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The Manifestation Of Thy Resurrection To The People Of This Day
54-0809E, The Manifestation Of Thy Resurrection To The People Of This Day, Shriner Temple, Los Angeles, CA, 54 min

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L-1 The woman's faith healed her; her faith has saved her. Be reverent now.
Would you come, sir? Do you believe with all your heart? Do you believe? We're both in His Presence, the Presence of the Almighty, to Whom we'll give an account for at the day of the judgment, when we stand. It's becoming dark around you, my brother. You're being taken to a place. It's a... I see a man... It's a hospital; it's a surgery. You... A--a cancer, and the doctors shook their heads and sewed you up. There's nothing can be done as far as doctor's concerned. They sewed you up and left it that way. Jesus Christ is here to make you well. Do you believe it?
Almighty God, the Author of Life, the Giver of every gift, spare the life of this dying man. For Your glory, Lord, may it be to Thee. Grant it. [Matthew 9:29]
L-2 I condemn the cancer, and ask that while I have my hands upon him, under the anointing of the Spirit, that You will condemn the demon of cancer.
Satan, you've hid from the doctor; you can't hide from God. Move from the man; come out of him in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.
Go happy, rejoicing in Christ's Name.
Everyone just as reverent as you can be for a few moments. Just have faith; believe with all your heart. If you can believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ can work with you, and He will be with you.
L-3 I'm watching a woman; she's a colored woman; she's in prayer at her house. The colored lady setting right there with kidney trouble, sister, stand up on your feet. Yes, you with the glasses on, right here, you're healed now. You prayed before you come here for this to happen. Is that right? Wave your hand if that's so. I seen you when you were praying, in a vision. You're healed now. You can go home. God bless you.
By the way, sister, being that the Holy Spirit's upon you, there's a lady sitting there next to you, her heart was thrilled there. She has high blood pressure, that white lady sitting next to you. Stand up on your feet there, lady, next to her there, with the high blood pressure, and say for the Lord Jesus to make you well too. God bless you now. Stand up and let the lady... Lay your hands on each other there. That's right.
O God, be merciful, I pray in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you.
L-4 I seen the little lady setting behind her with glasses on all thrilled. Yes, you're suffering too, aren't you, lady? It's head trouble. Stand up. Jesus Christ healed you. Go home now and be made well. God be with you.
Have faith in God. He's over the audience now.
That colored lady setting way back in the back there with that growth, setting way back, right on the back end of the seats back there, raise up, lady. Jesus Christ makes you well. God bless you. You can go home. You've got a little green something over your shoulder. Your faith has healed you now. Go home; be made well through Jesus Christ's Name.
Praise be to the Lord Jesus, His magnificent power, His glory. [Mark 11:22]
L-5 How do you do, lady? You and I are strangers to each other, I suppose. I've never seen you in my life. Perhaps, you've never seen me, but we're here as--as brother and sister, standing at the platform. Do you believe on the Lord Jesus, that God raised Him up from the dead? Do you believe that He ascended on high and give gifts unto men? Do you believe me to be His servant? Humbly I say it; I'm not worthy to be. But he... Somebody has to be. Is that right?
If God will let me know what your trouble... You're suffering with a--an arthritis. Isn't that right? There's something strange about you. There's something moving around you. Every one, reverent... The woman's fading from me. Oh, it's a--it's a boy. You've got a son that's got paralyism. He isn't here, but your hearts bleeding for him. You was thinking of him when you walked up. I hear him call...?... Your name is Decker; your first name is Ida. You live at a fifteen-twenty-four and a half street. God bless you. Go home; you're healed. God bless you. Go on your road rejoicing; lay your hands on your son.
L-6 Howdy do. Do you believe? With all your heart? You believe you're in His Presence? You're a stranger in this city. You've come from the east, coming this way, across the desert. You've come from New Mexico, Gallup, New Mexico. You had female trouble when you come over here. You're going back without it. Your faith has healed you. All right.
You believe with all your heart? My sister, diabetes is a horrible thing, isn't it? But Jesus Christ can heal it. Do you believe that? Come near.
O Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, and giver of every gift. Let this our sister now, by faith, go to Calvary for a blood transfusion. By faith may the rich Blood of Jesus Christ atone for this sickness now. As I lay my hands upon her may she be healed, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Go, believing with all your heart, and you can receive what you ask. All right. [Matthew 9:29]
L-7 Look this way, young lady. I seen you slipping up through the aisle there awhile ago. What if I told you that your kidney trouble and back trouble was healed when you come up on the platform there? Would you believe me? Then go ahead; you are. She's worried about it, worrying about it. All right.
The woman has a trumpet in her ear. Will you bow your heads just a moment?
