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Has The Lord Spoken Only To Moses?
53-1130, Has The Lord Spoken Only To Moses?, American Legion Hall, West Palm Beach, FL, 84 min

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L-1 Make the community a--a little easier to live right. Little hard []...?... down in northern Africa where He said there would be thousands and doubles of thousands more and they--that would be than what there was in South Africa...?... 'cause they had so much trouble in South Africa and they... But in North Africa just looked like all over the world everywhere they's a call constantly coming.
I want to read some Scripture found over in the 12th chapter of Numbers.
And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses saying to--of the Ethiopian woman which he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.
And they said, Has the Lord indeed spoken only by Moses? has he not spoken also by us? And the Lord heard it.
(Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which was upon the face of the earth.)
And the Lord spake suddenly unto Moses, and to Aaron, and unto Miriam, Come out ye three unto the tabernacle of the congregation. And they came out.
And the Lord came down in the pillar of the cloud, and stood in the door of the tabernacle, and called Aaron and Miriam: and they came--both came forth.
And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision... will speak to him in a dream.
My servant Moses is not so, who is faithful in all my house.
With him I speak mouth to mouth... I speak (Beg your pardon) With him I will speak mouth to mouth. [Numbers 12:1-8]
L-2 Now, we want to turn our attentions just a moment to the attitude of Miriam and Aaron. They thought that Moses had done wrong. They wanted to correct him. God was speaking to them, truly, but He said, "If there be one among you who's a prophet, I'll visit him in miracles or visions, and appear to him in dreams, and so forth. But Moses, I have spoke mouth to mouth with him." And Miriam was stricken with leprosy immediately, and Aaron run in, 'cause Miriam was Moses own sister. So it doesn't pay to talk about God's servant, does it?
And so, God spoke to Aaron here, and told him, said, "Seeing that what he had done by Moses," said, "didn't you fear to say those things about him?"
And so Aaron run to Moses and said his sister was stricken in her... white with leprosy, of course, and said, "Would you let her die." And so Moses threw hisself before God and pleaded for her, and Miriam was stricken with leprosy though. She had to stay, and Israel halted their journey seven days according to the law till they could bring her out of the camp again. [Numbers 12:1-8]
L-3 God never changes. His power is just the same as it was in the--before the creation of time. God made and spoke, and in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. That's in the beginning: the Word. The Word was made flesh and dwelled among us. The Word returned back into the Spirit again and living among men tonight, just the same God living on through the ages. [Malachi 3:6], [John 1:1-5, 14]
And His Word tonight is just as effective in the heart of a believer as It was when It was spoken in the beginning. It never varies from Its course. It'll move one. It's a constant relay, a chain that'll always... And through all ages God has always had someone that He could trust and work through. God's always had an outlet on the earth, always. Sometime it's got down to a very few, but He's never been without a witness, someone that He could witness to.
L-4 And I'm so glad tonight in my heart that in this little group here in this city, there's somebody God can witness to. I--I'm glad of that--that you like to hear the Gospel, to love our Lord Jesus enough to come out, listen reverent and very nice.
I'm trusting that God will not have any sick people among us when the service ends. Many has been healed. I've got testimonies. And I'm sure that something's going on right on. It's the reason it's something the way I'm standing here now, waiting word. I don't know what to say, but I know either God's power has to linger near or death one, shortly. So I'm--I don't know what He will say.
But now in the day we can't expect the Gospel of Christ to be popular. Now, the--the Gospel--this is not the Gospel. This is a part of the Gospel. The--Paul said the word--the Gospel come not in word only, but through power and manifestation of the Holy Ghost. Is that right? The Gospel is not the Word only. The Word's just a dead letter. It's got to take the--the letter quickened and made alive and brought to pass what the letter says it'll do. That's the Gospel.
L-5 Jesus said, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to ever nation." Now, listen to see whether that's right or not. Preach the Gospel to ever nation. That's the United States and to all the world, and "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, and he that believeth not shall be damned; and these signs shall follow them that believe: In my Name they'll cast out devils, speak with new tongues, take up serpents, drink deadly things, or lay their hands on the sick, shall not harm them."
Now, in order... He didn't say go teach the Word. He said, "Go preach the Gospel." He never did commission, "Go teach the Word." "Go preach the Gospel." And the--the Word is the beginning or the forerunner of the Gospel. The Word goes out, and the Gospel of the power of the demonstration of God follows the Word--makes the Word manifest. That is the Gospel. And in order if man could preach the Gospel, the last Word... [Mark 16:15-18]
L-6 Maybe there would be someone who wouldn't believe in Divine healing. I wonder what you'd think of this: the first commission that Jesus gave the Church was to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, cast out devils, freely as you receive, freely give. The first commission was ever give to the apostles--to the Church.
Not only the apostles. You said, "That was just the apostles." I beg your pardon. There's seventy of them, not just apostles.
Someone said the other day, "That the power only come to apostles." It was give to whosoever will, he that believeth, not to the apostles. There was seventy sent that wasn't apostles.
Philip was not apostle, and he went down to Samaria, and cast out devils, and healed the lunatics, and had joy and shouting and screaming and going on to the city down there, and he wasn't apostle. He was a deacon. He wasn't even a preacher, and he had signs following his ministry. To demonstrate the power of God is preaching the Gospel. [Matthew 10:6-8], [Mark 16:15-18], [Acts 8:5-8]
L-7 Now, go ye into all the world and demonstrate the power of the Gospel. The first words that He spoke to His disciples, the first commission was to heal the sick and cast out devils. The last word that fell from Jesus Christ's lips according to this Bible was to heal the sick, Mark 16. While He was being taken up, He said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to ever creature. He that believeth (not you all), he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; he that believeth not shall be damned. And ('and' is a conjunction) and these signs shall follow (not you) them that believe; In My Name they shall cast out devils; speak with new tongues; take up serpents; drink deadly thing; lay hands on the sick... they shall recover."
And that was the last Words that Jesus said on this earth. The last Words that mortals ever heard that fell from His lips in the ascension He commissioned them to heal the sick and cast out devils. That's right. They said that would be the sign that the Gospel was being preached. [Mark 16:15-18]
L-8 Now, I want to lay it before, friends. Where's the Gospel being preached at? Where's it at?
Jesus said, these... I said to a fine church... Not long ago I was having a little meeting, I said, "How many believes?" Oh, they was three or four hundred people there. I said, "How many believes that these words are true? Jesus said, 'Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to ever creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.' How many believes that he that believeth and is baptized shall we saved? Hold up your hand." Everybody held up their hands, like you would here, everywhere. How many believes that? Raise your hand. I'll try it in this audience. All right. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. He that believeth not shall be damned. Is that right?
Now, I said, "You all believe that binding?"
I said, "Then He said, 'These signs shall follow them that believe. In my Name they'll cast out devils, speak with new tongues, take up serpents, drink deadly things, lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover.'"
