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Jairus And Divine Healing
54-0216, Jairus And Divine Healing, East Alton -Wood River Community High School, Wood River, IL, 95 min

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L-1 Good evening, friends. It's indeed a pleasure to be here tonight, and a privilege. And I thank you for your thoughts of the boy, my son. He's just a lad, and he's been going with me now, for a little while... The manager's in Canada, Mr. Baxter, and so I--I hardly know how I would--be hard for me to get along without him right now. So he's kindly my right hand man, he's--but being just a kid, and you all's respect for him, I certainly appreciate that.
And I hope someday, that God makes a minister out of him. And if he would only give a complete yield to God, of course, he's just a kid. He's in the adolescent age yet, but Billy, if he will yield to God his ministry will exceed mine so bad till, so far it won't even be in the picture. Billy is going to be a very spiritual boy, and the Spirit of the Lord is near him.
For instance, we'll be riding down the road on place we've never seen before. He's talking to me the other day; he said, "Daddy," he said, "I see we're going to make a turn after while, and there's a red barn, and there'll be a cow standing over here, and some chickens standing around beside..." It'll be there just don't worry. It'll be just there. And see, it's so near him, the same thing. If he'd just yield to It.
L-2 And then, we'll go a little farther, and I'll say, "Now, watch Paul," if you see it's the same I'm telling you. I said, "Now, we're going to be a man so--you be ready to catch your brakes 'cause there's a man going to come around the corner, in this next city, and the man's going to be dressed in a certain way, like that." And there he will be. See? Just like...
And, he will say, "Well now, daddy, that's... I see that too." He said, "But I don't know what to do."
I said, "Just follow what the Lord says." See, see?
L-3 Gifts and callings are without repentance. That's right. And of course, be thousands of things happen, we've never even--I never even mention it. Just... He just tells me certain things, and I just go ahead. That's all right. I'm thankful and just don't tell it to the people. You don't have to, unless it's going to do somebody some good or help somebody. If it isn't going to help anyone, it doesn't do any good anyhow, does it? Just maybe for our own benefit... And there's many things He lets happen, that He never tells me nothing about it, just lets me go right on in. And I don't know nothing about it, till it's done happened. He just tells me what He wants to. See? And what He doesn't want to, He doesn't have to. And He's--that the way God does. [Romans 11:29]
L-4 Just like, you might tonight, lay down and dream a dream. Well, you can't help it 'cause you dreamed a dream. Well then, tomorrow night, I'll say, "Dream me a dream." Why, you couldn't do it if you had to. See? There's nothing you can do about it. But the One Who gives dreams, is the One Who can do it. And the One Who gives visions, is the One Who can do it.
And now, a vision is different from a dream, only a dream is a--it's a--it's a... Well, in one way it's a kind of a vision, but you're unconscious, and a dream is when your subconscious, and a vision, I think now, I wouldn't know think it works in the same channel, only a dream... God does deal in dreams sometimes with people. He--He give King Nebuchadnezzar dreams, and he give Joseph dreams, and so forth. But it's not too accurate unless there be an interpreter of the dream.
And then, a vision, you--you don't go to sleep at all; you just stand and look it. It's just happening right in front you, and you're--and you're thinking of a feeling... You're standing here now, talking to someone, and yet, actually, you're maybe twenty years before that, watching what's taken place, that's taken twenty years before that, something that they've done in life. And maybe, it'll be, after while maybe, years beyond. I see that what He says, you just watch what He says. And He will tell you... [Daniel 2:1-48], [Genesis 37:5-11]
L-5 Now, when someone says, "Well, you've done a certain thing, and there's something wrong, and this..." That doesn't yet means the patient's healed. You'll hear Him speak out when He says it, "THUS SAITH THE LORD," then mark that down; see what happens. That's just exactly.
'Course, in there I don't have no control of what I'm talking about at all. There's no control. It's something else. It's just--you just break from one into another. It takes over. He--He does the talking, and I don't... Then when I'm--I'm listening at myself talk, when you're hearing me talk like that, I'm listening at my ownself talking. And I can hear myself, yet I maybe I'm standing like in New York City, and on the platform, and I see someone that's maybe from Alton, Illinois, here. Well, I see them on the street, maybe I can recognize where it's at. And I say, "Well, it's--you're from Illinois, Alton. I was there one time." And maybe, see the way your situation is. And yet, I'm talking, I'm really in Alton in spirit, but I'm know that I'm--my voice is coming in New York. You talk about a feeling. But it--it's gifts just like people and other things that you do. God's gift to the people. Not to me, to you. See? It's not my... It's yours. It's for you.
L-6 And I'm so glad to be in this meeting here. I've--you're little pastor here, one of them I know, Brother Brewer, and certainly got a fine bunch of ministers setting here. I'm so proud of these men, that stands up here before the public as a target for every unbeliever, and say, "I'm one believes in Divine healing. I believe in the power of God." That's what we're setting here. You people, around here without a church, go to their church, join up with such a group. I did. And I--I know it'd be good for you to do it. Men and women who believe... If you get healed, then join up with the people who does believe in healing. That's right. And I think it's the cream of the crop. And they're fine men. Surely, if I know what was going on out there, I--I know whether them was real man of God or not, standing behind me, this close to me. So they are really a fine group of people.
L-7 Usually on meetings sometimes, I have everyone to leave the platform, because it's spirit all around. Now, I ask that the first night, because I was conscious of them men being behind me. When I felt that fine blend of faith moving in, I just said, "Let them set right there, just let them set right there. It's all right. It helps me."
And if you all know, it's been in my meetings, this is a--about the first time, you ever seen someone set behind me in a meeting. Isn't that right? That's right, because the--the--isn't permitted. They just take them right off the stage. But what it is, on account of that, another thing it's epileptic cases, and so forth, or demon possessed people, when they get to the platform, sometimes they just go into a tantrum. See? And if you got a unbelief back there, and that working on it. Oh, my, then you--you got a tore up meeting. So if you've got them up here by yourself, just with the Holy Spirit, you can govern it better.
And Satan knows just what you're a little afraid of, and there's no need in me trying to get around it. I'm just a little afraid of those things, because they get away from me many times. So that's the reason he knows he can bluff that in, if he can. But if the congregation will set reverent, when anything is going on, will set reverent, and just be reverent, just--you that God's got the situation under control, you'll watch what happens then. You see? Everything will be all right.
L-8 Here sometime ago, I was in a meeting at Jonesboro, Arkansas. There might people here that was in that meeting for all I know. It's pretty close to here. Great numbers of people, the paper said twenty-eight thousand was there. And if the paper said it they were all there. So they was scattered around everywhere. And we were in the meeting, and there was a man that come in there was very hostile. He belonged to a church that didn't believe in Divine healing.
There was a child on the platform. The mother had a rag wrapped around a clothes pin, when it would have those spasms, why, she stick that rag in--or the clothes pin in it's mouth to keep it from chewing it's tongue when it was having spasm. And when it... Of course, when it got close, it had a spasm all the way. You see? So then, it started going on with this epileptic fit. Well it just--I waiting for it to stop, but it just didn't stop. So I asked everyone in the audience to bow their heads. And that way no matter what people think... Many people think, "Well, I've got faith." They might believe that with all their heart, and to an extent they have faith here, knowledge. But see? Faith is something different from that. That's a knowledge of faith, but faith is a positive thing.
L-9 For instance, like a man goes overseas. I'll stop here just a minute. We're going overseas, and we get in the ship. Now, the man that really runs the ship goes down into the bowels of the ship, the engineer. But he takes orders from this man upstairs. Well, what if he gives, orders "Two knots to the left." And the man down in the--here turns two knots to the right? He said, "Straight ahead." And the man down here in the ship runs backwards. But see, they've got to get in harmony. See? You've got to be, or the ship will never move.
Well now, many people has hope and calls it faith. But now, when God says a certain thing, and you say a certain, the same thing, and down here it says the same thing, something going to happen (You see?), when it gets all together. But then, the ship will move. The load will move. But you've got to be in perfectly and harmony with the Will of God, the Word of God. Your subconscious, your real--your first conscious with the Spirit of God, all that moving together, and everything just clears the way, and you move out... You've got to do that.
L-10 And then, sometimes when the people... They'll set and look, watch. Of course, in a audience of this size, maybe two thousand or more people, but in the--if there's was a... There's bound to be many, no matter how much we think that everybody's a hundred percent; yet there's got to be some that isn't. They... And they look this a way, and some of them will wonder in their heart, just subconsciously wonder. Well, that's what I pick up here. Is what you're... See? And you think, "Well, I--I--I wonder what's happening. What--how's that man do that? What--what happened?"
Well, just as you do that, it just comes in like this, going [Brother Branham blows into the microphone--Ed.] against you like that. See? And you can feeled it. You say,"Brother Branham, that's psychology."
