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The Second Coming
55-0220A, The Second Coming, Shriner Temple, Phoenix, AZ, 91 min

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L-1 [The quality of this recording is very poor and difficult to understand, so this text is here presented to the best of our ability at this time--Ed.]
Good evening, friends. I'm so happy to be here this afternoon, to be in...?... of this city...?... to be back in Phoenix and have the...?... for this time...?... my boy...?... it's about five or six times that I been to Phoenix, in my ministry. And that's more than I've ever been to any other city. And He wants me to...?... outside of Chicago and Phoenix...?... in the whole United States. I been to Phoenix, Arizona...?... more than I been in my own city where I started pastoring...?... I appreciate the attitude...?... Just...?...
They're...?... to have the heater on, and, you know, I got a little bit cool, and--and I was setting there sweating and...?... the outside...?... so it makes it a little raspy for me, the heat...?...
And I noticed this warm weather in the south, your blood thins up. And up in the north, why, it gets thick. And you just can't stand the heat like people can from the south. And there's only one of me and there was three of them, so it's better to have a little extra heat than put the--say, three of three of getting a cold.
L-2 But I'll be all right. The Lord always provides for me. We're happy, very happy to be here today. My associate Brother Moore, and Brother Brown have visiting the clergymen with us, that was come from Texas. And you'll perhaps are desiring...?... to introduce the men and the other brethren to you. We're happy to be here with Brother Fowler, and all his staff of fine ministers.
And we just have to do it on the spur of moment, because going to the west coast from here. And we had planned on going over to Honolulu after that. So we wanted to stop in and say hello to our friends in Phoenix. And I aim to stay about ten or eleven days and...?... Maybe we can get acquainted in that much time. I hope so.
And the Lord will bless, we pray, in the services. And we're trusting that this will be our, not ours, but the Lord's greatest time as we gather here in Phoenix, because of His Presence ever being with us.
L-3 I just heard that our beloved Brother Roberts was just passing through a few weeks ago, and you had a wonderful meeting. I'm so happy to hear that, that Brother Roberts was here, and the Lord give him a great meeting. He's a wonderful, brother, a servant of the Lord. And I believe where people meet together and pray, that God will honor the prayers of the people. And so I know you've already been blessed by the presence of Brother Roberts being here, and the Lord being with him. And may we help share some of the blessing together. You're always a blessing to me. And I trust it being to you.
And now, the greatest thing that we have is this wonderful fellowship around the Word of God in these efforts, and seeing our Lord save the lost, bring back those who have wandered away from the path, and then especially in the healing of His sick and the afflicted children. That's our purpose of being here, is to try to do what little that we have a knowledge to do with, to try to help along this pilgrimage just that we're here in the earth, to make life a little easier to live right and a little harder to do wrong. That's what we--our purpose is for: to see Jesus Christ receive the glory that's due Him among His people.
L-4 Our meeting just doesn't only meet as some evangelist comes to the city, or a group of ministers gets together. It needs a revival to begin in each heart, and a--a deep desire to go out amongst the community and so forth, and to have prayer with those who are needy, and bring the lost into the Kingdom of God.
And then the meeting itself, be inspired enough by the Holy Spirit to go to some...?... and not to go to one local church... But it's every church through the community just...?... might be blessed by our hearts being together. I'm sure that would be what our kind heavenly Father would want out of the meeting. And with God's help I'll do the best that I can, and I'm sure that you'll do the best that you can to make this what the Lord Jesus would want to do up here. And we believe that He will do it.
L-5 And now, this afternoon, I... It's the first time if I have ever come in like this to speak to people, the afternoon meeting at the beginning. Usually the manager, or some of them introduces the--the policies and so forth, of the church in the first afternoon. But today it was my lot to come and do this. And most all of you has been in the meetings before, and you know the policy of the meeting, that we are not here to--to proselyte from churches. We're here as interdenominationals of--of brethren to represent the Lord Jesus Christ. And we want to see every church, receive benefits from our meeting. And everybody, no matter what church or if you don't have any church at all, you're just as welcome as can be.
And we trust that these pastors, that they will be blessed, that ministers will be inspired by the Presence of the Lord Jesus in these meetings.
L-6 And now, and then finally, we are not here to take up finances. I wish we didn't have to ask for one offering in the meeting. But just as soon as the...
I never took a offering in my life; never in my life did I ever take any offering. And--but in my church, that I was pastor there, as a Baptist minister, for twelve years I never received one penny salary, but I--I worked for others. The Lord making me healthy, I could work, so why not work and pastor. Now, that's not the standard for every pastor, because...?... a minister of the Gospel can't go out and work, and pray, and then come into his church...?... He's got the visit among his members and so forth. And the little tithings and things from members and their offerings would certainly help take care of him. And I think the laborer is worthy of his hire. But in my case, I was working in conservation...?... the working. And I could work public work.
L-7 And--and offerings, we just--we have to usually make a budget of how much the auditorium will cost us each day, and the--the expenses...?... and see how much we have to have for each offering. As soon as that's taken up, I have asked that the managers all the time stop taking offerings, as soon as the--the expenses is paid, that that is...?...
And then at the end of the offering, or at end of the services, rather, they usually give me a love offering. And I wish I didn't have to have that. But I have a family, and I have to have our expenses, whether I minister to...?... at around a hundred dollars a day, in my office work and so forth. And I pay my help.
And at the end of the services, if there isn't enough to take care of the expenses that hasn't been met, without a begging and pulling on the people... I just absolutely refuse to do that. I don't believe in that...?... that's the reason you're...?... are. Well, I'd rather do that and have favor with God, than to do it the other way...?... budget, if it doesn't make it, then I'll give my love offering for it. Then we don't have to have to ask to...?... As an evangelist, we...?... as much as five thousand dollars, about time for an...?... day's meeting. And they love me, so they trust me to do it. And I'm thankful for that.
And so far, by the grace of God, we have never had to do that, for I believe with all my heart that it suits God to be honest in my heart with God and His children...?... And we want that spirit always before the people.
L-8 And our meetings are not big--great big where we have to have thousands a night. I don't have any radio broadcasts, television, any of these things, printing papers and so forth, so it don't take very much. And I can minister to the people, as many as I can, in the little meetings. And that's the way I'd just rather keep it like that. And so I can visit the people and do the best that I can to help.
Knowing this, that each day I'm getting older. And someday I'll have to stand in His Presence to give an account for my stewardship here on earth. But with all my heart, the words that I desire to hear Him say that time is, "Well done." And it'll over then. And I want to meet every one that I've ever ministered to in His Name here on earth, plus the millions and millions that others ministered to.
L-9 And now, we have been, in the services... We have service in Lubbock, Texas, just a few days ago where we had a wonderful meeting. The western people is always so nice to us, as well as the eastern. And at Lubbock, we just had an outstanding meeting, the Presence of the Lord...
And so we just... These short meetings... Usually for my ministry is not that I am a Divine healer. Anyone knows that. I guess people that's really thinking, and mentally right, knows that there's no man that's a Divine healer. That lays in God alone. And I--I never did receive any power to heal sick people, and if others say they do it, well, then I--I hope and trust that that is the truth.