I said, "How many of you believe that?" There was no hands went up. See? Oh, just to say it as long as it's not putting anything, as long as they can set back, and do anything they wish to, and go ahead and belong to the church, why, it's all right, but when it comes to the showdown, that's different. [Mark 16:15-18]
L-9 Not long ago a certain religious man who has a wonderful broadcast internationally... I was in a big city here in America, and I was holding a meeting, and they had a little place, and the people were really hungry. They were hungry. You can't feed people 'less they're hungry. You couldn't talk...
If a man had just set down and eat a nice, great, big steak or something, was so filled up he had to leave his pie and ice cream set on the table, yet, I couldn't interest him talking to him about any--anything to eat. He doesn't want it. That's what's the matter with America today. They don't want it. They're not hungry enough. Isn't that right?
They're--they're to be entertained, a pleasure-mad people. They just want comfort, and luxury, and things like that, and don't know that judgment's slipping right up on them all the time. They fail to see that, but they don't want it.
L-10 Oh, they like philosophy and somebody who can get on the radio and crack a few jokes, smutty, and something like that, and they'll turn on a radio, and get their televisions, and set home, and let the church set empty. That's what's in their heart. That's what makes--that's what does it. The devil knows how to get his program in.
He taught all you holiness people, "Well, you shouldn't go to picture shows." You taught your children out here not long ago, but the devil put one over on you. He just brought the picture show in your house. That's right. That's right. Said, "Oh, that's all right." See he has...
L-11 You know they used to say that the devil went out of fashion, but he didn't go out of business. That's right. He's still in business, and he's just so much shrewder now than he used to be; in the ways that people get shrewd he does too; and he just slips in right in. See?
Brother, I tell you if you ever slip for cover, you do it now, and that's right. You get under the Blood of Jesus Christ. It's a disgrace how that all such things as we have and our world in it's condition today is eighty percent of it come right out of Hollywood, and yet that's the example of the world. That's where the pace is set for all the modern world, is out of Hollywood.
L-12 Now, I don't say everything in Hollywood is polluted. I had some men at my house here not long ago the Westminsters Film Company, who's made--come up there to make a picture. Ask me permit if they could do it, and come to the meetings, they'd put it on the screen, called the "Twentieth Century Prophet," and they're going into Palestine to set up the meeting over there. And those fellow that I met is a group that made this picture, "Samson and Delilah," and so forth, and they were every one... First thing they did when they walked in, before they asked me the question, they said, "Can we kneel and have prayer?" A group of gentlemen.
I asked a question, I said, "And you all from Hollywood?"
"Yes, sir." And they introduced theirselves.
I said, "Well, what's your--what's your business?" House was full of people to be prayed for.
L-13 They said, "Reverend Branham, we--we just come to ask you," and they begin to present their--their problem and what they wanted. They had all them trucks and lights and things, like to have scared my wife to death when she saw all that stuff coming up out there like that.
They come in and wanted to paint them all up. My wife never wore make-up in her life, so she didn't want none of that stuff. So--so I said, "Well, shoot the pictures if you want to. It doesn't matter to me."
Said, "What about the remunerations?"
I said, "Turn it in to foreign missions, every bit of it, and give it to missionaries to go overseas or something with. For myself, I don't want none of it." I said, "I wouldn't have it."
L-14 Now, the thing it is ever-where you go, you're going to find good and bad. I don't care where you go, you're going to find it. You can go down in (I forget) in the roadhouses or wherever you want to go, you'll find good and bad; but the thing of it is, is they're fallen, every man. We don't want to see no one lost, but they're fallen, and they won't stand still to listen to the grace of God that can lift them up, because...
You know where it started from, friend? Now, my minister brothers, you all excuse this expression. I don't mean it to you, but what's got the nation in the place it is today, it started from the pulpit. They let down the bars.
L-15 They used to have an old Methodist preacher, used to come, old Brother Kelly and Sister Kelly, they used to sing a little song, "We let down the bars; we let the bars; we compromised with sin. We let down the bars; the sheep got out; but how did the goats get in?" You let down the bars, that's why the goats got in. Exactly.
You begin to take in anything in the church that was well-dressed, and could pay good in the church, and you taken them in, put them on the church book. You let the women begin to strip themselves, and pattern after Hollywood, and chop off their hair, and put manicure on their face or ever what that stuff is, and--and daub them face all up, and everything like that, and then still call themselves Christians and live right along.
L-16 And old John Smith when he preached his last sermon, he had preached a very short sermon: four hours. He was eighty-nine years old. They had to pack him and set him in the chair; he said, "The very idea. The daughters of the Methodist church has polluted themselves to even wear rings on their fingers."
What would he say today to see the choir members in shorts? That's right. Listen, my sisters, I'm not to tell you what to do. I'm only saying this. You get right with God, and God will take care of the rest of it.
L-17 I remember not long ago when I--women first begin to smoke cigarettes. It was a terrible thing. I'm not here to preach the morals of these things. These ministers are to do that, but you want me to tell you something. I think that's the littlest thing a woman can do. That's right. You know what that does. I get a statistic from the government that shows that mothers--these young mothers... And you mothers here that's got young girls, teach them. Why, they've claimed that women...
Now, they've already taken just proofs and things and you seen it in the Reader's Digest and everywhere: "Cancer by the carton." That--I believe it's about ninety-eight or ninety-nine percent of throat and lung cancer is caused by cigarette smoking. That's right.
And a woman who smokes cigarettes and gives birth to a child will either have to put it on cow's milk for if it nurses from her, it'll take the nicotine from her own bloodstream here, or from her life and the baby average won't live eighteen months, from nicotine poisoning.
Talk about fifth columnist. We legalize it right here in America.
L-18 A few moments before we went for dinner, I believe, or something, I heard a radio broadcast come in, said, I forget, how many million five hundred thousand cigarette firms there was in America--how many they sell a day.
Give me the money in Palm Beach that's spent for cigarettes in one day, and I'll send missionaries all over the world for a year in this little city. Figure it up how many there is. How about whiskey, beer, and everything like that. Then you talk about...?... There's where it's at.
Well, God forgive me. I don't mean to get on them points. Let these brothers do that. Back to the Gospel. That's the Gospel too. That's right. It's a shame we let down on that.
L-19 It's so too bad, and it started from the pulpit. See, I'm not condemning you. I'm condemning these up here. Let it start from the pulpit. See way they do, and you just keep gradually coming in, gradually coming in, he just soothes right around till he gets into it, and he has got them.
How many remembers a long time ago when the old women used to dress decently, and wear clothes that looked natural, and looked like ladies. You remember that? You can't tell them apart now.
I got on a bus here not long ago with a woman. I didn't know she was a woman. I set down there. I was--I was a game warden. It was during time of the war.
L-20 She had on a pair of coveralls, electric welder's cap, cigarette in the side of her mouth, and I was setting there and my arm laying over on her like this; and we's so many of us packed in the bus. She was cussing like a sailor, and she--and she's cussing like a man and everything. And I kept looking at the cigarette. I seen her. She kept going on like that, and she said, "Oh, dear."