Well, if it is, Jesus used it. That's right. He... When He went into the house where Jairus' daughter was, they was all weeping and carrying on. He put them every one out of the house. Is that right? A bunch of people was in a discussion one day, and He took a man and led him outside of the city to himself, to get away from it. Peter, when he went to raise Dorcas, he knelt down in the room and prayed. And he put all the widows out that were carrying on like, so he got her to hisself. Is that right? See, see? No... See? [Mark 5:22-24, 35-43], [Luke 8:41-42, 49-55], [Mark 8:22-25] ,[Acts 9:36-42]
The eye is a gate to the soul. Five senses and the eye almost governs the others. You look at it. The Catholic church knowed that a long time ago, when they put up statues and so forth in there, the psychology of seeing, the sight. And the person will look; they'll say, "I wonder." And you feel that.
And I've ask them to put their heads down; you've heard of it many times. 'Cause when they do, then they're--they're not looking on; it's not as bad.
L-11 When this case, this little baby with the spasm, I was trying to get the spasm to stop on the child. And I'll go into that in detail some other time, about the power of making it happen, right here. See? So then... But now, whether it'll stay off or not, that depends on the faith of the person. But then, before the audience, when this was going on, I couldn't get the spasm to leave the child; and I--I ask everyone to have their head down. And I kept feeling; it was the most strangest feeling setting way back, there was just a little group of people setting there that wouldn't put their head down. Well, I kept asking if the--I said, "Would you all put your head down, please." Like that, and nobody... I went ahead and everyone with their head down. Directly, I said to the man back there; I said, "Sir, you'll have to put your head down, you and your people there." He just set and looked up, kindly hostile like.
And so, one of the ushers slipped back there, and told him; he said, "This is a public meeting. I have just as much right here as anybody else. I don't have to put my head down." So the usher slipped back and told me that.
I said, "Well, sir, if this was your child, you'd put your head down, because you'd want it healed." I said, "The little thing--they--they hadn't no medicine for... The doctors can't help epileptic." And I said, "It's a spirit. They don't when it's going to attack it. It's a demon." And I said, "You..." And he just kept on like that. I said, "Now look, sir, see to it." See? I said, "God don't let this poor, little, innocent baby have to suffer for the sin of that man." And I said again; I said, "My heavenly Father, will You please make this spirit leave the baby, and let him be." And I said, "Satan, you come out. And you're at liberty." And when he went from the man, twenty-eight people fell in the floor with epilepsy right there where it was at.
L-12 Seats... begin to run out in the floor, and turn around and everything like that, and such a... People screaming, then you couldn't get them quietened for a few minutes. Then when it got quietened down again, as far as I know, the full outfit still has epilepsy. See?
So you see, you're not dealing with--playing church. See? It's... One time, some man seen Paul casting out epileptic spirits, so they went and ask the man with epilepsy, said, "We would charge you by Jesus, who Paul preaches, come out."
And the devil said to the man...?... said, "Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?" And so the man taken the spirit and got on them, and stripped their clothes, naked, and run out through the streets. Is that right? See? He... It's called a devil then; he's called epilepsy now. It's still a devil, still a devil. That's right. So with all other diseases, devils, tormentors... [Acts 19:13-20]
L-13 They get the name of cancer. What is that? Medical name from the word, "crab," legs. Jesus would've called it a devil. If you will notice what it is, the cancer comes from a germ. So did you come from a germ. You were one time, one little germ. You come to one... What is a germ? It's a teeny, little cell. What's beyond that cell? It's life. Then you're in the supernatural realm. Then it begins to develop cells, everything after it's kind, the dog the dog, bird bird, human human, every seed after it's kind. Keeps developing cells, till you grow to where you are now. And then, in your body it becomes a cancer, a tumor, or cataract, or something. What's that? That's another germ developing cells. It has no form, it just runs anyways. Nothing behind it, it's the devil. Runs out and spreads out, and covers the eye, or gets in... Then goes to sucking your blood. And remember that cancer, in there developing cells, is growing just like you did in the womb of your mother. Now, where'd he come from? It wasn't there in the beginning. That's another life in your life. That's another body in your body. And you can't tell me the kind heavenly Father did that. That life can't come from God. It's a evil life to take the life that God give you. So it isn't God's life. It's the devil.
L-14 Now, I don't deal with the lump. I deal with the spirit that's in that lot, that piece of flesh. Now, when the spirit's called out, the spirit goes away from it.
How many hunters, deer hunters, are in here? Let's see your hands. How many butchers are in here? Let's see your hands. Is there anybody that ever killed animal, and knows this to be the truth? When you kill anything, you're a hunter... Are you... Or--or an undertaker, a human body... When you die, anything shrinks for about seventy-two hours. And then it'll start swelling, and it'll get bigger than it ever was. Look at a little dog run over on the street. Let him lay there in the hot sun a few days and watch what's happening. He's bigger than he ever was, he swells up.
Now, the patient, when the unclean spirit's gone out of the person, when it's cast out by Divine healing, powers of God, when the unclean spirit's gone, the patient feel better and they rejoice. And about seventy-two hours, I warn with this thing, they'll start feeling bad, getting sick. Well, sure they've got to. They'll say, "Well, you know, I felt so much better, but I guess I just lost my healing." That's the way to lose it. That's right.
"For the unclean spirit," said Jesus, "when he's gone out of a man, he walks in dry places, and returns again, with seven other devils." Is that right? If the good man of the house isn't there to protect that house... And the good man of your house is your faith, if it isn't there to war him off, he will come in, force hisself in. Then the--the life, the same power of faith that taken devil, the life out of it, your unbelief will restore it again. Didn't Jesus say, "Go ye," and what no more? Would you all say it together? "Go ye," and what no more? [Congregation says, "Sin no more."--Ed.] [Matthew 12:43-45], [Luke 11:24-26]
L-15 Well, what is sin? See? Drinking whiskey is not, and smoking cigarettes, and committing adultery is not sin. That's just the attributes of sin. You do that because you're sinners. That's what you life bears. Smoke... Just like I said tonight outside, "How much this is nice, the whole thing's nice." And you're a sinner, because you believe not. "He that believeth not is condemned already." You're a sinner, because you don't believe. And when... That's what makes you do those is, because you do not believe, and yet you profess to believe. That ought to make all the holiness preachers say, "Amen." And a Calvinist is saying it. All right.
But anyhow, what the--when you--your life is known by the fruit you bear. And if you just simply do these things, and think there's no harm in them, it's because it hasn't been right down here, yet. See? You do that because you are a unbeliever.
Now, I know Baptists will disagree with that. But listen, brother, the tree's known by its fruit it bears. Jesus said, "By their fruit, ye shall know them." [John 3:18]
L-16 Now, if the life is in here is God's faith, and it's of God, it can produce nothing but a Christian life. That's all. You can't make a thorn grow on a--make apples grow on a thorn tree. Whatever the tree, if it's got sycamore bark on it, looks like a sycamore tree, and bearing apples, it's a apple tree, 'cause the life in it is a apple tree life, and it's producing apples. See what I mean?
Don't make any difference whether it's Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Full Gospel, Pentecostal, whatever you are, Nazarenes, if you're bearing the fruits of the Spirit, you got Life in you. See, see?
L-17 Now, the life is known by what's on the inside. Now, if that unclean spirit is gone out, and their life that it is in here is faith, "Go ye and sin no more," that is, disbelieve no more, "or a worse thing..." sure, seven others will come with him, and come in by force and take it. See what I mean?
So, when you come to the platform at any time here, you come with one purpose. If you don't believe, if you don't believe this to be of God, stay off the platform. Stay away from here. See? All right. And if you--if you do believe, then do just as you're told to do. Go right on and believe, because it's backed up with God's Word. See? And you've got to receive it. [John 8:11], [Matthew 12:43-45], [Luke 11:24-26]
L-18 A little testimony about a linger, and I hope I'm not taking too much of your time. There was a... Recently, they was in a meeting. I've told it several times. I always refer to this, because it just seems to so good to me, or nice. Seeing this woman come along with stomach trouble. And when I was talking to her, and It said, before it knowed what I was saying... And everybody was weeping; I wondered what it was. And I picked it up on the tape recorder, and as the tape recordings, to see what was making it, and It said... The Holy Spirit spoke out and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, eat what you want to; you're healed." And the woman went on rejoicing.
And a woman down the line farther, the same night, had a lump on her throat, sticking out like that. And It said the same thing to her. "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're healed." And told her what she had done, something or other; and she was going to make restitutions for what she'd done. Anyhow, she was healed.
L-19 But a woman went home to try to obey what the Voice of the Lord had said to eat. And the poor thing, she tried to eat, and she'd vomit, and she--stomach would burn; and she'd tried to force it down her. It'd just... It was weeks past, and just--just still as bad as it ever was, if not worse. Well, she just kept on believing. And her people around the neighborhood, they started making fun of her, said, "Why, that woman, that preacher run that woman crazy."
