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Doctor Moses
55-0114, Doctor Moses, Philadelphia Church, Chicago, IL, 49 min

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L-1 Well, what do you know, just about--about two dozen never been in one of the campaigns before. We certainly welcome you, our beloved friend, and love with the Lord Jesus. May His Spirit stir you tonight and your emotions greatly to love Him more and more.
Now, this is always, fundamentally, the correct Word of God, the Bible, every bit of It inspired. And it's all God's Word, and God is in His Word. So if God is in His Word, then if you receive the Word, you receive God.
Now that is God's plan, God's motive, God's attitude, God's love, God's salvation. Everything rests in His printed Word. And if those Words are just like grains, or seed that you could pick out and swallow, every one of them would produce just exactly what it says it'll do here. But by faith we receive them.
L-2 Now, someone asked me sometime ago, said, "Brother Branham, when those visions come, what is that part of God?"
I said, "That's secondarily God's Word. If that would say something that wasn't according to this Bible, then it would absolutely be wrong. This is first."
And now, this is God. He said, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." All the healing then comes from God. He's the One does the healing. All the Divine promises come from God, 'cause it's His Word to you and to me. [Psalms 103:3]
L-3 But now, perhaps here's a case that cannot mount up to that spot of faith that would believe... You know that's hard to do? Sometimes we in our emotions even try to accept Jesus as Saviour. But that don't mean we're saved.
You say, "Well, I believe." So does Satan. That doesn't mean you're saved. When you're saved, then you're give a seal of your salvation, the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Abraham believed God by faith and it was imputed unto him for righteousness. But God gave him circumcision as a seal, or a confirmation of his faith. Faith is right. See? [Romans 4:22]
L-4 Like a--a loaf of bread is worth--is worth ten cents, let's say. Well, here's the dime. Well, that's not the loaf of bread. But it's by the ten cents I purchase the bread. So it's by faith that I purchase salvation. Faith is not salvation. Faith purchases salvation. Faith... The dime paid for the loaf of bread, but the dime is not the loaf of bread. See?
So you believe God, and God confirms your faith by giving you back what your faith produces. You say, "I have faith to be healed." If you have, you're healed. God's obligated to His Word. You see it?
L-5 If you say, "I believe I'm saved." Then God gives you the Holy Spirit to confirm it, gives you the witness of the Holy Spirit. That's right. In your heart, every sin passes away, blackness turns to day, and the old man's gone, and a new man's borned again. When you--When you really believe...
But you say, "I believe." And then nothing happens. You go on living the same life, just simply, "I joined church." He never accepted it. See? But when He accepted it, something happened to you and then you become a new creature.
Same thing about Divine healing. You say, "I believe in Divine healing." Well, then you accept it, something happened. If you really believe, something happened. If you don't believe...
L-6 Now, my work for the Lord is to try to bring that person up to this level where their faith becomes, not negative, but positive. See what I mean?
Now, the disciples couldn't hardly believe Jesus. He'd taught so many riddles. He'd speak one way, and then back another way, and look like He contradict Himself and everything. But they couldn't understand those parables and--and no one could seem to understand Him.
L-7 Right along, towards the last of His ministry in the 15th chapter of Saint John, I believe it is, he said, "No... Now You speak plainly and not by parables. Now we know that You come from God, and we know that no man has to tell You anything." See? Right. "By this we know that Thou has come from God." Jesus said, "Do you now believe?" See, see?
Their faith had seen what He had done and some great revelation made known by the Spirit manifestation, then their faith was lifted up to this place to receive it. "And now we are sure that Thou comest from God." See? "Now we believe." [Matthew 13:13], [John 16:30-31]
L-8 No much... How much psychology, that doesn't mean anything. What... I don't say it doesn't mean anything, pardon me. I... It helps, psychology. But it doesn't take the place of reality. That's right. Psychology is something you're thinking of or mentally worked up to. But the reality is God's placing that in confirmation of your psychology. It brings...
"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." It's actually an evidence, something positive when it's confirmed to you. [Hebrews 11:1]
L-9 In the book of Saint John the 3rd chapter, reading a few verses. Listen to this.
There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews:
The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for... ( Why do you know it?) We know that you're a teacher come from God. (Yet He was against all the theology, all their teaching. He laid aside and taught the plain truth from God.) We know thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him. [John 3:1-2]
L-10 That's how they knowed. Jesus done something that brought their faith up to a place to recognize that He was the Son of God.