I--I would like to see our Lord Jesus come down and give people power to heal the sick. But I don't think He ever did this, and even Himself didn't claim to do it, so I doubt if He...?... ever will do that anyway. He said Hisself that He wasn't a Healer. He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father. He's the One that tells what..." He said, "I can do nothing in Myself. But what I see the Father doing, that I do also." in other words, He just acted in drama what the Father showed Him to do. And that's the way it is now. That just is...?... [John 14:10], [John 5:19]
L-10 And now, when He shows me anything, I want to be obedient to Him and tell the people just what He told me. So... Have you never seen the time, if you ever see it that it isn't with the Word of God or some error to it, well then, I'm wrong. No matter what it is, it's wrong. It's got to be the Bible.
I believe that in the Old Testament, they had the prophets, dreamers, seers, so forth. But they had a way of proving those things of whether they were right or not.
If a dreamer dreamed a dream, or a prophet prophesied, and it didn't, the lights didn't flash on the Urim Thummim, which was on the--Aaron's breastplate, the supernatural answer back that it was true, then no matter how sincere the person who believed, it was wrong.
And I think after the doing away of the Urim Thummim, as on Aaron's breastplate, I believe this is God's Urim Thummim today, is His Word. If a dreamer dreams a dream, or a prophet prophesies, and according to the Word, his being in the Word, then I think that would probably be that the person was mixed up. I believe that this is God's Word, the foundation plan of God's redemption, and all He asks me to do to follow His death, burial, and resurrection is laying in the Word of God. And so far, I have never seen it yet in the meeting, that I know of, anything that was ever said yet that wasn't backed up by the Scriptures. [Leviticus 8:8]
L-11 Now, it might not fit the theology of different churches, but just look at it...?... a little while, and you'll find out that...?... in these...?...
And Jesus, when He came on earth, His ministry certainly didn't--didn't fit with the theology of that day, so much that they thought He was a mind reader, or because He perceived their thoughts... And He had the supernatural work that... Well, the refined said He was of the devil, a Beelzebub. And it didn't fit with their teaching. But it did fit with God's Word. The Bible said so, if you haven't heard it in that light.
And our Scriptures we teach tells us...?... And every--every Scripture, perhaps has a compound meaning to it. I don't know whether you might've read it. I hope you had some time to realize that. For instance, in Matthew 3, where it said there that... Why, it is written about Him that said that "Out of Egypt I have called My Son," that being 'course the Scripture, that they used in the Old Testament, of out Egypt (See?), God had called His son.
You read in the margin reading it actually refers back to calling Isaac, Israel out of Egypt, but also, Israel was His son, and also Jesus was His Son. So the same Scripture was applied twice. "Out of Egypt I have called My son," many other places in the Bible... [Hosea 11:1]
L-12 And we believe that it's the promises that we have a repeat today... And I go around many...?... Methodists, Catholics, and Pentecostals, and all together. On these things we've tried to draw a line because of a man's doctrine of his church. We believe this: that every person that's borned again of the Spirit of God, are sons and daughters of God, regardless of what church they go to. And little segregations, and so forth, that they have because of denominational barriers, we try to overlook them, and stand right in the breach. I have since I started. And I left the Baptist church to do that, and come and stood in the breach and said, "We are brethren. Let us come together." We can't agree upon many doctrines and so forth.
There's no two women here would perhaps agree upon the same way to keep a house, although they may be together...?... keeping our eyes to God... And so let's... Anyhow they can be neighbors; we can be neighbors, because have...?... to see across the fence and talk to each other and shake hands, and bring...?... I believe...?... Don't you think so?
L-13 So that's what we're here for. The services is supposed to begin each evening at seven-thirty, I suppose. And will... Usually the preliminaries... And then after that, I don't know just yet what we're...
The basis of the meeting is for is to teach the Gospel, and have evangelistic services, or let the other brothers do that, and for me to pray for the sick. That's we have...?... Brother...?... and different workers...
The only thing that I'm here for is to follow the instructions of my brothers as long as it doesn't interfere with the things that God has...?... for me to do. And so we'll get into that later.
This afternoon, coming together, I thought it would be nice, this afternoon of while we gather, that we would... I would tell you about my trip that you all helped sponsor to send me to India, if you would like me to. Would you like hear about the trip to India? Thank you. And we'll--we'll talk on missions for the next thirty minutes or so forth.
And a new people are here I thought never would be here. Last year before going to India you gave a offering here, a missionary offering for me. And I took it with all good faith; you gave it the same way, that it would go to the glory of God. And I think I owe it to you to tell you how that--what become of the missionary offering that you gave me, and what it went to do.
L-14 And before we start on this, in reading of God's Word... It's not God would bless my words, but let God bless His. So my word will fail, because I'm just a man. But His Words can't fail, because He's God. And so let's, before we read this, let's ask Him to meet with us now, and bless the building, and the place that we're attending as we gather for His glory.
We want to thank the--that's the Shriners isn't it...?... opening up their... The Shriners...?... They have been nice to me wherever I have went. They've opened up their doors, and I've been given a chance to express...?... They've throwed their doors open...?...
I'm the only one of my family, in my father's, or my mother's people, or also my wife's people have...?... into the Masons, Shriners, or...?... in their organizations. And may God bless them, is my prayer, that they will, every one... Every one...
Now, we realize if I could say this, that every one of you is Christians... If the church can't produce, that every one will be Christians, how much more ought an organization...?... But we pray that--that the Lord Jesus Christ in His mercy will save every one of them before we leave this place...?... God bless you all.
L-15 Now, while we bow our heads to talk to this great King that...?... Our kind heavenly Father, we come to Thee today in that all sufficient Name of the Lord Jesus, knowing this, that You have promised that "whatever you will ask in My Name, that I will do." And we come presenting Him, not ourselves; for God has never promised to--that You would answer in our name, but You promised to answer in His Name. So we place Him before us, as we go to Thee. Hear us, Lord, as we speak through Jesus.
We thank Thee for the opportunity that we have of meeting here in this great city setting here. And today, gathering at Phoenix, something that's raised up out of chaos... And we pray, Father, that by Your great faith that You'll raise up out of this chaos...?... a marvelous Church of the living God. Fill with the Spirit, anointing, that great men of God may come forth to...?... into a message around where...?...
Bless every church in this city, every pastor. And we pray that You'll bless this people, and bless the organization here that's opened up their doors for us to have their temple here to worship in. [John 14:13], [John 15:16], [John 16:23]
L-16 Father, we pray that the Holy Spirit will come into this temple today and anoint this place. Let every Angel take His position according to...?... Let every person that comes to this...?... may be so filled with the Holy Spirit, that their lives will be completely dedicated to Thee. We now, in the Name of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus, dedicate this place for this revival, that great things may be accomplished, that sinners may come to the altar seeking peace for their weary souls. May those that...?... out of the beaten path, that You would call them...?... May they come humbly to the cross of Christ again and accept pardon for their backsliding.