Our dear Lord and Saviour, I pray for Divine mercy for our sister. Satan has did this evil, and I ask now that You move it for her. May the demon that's bound the woman come out from her, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
L-8 While the audience keeps their head bowed a minute... Can you hear me now, lady? Can you hear me now? Go on your road rejoicing and be happy. God bless you. Here's her...?... had diabetes, and it's gone from her...?...
Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
Lady, would you obey me as God's prophet? Do you believe if I'd lay my hands on you, and command that that arthritis leaves you, that you could walk off this platform like a young woman? In the Name of Jesus Christ may it go now. Amen. Go off the platform like you did when you was--be a young women.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
You believe the Lord Jesus healed you setting in that chair?
L-9 Does the audience believe that the Lord Jesus is here now to make everybody well? What more would you want than just now? The Holy Spirit has confirmed everything that's been said. That's right lady, that female trouble left you setting right there just then. God bless your heart.
The whole audience is illuminated now. The Spirit of God's moving over the audience. Are you ready for your healing? I want you to do what I tell you do. Lay your hands over on each other; put your hands on each other just a minute while I pray.
O God, Creator of heavens and earth, I believe on Thee tonight, with all my heart, and I believe that You'll heal. I condemn the devil and ask that these women be liberated, every person in here. May the lame walk, the blind see. Here are the crutches laying on the platform. You can do it, Father. I ask that every one of them be healed in Jesus' Name.
L-10 Now, Satan come out of this audience, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Let every crippled person rise to their feet. The blind can see, the deaf hear... if you will receive it...
[ Congregation sings--Ed.]
Thou son of David, have mercy on me...
Shall we pray: Our kind heavenly Father, great Jehovah God, we thank Thee for the Lord Jesus Christ, Your lovely Son Who came to us when we were alienated from God, and the commonwealth of God, Gentiles cut off without mercy, and Jesus died in our stead, reconciling us back to our Creator; and we're grateful for Him tonight.
L-11 And now, it does not yet appear what we'll be in the final end, but we know we'll have a body like His; for we shall see Him as He is. We'll be free from sickness, from afflictions, from heartaches and sorrow, from sin will be no more. Lord Jesus, help us, we pray, that You will bless us in our feeble efforts as we're trying to shed forth the manifestation of Thy resurrection to the people of this day. [I John 3:2]
Bless every church that's here. Bless every one that's cooperating. Bless the people who owns this Shriner temple. We're very grateful for them. They let us have it to worship You. And I pray God that every custodian, and every man, and every Shriner at the end of life's journey will be saved. Grant it, Father. May they be filled with Your Spirit. I pray that You'll grant this. They've been so kind to us to let us have their places throughout the world, where we travel.
And now, we ask that the Lord Jesus, Thy beloved Child, will come now in our midst tonight in His resurrection power and will manifest His love to His children. For we ask it in His Name. Amen.
L-12 There has never been adequate time for a--a service where the people are in one accord like they are here tonight, and every night they've been, and the Holy Spirit moving.
Many of the speakers, perhaps has already spoken. Brother Huckstra, my long bosom friend, he's been coming and getting me at night from my hotel room, and bringing me to the place. I didn't know how to find my way around. And tonight, he was telling me out there; he said, "They'd showed some pictures and had taken up a missionary offering for me for my overseas work."
It is to my humble belief that the Lord Jesus is soon coming. I--I just don't see any other alternative for this world, than for the coming of the Lord Jesus to be next. And I'm so thrilled to know, and I'm believing with all my heart...
L-13 As the other night, I quote it again, I guess Brother Arganbright is here somewhere tonight, the one that has the picture, or it may be in the pictures you just showed of the returning of the Jews to Palestine. What a remarkable instance it is now. How the prophets said that they would be there, and how they would return, and how the desert would blossom as a rose. And it's striking to know that we're living in that day, and that Jewish flag a flying again for the first time for twenty-five hundred years. And I want to show you something a little remarkable that you'd see why my heart burns for them.
The very day that Israel was declared a nation again for the first time for twenty-five hundred years, that same night the Angel of the Lord sent me out to pray for the sick, the very same time, May the 6th, 1946, the Lord Jesus did that.
L-14 And now, in Africa I asked them if they had been reading the Bible the missionaries give them. And they seen what the Lord Jesus did then. "And what He did then, He will do now," I said. He has risen from the dead. He's no more dead; He is alive forevermore, and He is here in every meeting. And where many many tens of thousands of people had gathered... And when I asked them, I said, "Now, what did our Lord Jesus do when He was here on earth?" The thing He did, He never claimed to be a great person. He said, "He could do nothing within Himself; just what the Father showed Him to do that's what He done," Saint John 5:19.
He passed through the pool of Bethesda where many crippled and afflicted people were lying. Many of them helpless, perhaps, thousands laying there, lame, halt, blind and withered. He passed by them without healing them. [Revelation 1:18], [John 5:19]
L-15 We sometimes wonder how with full of love and compassion He could do that. But we misinterpret what love and compassion is. He walked to a man laying on a little pallet and said, "Will thou be made whole?"