Now if the church is only teaching theology, how do you if it's right or not? But when God works in that church, bringing the faith up to a place, you know then. That's the way with Divine healing.
Now, the 14th verse is where I wish to speak from for a few moments.
And as Moses lifted up the brass serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: [John 3:14]
L-11 Jesus, talking to this mighty ruler who did not understand, and He was giving him the Old Testament as Scriptural proof of what He was talking about. Jesus was very fundamental in His doctrine. But it was against their theology of that doctrine. Although in their theology they were very orthodox. They believed and very much of believers in what they did believe. But they didn't have it, the Truth.
The Scripture says there is a way that seemeth right unto a man. It may seem every bit right. But the end are the ways of death. So we must be sure that we're right. How God knew in all ages that whether it was right or wrong. He vindicated it. He proved it. [Proverbs 16:25]
L-12 Not long ago, about a two weeks ago, I was talking to a man. And he said, "Well, if God, back in the Old Testament healed the sick." But said, "In the New Testament, He healed the sick." But said, "Now it's a... it wasn't so."
And I said, "You admit that He gave them power to heal the sick?"
"Through His Word?"
I said, "When did the Scripture say he took it away from them?" See? "You... I can show you where it come. You know where it was given. Now, show me where it was taken away, and I will believe it."
L-13 But He said, "I will be with you always, even to the end of the world. And the things that I do, shall you also. For I will be with you, even in you to the end of the world."
Now, Jesus speaking and giving them an--a--a--a parable, or I would say of prophecy in one way and another way, it was an example.
He said, "As Moses lifted up the brass serpent in the wilderness."
We go back to the children of Israel for a few moments to base our thoughts. And we'll hurry and see what the Holy Spirit will have us to look into. These things are not premeditated. I just come here and read a Scripture. That's wherever it goes to, that's where it goes. [Matthew 28:20], [John 14:12], [John 3:14]
L-14 And I'm thinking now of--of Israel being four hundred years in bondage. They had been there for four hundred years and noticed this. In this four hundred years of bondage, there's not one word written of God doing anything for them for four hundred years. Why?
The last prophet they had was Joseph. Joseph was a man that was borned in the world by God to do certain things and to fulfill the will of God.
Gifts and callings are without repentance. You just simply can't push something into somebody that it isn't there to push. Man can't do nothing. [Romans 11:29]
L-15 God in His election has elected, before the foundation of the world, certain things to happen. That's the reason He can know from the beginning what will be in the ending. For He's already set it in order and it'll have to come to that place.
Now Joseph, when he was born, was a spiritual man, a prophet, a seer, a dreamer, an interpreter of dreams, spiritual. He was hated by his brethren, loved of his father, a perfect type of Christ. They hated him without a cause, because he was spiritual. And a very... [Genesis 37:4]
L-16 All Scripture has a compound meaning, or it runs in cycles. For instance, there where it said in Saint Matthew, I believe it was. "Out of Egypt I have called my son." Now, that Scripture that Matthew was referring to was really pertaining to Israel. And God said, "Out of Egypt, I call My son, Israel." He'd called Israel His son out, but it also meant Jesus. "Out of Egypt I've called My Son." See how it routines back?
The cycle of time swings back ever so often. History repeats itself, and Scripture repeats itself down through the age. Any scholar knows that, that's ever studied it from a spiritual standpoint to watch how Scripture will repeat itself, run in cycles like that. It certainly does. [Matthew 2:15]
L-17 Now, Joseph's brethren hating him without a cause, because he was spiritual, is a type of the church, so-called, today. All different denominations, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Holiness, and all together, despising, the formal lukewarm members of these churches... Not all of them are; many of them are borned again Christians out of every one of them. But the ones who are just a normal, nominal Christians, just professed Christians that's never been a vindicated by God by spiritual revelation... That's the only way that you'll ever know what the real meaning of power, and healing, and salvation really means; it is a spiritual revelation of the will and Word of God. You'll never learn it anywhere else, only by revelation. [Genesis 37:4]
L-18 Watch this just a moment, if I can leave this text. Back in Genesis, when Abel and Cain both come bringing sacrifice, both of those men were believers. Abel and Cain both were believers. They were not infidels. Cain was not an infidel, not a communist. He was a believer.
