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53-1129E, Testimony, American Legion Hall, West Palm Beach, FL, 94 min

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L-1 ...?... doesn't matter...?... Thank you, Brother Bosworth, and good evening, friends. It's a pleasure to be back here again tonight to serve the Lord. And I'm very happy to see you people gathered out in this time of worship.
I just shook hands with an old friend of mine from down in Miami. Reminds me of... Seems like I wouldn't feel I come to Florida, if I didn't get to see what we call Brother Jim. And so I'm very happy to have him with us tonight on the platform. Much water has passed down the river since I seen you last, Brother Jim. So... Been many places around the world, going again if God willing in the near future.
We're very happy that God did what He did for the people this afternoon, blessing them, and I trust now that right quick... I've been spending last two hours or more constantly praying and I'm just want to testify a little tonight, and then go right into the service.
L-2 First I shall read some of His Word and knowing that His Word is perfect and will never fail. It's found in the 4th chapter of Saint John beginning at the 46th verse.
... Jesus came again into Cana of Galilee, where he made the water wine. And there was a certain nobleman, whose son was sick at Capernaum.
And when he heard that Jesus was coming out of Judaea into Galilee, he went unto him, and besought him that he would come down and heal his son: for he was at the point of death.
Then Jesus said unto him, Except you see signs and wonders, you will not believe.
The nobleman said unto him, Sir, come... ere my child die.
Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth. And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him, and he went his way.
And as he was now going down, his servant came to him, and told him, saying, Thy son liveth.
And he enquired of them the hour... he began to amend. And they said unto him, Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.
So the father knew that it was the same hour... which Jesus said unto him, Thy son liveth: and himself believed, and all of his household.
This is again the second miracle which Jesus did, when he came out of Judaea into Galilee. [John 4:46-54]
L-3 Can we bow our heads now while we speak to Him just a moment in prayer. Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. We'll worship Thee tonight, our Father, in the Name of Thy beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and we love Thee because that Thou hast first loved us, and redeemed us from a life of sin, and has given us a heart of worship. And we'll praise Thee and receive tonight, O God, the adoration of our heart as we pour it out in simplicity to Thee, loving Thee, and knowing this: that Thou alone holds our lives, and someday we must meet Thee face to face and give an account for our life here on earth.
What type of people should we be then, Father? We can do nothing except Thou will help us. And tonight while this little group of people gather together here on the evening of the Sabbath, we thank Thee for this lovely day and for the many sermons, and the ministers across the world who has preach the Gospel, all the souls that has believed on Thee, the great miracles and wonders, no doubt around the world being performed right now. And dear Saviour, don't pass us tonight.
L-4 We pray that You'll come in Your magnificent power and will lay Thy healing wings across this building, and may every sick person in here be filled with healing power. Grant it, Lord. May as the prophet said the distilled dewdrops of mercy bathe our souls until we see the purpose of Jesus, our King, to redeem us from sickness and sin, and to set us free, and to give us a happy life of service winning others for Him. These blessings we--we ask Thee to grant to us unworthy ones, in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus. Amen.
Just a testimony tonight. Taken so much of your time this afternoon in preaching... My son told me, said, "Dad, you didn't realize you was there about an hour and forty-five minutes, but you was..."
L-5 Well, I--I just love to talk about Him so much, that I just can't get through talking. I've been twenty-three years now in the ministry, and I come in the ministry when I was just a boy and the only regrets that I have if I could strain my life of one thing that I regret more than anything else, that I didn't know Jesus when I was just a little bitty boy. I wished I could turn it back. Every hour of my life I would give for His glory.
I remember as a young boy just in twenty... Why, they... The boys used to say, "Billy, you don't get any pleasure out of life. You don't dance. You don't drink. You don't smoke. You don't go to shows or dances. What do you get out of life?"
And one night a young lady asked me when I was taking her home. She said, "What do you get out of life?"
L-6 And the next night I made an altar call in the place where I was preaching, a local Baptist church, and down the aisle come thirty or forty people kneeling at the altar. The young lady was setting there weeping. I said, "Would you stand up, sister?" I said, "You wanted to know where I got my pleasures. This is worth more to me than all the things that the world ever give me, this one thing here. It gives such a peace and a satisfaction to my soul."
I'm so happy tonight, that Almighty God in His infinite mercy, and His redeeming grace saw fit one time to--to save me and to give me the privilege of speaking to His people. I love people. I love every one, the world, whether they're sinners or Christians. I--I feel that in my heart.
L-7 Every one of us, Jesus died for all of us. I see the men sometime out on the street drinking, and I see them gambling, and I but... And some of them cursing and so... That doesn't turn me against the person. It just only makes me know that Satan is doing that. That's my brother, and it's--it's... I... Just hurts me to see Satan having...?... like that. Now, if I can say something to him to win him over to our Lord Jesus where he can have Eternal Life, why, he will stop that. He--he is my brother. He's just fallen, and I love to help him up. See? And that's truly from my heart.
And if I should die tonight the--the testimony that I have given which has now went around the world and I... If I should die tonight, and this would be my last sermon that I'd ever speak, or last prayer line I'd ever pray for the sick, my testimony's true. And if I'd meet you at the judgment, you'll find out that I have only testified what is the truth of Jesus Christ and His mercy.
