, the way people... You can't go down on the street and tell what is Christians any more. That's right.
They all go down the street, and they act the same; they talk the same. And all time around, cracking all kinds of jokes and everything like that, when God said you'll give an account for every idle word that you speak. What's happened? Because brother, you're letting the devil come in and put it over your eyes. The first thing you know, the time will come, when you'll--God will give a message and you'll be sealed in or out of the Kingdom. Amen. [Matthew 12:36]
L-61 We need the old fashion Gospel back in the church. Back to the Word of God and a lot of this nonsense and foolishness cut off. Amen. Oh, my, around over the country the things that's done. Here in our country, something come in there not long ago, and you can't even mention Pentecost around our country any more on account of it.
Come in, with thousands times thousands of dollars taken away from the poor people out there to buy airplanes and so forth. Never was a little airplane bought, and all that kind of stuff. And get up on the platform with great big, long ear floppers, hanging down like that, and canary birds in it. And enough jewels on their fingers to send four missionaries across the sea and preach the Gospel... Them poor people over there starving to hear the Word of God, and we call ourselves Christians? Brother, something's wrong. That's right.
L-62 We have time for everything else, no time for prayer meetings. The home's all butchered up, and the girls and boys are out going around, larking around over the country, and mother's and father's unconcerned, and yet Pentecostal. What we need tonight, is a home altar in the house, a place where God where the Bible's read and children are taught the Word of the living God. Yes, sir.
Run up-and-down the platform in little dresses that looks like there's so tight, the skin's on the outside, running up and down. I'm not saying that for a joke. I'm not joking; this is the Gospel truth. That's right. Yes, sir. Run up-and-down the platforms like that, and dancing in the spirit, and speaking in tongues, and earrings and paint all over their faces, their hair all manicured and bobbed up like that, and then call themselves Christians...
L-63 Here not long ago, a man wanted to introduce me to his wife, a great holiness organization. Said, "My wife is going to play the piano tonight, Brother Branham." And I looked at her, and the woman... I ain't making fun of the woman; I don't believe in doing that. I'm only telling what's the truth. And I want you to receive it in the same way of love. I have to be stern once in a while. Yes, sir.
And the woman had a dress on, and if I'd see my wife like that, I'd divorce her. And that's exactly the truth. I wouldn't... I'd put her away, out there like that, and paint all over her face, and I said, "Is she a Christian?"
Oh, said, "She's a saint."
I said, "She looks a hain't to me." That's right, to see something like that. I don't mean it joking. But that's the truth. A little old Jezebel, painted up...
Only woman ever painted her face to meet men was--was Jezebel, and God fed her to the dogs. That's right. So it's just a dog meat to begin with; so forget it. Come back to the altar, and God will make you wash your face and get right. [I Kings 21:23]
L-64 Now, you preachers, and you men, the same way. That's right. It's the truth. What we need today, is some good old fashion, stern, Gospel preaching. Got enough old blanky blue-john, till the thing's...?... What we need, back to Azusa, back to the beginning, back to Pentecost. That's right. Amen. God have mercy.
Oh, you know why we don't have the glory in the church, you know why the thing is? Because we've got into something else. Oh, "I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it's the power of God unto salvation." It's nothing will make you be a fanatic. It's something that'll make you sane and real, make it so real to people, till they'll thirst to be like you. That's right. The whole world will look up and say, "My, if I could only act like that woman. If I could live the life that she lives." And now, that's what we need.
L-65 Here some time ago, when a little woman sent her girl away to school, she was--lived out in the country, and she sent her girl away to school. And she got down there; she was a lovely Christian girl when she left home. And she got down around among the--all the Hollywood groups, that's doing all this here carrying on, and the girl sent back and asked her mother if she could have her hair bobbed. She said, "Honey, I don't want you to do that. Don't act like that."
And I'm going to typify this, or type it with the Pentecostal church. Just exactly right: Got out with to much fandangle, you're mixing to much with the world. You're acting like the world, living in the world, play--things like that. You get the world out of you. The Bible says, "If you love the world, the things of the world, the love of God's not even in you." That's right. It's the truth. [I John 2:15]
L-66 And that poor little old girl out there, she got mixed up with some of her associates. Why did she get that way? Because she got into that kind of a group. Listen, there's a spirit of everything. There's a spirit of a nation. You go into this nation, it's got a spirit. What is this nation spirited with? Entertainment. All they have, is who kissed Suzy, ever what it is on the night. And people will stay home to watch television, who--something about Sucy, or something like that, instead of going to church, and say that they got the Holy Ghost, and speak in tongues.