Well now, if believing on the Lord is all God require, He was unjust to condemn Cain when he had just the same faith that Abel did, faith to worship, faith to sacrifice, faith to believe.
So the people said, "All you have to do is believe." That's all you have to do, but then God has to do something.
L-19 Notice, of a vindication... Cain worshipped. Cain built him a church, an altar. Cain worshipped at the altar. Cain made a sacrifice. He was just as religious as Abel was. But Cain brought works, fruit of the field, and laid them on the altar. [Genesis 4:3]
L-20 Now, surely Cain thought that's what brought us out of the garden of Eden, fruit, something that I have to toil and bring back. And now, he did it by a natural view, knowing that the tree was a forbidden fruit, so he brought fruit back and laid it on the altar. But Abel, by spiritual revelation, revealed to him by God through his faith, that it was not fruit. It was a blood that caused it. So by a spiritual revelation, at the first church buildings that was ever made, the first altar directed, there was the pro and con.
Abel, by spiritual revelation, for there was no written Word, God revealed to him that it was not the fruits, or the works of your hands. He brought blood and offered blood, and it testified for him that he was righteous, because he was--it was spiritual, revealed to him. [Genesis 4:3]
L-21 Jesus said, when He come off the Mount Transfiguration, He said, "Who does man say I, the Son of Man, am?"
"Some said Thou art Moses, and some said You're Elias, and the prophet."
He said, "But Who do you say that I am?"
And Peter, listen, stepping up, said, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God."
Notice, quickly, Jesus said, "Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you." Amen. Watch it. "You never learned this at a seminary. You never learned this from man."
Paul said that he didn't come preaching the wisdom of man. But he come preaching the power of Christ, that your faith might not rest upon the wisdom of man, but by the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. [Matthew 16:13-17], [I Corinthians 2:4, 13]
L-22 "Blessed art thou, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father which is in heaven." Notice. "And upon this rock, I'll build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
Clergyman, my brethren, the Catholics hear you say, "He built it on Peter which was a rock." If he did, he backslid in a few days.
Notice, one of them said it was on Christ. No. Christ is the Word. Christ is the Revelation of God. But He said, "Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father which is in heaven. Upon the spiritual revelation of Jesus Christ, being the Son of God, is where He builds His church, and the gates of hell can't prevail against it.
Wasn't Christ the rock. Neither was... Well, it Christ the rock in one way. But what He was speaking to Peter, it was the spiritual revealed truth, a witness of God that that is the Son of God. "Flesh and blood has not revealed it to you, but My Father which is in heaven has revealed it to you." It's a spiritual revelation. You can only receive it as God will permit it. "For flesh and blood has not revealed it, but My Father which is in heaven has revealed it to you." spiritual revelation. [Matthew 16:17-18]
L-23 So if you see then, those children down there after the prophet was dead, Joseph. There was no outlet nowhere. And the church was, perhaps, just as orthodox as it ever was.
In the days of Moses, four hundred years later, they stood all their elders, and scribes, and so forth, just as religious, but nothing. The church laid dormant for all this time. That's the kind of times we've lived in for years (Right.), dormant, nothing taking place.
L-24 But all of a sudden, when the time of the promise drew nigh, God sent down another predestinated creature, foreordained, elected creature, borned in the world and something happened when he was born. His parents knew that he was a child, a proper child of God, so they did not fear Pharaoh's insult. They knew that God had visit the people when he was a baby. See what I mean? It doesn't... All the organizing, all the getting together, all the programs that we have, means not as much as the paper it's wrote on, unless Almighty God starts it. He is the One Who does it. He's the only One Who has the keys to do it. [Acts 7:17], [Hebrews 11:23]
L-25 God's just letting man run to the end of the road, right now in nations. We got great big...?... and--and pentagons, and everything else. But it'll amount to nothing. God has set the world a time that He will judge it. And everything will revolve right up to that time. Everything has to work according the way He speaks it in the heavens above. Yes, sir.
L-26 And now, when Moses came on the scene, He couldn't help being Moses. He was just born a prophet. God sent him down and gave him life on earth, and all of the Pharaoh's in the world couldn't have killed him. He was God's prophet.
And then as soon as Moses came in on the scene, phenomenal things begin to take place. He was God's prophet for the deliverance. Then as soon as God sent a man, there begin to be supernatural things begin to take place.