Well, it wasn't me that told her that. It was Him. So she just stayed right with it, and one morning when her family had left, her stomach was burning her and hurting so bad, three or four weeks afterwards, she got real hungry when was washing the dishes, so she picked up a piece of toast and eat it. That ordinarily, she'd vomit it right up. And she started eating the toast, and taste pretty good, so she kept that down. And one thing that hurt her was oats, and some of the children had some oats left in the plate, she said, so she just taken a few bites of that oats. And didn't bother her any, so she just drank her a cup of coffee, so just fine and dandy. She waited a few minutes, she said, "The funniest feeling..." And she got so happy, she run down to tell her neighbor, down the street, which was the lady that had the lump on her neck, that said, "Why, she was--just how she was feeling."
She run down, and she heared somebody screaming in the house; she opened the door and run in; the woman was shouting, running all over the floor. The lump had just left her neck.
L-20 And so, she come to the meeting, both of them, and come to the meeting where we were at. And she said to my brother, asked about it, and wrote a note to me; she wanted to get up us, so the manager, he come and ask me. Well, I said, "See, when a blessing is pronounced of God, just like God's Word about the millennium, and everything else, it's got to come to pass. See?
Now, what happened... God maybe not answer spontaneously. I believe Daniel prayed, and it was about twenty-one days before the Angel... Wasn't that right? Twenty-one days later, the Angel got to him? But what it was, when the Angel of the Lord had pronounced that, it was weeks later, two or three weeks, it was Him passing through that neighborhood confirming the Word (See?) that had already been spoken by God. See? Just...
Not what if the woman during this time, would've got to--with some critics and unbelievers, say, "See, there ain't nothing to it."
Well, there'd been so much unbelief built up there... See what I mean? Just like anything else in God's Word, it takes the same thing. So have faith in God. May the Lord bless you now. [Daniel 10:10-13]
L-21 And now, here's some handkerchiefs laying here to be prayed over. I wish to do this now. Now, many are--people think that's superstition, but it's the Scripture. Yes. It--it's the Scripture. Now, you might wonder why would a handkerchief... Now, many of you brethren, anoint the handkerchiefs. Now, that's all right. That's just fine. See? Anything that God will bless, we're all for it, aren't we? Anything that God will do... But in the Scripture, if you notice... Now, let's got right down to little bitty hair's point. If you say, "I don't believe that, Brother Branham," that'll be all right anyhow. See? And we'll make the... We won't think one bit less of you.
But if you'll watch the Scripture, Paul never anointed those handkerchiefs, he took them off of his body: Acts 19. Now, where I think he got that, when the Shunammite woman lost her baby, and she went over to the prophet, Elijah, Elijah sent Gehazi with a staff in his hand to lay the staff on the baby. He realized that what he touched was blessed of God. See? And they did... [II Kings 4:8-37]
Now, there's anointing. If I had just a little time to go into that... See? But now, I... We have pray over the handkerchiefs and send them as memorials. I send hundreds and hundreds a week, and I guess--I guess I send more than a thousand handkerchiefs a week from one office, Jeffersonville. And testimonies, we got a little house built there, a little shed just banked up full of testimonies and things. [Acts 19:11-12]
L-22 Here some time ago, I was just thinking, one--one come to a woman in Germany who was crippled of arthritis, and they went and brought the--brought the pin, put in on her underneath garment. She confessed all of her sins and things. She said, "Now, devil you get out of the house of the Lord," and jumped up and went walking on. This was over. See? Her testimony has been so forceful at Luxembourg, till I'm going into Luxembourg now for a meeting, in Luxembourg, Germany on the fifth, then up to Frankfurt. Then...
Now, there's just... Don't give up. Just keep believing.
And now, before we start the rest of the service. Can we bow our heads just a moment for prayer for these handkerchiefs? I want every Christian in here to center your heart on the sick and needy of these handkerchiefs. Come right ahead, brother...?... [Acts 19:11-12]
L-23 Most kind, lovingly Father, we are thinking now of the great Saint Paul in the Bible, that took from his body handkerchiefs and aprons, and they put them on the sick, and evil spirits went out of them, and they were healed of diseases. Now, we realize that we're not Saint Paul, but we know that You're still Jesus, the One Who did the healing. And now, Father, these handkerchiefs, perhaps, means that some poor, old mother or dad, some little child somewhere sick and afflicted, they're waiting for these to return. Great, heavenly Father look down in mercy tonight, and heal every one of these. You're looking at them. And we pray that You'll grant these blessing to us. We don't know how to ask You, how to rhyme our prayer; we know that that has nothing to do with it. It's Your Divine order of doing things. It's whether we can believe it in our heart, and I do.
And now, we are told in the Bible, that one of the writer's have said, that when Israel come out of Egypt, and was on the road to the promised land, the Red Sea had them cut off. And God looked down through that Pillar of Fire with angered eyes, and the Red Sea got scared and moved back, and Israel went across on dry land.
And now, Father, may You look tonight, to these handkerchiefs, and follow them to the sick and needy. And when they're placed upon the needy, and sick, and afflicted, may You look down upon that disease with angered eyes, thundering out of Calvary; and may that disease get scared and move back. May the patients pass into good health and the promise of God. Grant it, Father. We send these handkerchiefs to them, in the Name of Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ, for this purpose. Amen. [Acts 19:11-22]
L-24 I was... Now, in the 8th chapter of Saint Luke, the reading of a verse, and just a few comments. Last night, I was a little late, so I'm going to try to be just on time tonight, if possible.

But when Jesus heard it, he answered him, saying, Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole. [Luke 8:50]

Our Scripture reading tonight, is concerning a desperate man, in desperation, a man by the name of Jairus. It was in the--right in the middle of the ministry of our blessed Redeemer, Saviour, when He was here on earth. He spent much time in prayer; He went up into the mountains, and He prayed. And a day before this He had just crossed over a sea, all the way over a stormy sea to help one single person. He went over to Gadara to help a maniac over there that was bound in the tombs, crossed over a stormy sea to help one man in trouble, 'cause one soul was calling for Him. And He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. He come out of glory tonight, come out of His--with His power to make one single person of this earth, well tonight, to help one person. And I believe that He'd be there for each day, thousands around the world, where great campaigns are being held now in the closing up of the Gentile dispensation. May He come tonight. [Luke 8:22-39]
L-25 We are thinking of Jairus. I believe he was a nice, little fellow. Many times that we judge people by their actions, and sometimes we don't judge the heart.
You know, I've often thought, back here is the spirit of a man, the next is his soul, the next is his mind, and then his flesh. All right. Satan does not tempt down in here, he tempts out here in the flesh. For instance, you go down the street tomorrow, you're walking along singing Christian songs, and somebody says, "You know, she or he, is just a hypocrite (talking about you.); there's nothing..." Now, the first thing, your flesh picks that up in the ear, and it suggest to the mind, "Get even with him." Time it gets back here, he says, this back here says, "'Vengeance is Mine,' saith the Lord. 'I will repay.'" See? That's it. [Romans 12:19]
So Satan tempts out here. You see? He doesn't get down here, because is immortal. See? It's the flesh that he tempts.
Young man going down the street, young Christian boy, a young lady coming immorally dressed. The eye picks it up; the flesh suggest to the mind evil. Then time it gets to the mind, goes to the soul, the nature's good... The soul of man is the nature of the spirit, of course. And so, when the soul gets there, but the Spirit says, "Whoever looketh upon a woman to lust after has committed adultery in his heart already." The young man turns his head and walks away. See? That's down here is where it's got to be, not out here. It's got to be down in your heart, where it's got to come from, where--where God lives. [Mark 5:22-24, 35-43], [Luke 8:41-42, 49-55], [Matthew 5:27-30]
L-26 And little Jairus, I'd imagine, down in his heart he believed on the Lord. But what he had, he had joined up with a bunch of unbelievers. You know there's a lot of people like that tonight? They believe, would like to be right here in this meeting tonight, but they're got their name on books that doesn't believe this. You see? So they're secret believers.
And Jairus... You know a man like that, God sooner or later will bring it to a showdown, I believe. So Jairus probably went with the priest, and they said, "Ever who goes to these healing campaigns, can just come get your membership and leave." 'Cause they couldn't no more belong to the synagogue. See? They had to get out. And so they--they couldn't believe on this fanatic, because He didn't teach the way their seminaries taught, and so forth, so... But He did have the Word of the Lord. And He had a spiritual move. God always... [Mark 5:22-24, 35-43], [Luke 8:41-42, 49-55]
L-27 Where God is you'll see supernatural spirits. I ask any person, any Bible scholar, to go back down the--the history, and find out if ever there was a move of God in the world at any time, that God was in, if there was a wasn't phenomenals, and supernaturals, and Divine healings, and powers of God made manifest? Everywhere. So don't think it's strange today, if these things are going on. It's just the move of the Lord. That's all. It's just the Lord moving. And God is moving with His Spirit.