He said, "No one can help me in the water." He could walk. But said, "While I'm coming, someone steps down before me."
He said, "Take up thy bed and go into thy house." And the man was made whole. Walked away and left that multitude. We wonder at that sometime, if you don't have a spiritual understanding.
Jesus said to the Jews, the very same chapter the 19th verse; He said, "Verily, verily I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise. The Father worketh and the Son worketh hitherto." [John 5:1-19]
L-16 No prophet, no time any man ever possessed the power to do it within himself. Just as God will reveal it... Jesus said there was many lepers in the days of Naaman, but only one was sent to Him. Just one leper was healed in all the days of Elijah, one leper, because God sent him there. Elijah knew on Mount Carmel when he laid the sacrifices, he said, "I did all of this at Your will, at Your Word," taking God at His Word.
I believe tonight. And I trust now... I trust that this auditorium of people will come right on down and help finish out the meeting with us in prayer and stand by us. If there's some that cannot, maybe some of you are from out town and have to go home. If you are, the next few weeks be praying for me. When the winds are howling, and things are going contrary, I'll remember there's a group in Los Angeles praying for me. I'll believe that. [II Kings 5:1-27], [Luke 4:27]
L-17 And into India first where... just like in Africa where witch doctors and everything else... as soon as they see the first sign of supernatural, they challenge you. And I have never seen a time but what our Lord Jesus triumphed, moved over, went out and glorified Him. I never seen a time but what there was a great sign and miracle followed.
And I pray that you'll be praying for me, for I need your prayers. I'm just a man, just a human being, your brother in the Lord Jesus Christ. And I need your prayers very much, and I'll be depending on you praying.
I would like to get, if possible... I don't know what it'll be when I get into Jerusalem. I have to go to Transjordan first, of course, before I can get into Jerusalem.
L-18 Oh, how my heart burns to stand, seeing every prophecy, as far as I know fulfilled, except one thing, a spiritual awakening among the Jews. When the Jews receive the Holy Ghost again, and the Kingdom of God comes upon them, the Gentile days will be finished. And I have heard, I do not know, I haven't been there...
Mr. Lewi Pethrus, our brother from Stockholm, Sweden... The big Filadelfian Church sent around a million Bibles down there, written in Yiddish. Those Jews coming in, reading the Bible, they said, "If this be the Messiah, let us see Him do the sign of a prophet. We'll believe it." That's the same thing we used in Africa. How happy I would be to see them make that same challenge. And they believe the prophets; they believe the supernatural. "The Jews seek signs, the Greeks wisdom," said Paul. Jews still seek signs. And our heavenly Father is a sign, miracle working God. They're looking for Him.
L-19 We've had theology. They've taught it through the countries until they're just sick and tired of the tracts they're passing. But they want to see the Word made manifest, then they'll believe it. Jesus said this same thing. I'm afraid, teachers, there's where we've made our mistake. Jesus said to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, and these signs shall follow them that believe in all the world. See? I believe that's where we've left off. We've tried to bypass it with our theology, around the very Fountain that gives Life to the world, the resurrected Jesus Christ.
If He is risen from the dead, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, can do the very same things tonight, right here in this audience, that He did when He was here. What would He do? He would stand here sing; He wouldn't dress any different from any other man; He would look like other men. He walked among men, peasant, poor. Come by the way of a stable, went out through capital punishment, only had one garment, as far as we know of in the Scripture and wove throughout without seam; it was given to Him. No place to lay His head, He was poor. He talked like the poor people talk. He didn't have... He wasn't eloquent in His speech, perhaps, but He spake like a man never spake before, for He had authority. He... God was with Him. He was God manifested in the flesh, Jehovah inveiled in human flesh. I love Him, tonight with all my heart. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-20 My heart bleeds for Him. And to think He's waiting for us to take this Gospel to all the world. Then He said, "I will return." He's setting on His Father's throne tonight, waiting to return to His Own throne. His--David's throne to rule and reign through the millennium. He's longing to return, and He's depending on the Church. How short we have fallen. God help us and forgive us, is my prayer.
In the Scripture, I just was reading, was of a blind man. Its scene is at Jericho. The poor fellow in rags, shivering. I've heard many dramatized pictures of this scene. But just to speak on His Word for a moment, to see how that the poor fellow... Many lepers, and blind, and beggars in that day, his chances is very small of ever getting a coin now and then. Perhaps, he'd just eat every once in a while. His clothes was ragged. Someone that come by in the morning, if they was wealthy enough to give a coin, the first one they met, that settled it through the day. [Mark 10:46-52], [Luke 18:35-43]
L-21 So, being so many... And Jericho was a wicked city, always has been a cursed city, since Joshua took it for Israel. Cursed the man that would build a wall. And him standing in that condition, perhaps, getting a late in the fall, getting cold. And he shivered by the side of the wall. Inside they were carrying on, making noises. And he set close to the road, perhaps within a few hundred feet of the road that led from Jerusalem to Jericho.