L-8 Sometime ago, just in this little testimony, I was at Houston, Texas, and I was having a meeting. We were having somewhat about eight thousand in--in a coliseum, and Mr. Bosworth and I was together, my brother here. We're having a lovely meeting. Raymond Richey and many of churches around was sponsoring the meeting, and there came a man...
I have plenty of critics. We know that. We're bound too. If Jesus had them, well, I've got to have them too and so have you. We all have them. But there was a man just out of the seminary, and he was a very smart, brilliant man. He was a doctor, had just got his degree, and he was a--a Baptist minister. His name was Doctor Best, and he was a very brilliant young man. He had a--a nice tabernacle there, and a very fine following. And some of his people was coming over to the meeting, and so he took the--the side to say that there was no such a thing as Divine healing.
Well, Mr. Bosworth in fixing the itinerary and the advertisement, and--and Mr. Richey and many of the other ministers had hung a sign out in the street said, "Miracles every night."
L-9 Well, Mr. Best said, "Well, that was ridiculous, and there was no such a thing as Divine healing," and he put--and he put a challenge in the paper. Instead of coming to us, he put a challenge in the paper and said, "William Branham is a--a religious impostor," and said, "that he should be run out of the city, and I should be the man to do it."
So I didn't think it sound very Christian in my brother, but that was all right. And Mr. Bosworth came and he said, "Brother Branham, look at this." And he--he challenged me to debate the subject of Divine healing with him openly before the people. Well, I'm not a debater. I don't believe in fussing. I--I preach the Gospel. If the people believe it, why, all right. If they don't, that's all I can do about it. And...
L-10 Now, you never make anything by fussing and debating. Don't never do it, 'cause you just make enemies. That's all. I've seen too much of it. So Mr. Bosworth, he came and he said, "Brother Branham, look at this."
I said, "Brother Bosworth, just let it alone." I said, "We got thousands of people to be prayed for, and why would we fool with one person who doesn't believe, when there's thousands waiting to be prayed for who does believe?" I said, "Why fool with it?"
Well, the next day the minister put in the paper, a great headline in Houston Chronicle, and he said, "It goes to show what they're made out of. They're ashamed and afraid when the real Gospel is laid out before them, to debate the subject." Says, "It shows what they're made out of."
Well, here come Brother Bosworth to my room again. He said, "Looky here, Brother Branham. Are you going to take that?"
L-11 And I said, "Why, Brother Bosworth, it won't do any good." I said, "I... The Holy Spirit is with me. He promised me He would do, and I--I'm--I have the anointing to pray for sick people, and I just won't fool with it."
He said, "Let me do it." And said, "Let me..." said, "It's a shame." Said, "The public will think that we're just a bunch of people that just--just flying about." Says, "There's no Scripture to it or nothing." Said, "We owe it to the public."
I said, "I--I only owe the public what God told me to do."
And he said, "Well, Brother Branham," he said, "it's not right." Said, "Them men hasn't got..." Said, "I can produce hundreds of Scriptures and I... and they haven't even got... That man hasn't got one--one Scripture in the Bible to stand on," and said, "let me prove it."
L-12 Well, I thought of Caleb, you know, when he--that old fellow that had the sword and said, "Joshua put this in my hand when I was forty years old," and said, "I'm eighty today. I'm just as good a man today as I was when Joshua give me the sword." Well, I thought, "That was pretty gallant of him being in his seventies and Mr. Best in his thirties," I thought, "just fresh out of the seminary."
I looked at him and I said, "Brother Bosworth, I don't want you to go down there and fuss with that man."
He said, "Brother Branham, I wouldn't fuss with nobody." He said, "I wouldn't do it, but I know one thing: I know what the Word of God teaches." He said, "Now, I think you owe it to say something about it."
I said, "All right. You go do it then, but you promise me you won't fuss."
He said, "I promise."
L-13 Well, like a little child with Christmas anticipations, down the steps he went. The reporters were waiting. They wouldn't let them come to the room up there, and I--and so I said, "I wouldn't fuss with him."
So Brother Bosworth, he went down, and then, of course, you know how the newspaper can write. Great big headlines "Ecclesiastical Fur Will Fly," and they really decorated it up real good. So they... The next day... But here's what made me know that someday the great Church of God is coming together just as sure. You're going to forget your diff--your differences.
When communism goes to forcing you right hard, don't worry, you'll come together. God has a way of doing things. See? And so when the great press come on, there's a strange... We couldn't fit in that coliseum any more, we had to... We couldn't stay in that place we were at. We had to go over and rent the big Sam Houston Coliseum, seats around thirty thousand.
L-14 And that day they come in by special plane, special trains until that place packed completely full of people. They didn't care whether they was Methodists, Baptists, whether they were Pentecostal Oneness, Twoness, Threeness, or Church of God, or whether they was riding a one hump camel, two hump camel, or whatever it was. There was one thing in common, and that was Divine healing was at stake, and every man believed in it and here he come to take the part of it. That's what it takes.
Wait till Christianity comes to that spot, and you'll find all the Methodists, and Baptists, and all of them looking just alike then, everybody coming right together, pressing into the Kingdom of God.