And in the Old Testament, what a beautiful type. In the Old Testament there was a Pillar of Fire that hung over the children of Israel. Priests watched that, and when the Pillar of Fire moved, the trumpets sound, they--Israel packed camp, and left. They followed the Pillar of Fire. And no matter what time it was, midnight, daylight, middle of the day, five o'clock in the afternoon, whenever it was, when the Pillar of Fire moved, the people moved with the Fire. [Exodus 13:1-2]
A very beautiful type of today, that the... After fifteen hundred years of dark ages, there was a man by the name of Martin Luther that saw the Pillar of Fire: "The just shall live by faith." Away they went. And they moved out of Catholicism into... The earliest birth of the Protestant church begin with Martin Luther. Well, Martin Luther went on till he got his church so organized. Luther passed away, many more of his followers passed away, and finally, they got it all corrupted. [Habakkuk 2:4], [Romans 1:17]
God won't stay among then. So the Pillar of Fire moved again. But when It begin to move in another supernatural revival, well, Luther couldn't see it, because he had organized, and had own by-laws and things set, the Lutheran church, and they just couldn't move with it. But a little fellow named John Wesley, George Whitefield, and so, they seen the Pillar of Fire, and they moved with It. And the great Methodist revival swept the world. Luther just set still.
L-28 All right, and then the Wesleyan, they had a great revival, Divine healing, and powers of God. Recently, I stood when I went over there, in England, when I was to--after the healing of King George, when I prayed for him with the multiple sclerosis. And then, up there they taken you up to Wesley's home, and I knelt in the room and prayed, put on his cloak, went out to his pulpit, and stood there where they--he'd preached so much. And a honorable man, what a great man that he was, and his great revival...
So then I think after while, after the going of John Wesley, and the Asbury, and--and Whitefield, and many of those, after they passed on, and a few more rounds, just like it was in the Apostolic days, then the first thing you know, why the Methodist begin to cool off, and they begin to get their rituals, and forms, and everything, and get self-starched, and set down. And you know, the Pillar of Fire begin to move out. That's right
And some people named Pentecost, they saw It, the baptism of the Holy Spirit; away they went, just left Methodist set on the rim. And away they went, and they had a revival that swept around the world. That's right. But the sad part is, you know, Pentecost is just about getting about like the rest of them, now again. See? That's right. That's true. But you know, the Spirit of God's a moving on. The Pillar of Fire is a moving out just the same, and all those people...
L-29 And if you'll notice, a very beautiful type in the Old Testament, not getting off my subject... I pray you'd forgive me. But Moses was a type of the church. And you notice today, the church does what Moses did. Moses glorified himself before the people, and instead of glorifying the Lord. Is that right? And he wasn't permitted the take the people over. And that's the way the church, today... The people say, "Well, I belong to the this organization. I belong to this." And the organization tries to see if they can out-do the other. And the Methodist try to get ahead of the Baptist, and the Baptist the Presbyterians, and like that, till it's got to a place till they glorify themselves, and instead of letting God come into the people, and--and magnify Himself in the people. Isn't that the truth? But did you notice, there was a man that followed them all the way through by the name of Joshua. He was right with them all the time. He's the one who took them over. Is that right? So this great, power of God that's moved in every revival, is the very thing that'll take the church over. Just as sure as the world, It'll take them across Jordan to the other land. There's many believers all along. We've always had it. [Numbers 20:7-13], [Joshua 1:1-9]
L-30 And let's take our story, for a moment, little Jairus, he had joined himself up over here. And what a... There come a time that he wanted to go see Jesus; only his church told him, "Now, if you go over there, of course, you're going to be put out." And he was the ruler of the synagogue, the pastor, perhaps. And he couldn't do it. But one day, his little girl got sick.
So they called the doctor, I suppose, as most all people would do. The doctor come, and here he tried all of his cures he had on the child, and the child just didn't get any better. Now, I'd imagine that when he seen the doctor's cures a--a failing, I imagine little Jairus, down in his heart, begin to think, "I wonder where Jesus is. If I happen to have to have Him, you know..."
You know, that's just about the way we have to wait until we get pushed into it, you know. So then, after while, the--the little girl, the great hour come that the doctor walked away and said, "Well, there's nothing more can be done. Jairus, your daughter is going to die. She just has a few more minutes of life left in her, and she's got to die." The dark stroke hit.
Now, he must put what faith he's got into action. And that's the same now. We've got to take what faith we've got, and put it to work. We've got to do something about it right now. The hour is come when we got to move.
And he said, "Well..." He wondered where Jesus was. I imagine I can hear him mention it to someone.
I can hear his people say, "Now, Jairus, don't you get all excited here now. See? At this great crucial hour now, if you start running out after this fanatic, this Divine Healer over here, why, we're just have to... At the next general counsel, we'll just have to put you out. That's all there is to it. That's just all there is to it. If you're going to believe in such things as that, now, we're just going to have to take you out. The next business meeting, we'll have to vote you out and put a new pastor in."[Mark 5:22-24, 35-43], [Luke 8:41-42, 49-55]
L-31 But Jairus had a need of something, he... Down in his heart, he knowed Jehovah still lived. Is that right? So then, the first thing you know, why, the... I didn't mean that I happened to say that little out of season, I guess. I believe that's what they call the Assemblies of God's meetings, isn't it? Well, I didn't mean it only for them, I mean the--all of them everywhere: Baptist, Methodist, or whatever you call... Let the conference then will have to have to put you out. I just--know why I said, "General counsel," I didn't... 'Cause the Assemblies of God believes in Divine healing. Why... I didn't mean it. Actually, I meant if any meeting wherever it was at, you know, whatever the conference was that had to put him out.
And because he didn't--they didn't want to have that kind of stuff strowed around them, where them fanatics screamed, and hollered, and shouted, and cried, and jumped up-and-down, and believed in Divine healing, and all those things. They didn't want that. They were too pious and too dignified. My, the Spirit of God is without form (See?), has no form.
So they wanted all their fifteen minute sermons, and we must go home early. And they didn't want one of these fellows that...
You know that's the kind of a--a person the world's calling for today. They say, "Give us a good mixer at the next conference. We want somebody who can mix good, that believes in a little social drink or a little card party now and then."
But God don't want mixers. He wants separators. He said, "Separate Me Paul a Barnabas." Yes, sir. Separate yourself, come out from among them. God's calling separators not mixers.[Mark 5:22-24, 35-43], [Luke 8:41-42, 49-55]
L-32 And a--so--but Jairus, I can imagine him now, he's got to go. The hour is struck; he's got to put his faith to work. So somebody must've come told him said, "Jesus is coming."
And here He was, coming across the sea, rowing in the boat, Him and His disciples. Well, I can just see him grab his little coat, and throw it over his shoulder, and take down the street just as hard has he could. And I can hear them say, "Well, I wonder where He's going now?"
I can see some the officials of the church catch him and say, "Now look, Jairus, if your doctor had said nothing else can be done for the child. Why hang around some fanatic? It'll only cause disgrace."
But down in Jairus' heart there's a little spark somewhere said, "If I can ever get to Him, if the Shunammite woman could find Him, if Lazarus could be raised from the dead, there's something down in my heart telling me, if I can ever get to Jesus, that's all I have to do." All right. And down the street he goes. [Mark 5:22-24, 35-43], [Luke 8:41-42, 49-55]
L-33 Well, the tired fishermen as they landed in, great crowds was looking. I see a little woman setting upon the hill doing her knitting, you know; she'd had a issue of blood for many years, and spent, sold the farm, and everything else, and paid the doctors. They'd done everything they could, but she couldn't healed. And she said, "If that's Him, if I can only touch His garment, I'm going to be well." Here she comes. I can see her pressing her way through the crowd. Here stands these people saying, "Days of miracles has passed. Now, you'll be put out of the synagogue." She just pressed right on through them. See?
I can see these fellows standing there, saying, "Why, there hasn't been miracles since Moses was on the earth. All them things, we can explain it by the Scriptures."
She just crawls right between their feet, and goes right on. She's trying her best. Anyhow, don't make any difference, she's trying to get to Jesus. Why? Her faith told her if she could touch His garment, that's all she needed. That's all. And the poor, little, sick, weakly, frail woman had been bleeding like that for almost eighteen years; you know how weakly she was. And she'd have to crawl awhile and press awhile; and she'd raise up and see where she was, and take off again. And after while, all the people trying to hug Him and everything, you know, with their different ways. But she touched His garment.
Said, "Say, who touched Me?" He turned around. Why, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. You can touch Him tonight. He turned around. He looked around over the audience, said, "Somebody's done something here." He said, "You, your faith has healed you." My, oh, my, that's my Lord. That's Him. That's Him here now. "Thy faith has healed you. You had a blood issue all these years, but your faith took care of that." Oh, my. She fell down trembling before Him. He goes on. [Matthew 9:20-22], [Mark 5:25-34], [Luke 8:43-48]
L-34 Here comes a man. The custom was in the old days to be ashes on your head when sorrow, a message of sorrow. He has ashes piled on his head, and here he comes running real fast like that. Said, "Jairus, Jairus [Brother Branham pants--Ed.], trouble not the Master. Your daughter's already dead; we've done laid her out."