A blind man setting by the walls, where their theology of the priest of that day had said the days of miracles were past... Right down that same road Joshua, the great conqueror for Israel, brought the children of Israel, shouted and the walls of Jericho fell. It was on that same road, not many years before that, that Elijah and Elisha walked arm-and-arm and crossed Jordan. And Elisha returned with a double portion of the Spirit. [Mark 10:46-52], [Luke 18:35-43]
L-22 I can imagine the blind man saying, "If I'd have only lived in the day when the great prince Joshua came by. I would've asked for a blessing. If I'd only lived when the prophet came by, I'd have asked those anointed ones, if they would've helped me." Little did he know just around the corner was the Prince of all, the Son of God. As He comes through the gate, the people, priests, making fun of Him, crowds railing Him, and crying after Him... Some of them loved Him, some hated Him.
I can hear a noise, and I can imagine the poor blind beggar said, "What's the noise about?" You know, usually where Jesus is there was always a little noise, a little upsetting. Why? Life comes in; life brings noise. [Mark 10:46-52], [Luke 18:35-43]
L-23 If a baby is born and it doesn't cry, it's dead. That's what's the matter with the church tonight. We need some more weeping, breaking up, in our services. When Israel travailed, children was born. When the church travails, children will be born.
And I can see the prophet, or the Prince of the prophets, the King of prophets, the Lord Jesus Christ, as He came out of the gate, moving along, His face set towards Calvary, the burdens of the world laid upon His blessed shoulder. The Bible said, "There was no beauty we should desire Him." Perhaps a frail little fellow as He walked out of the gate, His head threw back, His eyes set toward the heaven as He marched forward to do the will of God. People making fun of Him, we just have a shadow of it, to what He went through. Maybe they was throwing things at Him, as it would be today, rotten tomatoes, and so forth, scorning Him, making fun of Him. And a little beggar standing by the side of the gate said, "Who passes by?"
One said, "Jesus of Nazareth."
He begin to cry, and his faith stopped the Lord Jesus. He turned around and said, "What would you that I do?" [Mark 10:46-52], [Luke 18:35-43]
L-24 He said, "That I might receive my sight." Now, he never asked Him how pretty heaven would be. He didn't want to ask Him, well, some of the theology that He was teaching. He had something in his heart he wanted, "my sight." He said, "That I might receive my sight."
Jesus said, "Thy faith hath saved thee."
I can imagine the crowd going on, Jesus going on towards Jerusalem to be sacrificed, but the faith of that beggar stopped Him. All at once I can see Him then, as He standsthe crowds going on down the road. [Mark 10:46-52], [Luke 18:35-43]
L-25 He begins to look; he said, "He said, I could... I would be able to see. I believe Him." And after while he begins to see his hands, and here he comes down the road, rejoicing and screaming that he was able to see. He followed Jesus, because Jesus had done something for him.
I told a little story not long ago, or I read it (may I pass it to you) of blind Bartimaeus. They said he was--been blind practically all of his life. The little story, it may be fiction; it'll do for this time. And said that he used to go down to the gates, and he had two turtle doves that done little enchantment, tumbling over each other to attract the attention of the tourists, something a little different so--so he could get a coin, a few more coins. Say he had a child. And the child got sick one night. He went out and prayed, and he said, "God, if You'll let my baby live, I'll promise You, tomorrow I'll sacrifice these doves for You."
L-26 So, the next day the baby was well. He taken the doves and sacrificed them, as he promised Jehovah to do it. Not long after that, something else happened. And what it was his wife took sick. The doctors could do her no good. He said, "Lord, if You'll just help my wife, and let her get well, I'll sacrifice my lamb." Now, today a blind man's led by a dog; in them days they were led by a lamb. And so the next morning his wife was well.
He goes up to the temple to sacrifice the lamb. The great high priest, Caiaphas at that time, stepped out and said, "Where goest thou, blind Bartimaeus?"
He said, "Oh, high priest I go to the temple to sacrifice my lamb. I told the Lord last night if He'd let my wife live, I would give Him this lamb." [Mark 10:46-52], [Luke 18:35-43]
L-27 He said, "Oh (high priest, you'd or), blind Bartimaeus you can't sacrifice that lamb." Said, "I'll give you some money, and you go buy you a lamb at the stall."
He said, "High priest, I never promised God a lamb; I promised Him this lamb."
He said, "...?... but, blind Bartimaeus, you cannot sacrifice that lamb; that lamb is your eyes."
He said, "Oh, high priest, I have made a promise to God, and God will provide a lamb for blind Bartimaeus' eyes."