L-27 And when the church lays dead for so long, when your church don't have a revival, when the pastor just stands with a cold-cut, slide sermon, when somebody say, "Amen," everybody wants the deacons to take him out of the building. When you get a church like that, it will lay dormant.
Then, oh, let God send His man in there once. Watch what will take place. The revival fires will come back on the altar again. People will be crying out for mercy to their souls. Lives will be straightened up. Healings will take place in the church. Signs and wonders will begin to happen. For where the Creator God is, new creation comes, new life comes, new hope comes. Everything comes when Jesus comes--always been.
L-28 Now, let us notice again, quickly. While on the journey... Perfect type of the church today on the journey, how God provided things for them and made a way for them as He went along. Then they come a time where the church begin to cool off and they began to speak evil against God and against Moses, complaining. And when they begin to cool off, then sickness come into the camp. Fiery serpents came in, begin to bite the people. And much sickness was in Israel and many of the people died. Now, Moses went and interceded for them as soon as they made confession that they had done wrong.
What we need tonight over this United States is a good old fashion confession (right), admitting your error, and ask God for mercy, not just joining church, not just starting protractive meetings, but have a old fashion confession everywhere. "Lord, we've done wrong."
L-29 Close up the bootleg joints, all the houses of ill-fame. Take cigarettes off the counter. Let whiskey be sold no more. Prove to God that we're sorry for ourself. Close up the night clubs. Get down on your knees and start praying. That's the way to start a revival. That's right. That's true. Think it over.
Look at all the effort you're putting forth. They're all in vain. Everything's in vain until you really prove to God that you're sincere about it. That's the way. Same way will be about your healing.
L-30 You might just run through this prayer line, run through another prayer line, touch this one, touch that one, saying this is... Until you get down and prove to God you're sincere, burn the bridges behind you, and say, "Here I am, Lord." Something's going to take place then.
Same thing about the Holy Spirit. You say, "I've been seeking for the Holy Ghost for years." I'm not scolding you. You're either mistaught, or something's wrong, or you don't understand.
L-31 God is under obligation to His Word. Peter said on the Day of Pentecost, "Repent and be baptized every one of you in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost." That's the Scripture, just as clear as I know how to read it.
If you repented and are baptized, then God's under obligation, if your faith is right towards God to give you the Holy Ghost the minute that you obey His Word. Believe that. God will vindicate it to you.
If your heart's really right before God, and you're taught right, and believing it, and walk up there with the assurance, something's going to happen, 'cause God's more willing to give you the Holy Ghost than you are willing to accept It. [Acts 2:38]
L-32 Now, let's go just a little farther with it. And now, when Moses went and talked to God... Said, "God, what's going to do about this?"
Watch the Holy Spirit, quickly. Said, "Go make a serpent out of brass, and put it on a pole, and lift it up in the midst of Israel. And it'll come to pass, that ever who looks upon this serpent, believes, will be made well of their diseases." [Numbers 21:9]
L-33 Now first thing, the brass and the pole, the serpent, is formed and everything spoke of Jesus Christ. Jesus, talking to Nicodemus, said, "As Moses lifted up the brass serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of man be lifted up for the same purpose."
Now, what was the first thing they done? The first thing the people had did, was that they disputed with God. They had sinned. That's the reason that the serpents bit them, and the wisdom of the Egyptian doctors, that they had with them, could not heal the snakebite, because it was a Divine thing. So now, God, knowing if He could get rid of sin, He would get rid of sickness. So he made the serpent. [John 3:14]
L-34 The serpent, the first place, represented sin already judged from the garden of Eden, the serpent that his legs was taken off.
The brass represented Divine judgment, as a brazen altar, and--and the brass skies in the days of--of Elijah, when Ahab had ruled the country so long.
And the pole represented the cross. Everything represented Christ. Why did He foreshow that? God, in the beginning, He was only letting the children of Israel draw interest on what He was going to do. See?
In the mind of God, Christ was already crucified. For He was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Back in Eden, Christ in God's thoughts, which became His Word, had not yet materialized. But He knew it was, for He had promised it. And He let the children of Israel draw interest before the deposit was made. So to show that it was, Him knowing what was going to be, He made something here that represented... So through the serpent, they could see what was going to happen, and through that, they received healing. [Revelation 13:8]
L-35 When they could get rid of sin, you've got to get healing. Oh, my. That makes the Methodists feel good, doesn't it?...?... Look. Get rid of the cause, and you got the cure already. Drawing interest...