Lord, Your children are suffering in this city and throughout the world. May, O God, come into this building tonight a real belief that they'll healed every one. May they...?... Father...?... bring faith, a working of the Holy Spirit complete the faith with Your...?... for every one.
Bless every song. Bless the evangelists, the pastors, all. May they...?... promise. But Lord, anoint them with the Holy Spirit in Divine Presence. Grant it, Father, for the hour that we're now serving Thee. Grant it, God. For this night, for we came to the place our thoughts and the...?... which we...?... now, by the washing of the Word of the Lord. Separate us, Father, from the evil thoughts...?... all works that's not pertaining to Thee, may be forgiven for those things...?... healing line, we pray. Grant it, Father, for we commit it all to You now in the Name of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus. Amen.
L-17 Can you hear me well, along the sides. If you can, will you raise your hand to say you can? Over here? All right. In the back in the back, and back through here...?... That's--that's fine. Between...?... you be in prayer, and the Holy Spirit...?...
Now first, we want to read some out of His Word. And just for a...?... I'm talking on visions, I thought it would be nice to read from Saint Mark the 16th chapter, and begin with the 14th verse.
After he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat... upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them who had seen him after he was risen.
He said to them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. [Mark 16:14-15]

May the Lord add His blessings to reading of His Word.
This commission that was give by the Lord was to preach the Gospel to all the world. Now, sometimes we wonder...
And in my heart, I do not want you to premeditate on what to say until I get to the platform, because I am not a scholar. And my grammar sure is bad. And if I would write down something to talk from...?... the reason I got...?... I believe is...?... so it wouldn't do me any good. So I just have to depend on Him to tell what to say. And I've gotten by for twenty-three years, and I believe in trusting on. And so He brought safe thus far.
L-18 Now, I believe that down in my heart, it just seems like for the last few weeks to preach on "The Second Coming" of the Lord Jesus. Then I tried it in Chautauqua; I tried it according to His teaching that He taught...?... Thought I would do the other night at Shreveport. I believe I'm going to take this meeting...?... So, on the second coming...
And now, I'm writing a book, not just like my others, because they're--they are written by other people. And I am not a scholar, so I'm... Usually the problem understanding my sassafras talking. So I'm just going to write it in my own words, of kinda like a commentary on Divine healing, and my own personal dealings with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit being the theme. And on healing of what It is. And I kinda like I take out of the book of Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, and so forth, each one, excerpts from each one about Divine healing and bringing it into the New Testament.
And now, I'm putting it on tape recording, so maybe I can take it off pretty soon, and I'll have it. Now, in... God told me...?...
L-19 I believe that we're living in one the most marvelous days that we ever lived, and the most greatest of time that any persons has ever lived in on earth; because... You say, "What about the time when Jesus was here?"
Well...?... He was coming for them...?... at the scene and then...?... if He was...?... times coming where they're never weep no more. That's where we... And that was just in the middle of the earthly pilgrimage here that human being has. And now, we're to become... This time it ends up all life of mortality, going into immortality now. And then the whole human...
All the sin of all ages is settling down into this generations of people that are living now. All the weaknesses from our fathers of inbred traditions is fell, and sicknesses, and diseases breaking out like has never been knowed in all the world.
L-20 And then another thing, I believe that when Satan which was prophesied would go about like a roaring lion in the last days to destroy mortal life and spiritual life, and everything that he could... I believe then if all the dumpings of all the evil is being dumped out on the human race in this day, I believe that all the blessings will be dumped out, as it was before...?... by the heavenly Father upon the Church in this last days. And what a day that we're living in. [I Peter 5:8]
Oh, I...?... I hope I can see Him coming. I believe we're in it now, for I--I just hope I live to see the day when I can see them coming from Arizona across the wilderness, and joining hands together for a meeting in the air. What a day that will be. I hope your heart is yearning, brethren, realizing that atomic bombs, and hydrogen bombs, and cobalt bombs, is hanging in the hands of wicked enemy. Some fanatic could destroy this whole world in a few hours, completely overnight...?... And it's in hands of ungodly sinful people. You'll...?... That's all. Into that...
And what a day we're living in, that God's getting His Church ready. Oh, if we could just...?... God will bless us, and open our eyes and see what God is doing.
I knowed that was hard to say, for I recognize that just a fanaticism...?... just believes that. But you can see the same thing taking place just before the real Jesus appeared the first time. And you're bound to have it much more, just before we see it the second time. So that'll only give you life to the believer, that be ready for that hour is at hand.
L-21 Now, to--today if my humble belief that the Scriptures that I've just read is one of the greatest and most essential messages that could be preached today. However, I'm not aiming to preach on that; I'm just using that for a basic Scripture for the talk, a missionary experience.
But we're watching what's left to happen before Jesus comes. I believe it's happening today.
Now, Jesus never did tell us to go build churches, although that's good. Jesus never did tell us to have an organization, though that's good. He never did tell us to build hospitals, though that's good. He never did tell us to have seminaries, though that's good. But the thing that He told us to do, we have substituted these things that I've just spoken in place of what He told us to do. "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel," not build churches, not organize people, not doing these things, but preach the Gospel. [Mark 16:15]
L-22 Jesus said...?... they crucified Him. But He promised to return. He said, "For this Gospel that has been preached to all the world for a witness that He would return. And He won't return and He can't return until that has been done. Jesus is depending on the church to carry out His orders. And to substitute teachers of theology and so forth, and left off the real things that making it so real. Preach the Gospel. [Matthew 24:14]
Well, then God... Well, you say, "Well, Brother Branham, have we preached the Gospel all these years?" With reverence I say no. See?
Did you know that two thirds of the world has never even heard one word about Jesus Christ? Two thirds of the population of this world has never heard the Lord Jesus Christ. One third... And Christianity is about three or four place behind: first Mohammedan, Buddha, and so forth then Christianity, all Protestant and Catholic put together. See how far we are behind them?
L-23 Then in all... Then we have our little differences between each other, between the Catholics and Protestants. The Protestants... This is the full Gospel, and "We had...?..." and so forth. Every one of them getting...?... here we're fighting against one another.
My, do you see? Let's just stop a few minutes and think about these things then. And let me tell... I love great joy. That's why we--that's why we worship the Holy Spirit in song. We need to have..?... But there's got to be time that we got to shuck the corn before we can eat it. But let's get down to real hard Gospel teachings and thoughts, see where we can get started right...?... and like that.
The Gospel doesn't mean passing tracts. They're fine. God give us more tracts societies. It's one way of doing it. But I think that the--the tract society has done a greater job and it gets more...?... done, than we Gospel preachers would do, if and not...?... That's right. Because...?... on the earth yet.
L-24 The Gospel is not, "Go out and teach them the Bible." That isn't the Gospel. It said in the Scriptures that the Gospel didn't come to you just in Word only, but through the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. The Gospel, that is the Word... But the letter killeth; the Spirit giveth Life.
Now, a seed laying here on the...?... pulpit here, is just a seed until it dies and becomes germitized--germitized and dies, it'll never do anything. So the seed... The Word here has to be made manifest in order to be of God.