A few months later by the walls of Jericho there was a Lamb provided for blind Bartimaeus' eyes. That same Lamb is provided tonight for every person in here in sin, for every backslider, for every sick person. [Mark 10:46-52], [Luke 18:35-43]
L-28 And may He come in His resurrected power as He would stand, and may He take this church into His charge tonight. May He help me, His poor unworthy servant. May He help me tonight, and anoint me, that before my people, that I might have some way to do something in this audience tonight by His power, that if He will let me as I submit myself to Him, that you might leave this tabernacle tonight, or this place, saying like those who came from Emmaus. He walked with them all day long. They didn't recognize Him. Many Christians today walk with Him, but don't recognize Him, don't recognize Who is doing these little things for you. Then when He was in there He did something just a little different from other people, and they recognized it was Him. Their eyes were open. May the God of heaven open our eyes tonight to something, that we'll say when we leave here, "Did not our hearts burn within us?"
Shall we pray to Him. [Luke 24:13-35]
L-29 O Lord Jesus, our lovely Saviour, the only hope of the world is in Thee. In Thee we trust as the poet has written:

On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand:
All other grounds is sinking sand,
All other grounds is sinking sand.

Not upon our churches, Lord, not upon our membership, but upon You, Lord, we confess our sins. We are guilty, and we have no way of standing. You stood in our place; and we love You. And our hearts burn within us for You, and I long to see the day, Lord. If I can only kneel humbly at Your feet, if You'll just let us pat Your feet, bathe it with our tears of gratitude... [Luke 24:13-35]
L-30 And now, to Him that has raised from the dead and alive forevermore, come into our midst, not only into our midst, but into our hearts, and may You show Your power tonight, of Your resurrection, as You did in the days gone by. May it be so this night. We pray for this for no other purpose but for the glory of God, that the Name of Jesus Christ might grow, and be magnified in this great lovely city, called Los Angeles. For we ask it in the Name of Your beloved Child, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. God be merciful to us all.
I wonder if they've give out some prayer cards. What? J, all right. Let's begin with 1. Who has J-number-1 in the prayer card, 2, 3, on up to about oh, 20 or 25, stand first if you will. If you... Ushers, help the people, those who are blind, or crippled, and has got those cards. We'll call a little later again.
L-31 And while they're coming, I'd like to have your attention, please. I want you to be very reverent. The service is not an arena now; it's a house of worship. And may the Angels of God descend from heaven and take their places at every bench tonight, at every place, and abundantly bless every person here that's in Divine Presence.
And I pray, that if there is someone in here now who is a sinner, and has not yet accepted our dear loving Saviour, the Lord Jesus, I pray that you will now in your heart, accept Him as your personal Saviour. May I say this to you while they're coming? There is nothing more God can do for you. He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have Everlasting Life. The Son of God has died that you might be saved from sin, that you might be healed from sickness. And every Christian tonight has, as it was, a bankbook with Jesus' Name signed at the bottom of every check. Are you afraid to cash in on your dividends tonight? He said, "Whatever you ask the Father in My Name that I'll do. Ask whatever you desire and believe you receive it, you shall have it." Saint Mark 11:24. [Mark 11:24]
L-32 Maybe some of you here doesn't believe in Divine healing. If you don't, I don't see how you can believe on the Lord Jesus without believing that. He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace upon Him; with His stripes we were healed. And Divine healing is an attribute of His death; salvation is an attribute of His death. And everything that He died for, every Christian tonight, has it freely by accepting it. First, faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word of God. You preach the Word; that's the initial way.
But think of our lovely Father, if His children couldn't believe His Word, then He gives gifts into the Church. Is that true? Some of them are different gifts. Some of them are teachers, apostles, teachers, evangelists, prophets, gifts of healing, miracles, speaking with tongues, interpretation of tongues; all those nine spiritual gifts goes in the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Body of believers. Do you believe that tonight, Christians? If you do, would you raise your hand as a sign to the Lord Jesus that you are a believer? May He grant to you the desire of your heart. I'm sure I'll be happy to pray for you. [I Corinthians 12:26-30]
L-33 Now, I want to ask you something, and to you clergymen also: if Jesus has risen from the dead, as we know He has, did the Scripture teach in Hebrews 13:8 that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever? Well, what He did then, He'd do now. Is that right? What He did. Now, He didn't claim to have power to heal did He? He said, "I can do nothing except the Father shows Me first." Is that right? "First the Father showed Me, that I..." Do you believe that Scripture's inspired? Saint John 5:19. Look at the rest of the Scripture and see if it dovetails with it.