I thought, "Wonder if it could be a woman." And I looked at her again, and I--I said, "Sir, where are you working?"
She said, "I'm working at the boat yard."
I said, "Yes, sir."
She said, "I'm not a sir."
I said, "I beg your pardon." I said, "You--you couldn't tell it by looking."
L-21 And she said... Just so, that like, just dressed like a man and you know the Bible says, "that a woman that'll put on a garment that looks like a man's is an abomination to God." You know the Scripture says that. It's the truth.
And look, young ladies, if you'll just leave all that there stuff off, you'll look a lot prettier. That's right. Just take a little James 5:14 and mix with the little John 3:16, and add it all together and stir it up; that's the best make-up you'll ever have. Is that right? It's true. [James 5:14], [John 3:16]
Let me tell you something, young ladies, as you're coming up. If your mother does it, shame her. But look. There was only one woman in the whole Bible that ever painted herself. And you don't paint yourself to see God. You paint yourself to come before men. [Deuteronomy 22:5], [II Kings 9:30]
L-22 I can prove by the Bible that any woman that'll bob her hair has a legal right in the sight of God for her husband to divorce her. Hair... That's the Scripture. Now, if you don't believe it, lay the question up here tomorrow night, and I'll show you. That's right. That's right, but what do we do? The Bible says it's a common, sinful thing for a woman pray with her hair cut short. That's right.
And yet we... You put all this make-up on, but what does it do, friend? There's only one woman done that, and you know what God did to her? He fed her to the dogs. So if you see a woman wearing that, say, "Howdy do, Miss Dog-meat." That's exactly what she was. God fed her to the dogs: Jezebel. You know you don't want to be of her daughters, but I don't blame it on you. It's because it's tradition. It's handed right down, and it's a disgrace. [I Corinthians 11:1-16], [II Kings 9:30]
L-23 Now, them things was permitted from the pulpit. No wonder you can't teach Divine healing and things like... Isn't that right? No wonder you can't. It's a pity. It's true. No wonder they get... God wanted love. God wanted holiness, love, cooperation, but today we...?... ourself off. "My church don't believe in this. Mine does this, and mine does that."
Here not long ago, a young lady in our city... We had a young lady up there at the Tabernacle. She was kindly old fashion looking, I guess. She combed her hair right back so slick that her face shined. She was a lady, and so there was another young lady that belonged to very prominent church, and brother, she was pretty wild. And she went out to dances and carried on all the time. [I Timothy 2:9-10]
L-24 And she used to meet this little lady was up at the--come up there to church, and she said, "You know what's the matter with you?" Said, "It's that crazy preacher you got up there. That's what it is." Said, "He believes in all that stuff." Said, "I wouldn't pay no attention to that."
She said, "It's not my preacher; it's my Lord that's in me that tells me not to do it." See?
And she said, "Why, you're just," said, "he is just narrow minded. That's all there is to it."
Said there... And she said, "You mean my Lord is narrow minded." She said, "No matter what my preacher would say," she said, "my Lord in my heart tells me that women should dress in modest apparel." See? And she said... And this girl made fun of her, and at school she'd always make fun of her. So she was--this young lady from the other church become a very prominent girl in her church. [I Timothy 2:9-10]
L-25 Frankly, she become a Sunday school teacher, and it happened to be that my cousin's girl was--went to this Sunday school; what they had of a morning was what the date was the night before and so forth, fifteen minutes of time they had to get out.
So the girl went out with a boy that carried a little flask in his pocket. The first thing you know, she got to running out and she got sick. The doctors got to it too late.
Mr. Perkins, which works for the Coots Funeral Company, is a good friend of mine. He works for the Vising Motor Company in Jeffersonville now. He did work then for the Coots Undertaker. He was an embalmer.
L-26 This girl got real sick. They called the doctor, and the doctor could nothing for her. She had a social disease, and it was too far. Nothing could be done, four-plus, run out.
So well, all of her little class gathered in to see the Angels come down and pack her home. Now, this is true. They was going to take her home, and the Angels to come. So they was all gathering around, singing songs--her pastor, walking up-and-down the floor outside in a hall with a cigarette in a holder, walking back and forth, up-and-down, waiting for the last minute to come for the girl.
And she was all ready. Done had her hair fixed and things for her funeral and everything was laying there waiting, and death struck her. When death struck her, agony begin to come, and she began to said, "I'm lost. I'm lost." Instead of Angels coming, she was lost. She said, "Where is that girl from the Tabernacle? Call her." Lucille McCortney, I hope her people's not... If she was setting here, it's all right. Said, "Where is Lucille McCortney? Get her to me at once."
All the girls run and got the pastor. Said, "We'll go get the pastor."
L-27 They run him in there. He come in and said, "Now, here, here."
She said, "I'm lost. I'm--I'm--I'm lost."
Oh, he said, "I'll call the doctor and give you a hypo." Said, "You're getting delirious."
She said, "You deceiver of man." She said, "I'm lost and going to hell, and you're the cause of it." She said, "Tell that girl I said, 'Come here.'"
They sent after Lucille, but she didn't get there. Her girl died, and when they went--Mr. Perkins went to embalm the body, put the tubes in, said he kept pumping fluid--a young lady--and they noticed the fluid. He put a gallon or more, and the fluid kept going away and come to find out they opened up, a big hole done eat in her that big: syphilitic. She was gone.
L-28 Now, brother, let me tell you something. I say if the preacher behind the pulpit would've stayed with the old fashion Gospel, and God kept the thing straight, we wouldn't have so much of this juvenile delinquency, and everything else that we got today, and the trouble that we got. God still looks down upon that.
And how can you preach Divine healing and the power of God, when you associate with such as that? You can't do it. Oil and water won't mix. That's right. It's got to be one way or the other. Now, that--now, I'm not a legalist, and I'm not this, that. I am a legalist, and I'm not a legalist; I--I'm a Christian. That's right. See? And I'm not taking sides, but I'm telling what the Gospel says.
L-29 And look. It's too bad that the church has lost their vision of the resurrected power of Jesus Christ, where He said--in the old days when He appeared to them, and give visions, and understanding. He does the same today.
Reminds me of a little case of a very noted man was healed just recently. And how many ever heard of Congressman Upshaw's healing? Many of you have in here.
Congressman Willie D. Upshaw... It happened in California not long ago. We was having the meeting, and my brother had come and got me. And I was late that night, and so he had knocked on the door several times, and went back out, and got him a malted milk, and come back in. He knocked at the door again, and he knowed I was in prayer. There was something going on. I couldn't get a... Just like they was awhile ago.
So then I--I come to the service, walked up. Thousands of people were packed in there. We'd been there four or five days and so they... I guess as I come to the platform there was something struck. I looked out across the place. I said, "I see..."