L-15 And I--I just... That settled it with me that day, when I looked back there and there was thousands of all different descriptions of people setting there from all kinds of churches, Catholic and all, everybody placed together.
And so I told Brother Bosworth, "I wouldn't go down that night," I said, "No, I don't want to hear it." And I... And my brother was with me, and my wife, and little girl.
He said, "Well, you just stay up your hotel." I was staying at that time at the Rice Hotel. So I went to the... When it got time to go, I just couldn't hardly stay away. So I--I got in the cab, and a couple of police come and so they taken me down. And I pulled my overcoat up like this, and we went way up in balcony thirty. And I got a seat up there just before all the crowds got packed in.
L-16 And I was setting there with my coat up, my wife and boy setting there. Well, when he come up for the discussion, the moderators and so forth come to the platform. Mr. Cy Ramsar, who used to be Paul Rader's song leader, was leading songs for us. And he was singing. Very much of a diplomat on the platform, he was leading the singing, and just before he turned the service over to the moderator, he said, "I was reading in the paper the other day where that someone said that William Branham ought to be run out of the city a religious impostor. Said, "If you people of Houston would put more time running bootleggers out of the city than you would do a religious man like that," said, "your city would be better off." And a great roar went up all through the place.
L-17 I thought, "Well..." And I looked at Brother Bosworth... I'm not saying this because he's setting behind me, and I believe his wife, and son, and daughter-in-law and them's, setting present somewhere here tonight. I'm not saying this... But I admired him. And he walked out, and Mr. Best when he come over, he went and hired photographers to come, take his picture.
And he wanted to take his picture. He said, "I'm going to skin that old man, and take the hide off of him, and tack it on my study door for a memorial to Divine healing." Quite a statement for a child of God to say, you know, but, so they... He said that. And so he wanted to take the picture.
So they hired the Douglas Studios in Houston, Texas, to come, take his picture. And so Mr. Bosworth who'd never been in a debate before, and so he wanted Mr. Bosworth... Mr. Bosworth thought they would just stand and give Scriptures and discuss them. So Mr. Bosworth had a great load of Scriptures wrote out. He said "Mr. Best, if..."
L-18 And Mr. Best said, "No, you go up and say what you're going to say in thirty minutes. Then I'll say what I've got to say in thirty minutes."
So well, they agreed on that, then had a...?... at the last. Well, I was setting listening wondering what was going to take place. Well, when I seen my Brother Bosworth walk out there coolly, knowed just where he was at, with no doubt in his mind, he said, "Dr. Best," he said, "we're sorry that we have to have discussions like this." but said, "You had a statement in the paper that Brother Branham was a religious impostor and there was no such a thing as Divine healing." Said, "Now, our subject tonight to discuss is not Brother Branham; it's whether Divine healing's in the Bible or not. That's what you--the debate's for. That's what we signed up for: Whether Divine healing was taught in the Scriptures."
L-19 He said, "The gifts of God will prove themselves, but this is what we're teaching whether Divine healing's in the Bible or not." He said, "I have (I forget how many Scriptures there, a hundred or two) he said, "This is Christ present, His attitude, present attitude towards the sick is just the same today as it ever was." So many Scriptures he had... Said, "If you'll take one of those Scriptures, and by the Scripture disprove it, then we won't have any discussion. I've lost the debate, and I'll set down, if you can take the Scriptures and prove that Christ's present attitude isn't just exactly the same towards the sick now as it ever was." And he offered him a paper.
L-20 Mr. Best said, "I'll take care of that when I get up there." Said, "You go ahead with what you're going to say." Said, "I'll take care of that.
And Mr. Bosworth said, "Then Mr. Best, I'll ask you one question, and if you'll answer me yes or no, I'll set down." He said, "Was the redemptive Names of Jehovah applied to Jesus, yes or no?" I never thought of that myself. That settled it. That's all.
He said, "I'll answer that."
He said, "I'm asking you to answer me now." Said, "We don't have to discuss it, if you say yes or no." 'Course he couldn't. Certainly not. If the--if the redemptive Names of Jehovah was not applied to Jesus, He was not the Christ or the Son of God. He wasn't Jehovah-jireh, the Lord's provided Sacrifice, and if He was the Lord's provided sacrifice, Jehovah-jireh, He was also Jehovah-rapha, the healer, the same yesterday, today, and forever. That settled it. See? [Genesis 22:14], [Exodus 15:26], [Exodus 17:15], [Judges 6:24], [Psalms 23:1], [Jeremiah 23:6], [Ezekiel 48:35], [Acts 2:36], [Hebrews 13:8], [Isaiah 53:4-6]
L-21 So Mr. Best got up and turned around and kinda shook his fist two or three times and set down. And so Mr. Bosworth stood there and just laid off Scripture. And I never heard it like that in my life, just as coolly, and placed everything to a place where Mr. Best didn't even have one place at all to go to in the Scripture. He just was just tied so perfectly, till there was no angle to get out of it. He was just tied down.
Mr. Best got up when his time come, and Mr. Bosworth was a very, very polite way, said, "Mr. Best, all right my brother," said, "the platform's yours now." The moderator give him the platform.