He said, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
Now, to people...?... that the Word was... To take a word is the expression of thought. It has to be a thought before it can be a word. So God, in the beginning, gave the thought of what would be, spoke the Word what for; we see, we receive the Word, and it produces what God thought was. The Word is the Gospel in seed form. [I Corinthians 2:4], [John 1:1]
L-25 If you ask me for... Say, "Brother Branham, in your country you have acorn trees. Would you give me an acorn tree?" And I'll give you a--an acorn. You have a... You have an acorn tree potentially. But it's in the seed form. You can't say you have actually got a tree until the seed has produced a tree.
Well, preaching the Word is the acorn, but making it live is the Gospel. See? That's right. If He promised the Holy Spirit, that's the Word. And receiving the Holy Spirit is making it live, manifesting. If He promised these blessings by the Word, then He's sending the Word and producing what He said--is the Gospel. "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." [Mark 16:15]
L-26 The...?... has lots of proof, that just teaching the Word wouldn't do it. He said, "These signs will follow them that believe. In My Name they shall cast out devils (evil spirits), speak with new tongues, take up serpents, or drink deadly things it wouldn't harm them; lay their hands on the sick and they shall recover." Now, that is the Gospel that has reached--that has been... And theology and teaching has substituted that place.
Now, I believe that we're living in the day when the Holy Spirit is moving upon the hearts of the people, regardless of how much criticism, how much fanaticism, God's under obligation to take that...?... out of the Gentiles just as perfect as I'm standing on the platform, and He will do it.
And I believe that it's moving now and coming forth. Therefore, my hearts burns. I failed... I realize that I'm not talking to all America, but I'm talking to Americans, or such as be called Americans, the real American is the Indian. What to be in his land, you took away from him. But we call ourselves Americans. [Mark 16:17]
L-27 But I believe that the great calling of the revival in America has been turned down by the American people in whole. It just simply can't conceive--perceive, rather, the Word. There's been enough Gospel preached in the form of the Word across America to last this country a second garden of Eden. But they put it down. And the great evangelists, Billy Graham, Jack Shuler, many other great men, Oral Roberts, has crossed the country, preaching the Gospel, God working. Oh, He's been moving upon the people and accepting the--the Christ as their personal Saviour, go back out into wallow of the world, just like they was in the first place.
The such a thing as an intellectual faith. Here a few weeks ago in Chicago, I heard something that was on the radio that just thrilled my heart. When he said that here's what said, "As a man thinketh in his heart..." and...?... the heart. The scientist said that God got everything mixed up; there was no mental faculties in the heart to think with; he just thinks with his mind. His mind was the only thing he thinks of, and not with his heart, with his mind. But God said here; consider it... He said, "Heart"; He meant heart.
And a few weeks ago medical science found that in the center of the human heart is a teeny little place that don't have blood cells or anything around it. And they claim it's the occupation of the soul. Animals doesn't have it. So after all, God was right. Man thinks with his heart. [Proverbs 23:7]
L-28 Now, you can have a intellectual faith by hearing the Word, and perceiving it in your mind, and accepting it upon those basis, which is intellectual faith. But the faith that Jesus was speaking of in Saint John 5:24, "He that heareth My Word and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life," that doesn't come from intellectual faith; that comes from borned again...?... experience. As a man thinketh in his heart, he's borned again. And from there comes forth the thought, his soul, not from his mind, but from his soul, something that tells that it's right. And contrary it's wrong. Amen. I hope you get it. You know it anyhow. Oh, not what the doctor says, what the doctor says, what evangelist says, you know every time in your soul.
And when that's in you is borned again...?... But that's God's...?... Gospel to man. That's the Gospel to my...?... [John 5:24]
L-29 In traveling overseas, going to Africa and different places. Seeing, I believe I told you the last time I was here...?... got to the first meeting in Africa, where we had thirty thousand converts in one...?... I believe the Gospel.
Then when we started to India, after coming through here and telling you that I was making a trip to India, our first stop was, after we left New York was to Lisbon, Portuguese. They had a big van waited and we climbed on board, there was a German boy who knowed about all the...?... Well...?...
Well, I...?... statues of Christians, and so forth. They had a little dinner. And there was a chance to testify of the glorious Gospel in the--their presence. Portuguese is almost a hundred percent Catholic. They don't go to church many of them, but they're... That's just the national church, so they--they're Catholic by--'cause they're Portuguese. And they think that we're Christians, because we're Americans. That don't mean they're Christians.
Because your father and mother was a Christian is no sign you're a Christian. You're a Christians when you're borned again of the Spirit of God in you. Then you're a Christian.
L-30 But in there, we found a little Pentecostal church way back along the hillside. Oh, they're just about everywhere. And there we could have a meeting for a couple of nights where we went back up on the hill. We wasn't supposed to pray for the sick over there. But here when I got rid of everybody that was with us. And we went up praying for the sick. And you talk about a healing, we had one. Oh, my, hungry hearts loving the Lord.
Immediately afterwards was an altar call, a hundred percent of them were Catholic people believed. They accepted the Lord Jesus. Oh, a marvelous meeting...
L-31 And from there, we took off to Rome. And as you know, I'm not a reason... My people before me were all Catholics. And of course, I wanted to visit Rome.
Well, I have nothing against the Catholic people, are present today. My Catholic friends, I have no more against you than I do the Protestants. I don't call myself a Catholic, or a Protestant, either one. I call myself a believer in the Bible and the worship the Lord Jesus Christ.
L-32 Here's why. The Catholic says, "This Word's inspired, all of it. But the church is over the Word." That's wrong.
The Protestant says, "This is inspired, as much I believe in It to be inspired. What we see's not inspired, where we think that's not inspired... You just take it, which part, just what your theology will permit them to say It's inspired.
To me it's every Word inspired, and it's only foundation for the Christian. I believe it's God's Word. I know what...?... But it's true today. It's perfect as I'm standing here and...?... It's God's infallible, eternal, ever present Word. And frankly, It's God Himself living in Word form.
Isn't that wonderful? Think of it, people: God Himself in Word form. Why, friends, I'd rather take that than up all councils of the Catholics, Protestants throwed together. This is God's Word. God never died...?... He was in the beginning the Word, and He's still the Word.
L-33 Now, in there we wanted to see the Vatican city...?... hotel and so forth. That was true...?... We went to see the Vatican city, over in Saint Peter's, and so forth.
Now, I probably got a little discouraged that day in saying Peter was buried in there. I don't believe that. 'Cause I believe they had a little discussion about that. And they wouldn't believe, so then... [] all times...?... into those catacombs, go in there, seeing all the pictures and the workings of the early saints had gone under the ground, so it was just a graveyard under ground. The little babies, you see where they buried...?... So then God might have a few words about that. If you want to believe the...?... then I believe...?...
Said, "Here's where Patrick was buried."
I said, "That don't look very much like him, the way you got the graves there."...?...
L-34 And we come on out of there, and then we went down to see where Paul had his head chopped off, and I went in there, an old cold dismal cell. I laid down on the cot where he laid... marveled at it, under the inspirations of the Holy Ghost...?... down the sewer.