L-30 Now watch, and you'll see now what's the results. I looked out like that. I said... And God Who's my Judge know that I never heard of Willie Upshaw in my life, and I said, "I see a haystack, and there's a little boy playing on it. He's dressed very odd. He fell off, and he struck his back. He's taken to a doctor that's got glasses down like this and a white mustache, but--but there's nothing can be done."
I said, "I see the little fellow's taken home. He's growing on, and he gets so bad till they bore a holes in the floor so the vibration of his walking on the floor he couldn't stand it." And I said, "Now, he becomes a writer or something, and he's doing some kind of a work. He--he becomes a great man. Now, he's even greater, and he's in a bed that they roll him around in--wheelchairs and things. He can stand up, but he's got crutches over his shoulders and down along his sides, and he has to walk in that manner." And it left me.
L-31 And just at the time, they'd just took him off of an airplane, or something, and had just brought it, he was rolling him in the door. I said, "There's the old man now." Eighty-six years old at that time, and so he heard that. Some of them run one of these little extension mikes back to him, and I told Howard, I said, "What prayer cards did you give out?" And he told me, and I said, "Well, call from a certain number," like I usually do, and line them up.
And just then Mr. Baxter come to me, the manager, and he said, "Brother Branham, you know who that was you talked to." And I said... "Seen that vision of?"
And I said, "No, sir."
He said, "It was Congressman Upshaw." Said, "He wants to speak to you through this mike."
And I said, "I don't know him."
And so his wife was kneeling, down and she was weeping and he was too. He said--he said, "My son, how did you know that I fell when I was a boy?"
I said, "Sir, I don't... Only thing I can say is just what I see in the vision."
And he said, "Well, that's just exactly what happened." He said, "I'm William Upshaw."
L-32 And he was a State Senator of Georgia and was a congressman seventeen years, and retired from the congressman of the United States. Been a total invalid for sixty-six years, an invalid in a wheelchair and crutches and bed and so forth.
"And he said, "I was a president (I believe it was) of the Southern Baptist Convention." Said, "Dr. Roy E. Davis that ordained you in the Baptist church said to me," said, "I have been prayed for hundreds of times, but he was the one that advised me to come over here to have you to intercede to God for me."
And he said, "I was--would've been president (and I believe in 1926 or something when he run) but said, "Because of my convictions, that I did not believe in selling, legalizing whiskey I stood against it," and said, "and if I had it to run over today, I'd still stand against it. The Democratic Party would've elected me if I'd only run," and said, "that I would've been against prohibition." And said, "I--I took my stand against whiskey, because my convictions as a Christian man," he said, "I'm against it."
I said, "God bless you, sir."
L-33 And he said, "My boy, will I ever be healed?"
And I said, "I cannot tell you, my brother." I said, "The only thing I know..." He was setting twice the distance of this building, like this, back in the congregation yet, and wheelchairs plastered in there everywhere; and I said, "I could not tell you, sir. I do not know. I can only say what I see."
And he said, "Well..." And his wife said, "Oh, if God will be merciful."
I said, "He is merciful. I said, "Not will He be; He is." And so I turned like this. I said, "Well, Howard bring..."
L-34 There was a lady coming up. So they started bringing her up. So as the lady started, I looked this a way. I seen a doctor, a young fellow, looked to be about twenty-five years old. He had his arms folded, and if there's a doctor present, I don't know what to call it, this thing they put around their head here: it's got a light out here, looks into the throat. And he had on a little jacket, and it up around the throat tight here, and he had his arms folded and he was looking down, going... He was discouraged, and I just kept watching the little doctor, and as the vision materialized down, he'd operated on a little colored girl, took the tonsils out and it had paralyzed her. She was laying paralyzed.
I said, "The doctor has operated on a little colored girl about five or six years old, removed the tonsils, and it's paralyzed her." And about that time I heard a scream about, oh, way down along on the right side, way down in that way somewhere, and the dust flying, and here come a typical old Aunt Jemima, great big, fat woman with--colored woman--with a stretcher in her hand, an ambulance stretcher, and she had that great, big arm just a knocking ushers every way. It was her baby--screaming to the top of her voice.
L-35 Well, the only way they could keep her off of the platform was to line up a bunch of ushers here, and she just--she said, "Lordy mercy. That was my baby, and that's the same kind of man that operated on my baby." And I said... She said, If--if--if parson is my baby going to be healed?"
I said, "Auntie, I don't know." I said, "I can't say. The only thing I can say is what I see." I said, "Oh, I could tell you I believed it, pray for the baby, but to say is it going... I don't know." I said, "Surely..."
You just think a poor illiterate colored woman, setting way down in that back row there, and Almighty God moving a vision out here concerned about her. Could you imagine? God is no respect of person. He will--he will respect a sincere heart I don't care where it's at. That's right.
L-36 And here she was standing there. She was just carrying on there and the ushers trying to quieten her. So the first lady come on up, and as I--I hadn't even got to her case to talk to her yet.
And I saw something moving again, and I looked out, and right over the audience like this come like a dark streak, and I begin to watch that streak, and it materialized into a road or a street or something. And down the street went that little colored girl with a doll on her arm, rocking that doll.
Brother, that was it. I knew it. All devils out of hell couldn't stop it then. No, God done said so. That settles it. I knew what was going to happen, and I thought, "Oh, praise the Lord."
L-37 I told this lady, I said, "Excuse me." I said, "Auntie, you're a Christian, no doubt."
She said, "I's been raised from a baby to be a Christian," she said. She said, "Lord, my baby."
I said, "Now, stand up just a minute." I said, "Do not weep." I said, "Jesus Christ has heard your prayer, and He's healed your baby."
And she said, "Is--is my baby going to get well?"
I said, "It is well."
And she said, "You mean my..."
And the little girl said, "Mommy, look a here." And she jumped up there, and that poor old thing, and women fainted setting around there. And she jumped up, and that little girl got her by the hand and down through... Made them kept quiet and down through the audience they went, holding one another's hands, praising God, walking out the door. I stood still, watching. People crying and as they went out the door.
L-38 I started turn to the woman. I looked going down across the audience and here went that old congressman. Now, he was dressed with a blue suit and a red tie on (which if any of you know him, that was his very way he liked to dress.), but this time he had on a brown suit, light brown with a white stripe in it. And he had on one of these hats like I wear. Frankly, he's the one sends them to me. So--so he had one of those hats on, southern hat, little Stetson, and he was going along, tipping his hat with his very southern hospitality you know, tipping his hat very gentleman like going down the street like that, walking down over the people.
I knew God had done it. I--I... When that takes place, brother, there's... Just like having this meeting in India and what's going to take in--in Africa, there is nothing in the world could rub that from me. I know it's going to be. When God says so, it's never failed, and it can't fail. It's God. That's not faith. That's just acting out what He said do.
L-39 I knowed that that man was healed. I looked again. I thought, "Now's the time," and I said, "Congressman."
And he said, "Yes, my son."
And I said, "I would like to ask you a question."
He said, "Yes, sir."