And if God in His infinite mind, foreknowing that hundreds of years later that Jesus would die on a cross, and made sin for us, be crucified, and let Israel be healed by the phenomenal before Christ was crucified, how much more will He after Christ is crucified? If that was the type, how much more by the antitype? How much greater program have we today than what Moses had?
And yet when Moses come out of the wilderness, there wasn't a feeble one among them. Forty years, Doctor Moses... I imagine if there's a doctor here tonight, you'd like to have some of his prescription. [Psalms 105:37]
L-36 Led two million people. How many babies is borned every night in two million people? How many old people? How many cripples and how much sickness among them? And Doctor Moses took care of every one of them, and brought them through without one feeble one among them. Why, doctor, you can't even do a family that well. Think of it.
Why? Doctor Moses had prescription. Would you all like to see what he had for a prescription? I'll show you. Let's look into his briefcase. "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." That's all the prescription he needed. "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." Put that in your briefcase, doctor. I tell you, your patients will get well. "I'm the Lord that healeth thee."
If a mother was real sick with the baby, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." If a serpent's bit, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." Someone broke a leg, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." [Psalms 103:3]
L-37 And if He did that under that covenant, how much greater is the covenant today? If He did that under the type, what will He do under the antitype?
You know what I begin to believe, Christian friend? That we're just living in the beginning of the greatest time this world has ever witnessed. I just believe that all of the lines are getting unclogged. You know, clogged up with all kinds of doctrines and theologies, and--and all kinds of stuff, unbelief, it's been handed down from generation to generation. "Oh, there's no such a thing as healing. The days of miracles is past." We just automatically believe that.
But it's come to the place where God, not man. We'd still be back there in the old formal way.
L-38 Look how science has progressed in the past hundred and fifty years. Think of it. A hundred years ago, the only way they had to send a message was by a letter or by lip to ear. And today they can send it by telephone, telegram, wireless telegram, televisions. Just think of the way they can send it, how they progressed.
L-39 Think a hundred and fifty years ago, a French scientist (Can't call his name now. Was reading of it here not long ago.) proved, or said he could prove, that if the world was turning in the way that they knew it was (and it being twenty-five thousand miles around it, would have to be... make it more than a thousand miles per hour.), and if a person went the terrific speed of thirty miles an hour, gravitation would take him off the earth. Scientific proof. My, wonder what he had flying? A balloon?
Notice, they pay attention to that today? You jump in your car and run a hundred miles an hour and think nothing about it. Sure.
L-40 I seen a little, some kind of a little Ford the other day they said would go a hundred and fifty miles an hour. They don't pay no attention about that science said, because they've progressed. They're splitting an atom. And you know what science is begin to find as they're fooling with the elements of the air, through atoms? Atoms revolve on back and break down till it comes to God. Light revolved back to God. Science is proving things now for they're basing it right back to God again. They're finding out that it runs right back again.
L-41 From this pulpit spoke a mighty scientist not long ago when I was here. And he was questioning me back in the room about that Light, that Angelic Light that appeared. Had it on the paper, on a picture.
Why, he said, "Reverend Branham, how they put a meter on a dying saint, when it was dying and slipped off in a room, and her knowing nothing about it. And when her death struck her, she wasn't afraid. She lifted up her eyes and asked God to forgive every enemy she had, and thanked Him for the life that she'd lived. And when that meter was put on zero, enough power raised from that woman, supernatural something that went from her, that caught on to that meter made out of the same thing as a lie detector, that your nerves..."
L-42 You wasn't made to tell lies. You can put a thing around your wrist, and put you there, and let you try to tell something. And if you're not telling the truth about it, it'll show that you're lying, for there's a pressure on the light that goes through your nerves, the energy, which is the soul of man that wasn't made in the beginning to lie, but to be truthful.
Science has made that to a patent or place. That same thing upon truth... Why, this saint of God, dying, who'd been run from her own home, because of her belief in God... They said she was crazy because she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and believed on Him.
And enough power come from that woman to send a radio message around the world five times, I believe it was, of power coming off of that dying woman. Go on beyond the moon the stars to the Throne of God, with that prayer to a sinner's poor heart in the hours of her death...
L-43 Then he slipped into a man that was an infidel, dying with a venereal disease. And sent a young lady in there to get him all emotional worked up. And then when he got angry with her, begin to curse and take God's Name in vain, and the meter turned back as far as the other way as the Christian did this way.