L-22 Mr. Best got up there and laughed two or three times and preached a very good Campbellite sermon. I'm a Baptist. I know what Baptist doctrine is. So he preached a Campbellite sermon on the resurrection. He didn't even believe the miracles of Jesus Christ did. Lazarus died again. He preached in all in the resurrection when this mortal puts on immortality. Of course, any Christian believes that, that there'd be a resurrection, but if there's no attributes of the resurrection, if there's no earnest of the resurrection, then there is no resurrection.
If there is no Divine healing, then there is no resurrection. Now, you couldn't disprove that if you could by the Scripture. See? I'm arguing the points of Christ. See? Because we have the earnest of our salvation, which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Is that right? That's the down payment, the earnest which holds it secure in heaven for us. And then if there is no Divine healing to make a cancer ridden body come normal and well again, there is no resurrection of the dead (That's right.); we have no earnest of it at all; there's no plan made for it. So that settled it. Mr. Best commence to going on, and the audience actually laughed at him.
And so he said, "Let me see that Divine healer come forth and perform." He got real angry, and he said, "Let me see that Divine healer come forth and perform."
L-23 Mr. Bosworth said, "The very idea, Mr. Best, you calling Brother Branham a Divine healer." Why, said, "And never in all of his life did ever claim to be a Divine healer, very much contrary. He only preaches Divine healing through the atonement, just exactly like what I proved to you. And you've even mentioned one Scripture that I said or come to any of it. You never done nothing but preached on the resurrection of the dead, and we all believe that. So there it was. It was up the audience to make their choice.
He said, "Let me see that Divine healer."
He said, "Brother Branham wasn't to be brought in this. The subject is whether Divine healing's taught in the Bible and you can't say one word against it. See? 'Cause if you can, say it now." So there wasn't nothing to be said, 'cause there's wasn't no way he could go, 'cause it was all covered over with the atonement and everything. So there it was. There wasn't nothing to be said.
He said, "Let me see that Divine healer."
L-24 And Mr. Bosworth said to him said, "Brother Best, do you believe that God saves the soul?"
He said, "Yes."
"You teach that through the atonement?"
Said, "Yes."
Said, "Would you want to be called a Divine Saviour?" Said, "If Brother Branham, by preaching Divine healing, is a Divine healer, then if you preach salvation, you're a Divine Saviour." See?
So... Oh, he got really on the air then, and so he begin to blow up and down and said, "There's nothing in the world decent--in a decent... Thinking people don't believe in such nonsense." He said, "Baptist don't believe in no such a thing."
Said, "Whoa, beg your pardon," Brother Bosworth said. "Brother Branham was rocked in a Baptist cradle." See? Said, "That's right."
"Oh," said, "he's a backslidden type." See, backslidden type... He said, "There's no such..." Said, "Real true honest Baptist don't believe in no such."
L-25 Brother Bosworth said, "Would you excuse me just a moment?" Said, "How many setting in this vast audience that belongs to these fine Baptist churches with all these Baptist ministers setting along here," said, "how many of you in this audience could prove by a doctor's statement that you've been healed by Divine healing, the power of God, in Brother Branham's meetings these last few weeks." And three hundred stood up. Uh-huh. Said, "What about those?"
Mr. Bell hit the pulpit with his fist and said, "People can say anything, but that don't make it right."
But said, "Here's the Word teaches it, and there's the testimony of it. Now, what about it?"
And he said, said, "Let me see that Divine healer."
And then Mr. Richey got up. He said, "Just..." ask the moderator if he could speak just a moment." He said, "I know every one of these Baptist ministers." Said, "Is this the attitude of the Southern Baptist Convention towards Divine healing?" Thirty thousand people... "Is this the attitude that the Southern Baptist Convention takes toward Divine healing?"
L-26 Nobody would answer. He said, "I'm asking you, brethren. Did you all send this man here, or did he come on his own?"
They said, "He come on his own."
"I thought so. Baptist believe in Divine healing. Certainly they do." And so I--and so he said, "He come on his own." So that settled it with the Baptist, Southern Baptist church. It was Mr. Best his own self.
So then he kept saying, "If I see that miracle worker. Let me see him come down here... Let me see him hypnotize one of these people, and let me see him a year from now and see if he's still hypnotized," and all like that, you know, just going on. So he said, "Come up here. I want you to take my picture."
And he stood there. Why, then he put his finger under that saintly old man's face. Said, "Now take it," with his finger shaking. They took the picture, and he drawed his fist and shook it under his nose, you know. Said, "Now, now, take it." And they took his picture like that. So they took six, nine by ten glossies of him like that.
They went back. There set the "Look," "Life," "Time," "Collier," and all those, the "Chronicle," and all those magazines and papers setting there.
L-27 And then Brother Bosworth said, "Well, now the meeting as far as I'm concerned is--is finished." He said, "Mr. Best cannot answer one question against Divine healing, besides he's miserably quit. Said, "How many thinks so? Say, 'Amen.'" And just one great scream went over the building.
And then he got real angry, and walked around, and slapped the minister, and just about half way across that platform. And then they had to separate him. So then he walked back. Said, "Bring me that Divine healer."
Brother Bosworth said, "Now, Brother Branham is setting in the meeting. I know he's here." 'Cause he seen me up there. He said, "Now if he wants to come and dismiss the audience, all right," but said, "under such a fuss as this, of course, no, he couldn't pray for the sick," said, "if you want to see healing come, come over tomorrow night. They'll be going along all along," and said, "I know he's in the meeting."