I said, "Do you own a brown pin striped suit?"
He said, "Yes, sir, my son, I bought one day before yesterday."
I said, "Well, my brother in Christ, though you have laid sixty-six years on crutches, wheelchairs, and beds, and rushed up, and believed in healing all your life."
"That's right."
I said, "But... And stood for pro--against the evil, refused to become president, because you chose the right thing, God has honored you, and Jesus Christ has healed you."
He said, "God be praised, my boy." He said, "If Jesus Christ will ever let me walk without crutches and things again," said, "I'll--I'll spend the rest of my days, which is very few I know left, I'll spend them for His glory."
I said, "Congressman," and I felt myself fainting then. Done got me. I said, "In the Name of Jesus Christ stand up to your feet. God's healed you."
L-40 And that man who had been invalid for sixty-six years, the congressman of the United States rose to his feet, rushed to the platform, reached down, touched his toes, raised back up, and was perfectly normal as long as he lived. That's right. Went to see Churchill, visit him, stood in time in Billy Graham's meeting up there on the White House steps and sang before those congressmen, "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms."
God... The man lived so long. He went over years after that. That's been about four years ago. Brother Bosworth has been with him. We've been in the meetings. He crossed back across the country. I took my own love offering and many things for him and helped him to buy a car. He went across the country testifying from school to places, everywhere, of the power of the living God.
L-41 Look like if God would've wanted to heal him, He would've healed him when he was a young man and his bones were all flexible, soft. Looked like He wouldn't have waited till his bones was old, and brittle, and his back broke just like President Roosevelt, but that man who had been an invalid for sixty-six years in wheelchairs, and rolling bed, and could walk with the support of crutches to his back, rose to his feet in one moment's time and was made perfectly whole by the power of the resurrected Jesus Christ.
He was acquainted with nearly all the kings and potentates of the nations, known by being a congressman. He even kindly had me to sign my name to a letter that went to Joe Stalin. That's right, and spoke to him, and told him of his healing, of how God had healed him and told him if he would come this side of the Iron Curtain he'd prove it to him. He was quite a sense of humor--the congressman was.
L-42 So my Christian friend, I say this tonight. I'm not an old man, yet I'm not a boy; but if I had a life, and God would come down and say, "Would you forfeit this Christian experience that you have of My redeeming and resurrected healing power..." And your brother tonight standing here was once a blind man.
I was led around by the arms like that with great big thick glasses on, and was so much astigmatism until my head would shake like this, till it'd take me sometimes an hour for the barber to cut my hair. And one moment's time the loving grace of Jesus Christ moved those great, thick glasses from me. I can read newspaper print five feet away from me.
L-43 And today... A few weeks, no it's been about a year ago now, I went to Louisville to a very fine specialist who was going to grind me some glasses for sunglasses to--in Africa and different places. I was going to British Columbia on the snow banks there on a hunting trip on--after I'd come from Africa... And a little doctor friend of mine who lives door neighbors to me, is Dr. Sam Adair, said that he thought maybe it being, said, "You're forty years old, Billy. Your eyes are just actually getting bad. That's the reason..."
I wear any kind of glass and it makes me sick. I said, "No, it's the color."
He said, "Go get your eyes examined." And he sent me over to this specialist; that was the will of God. The man now wants to go to Africa with me and perform operations of cataracts six months free of charge for the natives. He's a Christian man.
See how God works. Sure. And when they--he examined my eyes. Here's what he said, "My eyes 20/20, is good. He tried it on from 20/20 to fifteen-fifteen and then down to ten-ten and my eyes are ten-ten. I sing "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me."
L-44 Now, of these type of testimonies, God Who is my Judge would know this, and I say it and if I--if I'm exaggerating, God forgive me. I believe that I could stand here, if it was possible enough, and for the next five hundred hours give testimony of things that I know that our Lord has did, and it wouldn't cover it, of things above the thousands that volumes of books wouldn't put it in detail, of what our Lord Jesus has did, that I've seen Him do myself. It's--friends, it's just been hundreds times hundreds times hundreds of everything.
You say, "Why didn't I hear it? Why didn't I know something about it?" That's the same thing that many Jews thought after Jesus was crucified or so forth. Many of them say, "Why didn't I? Why didn't I?" It's your privilege now to believe it now and to accept it. This is your day.
L-45 You might think, "Brother Branham, are you..." I'm not saying because I'm holding this meeting here. I'm not holding it. God is. If--if He would speak to me tonight and say, "Go somewhere else." I'd be on my road right now. Well, that's... I never... If...?... to me I couldn't do it. It's Him. I feel that this place needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His power. It's true.
Tonight I know places that's calling that right here where they've got as many as fifteen thousand people that can be in the first night we gather in. That's right. Fifteen thousand people. I know of many places where at least a hundred and fifty thousand will be gathered at the first time. That's right.
But it isn't--it isn't crowds that I'm thinking about. The Gospel must be preached in this city, and that city, and to all the world for a witness, then the Lord shall come. Not theology must be preached, but the power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost must be demonstrated in all the world for a witness. Then the time shall come.
L-46 God bless you. It's your hour. Receive ye Him. Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Father, we pray Thee tonight, that in our little bark of humility here, we--we pray that somehow, knowing that we're unworthy, but that You will anoint tonight, for You have no hands but ours, no lips but ours. Our eyes are Yours.
We are the branches that's to the Vine. O Father, we pray that You'll push forth tonight through the Vine, through the branches and bear fruit. Grant it, Lord.
L-47 And we stand humbly and submissive to Your Divine will. Thou knowest about Mr. Upshaw which all the rest of his years he walked perfectly, walking, leaping, jumping like a young boy, and now tonight way in the old age You took him home, nearly a hundred, and now he's in Your Kingdom tonight a young man, rejoicing with a great host of the heavenly being.
We thank Thee for it, and we pray now tonight, Lord, as we're the ones who's left to yet speak this Gospel while we're living and the daylight is shining. God grant that the great lights of heaven will be turned on to every soul in here tonight, and great signs and wonders might be done.
L-48 And now, You Who raised up Your Son, Jesus, You was the One Who brought Him here on earth by overshadowing a virgin, brought forth this marvelous Jesus. And when He was here on earth, He was a humble Man Who walked around as a carpenter. He was despised of the church world, but yet You were with Him.
And He said, "I don't do nothing. What the Father shows Me to do, that I do." And He was submissive to You and give glory to You. And what You showed Him, He did. And now, Father, when He went away, He made a promise, and said, "These things that I do shall you also. I'll be with you, even in you to the end of the world." [John 5:19]
And Father, I'm declaring to this audience here in West Palm Beach, Florida, tonight, that You raised up Your Son from the dead, and His Spirit is working in His Church tonight, trying to find an outlet through some heart to make the sick well, the blind to see, the lame to walk, the deaf to hear, the sinner to re--refuse to sin any more, and to accept Christ as his Saviour, and be filled with the Spirit of God, and be sent out on the field to do work likewise.