Brother, by their fruits, you'll know them. Who--what was that? Lucy, something about Lucy, or something like "I Love Lucy." Some of them programs like that. I don't watch her nonsense. I read my Bible; I love to serve the Lord. Amen. Yes, sir. Amen. That's what we need today. That's what you're getting out of will of God. That's where you've moved back. No wonder you can hate your neighbor, and everything else, and still carry on like that. You can't have the love of God in your heart and do that. That's right. Amen. [Matthew 27:20]
L-67 Now, they stay home for that, and the things that the people does, today, it's a shame, calling themselves religious. They act like the world, because it's the spirit of America. America wants entertainment. Oh, everything, everybody's got televisions and radios, and they listen to everything.
Let me go into a man's house, and let me see what kind of music he hears. Let me look around and see what kind of a literature he reads; I'll tell you what kind of a spirit he's got feeding on it. That's right. Let me watch the way he acts in his daily walk. True. It's a shame. My, how the church has fell from grace. Oh, what a pity. Repent and come back. That's right. I say that in the Name of the Lord: Repent and come back.
L-68 Notice, then the little girl, when she got over there, she got under the spirit of that. You go out here, and you will get the spirit of a church. You--first thing you know, you go into a church, you notice the pastor. I'm saying this with reverence. You watch the way the pastor acts, you'll find the people act the same way, just about. If the pastor's all prissy and everything, you'll find his congregation the same way. If the pastor carries on with a lot of nonsense, you find the congregation the same way.
If the pastor's a good, solid, Gospel teacher, that'll hold his children down, and give them a little protaplasma stimulation when they need it (That's right.), lay the Gospel down and spank them right good with it, you'll find a good obedient church (That's right.), where people can come and enjoy themselves in the Gospel. If he's a good preacher, that'll stay on the Word, and stay in the Word, and say it that way, and see that his church is operated, truly, by the Holy Spirit, not get off in these isms. As soon as they start something, he will snap it out like that. That's what we need today, is some more preachers like that. Amen.
Women got theirs, now preachers, we're getting ours. That's right, it's what we need.
L-69 The spirit, you go into Russia, you find a spirit. Go into Germany, you find a spirit. Go into an organization, you find a spirit, a spirit of the Mason's, a spirit of the Odd Fellow's. You go into a home, you find the spirit of the home. And where you let yourself be, you take a real good woman, and put her out with some scalawags, and she'll... Them scalawags will be good or she'll be like them. That's exactly the truth. I've seen it in thousands of cases.
Same thing with men. Let him run around... Show me your company; I'll tell you what you are. That's right. What we need, to not associate ourselves with the world. We ought to associate with one another. If we get away from the world, maybe we'd get our hearts together. Amen. Amen. That's right.
L-70 This poor little thing, when she come back, she told she was coming home, and she brought one of her little Suzy friends with her. And on the road back, her mother talked--told her, she'd meet her at the station. And when they was coming up, she said, "Oh, I want you to see my mother, when you see her." And so they looked out there, and first thing you know, her little mother standing out there. And the girl was with her, said, "Oh, Mary, who's that old hideous looking thing there?" Her face was all scarred up, and she was down like this, a little fellow shaking like that, little wad of hair, sticking on the back of her head, the little calico dress on. Said, "Look at that old hagged woman there. Who is that?"
And the girl was ashamed to admit that that was her mother. 'Cause she'd got amongst the scavengers. She got amongst the prissy, the know-it-all.
L-71 That's what the church has done today: Got amongst the know-it-all, your great theologians who studying seminaries, and so you say, "Amen," like a calf a dying almost. And then they call themselves a preacher. I'd rather have a boy--a preacher in my pulpit that didn't know the difference between split beans and coffee, and know what the Lord Jesus Christ was, in the salvation of souls, than have all the D.D.'s in the world. Amen. That's right.
I mean that for the truth. What we need today, is a good old fashion, God-called man, that got back there on a broom sedge hill and prayed through to God, not ashamed of the Gospel. That can preach it, and stand on the truth. Amen.
L-72 Then when she come in--got off the train, she went out there, and her poor mother run up to throw her arms around her, and she turned her back on her mother. She had something prissy, something that wasn't so--the--her mother wasn't so stylish. And that's the way the people are treating Jesus Christ today. They don't want the old fashion, down at the altar, cleaning it up, and dressing up like a saint, and acting like a saint, and walking godly.
They got to have their entertainments and everything, and your little parties, and bridge parties, and stitch and sew, and talk abut Miss so-and-so, and so forth, and all up-and-down. And all these little old organizations, you're patterned just like the churches of the world. That's right. You're ashamed to come back to the altar again and make yourself right.