I was setting still. My brother was setting there, he said, "Now, you set still. You said you would."
I told him, "I'm setting still."
L-28 So he--he said, "And you..." And while I was setting there like that, I heard Something going, "Whoo." I knew He was near. I raised up. My brother said, "Set down."
My wife said, No... I looked (See?) and there It was. Just then everybody was looking around. They didn't... No one knew I was up there. And there just thousands of friends there. And I looked back, people looked, like one big scream. Poor, dear, loving people, they'd seen so many things done that week. Till several ushers, hundreds of them, held their arms together that and made a line, the people trying to touch your clothes to be healed. Brother, this is not something easy. I'm human. I've got children at home, and mother's trying to push their little kids through those ushers arms to touch your clothes when you're passing by. God will reward faith as that. He will, sure.
And I walked down to the platform. I said, "Brother Best."
He said, "As a man I admire you. In your doctrine you're wrong."
I said, "That's mutually felt." And I said, "I--I admire you, Brother Best, and you got a right for your--for your ideas." I said, "That's why you're fighting over here in Korea, is the boys is to keep this America: every man to his own opinion."
L-29 I said, "I don't want any of this people, any of Brother Best's people or any of the Baptist people, anyone to feel bad towards Brother Best." I said, "Don't do that. He's our brother, and he just doesn't see it like that. He--he just believes it his way, and he's got a right to believe it his way." I said, "Remember, his mother loves him just the same as my mother loves me, and your mother loves you." I said, "He's somebody's boy, and he's got a right to his belief. So don't feel hard at it. It's just... Mr. Bosworth just proved by the Word that the doctrine is sound and in the Bible, and Mr. Best could not prove it."
And so Mr. Best just turned around and started off the platform. Then he turned back and looked and set down. And I said, "Now, I have never said that I was a Divine healer." I said, "Never." I said, "My books are published in about seventeen different languages," and I said, "and I guess I'm in contact with several million people, but never have I said a Divine healer. I don't heal people."
L-30 I said, "The only thing I do is preach Divine healing by the cross and by the Bible." And I said, "Now, when I was a little boy," I said, "my mother said a Light hung over me when I was a baby. My people were Catholic before me, and my mother and father went to no church. We were Irish on both sides, immigrated from Ireland." And so, I said, "We were in there. They didn't go to church."
"I was born in a little mountain cabin and," I said, "when I was just a little bitty boy, It begin to deal with me. Down through life It always spoke, and many many times and thousands of people have seen It. It comes in like a Light." And I said, "It tells me things. And when He met me, He told me that it was the Spirit of Lord Jesus Christ that done just exactly the same things that Brother Bosworth and them has said tonight. Jesus didn't claim to do any healing. He said, 'What the Father shows Me I don't do nothing. I can heal nothing, but just--I do just what the Father shows Me by vision; that's what I do.'" And you know that's the truth, isn't it? Every Bible reader, scholar knows that's the truth. [John 5:29]
L-31 Said, "He walked through the crowd. He perceived their thoughts. He knowed what they was thinking about. He knowed what was wrong with them. He knowed the woman at the well, and He talked to her a little bit, where her trouble was. He knowed Nathanael's trouble. And--and He knowed where a fish had had a coin in its mouth. Just as God would show Him He would do." I said, "He didn't claim to be a healer." [John 4:1-30], [Luke 5:22], [John 1:43-50], [Matthew 17:27]
"In the resurrection of Him, He's the same yesterday, today, or forever." And I said, "Now, if I testify of the truth, God will testify of me. If I do not testify of the truth, God will never have nothing to do with a lie. God will always testify truth though."
And I said, "I'm not out here just to be seen. I'm out here, not by choice, by a long ways; I wanted to be a... Well, I was a game warden in the state of Indiana, and I loved my job. I was borned for the wilderness and wilds. I certainly... It wasn't my choice to preach the Gospel; but woe unto me if I preach it not. It was God's choice. I run from it and tried to get away from it and everything." I said, "It was Him Who brought it." And now, I said, "If I tell the truth, God will testify the truth." [Hebrews 11:4], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-32 And I no more than said it, Something went, "Whew!" Here He come, sailing right down where I was. And this photographer run out and took a picture, when he seen me turn white in the face. And he took a picture. I said, "God has spoken."
And that's all Catholic people and all setting there saw It, looked at It. And many of them begin to scream and fainting. Come right down, a Pillar of Fire, moved right down to where I was at. He shot the picture.
And the man... One of the men of the studio was a Jew. His name was Ted Kipperman. The other one's name was Mr. Ayers. He's a Roman Catholic. And oh, he just wrote a awful thing in the paper about me the other day--the day before that. He said I was a hypnotizer and I don't know what all.
And so on the road home that night, taken the--the negatives, going in to have them developed for Mr. Best. He said, "I might've been wrong." Said, "What do you think about that, Ted?"
Ted said, "Well, I'm Jew. I don't know nothing about it."
L-33 He said, "Well," he said, "I'm Catholic," and said, "we're taught that those things can happen, but it can only happen in a Catholic church."
Now, you're wrong there. See? It can happen wherever God wants it to happen, whether it's in Catholic church or--or anywhere He wants it to happen. He's God. He does the choice. He keeps the book.