And the poor, little fellow, I can just imagine his little heart skipped a beat. [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] "She's dead."
I can see Jesus' eyes turn look at him, say, "Fear not. Just only believe. That's all."
When he heard that Word, he looked back; his little heart begin to beat right again. His lips turned back, ran again, shaking, looking long.
Jesus set looking at him, you know. "Just believe. That's all I ask you to do, only believe." [Mark 5:22-24, 35-43], [Luke 8:41-42, 49-55]
L-35 They kept walking along. They got to the house. The people... He said, "Now, what's all this carrying-on around here about," said, "all this screaming and crying, and going-on about?" Said, "She's not dead; she's sleepeth."
And they said, "Did you hear what that fanatic said? When we've got her embalmed and laying out in there, and she's not dead, but sleepeth. Oh, isn't that really... Oh, I tell you, they ought to run Him out of the country."
He walked in the house where all that was at. How could He do anything where that kind of unbelief was? He said, "Every one of you, get out," put them out of the house. "Get going, every one of you." He was wondering who had faith. He said, "Peter, James, and John, oh, hope, faith, and charity, come here." That's what He has to have. "Bring them in." [Mark 5:22-24, 35-43], [Luke 8:41-42, 49-55]
L-36 Jairus would have a little faith, and he had been talking to his wife, and so she got a little faith too. So they put their arms around one another, and said, "Come on in now."
He walked over there. And all on the outside of that wall was unbelief, so He was empowered with Spirit, so He could speak in unknown tongues. So He took the little girl by the hand, and said, "Tabitha..." and way out yonder in spirit land, where her little spirit was, returned back, she begin to squeeze His hand, He raise her up, said, "Now, give her something to eat." Said, She's kindly weak." Oh, my, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever...?... [Mark 5:22-24, 35-43], [Luke 8:41-42, 49-55]
L-37 And we ought to get ourself in that kind of an atmosphere. Create... Each one of you is a creator. Did you know that? Each one of you people that's borned again is a creator. We must create an atmosphere as I said the other night.
Sometimes when I'm in the home, and the wife is all--the people in and out, and just going all the time... I'd go in, and wife standing in there wiping her eyes crying, she said, "Bill, the children hasn't even had a bite to eat today; the house is packed and jammed." There little Sarah, my little two year old girl setting in there, she's crying. Rebekah's come in from school. Why? My wife, all nervous, has got that atmosphere there. See? That's what it is. Well, I don't tell her. She's not here tonight, so she don't know it.
So I go and I say, "Well, I tell you, honey; that's true." I said, "Oh, I have to come home once in a while, you know." But I say, "Sweetheart," you know to kindly get her quietened. Then I, in my heart, I say, "Lord, I am giving my love of God into my wife. Now, Lord, You help me, now here, and I want Your Spirit. Now, Satan would get us all confused, but I--I want You to help me." And I say, "Say, dear, I'll--I'll help you wash the dishes." And I--I get on there, and I say, "You just start with the children like say something there." And I'm standing there all the time praying, "Now, Lord, send Your Holy Spirit; I know it's quieting them right now. And I'm sending it in this home, my home, in the Name of Your Son Jesus."
The first thing you know, the wife says, "I'll..." She'd be interested in talking about something. The baby's got blocks a playing in there, going on. It's all over. See, see?
L-38 It's the atmosphere. You got to get away from it. See? From that old confusion, "Oh, am I going to be..." You're scared. That what's the matter. You'll be frying your meat of a morning for breakfast, and--and the first thing you know, you're filled with the Holy Spirit. Now, I'm going to shock you a little bit. You don't mind, do you? All right. For instance, the meat's a frying, and all at once the grease pops out on your hand. Now, if you'll just shake it off and go on frying meat, it wouldn't bother you. Now, I know you didn't get that just right. Look. The first thing, "Oh, where the Ungantene?" Something... You see, grab you hand. See, see? It scares you to death. That's what does it. It's fear.
Peter walking on the water. He was walking all right, till he seen the waves contrary and he got scared. Jesus said, "Why'd you fear?" That's what's the matter with the Holy Ghost people today. They've got a lot afraid... [Matthew 14:25-33]
L-39 The devil's just trying to scare you out of something. He's trying to put something off somewhere else, say, "Some of these days you'll be this." You are now. Now, we're sons of God. Now, we're seated together in heavenly places. Now, we have all powers in heavens and the earth. See? Now, we have it. Not in the millennium, we won't need it then. We got it now. We're... Right now we are the sons of God. "It does not appear what we shall be, but we know we'll be like Him."
What you are here is a reflection of what you are somewhere else. "Those who He called, He justifies." Is that right? "Those who He justified, He has glorified." Already in the Presence of the Father, we have a glorified body. Whew! Wasn't that deep? All right. We'll find out whether it's right or not. "If this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one already waiting." Is that right? That's right. So right now, and what we are there, is a reflection. Here, what we are here, is a reflection of what we are somewhere else. So if your deeds are evil, you know where it comes from. You know where your other body's a waiting. [I John 3:1-2]
L-40 Now, you say about that grease on the hand. Well, one day Paul... The Lord told Paul he had to go down and appear before Caesar, and got shipwrecked out there. And the Lord give him a vision, told him what was going to happen. Fourteen days and nights, no stars, moon, or nothing, didn't worried Paul, 'cause he knowed what the Lord said. He said, "I saw a vision last night. A man stood by me, and told me that I was going to--be taken before Caesar." And said, "I seen in a vision, the ship was going to be wrecked on a certain island." But said, "There ain't going be nobody's life lost." Said, "The Lord done told me so." Said, "We're going to be of a good courage." I can see that little Jew shaking his hands, and a screaming to the top of his voice. The ship just pitching as hard as it ever did. Didn't bother him; he knowed what the Lord said. You see?
So when they got on the shore, there was a big storm been on there, and the rain, cold. Paul was picking up some sticks and he--he throwed some in the fire, and a big dangerous snake grabbed him right through the hand. Why, it never scared Paul. He looked at it like that, so full of the Holy Ghost, his whole inner body just charged with the power of God; he looked at it, and shook it off in the fire, and said, "I've got to go before Caesar. What you bothering me about," like that and went walking on. It didn't bother him. See? Didn't scare him a bit. [Acts 28:1-10]
L-41 I want to ask you something. You love me? I'm going to let you in on a little something. I've never told this to a audience. What would you think of a fellow that one time was a patrolling or walking through a field, and a hideous, big bull got after him, very dangerous. The fellow never saw it till it was right on him. And the bull threw his horns on the ground, great big long horns, and he run right there to a big...?... and he got real close, and the man was a man with the Holy Ghost. And so he knew there's no tree to run to; there's no fence to go; what could you do? But all at once just something happen. He said, "Now, bull, you can't hurt me, 'cause I'm God's servant." See? "God made you, is the Creator. Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ go over and lay down under the tree." And not a bit a scared. And the bull runs up to about five feet, or ten feet, and he stops. He looked this way, and that way, just as depleted and walked over and laid down under the tree. Went on.
Could you believe that? Well, it's the truth anyhow. Well, that's no more than the Lord throwed Dan--had Daniel throwed down there in a lion's den. The lions started lurking, Daniel just turned his back to them, said, "Lord, if You..." like that, and the lions come up, and just backed away and went off on--and set down, laid down. [Daniel 6:1-28]
L-42 Last summer my yard needed mowing so bad; I couldn't get nobody to mow it. And I was home on a little vacation, and I'd started... Two weeks I hadn't got out of the front yard with a little power mower. Put on my overalls and run out start mowing the yard, and first thing you know, a little old power mower, and somebody'd come in. I slip round in the back and change my clothes, and run in and pray for them, and then change again, and go out...
It'd been almost two weeks; the grass had growed up behind me. Kinda... So I got around behind the house, and where nobody could see me, and I took off... Just had my overalls and the--a shoes on. My shirt was off. Real hot, and I was mowing. I'd forgot about a little old martin box there that I had, and there's a bunch of hornets in there. And I hit against that fence, and my, I was covered over with hornets in a few minutes. Just--nothing on to top here. And the hornets... I--I said, "Now, little hornets, I love you. I don't want you kissing me. I want you to go right on back in your box where you belong, 'cause I'm God's servant, and I'm praying for the sick people; and this grass is growing up, and I want you to get away from me. And I'm not scared of you now, because I ain't got time to fool with you. Go right back in the box." I just talked to them like that.
I just kept on mowing, and God as the judge, I'm going to let you know, every one of them hornets just lined up right like that and just went right on back in the box, just as pretty as they could go. That's right.
L-43 I could tell you something on Divine healing the same way. See? You got to talk to those things. See? "Whatsoever you say, believe that you receive it." See? It's the power; it's anointing, all fear drops down, drops away.