L-73 That--seen that girl shun her mother, and walked away like that with this little prissy thing. And the first thing you know, when a conductor, there, happened to know the reason, he jumped up on a little old box there, and said, "Looky here, people, you see how you're watching that poor woman there, weeping her eyes out," when he seen her own daughter turn away from her. Said, "Looky here, young woman," said, "That's your mother. I don't care what she looks like; that's your mother."
Said, "I happened to be living, door neighbors when this happened. Said, "Many years ago, people, this little girl that's standing here, turning her back on her poor old scarred up looking mammy there." Said, "I lived door neighbors to her, when her mammy was down at the spring, getting some water, doing her washing in the back of the house, when a spark caught into the house, and the house caught afire.
L-74 When the mother come back with the two buckets of water... Said, "She was a beautiful woman, pretty as she could be." And said, "She looked in there, and the house was on fire. The neighbors was running. And it done broke through." And said, "Her baby was upstairs. That was that child, laying up there in her cradle." Said, "The mother grabbed up blanket up the line, like that, and wrapped herself up in it, her face, to run through the fire to find her child."
And said, "The fireman, and everybody, screaming, 'Come back, come back,' but nothing would stop her. She was going on. She had to catch her child. It would die if not. And when she got into where the baby was screaming, she took the blanket from off of her own beautiful face and wrapped the baby in it." Said, "Her face...?... and is braised through them blazes, till it scorched and burned her hair off. It burned her face to a crisp." And said, "Young woman, because that you're pretty today, and your mother's ugly," said, "is because that she was made ugly so you could be pretty. And now you're ashamed of her."
L-75 That's the same thing I think tonight. You can preach all your creeds and dogmas that you want to, but my Lord Jesus came down from heaven in the form of sinful flesh, and humiliated Himself, and come to the world with skin on, and made fun of, and mistreated, and wounded, and bruised, and hung yonder on Calvary, as a malefactor. Robbing Himself, and coming down to become my Saviour, because He died, I live.
I'm don't never want to place myself out there, too much of a weakling to tell the truth about it and to preach the Gospel, regardless, if I lose every friend I got on earth. I want friendship with Him in glory. At that day, He will look down and say, "It's been well done my good and faithful servant." Amen. I love Him with my heart. And I know I... You can go along with shaking hands and joining and a saying creeds, and repeating of all these different prayers and so forth. But here's my theme, [Matthew 25:21]
Ever since by faith I saw the stream
Thy flowing wounds supplied,
Redeeming love has been my theme,
And shall be till I die.
A dying thief rejoiced to see
That fountain in his day,
There my I, though vile as he
Wash all my sins away.
Then in a nobler, sweeter song
I'll sing thy power to save,
When this poor lisping, stammering tongue
Lies silent in the grave.
L-76 Love moved a mighty God. God so loved the world, the unlovable, till He come down, and made Hisself flesh here on earth, and dwelt among men to be spit upon and mistreated, and--and be laughed at, and made fun of, and to redeem us back. What ought we to do tonight? Take our places by the side of the cross and say, "Here I stand, Lord Jesus, I come. I come, I wash all my sins away. Take my malice; take my difference away from me. Let me love you, Lord, with a pure fervent love, that all these little old things will pass away, like the a shocking of the day."
Oh, brother, sister, if I've hurt you or offended you, I want you to forgive me. But don't you never go back and think that I haven't told you the truth, 'cause it come from the Word of God. And you can finally...?... fix your ear in such a fix, till you will be sealed by the antichrist. Antichrist is against the real Christ, the real moving of the Spirit. And the thing so close, it's deceiving the very elect, under emotions, and worked up, and things. [John 1:14]
L-77 Come back to Christ to a heart of love tonight. Come back to a place, till all your enemies you love with them and could shake their hand. Not because you owe it to duty, but because something in your heart says so. Something will make you love the bitterest enemy you've got. If that is in your heart tonight, regardless of what emotion you've had, you're still outside of Christ, outside of God, lost, alienated from God without mercy. That's right. Won't you come and receive Him on the basis of Divine love? Shall we pray.
Heavenly Father, Oh, how I... Oh my heart bleeds when I know that the people in this world, and seeing this great city here of Los Angeles, where I think of Paul Rader, up down there leaning his shoulder, his head over on a man's shoulder, and crying, and said, "Why didn't I sell my message to the red-hot Pentecostals." And he went away, making a mistake, trying to pat the people around. God, don't let me make it.