And so he went in, and he put the--the pictures in the dark room to go through the acids to be developed, and the next... After a bit, why, Mr. Kipperman, he said, "I'm going up and lie--lie down a little while." And so he went upstairs to lie down.
And while he was up there, Mr. Ayers smoked a cigarette or two, and went in the dark room and said, "I'll see. We had to get the picture ready 'cause Mr.--Mr. Best--Dr. Best, the minister, wanted his pictures the next day so he could show it to the people," he was shaking his fist under his nose.
L-34 So then when he... The next when Mr. Ayers went in, which is an arch enemy of mine and Brother Bosworth too. He didn't believe it. He wrote a piece in the paper and said I wasn't nothing but a hypnotizer. A goiter had left a woman's throat. He said, "He hypnotized that off of her throat." Oh, my. That shows mental weakness.
So then when he pulled the first picture out of Mr. Best with Mr. Bosworth, it was negative. God wouldn't permit that taken against that saintly old man. He pulled out the next one: negative. He pulled out all six of them, and every one of them was blank. And when he pulled out the other one, there was the Angel of God on the picture. He had a heart attack.
They sent for me at the Rice Hotel. Of course, there's two men standing at the door in big meetings where they have thousands and thousands of people. There's someone stands at the door. They wouldn't let them in. All right.
L-35 And then that night at eleven o'clock, that was sent to Washington, DC to be copyrighted. On the following day it was flown back again. And they called in George J. Lacy. He's the head of the FBI in fingerprint and documents, the best there is in the world, the best in the United States. So being American, we say he was the best in the world to us.
And so he's the head of the FBI. And they brought him in, and he took it to the Shell Building under examination of ultra-ray lights and so forth, everything he tried. He went out and he measured the distance, and took the camera to see if it was a double exposure, and he--he done everything that he could do to find out. And on the... about the fourth day he said they was going to meet in the Shell Building and give the announce what it was. So that day he said, "Whose name's Branham?"
L-36 I said, "Mine." Bunch setting there, a lot of the newspapers and things wanted to see what his report was.
He said, "Stand up." I stood up. He said, "You're going to pass out of this life someday like all mortals, Reverend Branham."
I said, "I'm aware of that, but thank God," I said, "Jesus Christ has saved me from sin."
He said, "I've been one of your critics." See? And so the man when he brought up there, he said, "Reverend Branham, it's always been said that that was psychology." Said, "I've heard of your meetings and said that it was psychology, wasn't nothing to it. It was just imagination. When that light would come in, everybody'd say, 'There it is. There it is,' and people would say, 'Well that's...' Everybody just imagined it."
It was took once before by a newspaper, but it wasn't--it wasn't real. They wouldn't let it go, because it wasn't by the American Photographer Association. It wasn't a member of it, so they wouldn't pass it, but this was strictly the American Photographer Association.
L-37 And he said, "Reverend Branham, I have said it was psychology, but the mechanical eye of this camera will not take psychology." Said, "The Light struck the lens." Everybody begin crying.
So they called me forward to present the picture to me, and I said, "Well, it's not mine. It belongs to them."
He said, "Do you know that's worth a hundred thousand doll..."
I said, "Brother, do you mean to tell me just what you got through saying? That the first time in all the world's history that a supernatural Being was ever photographed." And here's what he said. Said, "The old hypocrite..." (he meant the unbeliever)... "The old..." (unbeliever) "has always said, that there was no scientific way to prove a supernatural Being." Said, "Now, they can't say that no more. Here's absolutely, scientific proof that there is a supernatural Being." See? And scientifically proved by this mechanical camera here that took the--the light of that Angel standing there, and said, "It's absolutely is the truth."
L-38 And I said, "Well, if Jesus Christ thought enough of me to come down and have His picture taken by me for the first time in all the world, you think I'm a little enough to commercialize this picture?"
And he said, "No, I wouldn't think that."
I said, "I turn it over to the Douglas Studios."
He said, "There ought to be some kind of an agreement."
I said, "Sure. They can sell it." And I said, "They can, as long as they keep it cheap enough that poor people can get it."
He said, "Someday, Reverend Branham, you may be dead and gone," but said, "it'll be sold in ten cent stores."
And I--I said, "Well, for the glory of God that would be fine."
L-39 So then, tonight the picture's here. George J. Lacy is a living today. He's still in this work, and the picture lives on and if--if I would die this night, what I testified about this scientific world can't say it isn't so, because there's scientific machinery and proof that I've told the truth. And the church of millions of people that's been preached to in the past few years have seen it and watched it, and you know it yourself, that I've told the truth. And God testified that it is the truth. That's right. So the testimony is absolutely true.
Now look, Christian friends. You're looking for something way out yonder to come. You're looking for something way back this a way. Don't do that. It's right here now, right here now. Just as much as you'll ever see is... Only you might see it in greater quantity, but the Holy Spirit is here now which is the Lord Jesus Christ in His resurrection.
L-40 How marvelous. I remember something else happened there when Brother Bosworth come into the room the next day. And he had the picture of Florence Nightingale. How many ever heard of Florence Nightingale? Sure, she's founded the Red Cross.