Confirm Thy Word now Lord with signs following for we ask it in Jesus' Name, Thy beloved Son. Amen.
L-49 I believe your... Was that A? All right. They gave out the prayer cards today, and Billy told me awhile ago that it was prayer card A he give out. Let about the first ten or fifteen line up over here to the right to be prayed for. All right. While the rest of us sing "Only Believe."
Turn you little card over. It'll--it'll have your name and address, and on the back of it, it's a letter A 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. I believe each night we've been getting to about 15.
If you'll notice, friends, look. They're always criticizing not getting to as many. Go to some meeting and see how... That's about fifteen or more here in this line and maybe fifteen or twenty out there in that line.
Find out anybody who prays for the sick who gets to more than thirty or forty of a night and the rest of them just goes through laying on of hands just as fast as they can. It's all the time you have. You can't do it no more. That's right.
But look. What I'm trying to get you at is not to have faith in somebody hands, but to have faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen. You believe it? Then have faith in God.
L-50 All right. Let's sing "Only Believe" now real reverent while we all sing. Come on now. Give us a word.
Only believe, only...
All things are possible, only believe,
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
Let's sing it like this:
Lord... Lord, I believe,
All things... possible, Lord, I believe,
Lord, I believe, Lord, I believe
All things are possible, Lord, I believe.
L-51 Wonder if we could hum that? We got--how many's out? Somebody missing? Number 4. Prayer card A-4. Turn your cards over. Somebody maybe that's deaf or... Look at the cripple or somewhere that can't get... Prayer card number 4. A-4 is missing. Perhaps a deaf person or somebody who can't get up. Look at your neighbor's card while we sing it again and find out if they--if they have the card. If they do, raise up their hand. Prayer card number 4, A-4. All right, let's sing again now, everybody.
Only (That's right. Look at your neighbor's card.)
Only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.

Did they show up? All right now ever who is was is losing their turn in the prayer line. See? When I get home, somebody will write a letter and say, "Well, nobody told me my prayer card was called one night." You see? But that's the reason I ask you to look on your card, if somebody's deaf and can't hear they can't hear me calling them. You see? Prayer card 4, A-4. All right.
L-52 Now, the Lord be merciful and bless and may His great, righteous, Holy Spirit shine upon each of us is my prayer. Now, please, keep your seat and be reverent.
Now, I want to call the lady. Come here. Beg pardon? Oh, number 4. All right. That's all right. Bring him up here and line him up in his place, if you will. Thank you ever who looked at that--the man's perhaps deaf and couldn't hear. So then you bring him up here and put him right in his place up here if the ushers will.
All right. Now, I want you to look this a way and believe with all your heart, that Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, is here to heal and make well. Do you believe it? That's right. I like to hear that word "amen." "Amen" means "so be it," and that's what we want. All right.
L-53 Billy, here's your... Oh, that's... Okay, that's all right. This--this is the patient. Now, lady, if there was any way in the world of healing you, God knows I would do it. I would be glad to do it, but I couldn't heal you. You know that, and how many in here's aware that I couldn't heal the woman. Why, certainly, not. I cannot do what Jesus Christ has already did, can I?
Now, her healing is already complete. Jesus healed her long years ago when He died. But now, something has to happen to get her to accept her healing (Is that right?), something to make her accept her healing. All right.
Now, I want you to look this a way, sister, and believe with all your heart. If you believe me to be God's servant... Now, the reason I say that is this, is... Just a moment. Is it an important message? The--the reason that I say this... And I want the audience before the anointing strikes me, I want them to know this.
L-54 The reason that you hear me say sometimes, get the people say, "Believe me." See? Now, the reason I say that is not believe me as Him. Certainly not, certainly. It's to believe that I have told you the truth that He has sent me to do this. Now, see when that Angel met me, he said, "If you can get the people to believe you." See? "If you get the people to..."
Peter and John passed through the gate called Beautiful, said, "Look on us." Is that right? And Elijah when the--all of them had come down there and got him kindly all stirred up, he said, "If it wasn't I respected this righteous man, Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't even look at you." See?
L-55 How many knows that you can--you could send your soul to hell with a Divine gift? Sure, you can. You have to watch what you're doing. How many believe Moses was God's prophet? Say, "Amen." He was God's prophet, but do you know what he done? God told him to go down there and speak to the rock. The rock was already smitten. Is that right? Instead of Moses doing what God told him to do, he went down and smote the rock again. Is that right?
Well, that absolutely broke the entire Scripture right in two, right there. Christ wasn't smitten twice. He was smitten once. We just speak to Him from now on. Is that right?
But when Moses smote the rock, that broke God's complete program and it was--he had done exactly what God told him not to do. See? But he could do it anyhow, whether it was God's will or not. That seems strange, doesn't it? But it wasn't God's will, but he was a prophet. He could do whatever he wished and what his power would permit him to do.
But what did God do then? He dealt with Moses and kept him from going over in the promised land. Is that right? Took him upon a hill and said, "Here it is." Let him look at the promised land, passed him out, let the Angels come take him away and bury him. [Numbers 20:7-14]
L-56 You have to... Look at Elijah. That young prophet was bald-headed, and them little children teasing him about being bald-headed. Said, "Thou bald head. Thou bald head. Why didn't..."
You know what he said? That prophet turned around and put--cursed those children and said, "Cursed be," I suppose in the Name of the Lord, and before those little children returned into the city, two she bears killed forty-two of them little innocent children. Is that Scripture? Poor little innocent children, but an angered prophet. Better be careful what you're doing. See? That's right.
So that's the way it is here. I want to see what you're doing before you put a curse a disease... What if God had put something on a person, or permitted Satan to do it, and you and I would come around with a Divine gift and take it off before God's will was accomplished? Then God will deal with me. See? Have to be careful. [II Kings 2:22-24]
L-57 Now, I want you to know to look at--the person telling them to look I'm asking them so I can attract their attention. See? Look at me. Believe me. Do this because I'm representing God to you.
Now, I want you to do that. Like the woman at the well, Jesus said, "Bring Me a drink," and got to talking to her. That's the same way I do you, is just see what God will say. Until His Spirit comes, I'm just as your husband would be or anyone else. I have nothing at all that I can do. There's nothing that I could say or anything. I just--I just have to let Him do it.
We're strangers to one another, and I don't know you, but God knows you. He knows you, and I know you're a Christian, because if you wasn't it would be turning dark around you, but instead it's light. [John 4:1-30]
L-58 But say, you just been healed. You was healed. You've been healed in this meeting of arthritis or something had it and you's healed.
But I--I see someone away. That--you--you received a letter from somebody. Isn't that right? And that letter was from Indiana, my home state, and it was about a woman, a friend of yours, who has a... It's a woman that's got a heart trouble, and she's got something to do about church or some... No, it's a preacher's wife, that's what it is... It's a preacher's wife. Isn't that true? And that woman has been in my meetings. I see it crowded, but she couldn't obtain a prayer card, and she's wrote to you to give you to come and stand for her. Amen. That truth?