Look at the blind man when they come begging to Him; He walked on down the street. They came into the room; He touched their eyes and said, "According to your faith, be it unto you." The woman touched His garment, went back out in the crowd, stood out there; Jesus knew something had happened. He was a Seer, not only a seer, but He was the King of the seers. He looked down in the audience, He found the woman that had the faith. He said, "Thy faith has saved thee." [Hebrews 13:8], [John 5:19], [Matthew 9:20-22], [Luke 8:43-48]
L-34 He knew the name of Simon. He said, "Your name is Simon, but you shall be called Peter, hereafter." The things that He did in His day... He talked to the woman at the well. Instead of going on down to Jericho, He went up to Samaria. Sent the disciples away, I wondered why. When the woman come out to draw water... We think... Here she was a prostitute. I know not; God does. Whatever she was, Jesus being a Jew, asked her, a Samaritan, to give a drink of water. There was a racial separation something like today between the colored and white.
She said, "It's not customary for Jews to ask Samaritans such."
In a very polite, dignified way He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink." And the conversation went on. After a bit... To my opinion, He was contacting her spirit. [John 4:1-21]
L-35 Jesus did not work through mental telepathy, as we call it today, but He read the people's mind. Do you believe that? The Scriptures said He did. He perceived their thoughts. Is that right? Well, what's perceiving a thought, perceiving what you're thinking of? Not these psychic readers out here, that's of the devil. That's the devil. Any fortunetellers or psychic... But did you know the devil impersonates everything that God has? He has his churches; he teaches the Gospel in his way. As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these resist the truth. Look at Jannes and Jambres was sent...
Someone who might think that Divine healing was of the devil. The devil cannot, never did, and never will be able to heal anybody. Jesus Christ said so. He said, "If Satan can cast out Satan, then his kingdom's divided." [Luke 5:22], [Mark 3:22-27]
L-36 What was the sign between the--the magicians and--and the real true prophet Moses and Aaron? The magician could almost do everything that Moses did, but the magician could bring the diseases, but he couldn't take them away. He couldn't heal. They broke out in boils themselves (See?), and they couldn't heal. But God can heal. Satan can impersonate, but he can't heal. I'm just your brother, a man.
Have they got their... All your full amount there, Billy Paul?
I don't want you to talk. I just want to talk to you, and I want that with the--the prayer line, and wherever it is in the audience. 'Cause it's a vision, and when the vision breaks, when you speak, it brings it back, and sometimes I don't get the main thing of what the Holy Spirit says and does.
It's going into another world, to the scientists, another dimension.
L-37 Here stands a young man before me. I have never seen him in all my life. We're total strangers. He's maybe standing here with cancer; he might be standing here with a tumor; he might... I don't know what's wrong with the boy. God does. God can reveal it. Do you believe that? May He grant it is my prayer.
Now, young man, in the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ we stand. We may never meet again in this life. And I stand to tell you, that I'm just your brother. But Jesus is the Saviour of the world. You believe that, for you're a Christian. And Jesus Christ is here. And me knowing you not, and if you're in need, and Jesus Christ can reveal to me what your need is, would you believe that I have told the truth that He is the resurrected Son of God and will accept Him, same? Will you do that? The Lord bless you.
Now, I want you to look on me... Not... Just like Peter and John passed through the gate called Beautiful, said, "Silver and gold have I none." See? Said, "Look on us." [Acts 3:1-8]
L-38 The prophet Elijah said to Jehoshaphat to Jeroboam, and them that came down in the wilderness, he said, "If it wasn't I respected the presence of Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't even look at you, but bring me a minstrel." He went into the room, the minstrel played. The hand of the Lord came on the prophet.
You're not from this city, young man. You're from out of this city. You've come from an eastern town, or city, and that city is in Ohio; it's Hamilton, Ohio. You're here not for sickness; you're here seeking God. And you've come to this platform to receive--for me to lay hands on you that you might receive gifts of the Holy Spirit. Your name's Gordon...?... Come here. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God, I bless this my brother, and may he return, and receive that what he's asked for, in Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen. Go your way, young man. The Lord Jesus blesses you. [II Kings 3:14-16]
L-39 Brother, would you bring the lady? Good evening, sister. Perceive that you are a Christian. As soon as we stand here your Spirit feels welcome. Do you believe that's the same Spirit that... When Jesus first came into His ministry, and He said there's a man by the name of Philip got converted, and he went and found Nathanael. And he said, "Come, see Who we have found, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Joseph."
And the fine Israelite said, "Could any good thing come out of Nazareth?"
He said, "Come, see."
And when he came into the line, perhaps, like you are standing now, He said to him, "Behold, an Israelite, in whom there is no guile." In other words a Christian believer, would be now, the same sentence.
He said, "When did You know me, Rabbi? (Or reverend, teacher, whatever you wish to call it.)." [John 1:43-51]
L-40 He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you."
He said, "Thou art the Son of God."