And I thought, "God, my Bible, it means so much to me." I believe It's inspired. There was...?... epistles.
Then next they wanted to show me a big church where this great mass was going on all the time. And I went down there, and they had the high mass, or some sort of a mass. And they lady taken me in, and I went down beneath the place, where they got the graveyard, and they buried all the monks, until they're flesh is gone from their bones, and they take the bones and make the wheels out of them, all the light fixtures are little...?... bones and things, make the light fixtures, and so forth that hung down out of human bones. And some more of the infant graves was...?... they get bones, and just make just like a graveyard underneath the church. And now, standing there something struck me. I thought on this...?... were the skulls of those monks...?...
L-35 The travelers from the different parts of the world, going...?... has rubbed those skulls till they almost rubbed holes in it. They were white where they been...?... They rubbed that to get a blessing off the skulls of dead men. I thought, "How superstitious people can be?" They were wanting to know...?...
There was a little sign hanging there...?... on this altar. "We want...?... someday will be we are one." That'll give you something to think about.
The next day, they had me on alert. They had a... I was to be interviewed by the pope. So they, then had made arrangements for me to meet the pope of Rome, which he said that he would do it for me.
I asked one of our converts what I was to do. I wanted to be seen while...?... and so forth. I would have to...?... so I had to meet the pope. And they told me that I'd have kiss this ring on his finger, and cross and bow.
L-36 I'll give any man due credit, doctor, or whatever he may be, but to worship the man; that's different. I will not. I said, "I won't see him." See? I--I don't want to do any type of worship to a man. Worship goes to God, Him Alone. I...?... that's the Catholic way of doing it, that's their faith that's all...?... But for me, that's the worst ignorance. The Bible said, "Don't you call no man father."...?... So I couldn't do it. My conscience wouldn't let me do it. The Holy Spirit forbid me to do it. So I went on over to a Pentecostal...?... pushed back in the corner, right in the shadows of the Vatican city. We went down there...?... in a great big huge tent...?... And God let the Holy Ghost fall...?... The people were up-and-down the streets at nighttime just screaming, and shouting, and praising God...?... So... [Matthew 23:9]
L-37 So we journeyed on towards almost into Cairo...?... then on into Arabia, and from Arabia on to Bombay. Seeing that's where groups of ministers and so forth, great delegations. They had two or three services to read where they...?... They had a great big...?... away. Each one had a word and pushed off, I guess...?... I think they called them.
And so then they... We went to the top. And we got a hotel, and we paid for a room then for a meeting. And there had been some lady, that had went in there ahead of me, and had--was about six or eight months, or maybe a little longer. And they had a healing campaign. And they caused a little trouble. And the brethren told us we weren't allowed taking up offerings or we were trying to take...?... So they wouldn't let me have a meetings in the--in the auditorium there...?...
L-38 And then, I... From there I was looking to come and having this interview with their--of Nehru and president...?... President of India, of over four hundred and seventy million people. And when I got in there, the mayor the city, I think called in a group...?... them dignitaries...?...
And in India, just the...?... will eat anything when you get to...?... I never seen such confusion in my life. So they told me I'd have to not get out in the open. But we'd have to stay because the missionaries caused the trouble.
And we had a church perhaps could be held at a church, for couldn't give protection out there, but they would if it would be in church. And the mayor himself told me that there was five hundred thousand people in the city, had come for the healing services, for the meetings. And you know what that...?... in the streets of Bombay. And they had a great big church out on...?... some kind of a Episcopal church, great huge, about the size as this auditorium. A great big...?... out in front of you to cover about a half acre. And then at each microphone... And the people were for block after block, that they had even patrol cars out there, with walkie-talkies trying to make room for me to come in a automobile, to get to the place we were going to pray for the sick. You never seen such in your life. People would be stacked cord wood over top of another...?...
L-39 I've often thought, people, that America had poor people, but there's not one poor family in America after I seen India. If you go down the street this afternoon, and you see a man eating his dinner out of a garbage can, he's not poor, that's either a mental condition or a oppression. We've got charity here. We got an organizations of charity that would help him. We got the old saints homes, old people's homes. We got charities in here that would help him. There isn't anything hardly but what would help the man. He's either mentally upset or he prefers to do it. That's the...?...
Now, if you see a man in India, he haven't nothing to help him. And now, I'm not supposed to say where we was at...?... and so forth like that. If I tell you...?... But I...?... say that. I could say a whole lot, but I won't.
L-40 But anyhow, I had my ideas and my thoughts in my heart. But in there there's one of the most pathetic sights that human beings ever seen. I saw it in South Africa where they keep the colored people there living in the little bathroom huts, them poor little fellows who never had a bath in their life, and didn't know right and left hand. I thought that was something sad.
But I forgot about that when I seen India, to see them in the street, lepers, with little stubs of hands, little children with toes, maybe about this long standing there...?... little mothers...?... to feeding those poor little things, the little child shrunken, and the hands not over that...?... screaming and crying, dying for food. And we've lived...?... in the garbage can.
Brother, oh, I'll tell you something. This--this is on the side. You know, the Bible said in the last days, the heathens would wake up. They're doing it too. When I seen America...?... ships there...?... before those poor people there'd be a change.
L-41 A little old boy with a big foot like that, dragging along like that, trying to get a cup of...?... few dollars from Americans, walk up and they put their hands like this, and walk away from that poor little fellow. God have mercy...?... And we call ourselves Christians because we're Americans. Listen. That was nothing.
There set a...?... man by the road, a little...?... on, with rags or something around his face, the old fellow setting there... Never seen a pair of shoes while I was in India, never a seen a person with clothes on...?... Never did...?... any of those men just about like that, their little feet, with no shoes on, coming down the street...?... they was in there before the...?... God will take care of them, walking the streets like that, a little old scarf on they hang behind them, walking along. He will walk right up and just fall on the street and lay there; that's all the home he's got...?... If you say he won't get up...?... they'll die there. They'll die out and pick them up at nighttime, put them upon little thing like that and take him over to a big chute in a big salamander, and throw him in there and just cremate him.
Little over forty children were at the meeting, and heard that little...?... two or three days, because of all hopes were gone...?... He's illiterate. And now you imagine how it is. They got natural resources; but not the mentality to develop what they got.
L-42 Old men setting there...?... mud puddle there. He tried walking from the mud puddle. And if he wants something for water to drink, he drinks out of the mud puddle. If he wants to cook, he takes the same water, where he...?... washed...?... because he's got nothing else...?... He lives where his grandfather set, and his father too...?... His father's dead. His grandfather was the same the thing; his father was the same thing. Here he is in the same thing, and they're probably throwed into the same thing.
And then great people of the world pass by, pink, blue shaded Cadillacs...?... and yet they tell us...?... They tell him that we're from the one man. We're all equal. What's happened? What's happened there?...?... over the rest of the world: Communism taking over, and we're the cause of it. That's right. Communism comes in with a false economy, and promise him something faulty. Oh, they care, but...?... really what they're--what these fellows has done, and so forth, like the Catholics, and so forth. They got out among...?... And the poor fellow has got a soul. But he's...?... come into the world...?... Be he promised him something...?... if he calls, we will...?... whiskey tax, and beer tax, and things like that. And the church...?... the same thing...?... We're going headlong...?... I'd better stop on that. That was right in among...?... there you are, a picture...?... them poor saints. I told the American people, what money I had left, I would just stay on after the ticket's bought, that I'd teach those people. And I went over there, and I didn't have but very little. When I looked out there and seen that, my heart failed, till I just couldn't stand it.