L-59 And you have some other worry on your mind there. Just a minute. Yes, it's a--it's about a--a child or a daughter, a daughter, school girl that's got some kind of a--a--a intestinal, bowel trouble or something. She's a nervous upset person. It's spasms in the bowels, is what's a doing it. It's going to get all right. It's going to be all right.
Lord, in Who dwells the power of vision, You alone can do these things, and I believe tonight this a very Christian act this woman standing for her friend. You stood for all of us as a Friend. God grant the request. Will you, please?
Across the country, wherever the woman is, I curse that disease of her body in the Name of Jesus Christ and ask that they, her loved ones and friends that she's standing for, will be made well, and may the power of God, that knows in ever part of the world and can be at everywhere at any time I pray that it'll be confirmed to those people this very hour in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Now, sister, I have prayed the prayer of faith, and with all my heart when I was praying it turned real bright, and I believe you're going to receive just what you asked for. God be with you. Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
L-60 Now, that's it. I want you to worship God. I don't want you just so you have to hold your peace and everything. I want you to be reverent when vision, because if you don't it moves around, but who can deny the existence of Jesus Christ.
I now as God's servant take the jurisdiction over every spirit. Nothing, nothing in the power of faith could stand in its presence, and every one of you people setting out there in the audience that's sick I give a solemn challenge by the command of the Lord Jesus Christ for you to believe on His Name and He will heal every one of you. That's right.
If I was speaking in myself I would be a liar. I speak of Jesus Christ. He's Truth. If I bare witness of myself, I bare wrong, but I don't bare witness. God bares witness of me that I've told the truth, and I'm telling you the truth that Jesus Christ healed every one of you.
L-61 And every one of you right now if you've got unforgiven sins, you confess it and make it right, and God will heal you, but He can't heal you with unforgiven sin. Satan still has the jurisdiction over you.
Now, take my word. I'm telling you the truth and God's bearing record that it's the truth. Now, you out there, that hasn't got any prayer card I want you to start praying [] should believe with all your heart while I'm speaking here on the platform.
L-62 How do you do, sister? Seem to be a very kind, little person. You believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God has raised from the dead living in His Church? I believe that, and I believe that you believe it. You--you got some kind of a blood condition. The blood is clogged on the [] God will grant it to you. God bless you. Bow your heads.
God Who sends Your power, You said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." and this poor woman, standing here tonight knowing that any second could be stroke. Her doctor knows the same, but Thou, O God, has brought redeeming power, and I claim a--a Divine gift ministered to be by an Angel sent from God, and I now ask this blood clot to be dissolved in the Name of Jesus Christ. May it leave her, and may the doctor not have to operate. I ask this in Jesus Christ's Name, be--believing that down through the power of God through my body comes His power to make this woman whole through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, and the peace of God upon you. [Mark 16:15-18]
L-63 Be reverent. My, if I could only weed them critics. You hound me. I got a good notion calling your name. Don't do that. You're hindering God. God will smite you with something as sure as I'm standing here on the platform. You're hindering others.
All right, sister, look this a way. I don't mean to mean to be upset. You believe me to be His prophet? You had some kind of a trouble. You've had a--it's a kidney trouble. You've had an operation, and they--they--I believe I see them take that kidney away. You--they in the operation they moved one kidney, didn't they? Hum? You have a--also something in here. Right along--it's a--causes sickness, and colic like, and you spit up--it's gallbladder trouble. That's... Is that right?
Stand over this way just a moment. They's some contact with you and that little girl standing there. That's your child, isn't it? That's right. All right. Go on your road. God be with you and bless you and heal you. Let's say, "Thanks be to God." Amen.
L-64 What are you thinking, sister? You believe Him? Little boy? You suffer with something wrong with your eyes, isn't it? The little boy, I see drops the blood flying fast. He's a bleeder. Isn't that right? Lay your hand over on him.
Almighty God, Who raised up Jesus from the dead, Who stood on this earth here as a Man, dressed like a Man, looked out into the audience, and knowed just exactly what they were doing, what they were thinking about. He raised from the dead, living among you, men tonight, God heal them. I pray this blessing and send it in the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Receive your healing, sister, both you and your baby.
L-65 Sir, you believe you're going to get over that rupture? You do? Gallbladder trouble, that's when He done it. It's over now. You can go home and God bless you.
Only thing you have to do is to enter that channel. He will get you. He will heal you. That's all. Have faith in God. Blessed be the Lord.
Howdy do, sir. You believe me to be God's servant?
You believe that high blood pressure left you there, lady? Shaking your hand, believing that He--He healed you and made you well? If you do, you can have it. God bless you.
L-66 Do you believe with all your heart, my brother? Do you believe me to be God's servant? You've read after me and wanted to meet me. I want to shake your hand. God bless you. Now, look on me, as that you've waited for this time. If you've done that, God will have to have some place of contact for you. If the deep's calling to the deep, there's got to be a deep to respond to it. That hour has come for you. God bless you. Life hasn't been a flowery bed of ease to you.
Your trouble is in your bowels. I see you've had a--some kind of an operation or a lance, an abscess. A doctor lanced it, and I see him looking around. He wants to operate, but you have prayed and believe.
I see you got some trouble at your home too. You got a wife that's something wrong in her back. It's a slipped vertebrae. Is that right? And I see a younger woman that's got swelling somehow. It's your daughter--it's your daughter-in-law. Is that right? And don't she belong to the Church of God. Go home, brother. God has visit you and been... God bless you. [Psalms 42:7]
L-67 Hallelujah. Amen. Amazing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. You can call me a fanatic if you want to, but how can you hold your peace, when the great God Who created the heavens and earth and holds our souls in His hands is in our presence. We're in His Presence now, working: "If there be one among who is a prophet, I will reveal Myself in visions. If what he says comes to pass, then hear him." And I'm telling you, Jesus Christ is in the building now, the resurrected Lord Jesus to heal every person, save every person, fill everyone one with the Holy Spirit, give any redemptive blessing that He died for at Calvary. Amen. [Numbers 12:6]
L-68 Howdy do. Excuse me, I just want to talk to you a minute. See? God bless your heart, brother. You sure like to see her get well, wouldn't you? You believe she will? You, I'm talking to. You don't have any prayer card for her, do you? Didn't get a prayer card? You believe me to be God's prophet? If God don't heal her, she can't stay here long. It's heart trouble. She's very bad. Isn't that right? I see it moving, her sweater jumping like that, but God can heal her. You--you believe it with all your heart now. Won't you lay your hand over on her there? Lay your hand, yourself, on her head.
God, be merciful. Don't let her die, Lord. I plead this blessing for our sister who sets semiconscious, death beating at the door. Father, at this time, I don't know what You've said to do. I just know what's wrong with her, and I'm interceding for her in the Name of Jesus Christ that You'll spare her. Amen. God bless you, brother. God be Jumalan rauhaa.