And the scientist was converted and said, "If God respects people who use His Name in--in the glorious way and believe Him that much, I now believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as Saviour."
So he said, "Reverend Branham, those lights around the Saviour, and around the saints, was not just some mental conception. It was God back in the days like the brass serpent."
There it's scientifically proved to be true. Hallelujah. But that's before they had a camera to take the picture [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit several times--Ed.] that there was power around the believer. The... []
L-44 Thy Word is true. And Lord, we pray that You'll be with us now in these few words of exalting the Lord Jesus Christ, Thy beloved Son, Who said, "If I be lifted up, I'll draw all men unto Me." Oh God, help us to lift Him up before the people. Help us to exalt Him high and say, "There He is as He has--has been exalted by the Father." Went in above every Archangel, every name that's named in heaven, His Name is above all.
When He rose from the dead, He said, "All the powers, heavens and earth is given into My hand. Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Lo, I am with you always even to the end of the world." [John 12:32], [Matthew 28:18-20], [Mark 16:15]
L-45 And heavenly Father, in this poor, humble way that I have, yet blessed, that I'm grateful and thankful for... Seemingly the great Angel of God Who met me that night, stands here at the platform now, warning me, "Call a prayer line." Maybe something would happen tonight, Father, that would cause many to believe. Then when the service is finished, I pray, God, that every unbeliever will rush here to the altar and say, "Now I believe." Those without the Holy Spirit, may they receive it tonight as they're setting in the seat. Those who are seeking God, may this be a glorious night because of Thy Presence. For we ask it in the Name of the Jesus Christ Thy Son. Amen
L-46 Strange things work among Christians. [Brother Branham speaks to another brother--Ed.] I don't know whether you give prayer cards or not. What was them, J's last night? J's, we called the first part of them then? Let's call about... How many did we have, twenty last night? Didn't get them all? Well, let's take the last... Got about fifteen be last...?... All right, let's call fifteen here to start with tonight. Let's take J-85, 85 to a 100. That'll...
L-47 Who has J-85? Raise up your hand. You have, lady? Come over here, right down here. Who has J-86? Prayer card 86, would you raise your hand? 86? 86? All right, lady. 87? Who has 87? All right. 88? All right. 89, who has prayer card 89? Are you here? Raise your hand. 89? They have it? 90, who has prayer card 90? 91, 92, 93, 94, 95? 95, did I see it? All right. 96, 97, 98, 99, 100? Let's try those for a few minutes.
I don't know why. Maybe somebody's in that prayer line that would die before morning. I do not know. I'm not saying... Something said to have a prayer line. Here we're go to do it.
L-48 How many in here that believes, that's sick and wants God to heal you tonight? Will you just raise your hand while we're... That's... I just wanted to see where you're at. He's here. I don't know why, but It's already here before the music plays or anything. Praise be to God. Seldom this happens this way.
I want you to believe with all your hearts tonight. I want you to believe for the glory of God. Wished I hadn't called a prayer line. I just see It moving over the audience right now, before I even have prayer line. I'm so thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ.
L-49 Oh, I wished I could see this church at just this moment break in this great realm now, every heart in here fall into it. I tell you, the papers would be full of it in the morning. It's just hard tell what would take place. People would be coming in from all down in New Orleans and everywhere else tomorrow. Hungry Christians from across the world, everywhere, be flying in here in the next few days, if everyone could break into this realm now. Oh, I wished I had some words to express it.
Now, it's not me. Now, I'm a man. See? I'm just a man. But He's God. How marvelous, how wonderful, how glorious, how we love Him. How precious He is.
L-50 I used to sing the old song "For He Is So Precious to Me." You believe that, don't you, lady? Do you? What if I told you your arthritis is gone, would you believe it with all your heart? You believe it? Huh? You believe He'd healed you? He has. You're already healed. Praise be to God. How glorious He is.
You're from out of town, aren't you, lady? You're from Grand Rapids, Michigan. You was setting there thinking about something. The thing of it is, you was losing your memory. You can't think just right. Isn't that right?
That lady setting next to you is from Michigan, too. That's right. What you're here to seek for is a closer walk with God. You're going to get it, don't worry. Your memory's back from you. You won't have any trouble with it no more.