L-43 There I watched, the...?... of them as they got next to the hotel; I looked out, seen them...?... people...?... these people going along the...?... scattered it along the streets...?... And I started to giving away, and they had to take me away, 'cause...?... people...?... dressed a little different went the other way, come around []...?... on the street... Went down and there was a least one part of line out in the middle of the street, old...?... the street... And they had to open those...?... And there, laying there...?... picking up mortar, what they call mortar, big stones like that. And poor little women with little starving babies, setting against the side of the walls out there, couldn't set up, some of them so weak, the little women...?... their head... run down like that...?... filthy...?... seventy-five pounds...?... put it on their head like that, and run up about three or four flights of steps and doesn't even come back down, and do that from before they get...?... all day...?... no clothes on, just a little loin cloth...?... on, poor little mothers...?... And they were to many...?... They wouldn't talk to...?... like that, afraid they'd lose their job...?... place, you couldn't hardly your nose...?... Them's human beings...?...
L-44 They're not just...?... They're not puppets. They're God's children. They have just as much right to...?... as we have in our...?... But we as a nation have failed, and the Christian church has failed (That's exactly right.) to bring the people...?...
Now notice. In there when we got down about...?... I told Billy, "How can we do it?"
He said, "Dad, I don't know. We haven't got no...?..." I went to the window over there and looked out, and this was all lined with people, all up-and-down the streets and things. They were brought in barriers and so forth. And I thought...
First, they brought me my dinner; I couldn't eat it, thinking them poor people out... I--I couldn't even do it. So I had a orange and a few little crackers, and I went out there. And there was a lady going down with a little baby crying like that, and I couldn't hardly go over fifty yards. My, they...?... almost with...?...
That poor little mother setting there, looked up, the tears running out of her eyes...?... the baby children, little bitty hands out like that. I--I couldn't stand it.
L-45 I looked at them, I said, "Oh Billy." He said, "Daddy, I seen what...?..." I seen him pitch the cookie out there too...?... Went back there, I was going to go me some cookies again. So about the time I got out there, and the begin to throw...?... It was most pathetic sight you seen, to see lepers with no hands hardly, and no feet hardly, just stubs...?...
And listen. I don't know what...?... As a nation shows these Christian people, we...?... something like that, instead of going somewhere to and eat...?... Your soul has a...?... True. I...?... Remember I was born and this is my home, greatest nation in the world. But let us...?... understand our Christianity...?... because you have...?... they way we have. And then we go over there, I said...
L-46 That night when we went out to the meeting, they taken me over. It was almost impossible. The next day, I was entertained by seventeen different religions of India. Think of it: seventeen different religions, each one of them downed Christianity.
They taken me to the temple of the Jains. Now, they have the Mohammedans, the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Jains, the Buddha... Oh, my. Some of sun worshippers, and some worship cows.
The Jains are...?... They can't cut their hair; they just pull it out with their fingers. They can't cut their beard, so they pull it out with their fingers. And they had to have a paper thing that goes over their mouth and hooks around their ears, 'cause they're afraid that they'd breathe a gnat, that it might their grandmother or some...?... reincarnation. They had a little thing that they swept before as they went, 'cause they might step on their uncle or aunt, or someone...?... that died and come back in the form of a flea or something. Isn't that horrible? Those people naturally as men and women are our brother and sisters. If you were dying they could give you a blood transfusion to save your life. If you were a--a Chinese or a colored man or whoever it is, that God made of one blood of all men. But, you know, they put a speck of animal blood in you it would kill you? And no animal can take... use one another's blood, from one specie to another. See how God made us? We never come from animal; We come from God. God made us in His own Image.
L-47 Now...?... in there like they did...?... And notice. When we got through...?... went to the services. That night, I was to the Jains services. They taken me through; you had take your shoes off. Walked in there...?... set down to the--to the high priest. They had all these set before me...?... And this seventeen different religions represented there, so keep on looking right towards...?... me setting out there...?... And so, they took...?... they had their services.
And one of them said, "You call... You in America call yourselves Christians, calling yourself religious." And said, "...?... every...?... Christian...?... that stands on what...?... some kind...?... or something...?..." []
Said, "Some... You killed...?... part of the world with some kind of atomic bomb, and then say you're religious...?..." That just upset me...?...
L-48 The other one got up next was a Mohammedan. He said, "You are a Christian?" He said, "You say your Book is called the Bible." Said, "We have them over here in stores, everything." Said, "We ask them some question in the Bible." Said, "For instance, your Mark 16. Them men were the first...?... And then we asked them if we could see this Jesus that you talked about and said He raised from the dead, if we could see you teachers produce what you said you will do, we'll believe He raised from the dead." But said, "You all say that that part's not inspired." He said, "I want you to know one thing. All the Koran is inspired."
There you are. I used that...?... Then in that unbelief, I said this, "Would you gentlemen attend my meeting? If we could honor Sikhs and so forth, and take me into a place?" They promised they would.
L-49 The following night, which was my second night, there'd been one setting the night before, who was...?... and couldn't get no more through, 'cause it was just that...?... As I said the first...?... They just we're praying.
And the next night, when Billy and I went down to the meeting, we were for at least a hour and forty-five minutes, trying to get in. They had lines of people that were held there for four and five abreast of police and militia...?... And so the...?... told me...?... was scattered until we got up there.
And when we got to the meeting that night, they had all these fellows setting there on...?... The Holy Spirit came...?... Oh, my. That's what I like.
After awhile... They couldn't give out prayer cards, so they just said...?... let them go down and pray them...?... So they'd go down and pick up one...?... Billy and a couple of the brothers went down and pick up one and bring it up...?... at least two miles any way...?... there was just--there was just...?... of people.
So then, the...?... Two or three come through, and He showed me what the trouble was, but it wouldn't take over the meeting. I--I couldn't say it. Of course, it was the devil.
L-50 And here come a little child through; I thought, "Surely, this will be the time." I looked out...?... Told him who he was, where he was from, what he had done, all about him. 'Course, he wasn't no assurance of his healing, so I let him pass on.
Then here come a man that was blind. They were...?... And when he come, stood up there, the interpreter was speaking to him, I seen his...?... And the first thing He did was tell him who he was. Then It told him he was a married man; he had two children, and told him he was a worshipper of the sun. (Now, what they do, they set and watch the sun. And as the sun comes up, they face right at it, until it goes plumb over and sets in the west.) He had been totally blind for twenty years, from sun worship.
I watched him to see what the vision said. But then as soon as the vision fades out, I started to turn to the audience, just have prayer for the man and pass him on. Here he...?... He had...?... And there he was with his sight...?... Amen.