L-69 You believe with all your heart? You brought your baby here for one thing. She's mighty sweet. I've got a little one at home like that tonight, about that age. Do you believe that God can reveal to me that baby? Do you believe that God will hear my prayer? And now, if Jesus was here on earth in a body of flesh, you'd go to Him. Certainly, you would. You'd take your baby there. Well then, 'course, He's--He's--His body has been received up into heaven but His Spirit is here, and we are His Body now, and that's the reason you brought her to me.
Now, if He is in me as I claim He is by the Holy Spirit, working through a Divine gift (That's the outlet.), then He can speak through me and tell me what's wrong with that baby. Is that right? And if He will, then you'll accept the healing of the baby through Jesus. The baby suffers with a stomach trouble. Is that right? It's a over secretions of acid, and its kidneys bothers it. Isn't that right? It's caused from a nervous condition.
L-70 And you're also--it inherited it from you, and you're a nervous person, and you have a--a female disorder, which is an abscess, and it's on the left hand side, and it causes a drainage. Is that right? All right. You believe me to be His prophet? Give me your baby.
Satan, you who have bound this child, I as God's servant, heal it from this condition in the Name of Jesus Christ I do this under the authority of Almighty God Who sent His Son Who promised it. Amen.
Lord, I lay hands upon this, my sister, to heal her of this condition, not my hands but representing Yours, and in the Name of Jesus Christ I curse the disease. And Satan, you're exposed. Come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Take your baby and go home now. You're going to be all right. God bless you.
Oh, thanks be to God Who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Do you believe me to be His servant, lady? That goiter left you then, lady. You believe it? You had throat trouble setting out there next to her also. Accept your healing? God bless you. Kinda struck you for a little bit, didn't it? But it's finished. God bless you.
L-71 Oh, God is so merciful. You believe now? You're a diabetic. You believe Christ is going to heal you? Certainly He will. He's your blood transfusions at Calvary. This is not your home. You've come from up north. You got a husband in a hospital that's got heart trouble. Isn't that right? Want you go lay hands on him too, that he will be well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Have faith in God. If thou canst believe... Are you believing everyone? Are you of one accord? Do you believe that the Holy Spirit's now going to do this for each one of you?
L-72 All right. Come, sir. Heart trouble and arthritis, but God has made you well. Go ahead off the platform, be... Say, "Thanks be to God." Man's quiet, but he had a solemn faith.
You believe He's going to make every one of you well? I just look back to someone to... All right, lady, come. The kidney trouble left you while you was standing down there in the line awhile ago. You can...
You want to be healed of that gallbladder trouble, lady, setting back there on the... Yeah, you turned your head and looked back. Stand up to your feet and say, "I accept my healing," and get well. That's... God bless you. Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
L-73 You believe, sir? All right, come here. You had several things wrong with you...?... a lot of complications. Been a little hard of hearing too but--but you're not no more. Here, I'll show you. You hear me? You hear me? When you was setting right there, you got a real funny feeling come over you, wasn't it? That's when you was healed. See? That's healed too. God bless you. Yes, sir. Go off the platform rejoicing, thanking God.
Come. You was the little girl that your mother, or something that I seen your mother or somebody awhile ago. Is that right? You won't look it, but you're anemia. Is that right? But Jesus is going to make you well now. You believe that? I would like to bless you in His Name. Come here.
Lord Jesus, You said, "Whatsoever you bind on earth, I'll bind in Heaven. Whatever you loose on earth, I'll loose in heaven." That was Your Words, Lord, and in the Name of Jesus Christ, I loose this girl of this blood condition. Amen. Go, sister. Now, you're going to get well, and I want you to always remember that, honey. You may have a tussle later on in life. But I want you to remember when you go to school and wherever you go, testify of God's glory. God bless you. Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Matthew 16:19], [Matthew 18:18]
L-74 If you'd believe you'd have--you could even--you could even see without your glasses, and go home, be well. You believe that? All right. God bless you and Jesus Christ make you well. Amen. Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
I seen someone pressing to their side. It's a lady with glasses on, looking at me, setting right there at the corner of that post. You suffer with gallbladder, isn't it, sister, setting down there? You believe with all your heart, you can get well right now and go home and never be bothered no more with it at all. God bless you.
L-75 Come, sir. The reason it was acting on her in that way is because of you. You have a stomach trouble. You see? And a whole lot of that is caused from a gall disorder that you don't know nothing about, throws the stomach into spasms. You're healed. Go home and eat. God bless you. You're a good believer. Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
Have faith. Don't doubt. I believe every person in here can be healed right now. But I know you're healed. You believe your healed 'fore you come? You won't have no more arthritis then. Go off the platform rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus," and be well. Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
All right. All right, come, lady. Do you believe, lady, with all your heart? Want you to put your hand on my shoulder. You want to get over that diabetes, and be made well, and go home. You do? Just go right ahead and around this a way, and just say, "Thank the Lord."
L-76 How many of you wants to be well? Raise your hand, and say, "I want to be well." Now, while you've got your hands up, lay them over on one another. That's what I wanted you to do put your hand over on the little girl []
I don't know why. I see a lady with a green looking dress on. The Spirit of God is around the woman, but she turned her head. She has her hands up like this. I don't know. Something's taking place. The woman is in deep sincerity. Let's bow our heads.
L-77 O God, our Father, Whose Presence we are now permitted to be in, we are indebted to Thee, O God. We are unworthy of being able to stand in this day of evil. All the world is falling to pieces seems like, and this very dark hour to see our Lord Jesus in His resurrected power, manifesting Hisself through signs and wonders.
Merciful Father, if Thy servant has found grace in Thy sight, I pray Thee to be merciful tonight to answer my prayer, and that these things that I ask may be brought to pass. Grant it, Lord. Thou art everlasting God...?... and...?... Your Son Christ Jesus, and was with the apostles, and was with an angel there and down through the age, and You're here tonight. And in not too long we'll see You face to face. O Father, have mercy upon us. We plead for mercy. We're unworthy sinners that Thou saved by Thy grace, now, we're so thankful to be Your children, and I ask that You'll heal every mortal in here tonight.
L-78 May the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ move down, settle down, come over this audience, and may the glooms of fear, doubt, and unbelief be moved away. Lord, I believe that You'll give us...?... just a...?... just a touch of Your presence, they will receive it. Just move the gloom back enough that their spiritual eyes can be opened up to see what's standing right here in the building tonight, to see Your Presence is omnipotent.
O...?... gracious mercy, I pray God that You'll do it; move back the powers of the enemy. Thou, Satan, who's done this evil to God's children. The Lord Jesus curse thee, and in the Name of Jesus Christ leave every one of them. Come out of them, and go out in outer darkness. All the spirits of evil that's in here come subject to this command. As God's servant, I adjure by the living God, that you depart from everyone in here and may the lame walk, the blind see, the heart troubles be cured, the cancers cured, everything in here be made well in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I ask it. Amen...?... meeting.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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