L-78 Help me, dear God, to stand there in the valley, stand with the sword in the hand. Grant it, Lord, and preach the unsearchable riches of the Lord Jesus Christ, telling men and women their sins, are before Thee, unless they confess it and be--die out to self, and become borned again, they're a alien from You. God, this lovely, big Pentecostal, Full Gospel group of men and women. How all, they have received the knowledge of truth. God, let them walk in the truth now. Let them live, and preach, and do the things that the Scripture's telling them to do.
Father, I pray that if there be any here tonight outside of Thee, that doesn't know Thee, that's just been, just worked up, but never have been really borned again, they know that they haven't, may they be man and woman enough tonight to accept Thee, and come, and say, "Lord, I'll stay right here until my heart mellows down, that I can be a loving friend to my enemy, and I can do these things that Christ did when He was here in earth."
L-79 God, let them stay until the Spirit of Christ comes in, and ministers and all, till there's a breaking up time, going down to the potter's wheel, and being broke up, and molded over, until there'd be one great big rolling love of God, sweeping across this nation to an old fashion revival, and a calling back to the children, back to God again. Grant it, Lord. Have mercy.
While we got our heads bowed, if the organ would give us just a little music. I wonder tonight, if there's a sinner friend in here, that's really outside of Christ, outside of God, don't know Him, would you raise your hand to God, and say, "God, be merciful to me. I believe that... I--I--I now believe it in my heart, I--I want to come to the Lord. I want an experience, Brother Branham, like you're talking about. I'm raising my hand to God, and tell Him to make like that."
L-80 While the Christians are praying, will the sinner raise your hand. I know it's been hard, cutting, but, brother, it's the truth. Look, there's atomic bombs hanging in the--over yonder in Russia today with your number on it. God bless you, that's... God bless you. All right, that's fine. God bless you. Someone else raise your hand? God bless you. God bless you, young man, and you. That's right. Yes. What do you have to do, Brother Branham, to receive this?"
In your heart, say, "Lord Jesus, I'm not coming any other way, but on this one solid thing, that in my heart I know I'm not right. And I know the only One can make me right, is you. And I'm coming, believing You, right now, that You'll change my heart, and my attitude towards people, towards things, and make me a new creature. And I'm raising my hand to You, Lord, saying, 'Receive me.'"
And God promised in His Word, "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life, and shall not be condemned at the end, but shall have Everlasting Life." [John 5:24]
L-81 Seven or eight's raised their hand. Would there be another one, just raise up now, while the church is praying? Just raise your hand to God. God bless you. God bless the young fellow over here, yes. Someone else? Now, just keep your heads bowed and praying. Say, "Lord, what must I do?"
Oh, just think, your name may hanging on that bomb. You remember, the death angel may be at your door. You say, "Well, I will sometime." You may not have no other time. I hope you do, but you may not. You say, "Brother Branham, what's happened to you?" Oh, I see the end time, friends. I see the end is here.
And I've went across the nation; I've tried. I trust that God has give me favor with you. And see Him working, and seen how infallible, that God has confirmed that I've told you the truth. Now, I say with my hand before God, if I've ever told you the truth in my life, by anything, it's the truth right now, I tell you.
L-82 Don't let Satan deceive you. The first thing you know, you'll be marked outside the Kingdom, you can't come in. "My Spirit will not always strive with man." If you're not positive, sure, that a deep settled love for everybody, deep settled peace that passes all understanding, if that's not in your heart tonight, if I was setting in your seat, I'd raise my hand to God, and say, "God, place that in my heart tonight for me. I--I want to make a surrender. I'm wanting to come now. I really want it. I want to reconsecrate myself to You. And make my--make--you make me what I ought to be."
Will you raise your hand? God bless you, sir. That's a real man. God will have mercy on you, my brother. Just this--God bless you, boy, with your--a young man there with your head bowed. Won't you come? There is a fountain filled with Blood. God bless you, sir. That's the way. God bless you, sir; I see you. That's the way to do it. You know you're not hid before God. God bless you, sir. Someone else? [Genesis 6:3], [Philippians 4:7]
L-83 Over in that day... Now, I want to tell you something. You've seen the working of the Holy Spirit. And you see that whatever--I don't say this to--for bragging to myself; I'm not saying in that manner. But I come forth for one purpose to bring a message to this country before the end comes. I'm beginning in California, going towards the east coast.
Listen, let me tell you friends, the time is at hand. I believe with all my heart. And that's the reason I must preach this a way. I must, because God's going to hold me responsible. If you believe me to be a servant of God, if you believe me to be truly from God, then you believe me tonight. I've told you the truth.
I might've hurt you in your creeds. I don't have nothing against any church. Whether it's any church, I don't care what it is, what name it's got, doesn't matter. But what I'm talking about, is the love of God in that church, the love of God that's in you. No matter what your church is, it's what you are before God. It's an individual affair. You start, and your church will follow you.