Her granddaughter from London, England. She's under of the British Crown and in Durban, South Africa, dying which she didn't know about with cancer on the--the duodenal cancer in her bowels. They showed me her picture, and Brother Bosworth, I, and my wife, all wept when we seen it. She was next to the smallest woman I ever seen in my life. Eat up, her limbs up here around the--the thigh wasn't over about that big around and her...
L-41 Now, Georgie Carter of Milltown, Indiana, which had been laying on her back nine years and eight months was healed with TB by a vision. I didn't even know where the place was and went down there, and there she was just as He said. She's my piano player in the Milltown Baptist Church where I'm still pastor down there, have an associate tonight. She's a piano player there and been on her bed for nine years and eight months, and never moved from the bed. But, and but she only weighed thirty-five pounds approximately, but TB had eat her up. But now...
Now, that's not my statement. That's doctor's statements and any of these things are absolutely doctor's statements. If they cannot back with a doctor, they have to be proven and not by ministers, not by... They had to be proven by doctors before we can put them, because they have to be that way. And now, she--she was healed.
L-42 And Florence Nightingale, very lovely woman, they wanted to send a... They had two airplane tickets that'd already come in for me to come to Durban, Africa. I laid it on the floor and Brother Bosworth and I prayed. I said, "Lord, if You'll heal this woman, I'll go to Africa. I can't go now. Looky here." So I just committed it to the Lord, sent a handkerchief back to her and went on.
Not long after that King George of England when a man by the name of, I forget, at Fort Wayne... You remember the meeting in Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle. The Lord had... It was a businessman of the city. He had multiple sclerosis and had been a bed patient ten years. And a vision come over the man, and he was made perfectly whole. Walked... Lehman was his name. Walked up...
L-43 And he was a friend to the king's private secretary, and through there King George of England sent word to me. I have his statements and have his letters of his fields and every... To come pray for him of multiple sclerosis, and so I couldn't go up that time. So I just wired back and told the king that I would pray for him here, that God would hear here just the same as he would over there. And so, then another telegram come through and wanted me to come on over immediately.
Later when I went to England, over there, to see him, and the Lord healed him. He was--couldn't even stand up over five minutes at a time, and he... I believe the second day he played eighteen holes of golf, and never was bothered with it no more until the very day he died. And I was in Africa when he died. They found a little tumor here on his lung. They started to cut it open and air got to it some way, I don't know, and caused a blood clot to go to his brain and killed him instantly. So very fine man...
L-44 But when we landed in--in England at the international airport, thousands of people, of course, had packed in. And they kept paging in there. And Brother Baxter, one of the managers, went in to find out what was--what they wanted. And it was a man said, "The plane... Florence Nightingale is laying in a plane dying."
How she knowed I was there, I don't know, but she'd come from Africa, flown in there and was laying dying out in the next plane. And so the--the minister said, "Could..." wanted to know if I could go to her. Why, they was just packed and jammed in there. Certainly, I... Why, I couldn't have got through there if I had to. And I said, "No, I couldn't go right now." I said, "You take her to your house, and I'm going over to Piccadilly Hotel, then down to Buckingham Palace, out to Westminster Abbey. Then I will be right back at Piccadilly Hotel, and you take her to your parsonage." It was an Anglican minister. I said, "Then I'll go over and pray with her."
He said, "Brother Branham, she won't live."
I said, "Well, I can't get to her there, sir. You know what it'd be if I get out of this line here--what it would be.
He said, "Well, all right. I'll try." So he said, "They think she's dying. They can't see any life in her now."
L-45 And so I said, "Well, you take her on then, and we--we'll see 'cause I can't get there." Well, I went on--went on down. The king wasn't in at the time. I come back over to Westminster Abbey, and a great group of ministers, you know, and all that night they never got me back to the hotel till about, oh, two o'clock in the morning. And about...
Then the next morning early... Was anybody here ever in England? It's around in April. It's so foggy. Oh, my. You can hardly see your hand before you. And a little bitty car drove up and they come and got me, went down to this minister's--to the rectory. And when I went upstairs, some of the managers, Mr. Gordon Lindsay, you know the writer of the "Voice of Healing," Mr. Baxter and, oh, many managers, we went up to the room. And when I went in there, there set her doctor, two nurses and two or three ministers.
L-46 We entered the room. And we were very--had a very fine welcome by the people. And so I walked over to see Mrs. Nightingale. Now, if she hadn't eat a bite that would've been, I guess, two months before that or more, well, hadn't it, Mr. Bosworth? Now, she hadn't eaten a bite since then, and her limbs then we just about like that, and her legs were all blue, where they'd... Her veins had collapsed, and it was a terrible looking sight.
So I looked at her and I seen her face how thin and all eaten away. And I said, her doctor there, I said, "Any chance for her?"
He said, "Not a chance."
I said, "Oh, my. That's too bad." I walked over. I said, "How do you do, Mrs. Nightingale?"
She couldn't speak. She was moving her lips, but she didn't have strength enough that I could hear her. The nurse got down, and she said, "She wants to shake your hand, Brother Branham," the nurse said.