He walked by a tree one time, He said, "No man will eat off of you from henceforth." Walked on away, went up to Jerusalem that night, come back down the next day, and about eleven o'clock they was passing by, and Peter said, "Say, look at that tree. Why, the thing's wilted from the roots." [] [Mark 11:22-24]
L-44 And when He to Jairus' He had seen that girl, that's the reason He went across the street there perhaps. But the woman that touched His garment, He said, "Thy faith has made thee whole." See? But Jairus' daughter, He went down to her. He said, "Didn't I tell you not to fear, just only believe?"
Now, He's the same Jesus tonight, and may He bless you, while we pray. [Mark 5:22-24, 35-43], [Luke 8:41-42, 49-55]
L-45 Father, we thank Thee for these marvelous Bible stories of Your dear Son, when He was here on earth, giving us an example of what He is. And what He was yesterday, He is today, and will be forever. [] It's the Gospel.
"He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved. These signs shall follow them that believe."
And Father, today, as teachers try to say, "It was just for them people."...
And You said Yourself, it was to be to all the world. And the Gospel has not yet gone to all the world. The signs follow the believers as long as there's a world.
Now, Father, I pray that tonight, that You'll bless us with Your Presence again. And You didn't claim to know all things. You said, "I just do as the Father shows Me. Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." [Mark 16:16-18], [John 5:19], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-46 Now, Father, I pray that in the Name of Jesus, that You'll come and will just circumcise every heart in the building. That we may just drop all fear everywhere, and will let Christ, the Son of God, take over our life right now. Let Him think for us. Let Him speak for us, and we'll obey.
And now, for Your servant here, Father, I pray that You'll help me. Help these Your servants, setting here on the platform, these ministers. God, revolutionize their ministry. Make them, Lord, to be fire-brands to go forward with a great, powerful ministry. And in their churches, may their churches rebuild and come, Lord, to have to even put more rooms to them. Grant it, Lord.
And may many of these poor, wondering, straying, children, straying around through the world tonight, without a church home, grant, Lord, that they'll see their error and come to the house of the living God. Help us now, for we ask it Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-47 Jesus marvelously bless you all. Here sets before me tonight, these people that I'd sure like to be able to... Wish that I had each one of you, that I could just go down, and set down and talk to you awhile, just set down, personally, and talk to you. I'm sure it wouldn't be but a little while till the Lord would tell me what about it, the case.
For instance, if I said, "Well, here's a... Maybe here sets a man, back here, that's paralyzed. Let me have him." At the same time, I'd only be able to tell him what the Lord told me. But perhaps, that man will live a normal life, I mean an ordinary lifetime. But maybe, there sets a man with heart trouble. If he don't get something, he's going to die right away. There's a man with a cancer; he's being eat up. He's got to have help from God or die. See? So what am I going to do? The only thing I can do, is what He tells me. That's right.
L-48 And now, here's the--my message to you, Christians, and all: What Jesus Christ was then, He is now. And now, when Jesus Christ was here on earth, He didn't claim to be a great Healer. He didn't claim to heal at all. How many knows this to be the truth? He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works, but My Father that dwelleth in Me." Oh, the Holy Spirit was in Jesus. Is that right? The Bible said, "Jesus of Nazareth, God anointed Him with the Holy Ghost to go about doing good." So then, if the Holy Ghost was in Jesus, and He promised the things that He did, the church would do also... See?
So then, He said... Now, when He passed by all those cripples and things at the pool of Bethesda, He said... He healed one man laying on a pallet, walked away, and left the rest of them, because He knew where he was and knew his condition. That's what the Father told Him. Then the Jews in question, He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise."
See what I mean? So it's never been, even to the Son of God, just to walk out in your own will, say, "This is this. And this is that." And it never will be. It'll all have to come under the government of God. [John 5:1-19]
L-49 I want to ask you something. I'd like to--to just get to the place I--I feel where I'm right (See?), get the scope of the meeting. For instance, a hundred years... Two hundred years ago, they didn't know what electricity was. But God gave us electricity. We find out the whole world's full of electricity. It's been here since the world begin. Is that right?
Now, listen close. Well, what if I was standing out here in a real dark field, and I knowed that electricity was all around me (Now, listen close.), and I screamed to the top of my voice, "Oh, great electricity. Oh, I know you're here. Scientifically proven you're here. Light up, great electricity, and show me how to get out of this dark place." You think it would do it? No, sir. And yet I'm just covered over with electricity. Is that right?
Now, many of you, here's a young man in a wheelchair, some stretcher cases, and a little waterhead baby, heart troubles, and stomach troubles, and everything else setting around here; you're right in a dark spot, aren't you? Now, all the screaming you do to God; that isn't it. You...
L-50 Electricity will light up, if you'll work according to the law of electricity. Is that right? If you had an artesian well on this side of the hill putting out thousands of gallons of water per minute, and over on that side of the hill, another hill, you've got a crop burning up needing that water. Now, no matter how much you screamed to water, "Go up on the hill and water that crop," it'll never do it. But if you work according to the way of gravitation and run that water over on the hill, it'll water the crop. Is that right? But you've got to work according to the law of gravitation.
Well now, if God is here all in this building, right now. Do you believe that? We're all conscious--we're--wished I--you can't get it all in in one night. You see? You're conscious that God is here. Now, the only thing that we can do is work according to the law of God for our healing. Is that right? What is the law of God? His love. "Perfect love cast out all fear." Love and faith is the same thing. See? Love, perfect love casts out all fear which gives faith. You see?
L-51 Now, if you'll just love God with all your heart. And if you've done something to you neighbor or somebody, just say in your heart now, "I love them too." See? "And I love God will all my heart, and I have... Brother Branham, I have criticized you a little bit, but I love you anyhow." See? All right. Now, just let that take place like that, and just get that whole atmosphere in here of love, then watch the law of God go to work just on that. See? That's--that's how it's... Just the same as it made the hornets go back, as it stopped the bull in the field, and oh, my, of the things that I could tell you...
In this book... That night, when the maniac run to the platform to kill me... You heard of that, didn't you? Right here in the book. What did that? You'd better know what you're speaking of when you do that. In Africa when the witch doctors come up by the dozens and challenge, and see them stand there with bleary eyes, and turn around, and walk away...?... They do an enchantment, they can make a rope stand up in the air, and rattle bones, and perform all kinds of things, even to turn water into blood, and everything else, right before you, and see the power of Jesus Christ just take that thing away like that, and bind them to such a place that they just be condemned and walk away. He's here. That's right. Now, let's have faith, and let's believe with all of our hearts.
L-52 Billy, where you at? What was... From what to what? One to fifty. Well, I think this is a... Let's see, we had the first and the last part. Let's take the middle of it tonight then. []
That had--Moody Bible Ins--sent out a little quartet to sing for him; they had the shades all pull down in the room. He had a sense of humor, you know, he turned around and said, "Say, who's dying here, me or you?" He said, "Raise up them shades and sing me some real good, snappy Gospel songs." As they went to singing the songs, he said, "Where's Luke?" That was his brother. Luke was in the next room, so they brought Luke in. He reached over his trembling hand, took a hold of Luke. They traveled together like Billy and I, and Brother Baxter and them. He said, "Luke, we've been a long ways together, haven't we?"
Luke said, "Yes, Paul."
Said, "But think of it, in five minutes from now, I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ clothed in His righteousness. Think of it." Gave up the ghost and died. Never died, he went to be with Jesus. See? He wrote this song:
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
L-53 You lacking some? 50? Prayer card number 50 isn't here. Prayer card number 50, K-50, there's one missing. Prayer card K-50, is it in the building? []
Sister, I want you to be in faith now. See? I've just been attracted to that baby tonight, every since I've been standing here, that baby with the water...?... Now, I don't know what He will say. See? Of course, I see it's a waterhead, isn't it, of the baby? I don't know what He will say, but I--I believe He may speak to the baby tonight. I pray that He will. Now, may the Lord grant it.
And all you along here on the cots, and stretchers, and so forth, have faith. Just believe now. We're going to believe that God will give us something tonight. Now, we been to meetings; we've talked on the Gospel; we've shouted; we've clapped out hands; we've done everything nearly in the way of religion. But the disciples coming from Emmaus one day, the way He done something, it made them recognize that He was there (Is that right?), that it was Him. I pray tonight, that He will do something tonight, that'll make us recognize.
L-54 Now, if Jesus was standing here with this suit on, and this woman standing here. Now, what would you think He would do first? Now, He couldn't heal her, because He's already done that. You see? When He died at Calvary, He did that. How many believes that? Let's see you hands. That's the Scripture. "By His stripes, we were (past tense) healed." And every person in the world was forgiven of their sins when Jesus died at Calvary, but it'll never do you any good 'less you accept it. That right? He's the Lamb of God that take away the sin of the world. "It is finished," He said at Calvary. Watch. "He was wounded (was, past tense) wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity, chastisement of our peace upon Him; with His stripes we were healed." It's already done. In the sight of God it's all over.
Now, just as we accept it, we draw dividends. See? Like a checkbook with His Name signed on the bottom of every one; just fill it out, and send it in. See if the Father won't recognize His Son's Name. See? [Isaiah 53:5]
L-55 But now, what can He do in this case? He would probably talk to the woman a little while. He'd find out, maybe, something was wrong. Now, if He's here tonight, He will do--can do the same thing, can't He?