L-51 Now, oh, my. You could... Oh, what a feeling. I thought that every devil of the corner, could come next...?... I thought, "Here's the time now." So I turned to the people out there; I said, "You said that you would ever see Jesus Christ really produced in this like when He was here that you would receive Him, as to what it was then." That's the very thing that He did. He never claimed to be a healer.
He said, "I only do what the Father tells Me to do, what He shows Me." Saint John 5:19, He said, when He went through that pool where all the crippled people was and just healed...?... a man laying on a pallet...?... And when they questioned Him, He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing; that doeth the Son likewise."
I said, "'Course, I can't heal no one, but if God will tell me to say that a certain person's healed, I'd do that." Watch the man laying on a pallet,; Jesus knew he there. God spoke to Him about it, where the man was."
But we found God in His ministry goes on, if we only...?... that's what's the...?... believe. You follow me? [John 5:19]
L-52 Now, I said, "I want to ask you something. (While we get ready now to close.) I just want to ask you something." I said, "Gentlemen, of the religions of India (not brethren, because they wasn't)," I said, "here's a man that the Holy Spirit has called his name and told him who he was, exactly what I wanted to do." Said, "Here's a man that I can't even speak his language. He...?... We was born twelve thousand apart or farther," and I said, "in different nations, different nationalities, different language (I don't just remember right.) just Holy Spirit has told me who he, where he come from, and what he done." I said, "That's more than enough to convince you of it." I said, "Now, he's blind." []
I said, "Now, gentleman of the religions of the world, can your religion do anything for this man?" I said, "No more than more than what to change his mi--way of thinking. You say, 'Well, he's sun worshipper; he went blind, sincere in heart, he worshipped his god.'" I said, "Now, he worshipped the creature instead of the Creator, the creation, rather, instead of the creation--the Creator...?..." I said, "Do you get it?" I said, "Now, what if you wanted a Jain out of him? You'd say he was wrong then, 'cause he worships insects. What if you wanted to make him a cow worshipper, you'd tell him to go on and worship the cow, the Mohammedan the same way, the Buddha the same way. You'd only change his way thinking, which is psychology." I said, "We have the same thing in America, only a little different God. But a man wants to make a Methodist out of a Baptist; or a Baptist wants to make a Presbyterian out of a Lutheran; and the Pentecostal wants to an Assembly out of Oneness; and the Oneness wants to make a some kind of something else." And where is God...?... That's right. God saves us. Certainly. Where is the living God? God calls a man to worship.
L-53 I said, "We got that in America...?... We don't have but one God, but we have a lot of these different organizations that tries to make people think it's in the Methodist; we think it's the Pentecostal, or think it's the Church of God. We think it's...?... separate. I think it's psychology, man born in east or born here, and that's all." No matter what church you belong to, if you're just born...?... wrong...?..."
Now, I said, "That's it. We have the same thing in America. It just in another form. The same devil is doing it; it just under another form." But I said, "If that...?... If each one of you people say that your god is immortal, and...?..." So then, oh, my, they were warned on the Hebrew religion...?... And I said, "Now, if there is a distinction, and all creation come from your god, this is a creature of God. Surely you can do something about it." Oh, brother, there's...?...
Listen. You think I would challenge them...?... like that there? Not unless God would say so. But when God says so, that settles it. You get on your knees before...?...
I said, "Now, if I've told the truth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, God raised Him up on the third day as a witness, He ascended on high, and said, 'The things that I do, shall you do also. Go into all the world, preach the Gospel; lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world. Behold, now the world seeth Me no more; yet ye shall see Me, for I (personal pronoun) will be with you even in you to the end of the world.'" That's right. I said, "If He's raised from the dead, He's absolutely a vindicated exactly the same things He promised to do in the Bible." I said, "Come forward now. If there's a doctor here, or anyone who examine the man first." [Mark 16:15], [John 14:19]
L-54 I said, "If Jesus Christ raised from the dead, and is alive forever...?... that I've see the vision of the man standing here, that he's going to receive his sight." I said, "Now, if there's a doctor or anyone here..." Think of five hundred thousand people. I said, "If any of you gentlemen out there of the religions of India, if your god is a powerful and almighty god, come forth and produce such a miracle for this man."
Everybody kept silent. That's right. 'Cause they didn't believe in visions. They didn't believe in the supernatural. They had nothing to believe with.
But they brought some man over. I said, "If Jesus Christ will give him his sight standing here this afternoon, and I'll tell you now..." And I said, "As God raised Him up...?... I don't know what to do. But Christ has said that this man, standing here, is going to receive his sight, has been blind just the way he told you this day...?..."
There stood one of the hundreds of missionaries standing watching. I said, "Now, if...?... their people then the same way."
L-55 See, we fail to thank God and present Him as Creator. And it proves it...?... Amen.
Then they brought the man forward. I put my hand upon where He told me to be. I said, "Dear heavenly Father, for the sake of Your Word, standing here before seventeen total different religions that oppose me... And these poor people are led blind, let it be known today that You're still the Lord Jesus that raised from the dead. And let them know that we've told the truth, that He is the Son of God, and raised from, and is with us today, doing the same things that He did. And Lord, You promised it in You Bible. I ask You grant it now."
And when I took my hands off of his eyes, he let out a scream that... You didn't...?... to pull for him. He begin to bless everybody even the mayor of city, and hugged his children. He could see as good as any man that sees in this building today. That's right. And he testified before the president of India...?... the police was running along...?... Why, they'd just run over you.
L-56 And I took a hold like that; I said, "Now..." Before I had this...?... I said, "If Jesus Christ will restore the sight to that man according to the Scriptures, as I said, how many here will renounce all other religions, and will accept the living God Who proves Hisself to be here? How many in here?" Oh, their hands went up everywhere. And I said... Well, I said, "Now, how many accepts Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, you just...?... with black hands from everywhere, the people were screaming, raising their hands towards God. I couldn't tell you...?... how many thousands accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour. In glory we'll see...?...
You was ones that did it. You got a part in it. That's right. Getting out of there that night, they pulled my shoes from my feet, stripped off my clothes; the pockets was tore off my...?... them people...?... cars...?... They just...?... and people beating...?...
L-57 Oh, my, going along the streets and those poor old women and men just laying there dying and everything else, and men couldn't even get through. And then the day when we started leaving, there no way of ever...?... no way around it. They said, "Reverend Branham, we'll...?... present time, but we'll...?... in New Delhi where we'll have the amphitheater up there...?... million people. I'm going back if God will bless it...?... thousands coming to the Lord Jesus. What is it? You gave an offering...?... as sure as it. You could pass them a million tracts...?... That's good. You could've preached them the Gospel out of here, the Word only, as good as it is; it's all right. It's perfect. But here...?... The Gospel is demonstrating of...?... nations and...?... as a nation, 'cause the written Word; instead of taking what the Bible said, than what the...?... said, making it known to the people by preaching the Gospel to every nation and every people, then Jesus will come.
I believe He's calling the people into this last day. I believe in praying, preaching His Word everywhere...?... right now here. I love Him. I believe Him with all my heart. Do you the same?