He's still the Son of God, isn't He? You're here to see me tonight. If He was here... You're trying to find Him, through me, as a vessel. If He was in the city, you would go to Him, but He isn't here. He's not here in the body form, but He's here in the Spirit. "A little while and the world will see Me no more." But He said, "Yet, you shall see Me, for I'll be with you even in you, to the end of the world." Manifesting the same sign... Now, the world doesn't believe this, but ye believe it, a Christian.
You're nervous, sister for one thing, and another thing, you have a lung trouble, and that lung trouble is... You're hemorrhaging out of the right lung. That is true. Come here. [John 1:43-51]
L-41 Merciful Father, as I stand with my hands laid upon the place that Satan has come to, in the form of medical terms, called TB, but Thou can remove him, Father. Doctors may fail, but Thou cannot fail.
You can hide from the doctor, Satan, but you can't hide from God; you're exposed. Come out of the woman. In the Name of Jesus Christ leave her; may she be well. Blessings on you, sister. Go on your way in peace now, and rejoice and give Jesus Christ praise and glory is my prayer. Have faith in God. Don't doubt; believe with all your heart. [Mark 11:24]
L-42 Would you come here, lady? Do you believe with all your heart now? I want to talk to you just in order to catch your... to see what the Lord would say. And I believe that He will tell me something that would help your faith.
The first thing, you are suffering with a chest trouble. It's in your chest. And you are here interested in someone else, it's a... it's your grandson. He has an ear trouble. He is not with you. But you're packing a handkerchief, and the handkerchief is got a--a little verse printed on it, and it came in an envelope addressed to you. Take it to him, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ may be...?...
L-43 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. He is not dead. He lives forevermore. He is to make intercessions to the Father, the Almighty, to give blessings, and praise, to those who love Him, and who will believe Him.
Sir, setting out there on the end of the row, you're concerned about your eyes, aren't you? You're just about to go blind. Stand up on your feet, standing right there. Jesus Christ makes you whole, sir. Don't fear; your sight's all right.
Lay your hand on that woman next to you. She's bothered with spinal trouble. Raise up, lady, and be healed, and be made whole, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Your spinal trouble has left you. Your faith in the Son of God has made you whole.
Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart.
L-44 The Holy Spirit still hangs in that corner. The Angel of God, the Light that followed the children of Israel, that you see on the picture, stands right there and looks to me. You can see It now, as It's moving there. It's hanging over a lady; she's setting here on the front. She's got low blood pressure. Your faith has healed you, lady. Raise up to your feet there, with the low blood pressure, right there--there. Christ has made you well. Amen. Your faith in God has did it.
Young man, you setting next to her, you're bothered with gland trouble. You want the Lord Jesus to heal you, don't you? Stand up on your feet and accept your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. [Matthew 9:29]
L-45 Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon Thy children and make them well, through Jesus Christ the Son of God. Amen.
God bless you. Go home now, to each of you, and may the Lord grant to you the desire of your heart. Amen.
Little lady, setting there with the glasses on by the side of that man, you're suffering with a nervous trouble; you were. Setting right in there looking at me, stand up just a minute, right here. Your faith has healed you; go home now and be well. God bless you. All right. [Matthew 9:29]
L-46 Come, lady. Do you believe me to be His servant? With all your heart? You know I'm just your brother in Christ Jesus. I'm just a man, but you're conscious you're standing in His Presence. You know it's more than a man standing here. Your brother wouldn't put that feeling on you. That the people might know that you're truly... You've a feeling that's on you now that you've never felt before. If that's right, raise up your hand to the audience. You're standing in His Presence, not mine, His.
Now, this is a typical... Like Jesus of Nazareth when He was here to the woman of Samaria. You're a colored woman, me, a white man. Jesus let them know then that there was no difference between the people. He thinks the same thing today. There's no difference. Christ died for you as He died for me. You're my sister. I'm your brother in Christ Jesus. [John 4:1-21]
L-47 You've been up for an operation, and that operation was a tumor. You refused to have it taken out because you believed God would take it out. God bless you. I bless this my sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ may the tumor die at this time.
Satan, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, come out from the woman. Go, sister, God be with you.
Have faith in God.
Come here, man. You believe me to be His servant? You're aware that something's going on. That's His Presence, not I. It's by grace that He let's me be anointed, so that I can help you. I can help you if you believe me. [Mark 11:24]
L-48 It's turning dark around you, sir. You're in a dying condition. You got cancer, and the cancer's in the prostate gland. Here's another thing. I see you walking through the house a moving your neck. You got a popping in your neck goes wrong. That's a phobe.
O God, in Jesus Christ's Name, I condemn death around my brother, and ask that life take its place. Come out of the man, Satan. In Jesus Christ's Name leave him. Blessings on you, my brother.