Now, how many out there hasn't got prayer cards and wants to be healed? Let's see you hands. Raise your hands everywhere, so I kinda get a general idea where you're at. All right. Now, you look this a way and pray. If you'll notice, every night, there's more healed out there in the audience. Anywhere, not matter where you are at, just keep praying, believing; God will grant it.
Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I take every spirit in this building under my control.
L-56 Now, lady, I want you to come here just a minute. I want to talk to you, just in order--just like our Master talked to the woman at the well, the Samaritan woman. Did you ever read that story? You being my a first person to come tonight to talk to you... The reason that I bring the people up is the first thing, when the anointing strikes me, then I--I have to be able to single out... See, I... It just... There's no need to try and explain it, but it's just from every side. See? It's people's faith, believing. And each person in prayer, and that prayer just makes a channel like. See? And it's just... Then if I can get you close to me, so I can kinda get straightened out myself (You see?), then It begins to move through the audience anywhere. They took--and returns. You see? You understand what I mean?
Now, our Master, one day, set on the well, and He talked to a woman that come to draw some water. He said, "Bring Me a drink."
And she said, "Why, it's not customary that You'd ask a--You being a Jew to ask me, a Samaritan, of such a thing." Said, "We don't have any dealings."
He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask me for a drink." [John 4:1-12]
L-57 Now, I have my idea of what I think He was doing. I think what He... She--she was a human. She had spirits. And He was trying to contact her spirit (See?), in spirit world.
Now, that's the same thing, by His Spirit I'm trying to do for you, contact your life.
Now, if I was... That's--that's a gift of God. Now, it... Nothing I've done to merit that. When I was just about three minutes old, He came in the room, and stood there where I was at. See? It's without repentance, gifts and callings. But what does It to do? Does that make me any more than--than the bootlegger that was just converted a few minutes ago? No. See? Not a bit. We're just all God's servant's together. We're all the same. But we're trying to work for Him. See what I mean? And it's all in God; there's nothing that no one can do but God alone. Jesus Christ through the--His Son... [John 4:1-21]
L-58 If I could heal you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a brute. I would be a horrible person. But I couldn't do it. But with a Divine gift, I might help you to get enough faith to be healed (You see?) by a Divine gift, that was given me, which did come from God. And you're healing comes from God. Your faith comes from God; so God is all and in all. Every bit of it has to come from God. You understand?
Not knowing you, knowing nothing of you, never seen you in my life, and perhaps this is our first time of ever meeting. Is that right? It is. Well then, if the Lord Jesus, when He talked to the woman, if He found out where her trouble was. He went right straight, and say, "Go get your husband."
She said, "I don't have any."
Said, "That's right. Had five."
She said, "I perceive that You're a prophet." [John 4:1-21]
L-59 Now, if He's the same today as He was then, and He promised us the same that He did, we would also... His Presence being here then, He could reveal to me just where your trouble is, like He knowed where her trouble was. Is that right? He could do it.
If He would do it, would you accept your healing? Or whatever you're in... I don't know whether it's healing, or what you have need of, but you would accept it, would you as a blessing from God? You would.
May He grant it, sister. Yes. It's a... You're very much worked-up. You've been excited about something. It's a... You are a--you--you're suffering with a... It's a stomach condition. There's something wrong in the stomach. And that's been very... There's something wrong more. I see you exact. No, He says it's a colon in the air, in the colon. It's a disease in the colon. You're--you're scared of cancer. Bless Him now. Is that true, lady? Was that true? Your stomach, and whatever it was. Is that true? Look here at me, just a moment. How could I know that? No way in the world, only He's.. Yes, here's another thing, I see moving. Now, that I've talking to you. There's something you've... You've had to do something. Oh, yes, you--you work, don't you? And you had to get off from work tonight to come here. Is that right? Of course, you did. God's healed you. Go ahead in His Name...?...
L-60 Now, I want you to love Him with all your heart now, and believe with all your soul now. Now, Jesus Christ is the same. 'Course, the more you talk to people, more It tells you. But as soon as I think the people's got enough faith to be healed, I feel it, I just let it go at that. 'Cause, their--their-- See, I believe we call either fifteen or twenty, and I don't know what He will do out in the prayer line. Depends on how many, I get real weak. That's what my boy's standing somewhere here a watching me, and when he sees I get enough, he knows when and what to do. And I... It makes me real numb, and don't think I'm beside myself when I'm rubbing my face or something other, because my lips feel real thick. It's the Holy Spirit.
Now remember, the prophet Daniel saw one vision, and it troubled him in his head. He was walking around in a coma like for several days. [Daniel 4:5], [Daniel 7:15]
L-61 Now, lady, I suppose you and I are strangers. Are we, lady? You... Where abouts was that you met me? Vandalia, Illinois. My, that's a long time ago. Yes, ma'am. Well, was you there at the meeting? Well, of course I would not remember that in this much time. Was you a up at the prayer line or something? Oh, you wasn't prayed... You just attended the meeting. That's right. Well, that's makes us then just the same as strangers. You just saw me standing on the platform. Was you there the night, the boy that was born blind received his sight, and come back, and took my tie, and ask his mother what color it was? Well, then... That was along about the next to last night somewhere. Now, I want you to look on my just a moment. Not--not--I'm not reading you mind, no ma'am. That's not... No, ma'am, I'm not. I'm just trying to contact your spirit. See? Just like a--a picture camera, a film's been taken. God has to take me down that same line again. See? You're...
Yes, that's--that's very scary; it's a--you get real nervous spells. You... I seen you; you dropped a dish or something or other, trying to--or in your hand. You just couldn't hold it here. Isn't that right? Yes. I see you stand by the sink or that place where you turned around to your right, and a chair was behind you. You kinda staggered over it. Then you... It's a... In the evening when the sun is setting, I see it makes you feel real worn and tired in the evening. I see you setting around a whole lot at that time, looking out a window, kinda like it was a dreary, weary look... You have neuritis also, don't you? That's right. And you're a...
L-62 What that is lady, it's--it's the time of life for you. It's menopause, change of life. Come here. Do you believe that Jesus Christ can take that from you? Will you submit yourself to Him? That's a horrible spirit. It just haunts at you. See? Now, this is a mixed audience, but look. See? Just--since you've been a little girl, every twenty-eight days, you get a funny feeling. See? And this is a whole change, and where life is, Satan is there also, death. You see?
And now, right at this middle change, is when it's the worst of all. Now, Satan would run you insane if he could, but God's going to take it off of you now. See? And He's going to make well. Now, kind, heavenly Father, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus, may this demon leave the woman, and may she walk through these shadows without a fear in her heart. Leave her; come out from her in Jesus Name.
Now, my sister, now, you can go home and be normal, feel all right now. Now, it's all gone from you now, very strange...?... but you're calm, well now. You can go home and be--be all right, and God will bless you.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God, Who gives us..."
Those spirits are just like a shadow, like a big dark cloud, and standing there just like a fog, cold, indifferent. I want you to be reverent.
L-63 How do you do, lady? Well, you and I are strangers, are we, lady? I do not know you. I've never seen you in my life; you're just a lady that come here. Do you believe me to be God's servant. Now, you know that I'm just a--a man, perhaps like your husband or any other man (See?), just--just a sinner saved by grace. And...
But God sets in the church preachers; and He sets in the church singers. And He--He sets in the church prophets; He sets in the church gifts of all kinds. Doesn't He do that? Do you believe that? Do you believe that God can tell me what's your trouble? Do you believe that with all your heart? Well then, if He can, then you'll accept it. Oh, I see now; it's not you, only a hunger for God. That's right. You've been praying to seek God, find God, more desperate for your baby. Is that right? That baby is... The--the wall of its heart has a hole in it, from an x-ray. Its ribs are deformed in the heart...?... Merciful God, restore the life for the child and bless the mother. I take the curse of this devil off of this baby, that the baby will live and not die. Grant it, Almighty God, and eternal God of glory, as I lay my hands upon this poor, weakened baby, may it be healed in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen...?... Just go believing God, and He will work it out for you. Don't fear now, go thanking God, and being reverent.
L-64 Let's say, "Praise the Lord," and our Lord Jesus be magnified. The powers of Almighty God, Who created the heavens and earth, and spanned them out, and spoke and said, "Let there be." And things appeared which was made out of things which is not, may God's blessings and mercies ever remain upon His people. Have faith in God.
What do you think about it, sir? Do you want to be healed of that heart trouble, setting there? Setting there, the man with his hands on his... Think, "God will make you well." You believe it with all your heart? He did; He healed you. Stand up to your feet and accept your healing. You had heart trouble, and so did that baby; it went off of you the same time.
Be praying. You don't need prayer cards; you need faith in God. Believe with all your heart; you shall have what you ask for. "If thou canst believe," He said. Only have faith.