L-58 By the experience of your heart... Not reach here and...?... not because you can...?... and believe...?... that's good. That's the first thing; that's faith. But by faith you first...?... this what happens down here. God saves you as an intellectual...?... But really has it happened down here, friend? There's just something tonight that touches...?... God alone then...?... No matter you done...?... shout, you want to jump, and you might've spoke with tongues; you might've done all these things, but that's not what I'm talking about. See? I'm talking about having peace...?... that puts you at peace with God and with everybody, peace that passes all understanding.
Though people has power to move mountains and so forth, and has not love, charity...?... Though I have power, or--or feed the poor, and...?... and speak with tongues like men and angels, and all these other things, I am nothing. Peace in the heart, the Gospel. Some hear in the Word like...?... but to receive Him as the power that is here. See? It's in your heart. I hope you have received it, while we bow our heads just a moment for a word of prayer.
L-59 Heavenly Father, we come to Thee at the end of this hour of talking of the Gospel; Thou, O Lord, knows all things, knows the heart of man; and You see here these days that we're now living, how the world is changed, how the fanatics is, and how men are lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are doing right, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. Seems that they just come whether they're called a few fanatics...?... of them, impersonating, for those who have done has promised and is fulfilling, that in this last day that You'll send witnesses, and we're here.
In this day if the teachers do what's said they would do, realizing the same power that this world is...?... But we could be annihilated with a hydrogen bomb, or a great cobalt bomb, to take the life of a person that...?... What will people do today, powders up, thinks they're getting this meeting prayed over, screaming and...?... has got loose and there's nothing can stop it...?... Far as we three know...?... free. But oh, said James said, "Go to, you rich men...?... in hell."...?... push down, you who tastes from the Lord Jesus, just offers it back...?... God be with you, help in...?... Saviour in this for held to be true...
Help every man and woman that's here today to find their position in the river of Life, and may they be with pure hearts find that they come into...?... And may receive Him and praise Him, especially this afternoon as be steady. [II Timothy 3:4], [James 5:1]
L-60 While we have our heads bowed, I wonder in the audience...?... if there be any person here on the lower floor that's not a Christian, would say, "Brother Branham, I believe now something's down in my heart. I hope God will just see my hand. I hope He accepts me now for a borned again experience. I--I've--I've--I've never been a Christian. I really want to be a Christian. And by raising my hand, not to you Brother Branham, but to God, I want to accept Him just now, for I come." Would you raise your hand, people, all over the auditorium...?... God bless you. Someone else? Raise your hand and say, "I now accept the Lord Jesus...?..." Someone else? God bless you. Someone up on the...?...
Think of it, friend, before this sun sets this afternoon...?... you only. If God can raise...?... will you now while you're in your right mind, just slip up your hands to the Lord, "I now believe that...?..." God bless you, sister. God bless you...?... God bless you, I see your hand...?...
Up in the balcony to left would you, someone raise you hand? God bless you, young fellow. God bless you my little friend. God bless you. Someone else along the line there, just raise up your hand not to me, but to God, say, "Lord God...?... I want You to remember me when I'm dying. I want you to remember me while I was in...?... this Shriner auditorium I raised my hand to accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour in my heart...?..."
L-61 Dear God, we want to...?... somebody raise up their hand, say, "Lord, here's my hand to Thy hand. Purge me, Lord, of all sin, and make...?... heart."
Someone anywhere that's been a backslider would raise your hand and say, "Oh, I've just tried so hard. I'd come awhile and go awhile, and I didn't take...?... this afternoon." Friend, you never believed in your heart.
Jesus said, "He that heareth My Word and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life, and shall never come into condemnation; but has already passed from death unto Life." Because he have believed from his heart, in the Son of God, not just from his mind; from his heart something happened then. If your heart believes, now, no matter what your mind says, your heart believes.
Now, if there's one who has lived just a halfway backslidden life, and you want to come to be a Christian, raise your hand, anywhere on the bottom floor, backslider, want to meet Jesus...?... Up in the balcony on the right or left, a backslider would you dare face Christ? God bless you. Someone else, raise you hand, say, "I believe that in my condition now, I'm trying to come back now...?... my heart if God so please just now."
L-62 Is there some here without being born again and got the Holy Spirit, say, "God, I now want to receive the Holy Ghost. I have believed. But I have not yet received the Holy Spirit, not just been borned of the Spirit in my heart. So I know, in my mind, I believe every Word...?... I believe He's here...?... ; I believe He's...?... I believe all, but...?... I haven't experienced that in my heart the peace (Oh, my.) like rivers, making me love God...?... I want...?... God in love. Make me love everybody...?... I love my...?... I want that experience." That's when you're borned again.
If you haven't that experience, yet you're a Christian believer, but yet has not accepted that, or else experienced that, would you raise your hand, and say, "Brother, I believe I raise my hand to God." God bless you, brother. Someone? God bless you. God bless you, and you. That's right, brother. God bless you, you. Up in the balcony, someone, you never received the Holy Spirit? God bless you, sir. God bless you. God bless you. Up in the balcony to the right? God bless you, boys. And God bless you, and you, and you. That's wonderful...?... God bless you, sister. God bless you, sir. God bless you, sister. That's fine.
"I now raise my hand asking God as I'm...?..." The world's ending. Did you hear...?... week ago, what science said on the radio, that...?... Science says--scientific research says the end of the world's in sight. It's here, friends. Where are you? Are you Christ's today?...?... "God, come into me now, while we pray." How many here believe on...?... "What, with my mind?" With your heart ask God now to fill you with His goodness, while we bow our heads.
L-63 Kind Father, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, today, right today in the...?... Grant that every sinner that raised their hand will be saved. We know they will, for Thou has said, "He that comes to Me, I'll in no wise cast out." And You also said, Lord Jesus, "No man can come to Me, except My Father draws him first." Then through the Holy Spirit You're here to receive the man, woman, boy, and girl, drawing them, drawing. With their nature, they couldn't ask. You touched them first, and...?...
Jesus said...?... seek first. You called; they now come to accept the Lord Jesus as Saviour. Grant it, Lord, just now. May a peace anchor down in their souls, like the rivers that flow so rich...?... may the start of being free from sin; sweep over their being just now. Look at them all...?... every sincere heart to be white as snow.
I pray, God, that every backslider You'll take back into the fold and grant too for them to be born again. Grant, Lord, that the great Holy Spirit moving in the midst of...?... come down in this building just now. Press this Word into every heart...?... their soul. Grant it, Lord. May this be the beginning of the Word preachers...?... May it break out of every church great joy...?... May You heal the sick and the afflicted, and get...?... Lord. May there be a revival...?... Bless now, for we ask it in His Name. Amen. [John 6:37], [John 6:44]
L-64 How many feels It in your heart right now, that Jesus has come in the door and blessed your...?... God bless you. Oh, isn't that wonderful? All right, just look on...?...
Let's sing, now, everyone on this...?... here.
There is power, power, wonder-working power
In the blood of the Lamb,
There is power, power, wonder-working power,
In the precious blood of the Lamb.
Oh, would you be free...

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