L-51 Jesus Christ the Son of God is here tonight. Have faith in God. Believe it with all your heart; you'll see the glory of God.
Want to stop your suffering, lady, sitting there? Got a bladder trouble and everything, isn't that right?...?... You're healed. Jesus Christ makes you well. Now, your faith has healed you. Your pain's all gone now. You know that's right. Amen.
We don't have to have this prayer line. Don't need it. The only things you need is a little faith to believe God. If you can believe God, God will do the rest of the work for you. How wonderful He is. [Mark 11:22]
L-52 That's an old man setting back there, is wondering about that prostate trouble he's been having. Had a operation, didn't you, dad? Still bothering you. Don't worry, it's left you. God bless you. Just have faith, believe.
Young lady out there with that back trouble, she's wondering about what's going to take place with that, too. Jesus Christ make you well. Amen.
Lady setting back there with sinus trouble. You want to get over that, too. Don't you, lady? All right. You're healed now. You can go home. Hallelujah. He's here...?...
L-53 Come, lady. You believe Jesus raised from the dead? We are strangers to each other. I don't know you. But God knows you. You must have help from Him right away. You been to a doctor. The doctor examined you. The examination come from the breast, the right breast. It's a cancer. And there's no hope for you. That's what the doctor said. Jesus Christ died for you to heal you. Believe it? In the Name of Jesus Christ, I condemn this devil from my sister to be free. Amen. God bless you, lady.
L-54 Come, lady. Perfect strangers to each other, as far as I know. Is that right? We do not know each other. I've never seen you in my life. Had a lot of sorrow a few days ago, haven't you? Some loved one or friend died or something another, a minister. You got a growth. Is that right? You believe you're going to get well? Almighty God, I bless the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ that You heal her, Lord. Amen. God bless you, lady.
Just someone I'm missing. It's Billy Paul. I don't know where he went, but I--I--I know his spirit. I know what's wrong with him. And I--I miss his spirit. Is this the patient?
L-55 Lady, I'm a stranger to you. You don't know me, and I don't know you, but Jesus Christ knows us both. Is that right? You believe? You're here standing for someone. It's a--a sister or a half-sister. She's not a full sister. It's a half-sister. She's just been sick and ill recently. It's a... I believe he said... I didn't understand. I believe he said rheumatic fever. Is that right? Doctor... You also got a daughter that's sick. She has a fever also. You got a sick son. You want me to pray for your teeth, don't you? Come here. Dear God, Who made heavens and earth, send Thy blessings upon this woman, who I bless in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Do you believe with all your heart?
L-56 You want to see me about someone else, isn't it? You want to ask me to pray for a brother for a--a cause of insanity like. Isn't that right? You got a--an elderly lady you want me to pray for. She's your mother. She has diabetes. Isn't that right? You need a closer walk with God. You've always wanted that. Never come to the place where you really felt that you was doing just exactly, perfectly His will. Will you be willing to surrender your whole life to Him now, go home and receive what you ask for? You believe if you'd do it, make your full consecration that God would answer your prayer? I do, too. Almighty God, in the Name of Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, bless this woman, who I bless in Your Name. Amen.
L-57 How do you do? I just love Him with all my heart. You shouldn't need no more of a friend. Just to... It's just... I--I--I just can't explain this. Oh, what--what do you need? What more can the Holy Spirit do? There's just... Oh, what could happen at this moment.
How do you do, lady? We are strangers to each other. Are we? I do not know you. Only way that I know to contact you would be God. Through God's mercy is the only way I could minister to you. I'm just a man. You believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, don't you? For you're a Christian. You had some sad news recently. Doctor said you couldn't get well. You had a cancer. That's right. You're not from this city. You're from a land where there's a lot of lakes and things. Wisconsin, Owen, Wisconsin. Your name is Regal. You're first initials is H. F. Go home now. Receive your healing. Jesus Christ makes you well.
Don't resent that. Jesus said to Peter, "Thou, Peter, thy name shall be called Peter." [John 1:42]
L-58 You believe, lady? You have female trouble, don't you? That lady right there has it also. That lady has goiter also. You're both healed. You believe? Stand up just a minute. Stand to your feet. I don't care what's wrong with you. Stand up to your feet. "I now believe the Lord Jesus Christ. I now accept Him as my Healer." Almighty God, I condemn all sickness and in the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast out every devil...?... through Jesus Christ Thy Son through the power of...?... of these people...?...

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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