L-65 You're the patient? Excuse me. It just turns me around so I... goes off of me. You see? And I see go out over the audience; I'm watching It (You see?), and I'm trying to see where It's at. Nothing wrong, I was just talking to the lady.
Now, we are--are strangers, aren't we, sister? I never... You've been in the meetings, but I've never seen you there. Well then, if our Lord Jesus was here, as I claim He is, and His Spirit is here at the platform, and you're a believer, you're bound to be conscious of it. You can't help from it; if you soul is in connection with God, you'll know it. Which I know you are... I could not heal you; you know that. I'm just a man, but your faith is what would heal you. Is that right?
If I, by the Holy Spirit, by a Divine gift, and the love of God can see what God would say something for you, then surely, it'd take all doubt away, and you'd believe with all your heart. Would you do it? You're... It's a tumor. It's not only tumor; it's tumors. One of them's in the neck and one in the back. Is that right? If He knows where they are, then he's exposed, isn't he? You believe He can take it away? Come here. O God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon this Thy daughter. I condemn the enemy, and ask it to leave in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
L-66 Only have faith. I keep seeing man standing before me; looks like someone setting right there with a bronchitis. That's--that... If you have it, that's right, that's a amen. That... All right. God bless you. Amen. It just kept calling me. I looked around; I thought I seen the man somewhere. I looked back, and it was him setting there. That's right. That left you also, sir. God bless you.
L-67 How do you do? Of course, we're strangers, I suppose. God... Ma'am? I don't know you, no ma'am, I... Well then, if we're strangers in this world, and God knows that we are strangers then, there'd--there had to be some way I'd have to know you, and contact your spirit, or some way to find out. All right, audience, are you believing? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
You want to get over that sinus? Believe God will make you well of it? If you believe it with all your heart, you can have it now.
I want just to speak with you a moment. You... It's a--it's a rectal trouble, like a hemorrhoid. Isn't that right? I see the examination, and you have a... You're very nervous, upset. It's a change of life, menopause. You also have some kind of a... You're coughing a whole lot or something or other. Oh, it's a asthmatic cough. Is that right? And you're--you have an allergy, and that comes from a dust, or some kind of a dirt or something, you... There's something strange about you. There's some connection with you with somebody, or... Now, the Holy... Yes, it is. You're a relation to me in some way. I don't know you, but you're a relation to me. Is that right? What is your name? Branham. I thought. God bless you. And you're healed. God bless you, lady.
I could hear someone calling you Mrs. Branham. And you're husband... It's through your husband; that's the way it is. A little fellow, a short fellow. God bless you. Go on and be well, in Jesus Christ's Name. Where you live? Oh, here somewhere...?... God bless you. I'd like to meet with you sometime. God bless you. Amen.
L-68 You believe He healed you of the heart trouble when you come by? You believe He will make you well. Oh, Lord, I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ, that You'll heal the woman and make her well. In Jesus' Name. Grant it, Lord, for Your glory. God bless you, sister. Go with raised faith, now believing that God's making it well, and it...?... Believe what you ask for.
You believe God will heal you of that rheumatic fever? Believe God will make you well of it? You do? Stand up on your feet; He healed you. Amen. God bless you...?...
The reason it was him, you have heart trouble. You see? And rheumatic fever works on the heart, and them two spirits was calling to one another. Now, you go on and just rejoice, and thank God for your healing, and be made well. All right.
L-69 Amen. Praise be to God. Have faith. Don't doubt.
Howdy do, lady. Do you believe me to be God's servant, that God sent me to help you? The only way I could help you, would be get your faith up to it. Is that right? I don't know you, do I? We're strangers. You want to get over the asthma? You do? That's what was wrong with you. Accept your healing now. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may you receive it, and go home, and be made well. God bless you now, sister.
All right, come lady. Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart, and you shall be made well. That's all I ask you to do. Have faith. [Mark 11:22]
L-70 God bless you. I want you to put your hand down on the baby now, sister. Dear kind Father, I pray as I'm so attracted to that baby, that You'll heal it. Now, dear Lord, according to Thy Word, Thou has promised that You would hear. And I ask You to grant this blessing, as in my heart goes out for that baby, I ask for it's healing, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
I don't know any other hand would've been like that hand. Now, mother of the child, see, the child knows your own touch. And now, I want you to do what I ask you do. Will you do it? That you might know I've told the truth. When you go in tonight, you put a string around the baby's head, and get it right up even, and measure it. And then, day after tomorrow night, which will be your Saturday night, if you're here... Can you stay that long? I want you to cut off of that string, when you measure it again, how much it shrunk between now and Saturday night, and lay it here with a little note on it. Will you? So I can show the audience.
L-71 Do you believe with all your heart? Now, I don't--never seen you, don't know you, but God knows you, doesn't He? I just want to talk to you a minute away from this microphone. Not a thing immorally; it's just something I could not say before this audience politely; it's a mixed audience. But something the woman done that no one in the world was present but her and Almighty God. Is that right, lady? If that's right, raise up your hand. Now, for your obedience of faith, Christ makes you well, and you can grow in Jesus Christ. All right.
All things are possible to them that believe. Isn't that right? You want to get over the stomach trouble, be made well? You believe? It's caused from a nervous condition, makes... That's it.
Now, you'll have to do what I tell you do in a few minutes. Just accept your healing right now, and go out of here just as happy as you can be singing, and rejoicing. You've always been under a strain like that. See? You've always been nervous since you was born. See? Isn't that right? I'm not reading your mind, but I seen you life just go back to a little girl. You always get scared. Lot of times things frighten you, dogs or some another like that. You make a noise, and you'll... One time coming from school, you was run by one. You see? Isn't that right? And then when you--you--it makes you real nervous. You always feel that way: you're upset. Always deep thinking, crossing bridges 'fore you get to them. Every... Isn't that right? But you're healed now, you can go home, and eat your supper, and be well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you...?...
L-72 Come lady. It's a female trouble, isn't that right? You want to be well, don't you? Certainly you do. It could run into a cancer. Will you raise your hands and say, "I accept Jesus as my Healer." And I condemn the disease in her body in Jesus Christ's Name. May it leave her. See? God bless you, sister. Go thanking God, rejoicing and happy.
All right. Come here. Do you believe with all your heart? I want to ask you something. Now, I know, mother, life's probably hasn't been... Well, just to show you. A few minutes ago, there was a real strange feeling come to you when you was walking up that step. Is that right? And the reason it was, when I was talking to a lady here a few minutes ago, that had stomach trouble. Is that right? You both were healed at the same time. You see? Your stomach trouble left you when you come up the steps. Just like hers did.
L-73 Besides being nervous with prostate trouble, you have stomach trouble yourself. Isn't that right? Dear Jesus, I pray that You'll make the man well. May he leave here happy tonight and well, in Jesus' Name. Amen...?... as getting up night, for he--he's going to the bathroom. See? That's stopped now, you go and re...
L-74 Audience, looks like you could see that hanging right there. Oh, my, 'cause it's wonderful, that Light moving, milling right there. I see a... Oh, it's a... It's eczema on that, a case of eczema. Isn't that right, lady? Setting there praying, wasn't you. That's why He come plumb over here. He was listening to your prayer. Now, stand up to your feet, and accept your healing, and be made well, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. God bless you.
How do you feel, honey? That's fine. Bless her little heart. You know what's wrong with you, honey? You do? Tumors? You have a tumor; did you know that, sweetheart? Come here, just a minute. O Eternal God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon this little child, innocent. As I hold her little body against mine, Lord, and ask that You'll make her well. May the evil go from her. Through the cross of Jesus Christ, I condemn this demon that would harm this child's life, and may it live. May Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the living God come and hear my prayer at this time. Satan, I adjure you by the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, leave the child.
You're the grandmother, aren't you. That's right. You have heart trouble, didn't you? You did. You haven't got it now. You're healed. "Believest thou this?" The power of God's here to heal. [John 11:26]
L-75 Lady, a laying there, do you think God would heal you with that cancer on the lung? If you believe with all your heart, you'll listen at me, you have only one thing to do; you're laying like the lepers laid at the gate. They said, "Why do we set here till we die? If we set here we'll die. If we go into a city, we'll die. We only got one chance; that's go to the enemy. If he keeps us, we live; if we don't, we die." You're going to die anyhow. You're not invited to go to an enemy's camp; you're invited to the house of Jesus Christ, The household of faith, which He's expecting you tonight. If you'll accept your healing, and believe that God will heal you of that cancer, it'll go out of your lungs, and you'll be made well.
You think the female trouble left you, lady? It has. Go on off the platform rejoicing, saying, "Thank God."
Lady, why don't you laying there, rise up in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and take up your bed and go home, and be made well. Do you believe?
L-76 The rest of you here, could do the same thing at this time, if you'll believe. Up to you. Act upon your faith. If you believe, lay your hands over on one another. Almighty God, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, I ask that You move, Almighty One, blessing this audience of people. And may the Spirit of God come down now in great oceans, and goshens of power.
Satan, come out of the people, I adjure thee in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God.

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