The Holy Spirit that's here to anoint me, to know your condition... There's no secret but what God would know. With hands laid upon you, by Him, Who said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick they shall recover." Go, believing, and you'll live. God bless you. [Mark 16:16-18]
L-49 Just a moment. Stop the man just a minute, look this way, sir again. There was a spirit went over the audience at that time. Did you have something wrong with your neck? No. It's you setting right there. You have neck trouble too, don't you? Stand up to your feet. It's your neck trouble; you--you done it by... You was in a accident that hurt your neck. It's gone from you, sister. I seen it leave a woman, and I knowed that was a man. You're both healed now. God bless you. Go on your way rejoicing. Your faith has saved you.
Howdy do, sister. Death is near you by cancer. You're aware of that. What is cancer to the Lord Jesus Christ Who spoke the worlds into existence? By His Word He framed the world. All things was made by Him. His Blood is now sufficient to condemn this evil one. You've been worrying. Before you come to this meeting, you prayed in a room, and asked if you could receive a prayer card, by God, that you would accept your healing. That's right. You've got it. Go on your road rejoicing.
L-50 Come now, believing. When I said cancer to the woman, you had a strange feeling, didn't you? The symptoms of the same thing, cancer, left you. Just go on your road rejoicing. God bless you. Have faith in God.
What's heart trouble to our Lord Jesus? He can make you well right now. Do you believe that?
O God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Life, send Thy blessings upon this poor woman. If You don't, Lord, she'll have to go, but I ask blessings. Just standing here in this weakened condition, I condemn this demon that's desired to take her life in premature grave.
Come out of her. In the Name of Jesus Christ leave the woman. Don't fear, sister; go being happy, rejoicing. [Mark 11:22]
L-51 It's a lady's trouble, and also heart trouble. You believe that you can accept Him now as your Healer? It's left you now, sister. He Who lets me know it was there, let's me know it's gone. So go rejoicing, and be happy.
I am not reading their mind. Don't think that. I am not. It is not mental telepathy. It's the power of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.
Here's a patient standing here now. That's the--the only thing I know it's a man. Come here, sir. Lay your hand on my shoulder. You believe me to be His prophet, His servant? You do? If I can look over this way, not reading your mind, not looking at that, so that the people will be satisfied with this... If you believe that I've told you the truth, and the truth is in the Bible that Jesus is the Son of God, and He sent me, just His servant to help bring the Church of the living God together in unity... Do you believe that, sir? If I will tell you what's wrong with you right now, with your hands on my shoulder, will you raise your hand accept your healing? May the Lord grant it. Now, you can go eat your supper. Your stomach trouble left you. Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart. [Mark 11:22]
L-52 Lay your hand over on mine, sister. You believe me to be His servant? You do? You believe the Lord Jesus can tell me by vision, out here, as I look at this audience, what's wrong? And if He will, will you accept your healing? You will.
I see you trying to get off a curb of the street. I see you trying to get in somewhere; it's a door; it's kind of high. You've got arthritis. Now, raise up your hands. Stomp your feet up-and-down on the floor. It's gone from you now. You can go home. Believe now with all your heart.
There He stands. It's a lady--lady setting that's got gallbladder trouble, setting right on the end of the row there, right here, this row here, running out right out about--about seven, or eight, or ten people, right out there. Stand up on your feet, lady, right out here. Jesus Christ makes you whole. You were healed at the same time, sister. Go on your road rejoicing, thanking God for it, sis. And there...
L-53 The only thing, sir, you think deep; you cross bridges before you get to them, taking other things upon your heart; and you're always planning something that never happens. It's only mentally, nervous. It's a mental nervousness. That is right. You've been that way for years, but Jesus Christ is here to take it off of you. There's a dark shadow follows you all the time. You're conscious that something's near you like that at all times. Do you believe that God's going to take it from you now?
Satan, leave this man. Come out of him; in the Name of Jesus Christ go out of the man. I adjure thee by the living God that you torment him no more. Raise up your hands, sir. You're free for the first time since you was a child. Go on your road rejoicing.
L-54 Have faith in God. Do you believe Him right now? Over this audience just seems to be a milky haze is hanging here. I'm not a fanatic. I'm a Christian. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ, and right now He's here to make every person well.
Would you believe me as His prophet? Do you believe that I tell you the truth? I say this in the Name of Jesus Christ, that now that my strength is moving and my vision is becoming one blur, in this audience right now it looks like drops are moving over this audience at this time. For the Holy Spirit is here, right now to heal every person in the audience here. These in the wheelchairs, wherever you are, the blind man, whoever you are, The lady sitting there with the female trouble, it's finished. That man there with arthritis, get up on your feet, sir. God has made you whole. Stand up the whole group of you just at this time. Jesus Christ is here to heal you.
Almighty and omnipotent God, the Author of Life, the Giver of every good gift, let it be known tonight. Send the Holy Spirit in a great rushing mighty wind that'll sweep through this building and heal every person.
Satan, I condemn thee by the atoning Blood of the Son of God. Come out of this audience... [Mark 11:22]

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