L-84 Will someone else raise their hands before we pray again? Reconsecrate your life now, to God. If you believe that's the truth, raise your hand, say, "I receive it." God bless you. God bless you, the colored brother. And God bless you. God bless you, young lady. God bless you, sir. That's wonderful. Someone else? You know what God Said? He said,"If you will do that, that very minute I'll give you Everlasting Life."
God bless you, lady. God bless you. God bless the lady, bless the lady in the wheelchair, bless the man over here, with his hand up. God bless you back there, lady. And God bless you, sir, with both hands up. Oh, my. Someone else? That's the way. That's the way. I know, friend, if I--if I have discernment, you believe me. God's speaking to hearts here tonight. I know He is. He put this on my heart to preach it. And I know this is the truth, and I know it's for your good.
L-85 Oh, the city's full of everything. God bless you, sister. Now when the Holy Spirit speaks, raise your hand, say, "Yes, Lord, I hear Your voice." Well, that's the greatest thing in the world. What if God knew--what if you got to a place where the Holy Ghost couldn't speak to you no more, you had your ear bored. The devil, and popularity, and fandangle things of the world (God bless you, sister.) has bored your ear. God bless you. Another--another brother, yes, God bless you.
What if the devil had bored your ear to, "Oh, I belong to my church. I'm as good as anybody else." What if he's got you in that shape? Then you'd serve that creed the rest of your days. You can't hear the Spirit. God bless you, little boy. I see a little boy raise his hand.
L-86 I wonder just now, while we're here. I want to ask you that raised your hands, will you just stand up a minute, just to consecrate yourself to Christ, just coming up? God bless you, you, you. That's right. Just stand up for a minute, till we have prayer. Just stand to your feet. That's right. God bless you. People that's coming to Christ, just stand to your feet. Say, "I'm willing; I don't care." Now look what you're taking, you're stand before the people. God bless you, lady. God bless you, brother.
Stand up. Just stand up to your feet, you raised your hand. Stand up. Say, "Here I am, Lord Jesus. I'm willing to make myself publicly. You said, 'If I'd be ashamed of You, then You was ashamed of me. But if I would witness You before men, You'd witness me before the Father, and the holy Angels.' So here I stand publicly for everybody to see me. I stand to say that, 'I'm now consecrating my life to Jesus Christ. I want Him to have mercy on me.'" [Luke 9:26]
L-87 God bless you. God bless you. That's fine. God bless you, lady. Just remain standing, every one, a few minutes longer. Someone else, would you stand? Would you do it? Friend, this is more to you than any thing else in the world. Will you stand? Anyone else?
I wonder, while they're standing, if you believe... That's right, sister, that's the way to do it, with Him. God be merciful to you. The Holy Spirit's here; I know it. God be with you. Now, while we sing, real slowly, "There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood," as the beautiful music's a playing. If you believe that God hears my prayer, if you believe that I've been anointed for this, praying for the sick, if God has give me grace in your sight. I'm anointed now for the salvation of your soul. I want you to come down here and stand at the altar with me. I want to shake hands with you, and lay hands on you, have prayer with you.
Now, the audience, will you sing slowly, while everyone comes, that would, that come, right here, all that's dedicating their lives to Christ. All right. []
L-88 Our heavenly Father, as these children of Yours was aliens a few moments ago, from the commonwealth, but now, they've been brought nigh. They've come up here to confess You as their Saviour. Many of them, perhaps, has belonged to churches for years. But they've come, believing, and accepting You as their personal Saviour.
They're not ashamed of it tonight, in the midst of all the trouble and their friends standing around. They still believe. And they're accepting You, as their personal Saviour. And they're witnessing it before this audience. And I pray Thee, God, now that You will bless them, as they're offering praise to Thee, giving Thee praise and glory, for all that you have done for them. And I pray that your mercies will ever remain with them. May just now, as they're here crying, like they're every one of them was reddened eyes, and sobbing handkerchiefs. I thank You, Lord. I thank You, Lord.
L-89 Some glorious day it'll be over. Someday the chilly tides of death will sweep down every arm standing here, then they'll remember that they've come upon the basis of God's Word. Heavens and earth will pass away, but His Word will never. They've stood here before the audience, because they felt You knock at their heart. You said, "No man can came, except My Father draws him. And all that will come, when Father is drawing, I'll give them Everlasting Life, raise them up at the last day. They'll not come into condemnation, but already passed from death to life."
Grant Lord, Your loving kind blessings upon each one, while they're in prayer, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. [Matthew 24:35], [John 6:44]

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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