Of course, her grandmother being the founder of the Red Cross, you can imagine what she had: the best that could be gotten. So when they brought that woman's hand out from under that sheet. It was just like taking a hold of that. I never seen... I took a hold of her hand and it's just like a skeleton. The bones had already just come to skin tight. Not a bit of flesh was...?... And her face here was just like where her jaw, where you could see her teeth here, the shape of her teeth through her jaw her--her cheeks here. Her teeth was shaped into her cheeks like that when she'd go to open her mouth.
I never seen anything like it alive. I said, "How's she living?"
L-47 They didn't know. And so she was crying, and the nurse got down again. She said, "They want you to see her body. She wants you to see her body." Well, I've got a mixed audience. Now, I'm your brother, but when they taken the sheet off of her body, it--it would break the heart of an iron man.
As the lady is, her bosom, breast, had dropped plumb through her ribs. And in the hip here, the flesh had just about sticking to the ring. Her legs here, up here, was about that big around. Her stomach part in here was just about like that. How that woman was living I--I can't tell you.
She couldn't move, couldn't move a finger nor nothing. And she was weeping, and the nurse got down. She said, "Reverend Branham, she wants you to pray to God, to have God to let her die. She can't die."
And I said, "Oh, my." Brother Lindsay turned away, and many of them started weeping, walking away. They walked over there to where the doctor was standing.
L-48 I stood there a little bit, and the other nurse said, "Reverend Branham," said, "she sure has had lots of faith in you." Said, "She's read your books, and she said when she was in Africa, if she could ever get where you were, that God would heal her." Oh, such faith.
And I said, "Can we pray?" We knelt down. I don't know how you're going to believe this, but God knows what's true. And we're all going to meet at the judgment seat. And I knelt like this, and the ministers and all of them knelt around, doctor also, and the nurses. And there's a window about this high. And I knelt down by the side of that window, and the window was up.
And I started prayer, "Almighty God, Creator of heavens and earth..." I couldn't ask Him to let her die after her having that much faith. I said, "Have mercy upon her, God. I pray that You will."
L-49 And just as I started saying, "Almighty God, Creator of heavens and earth," down through them bushes come a little dove, and it flew and set on this window, not over that far from where I was praying, and it kept looking over at me going, "Coo, coo, coo."
Well, the ministers stopped praying. They started watching the dove, all of the rest of them. Well, I thought it was just a... I never been in England before. I thought it was a pet or something, so I just kept on praying. And when I said, "Amen," and raised up the little fellow flew back out to the bushes again, laying, after laying, going, "coo, coo, coo." Just restless, walking back and forth, up and down the sill. And I raised up, and I heard them begin to say, "Did you notice that dove? Did you notice that dove?"
And I started to say, I said... Was going to say, "Yes, I noticed the dove. Was it a pet?" And as I started to say that, Something caught me and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, she'll live and not die."
L-50 She weighs about one hundred and fifty pounds now in perfect health, normal and well as she can be. See? What was it? Did I heal the woman? No, no. I had nothing to do with it. God did that.
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now I'm found,
I was blind, but now I see.

... grace that taught my heart to fear,
It's grave my fears relieved;
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed!
L-51 I love Him. I declare to you, my little audience tonight, that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. And it's not as people try to say, that all of His power was taken away from Him, and it was just allotted to the disciples. He said, "Go into all the world. I'll be with you, even to the end of the world, and these signs shall follow them that believe to the end of the world," Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. He's here. His love is for you to save you. His power is here to heal you. The only thing that you have to do is to believe Him. Will you do that tonight while I pray for your people? God bless you while we bow our heads. [Matthew 28:19-20], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-52 Loving Father, as I think tonight of a cruel indifferent world towards Your beloved Son. As I think of how that man spurned His love just as He did that day and desired a murderer instead, how can Your grace dip down yet and save people, beyond anything that we know of?
We're so happy that You do it. We confess our sins and our unworthiness, Lord, to even speak Your Name, Thou wonderful, loving, holy God. And we're so thankful that Jesus came to us in such a dark hour for us, and has redeemed us now back to Thee. And now we're Thy sons and daughters.
How the world tonight... How Satan has blinded the eyes of the people. How they don't see that, how they don't believe it. How can they reject that, Father, knowing that You created even the trees, the heavens, the earth, the solar system? The whole heavens and earth You made, and just spoke it into existence. And then to know that that same God has loved us enough to give us birth to become His sons and daughters, and given us equal rights with Jesus Christ, as His brother in glory, joint heirs with Him in the Kingdom, how we thank Thee.
L-53 And now, Father, there's many of Your children out in sin tonight. I pray for each one. Don't let them be lost, Lord. Do something. I think about our lovely, beautiful America here. I think about Florida, oh, so far away from God. Down here in this beautiful country where people have their minds on property and things of this world and pleasures, and gone pleasure mad, races and drinking, and gambling and devicedness, and they're Your poor children, Father. Satan's did this. Don't hold it against them. I pray You won't, God. I pray that You'll do something that'll save every one of them. Grant it, Lord.
Now, tonight this is the little audience that You gave me to preach to and to pray for, and I'm thankful. And God, I pray that every one that has come here tonight, that not one of them would be lost but everyone will be there at that day.
L-54 And O Holy God, Divine Father, when I come at that day, may my testimony ring just as true then as it is now. Thy knowest my heart. And I'm so thankful that You've vindicated it to be the truth, not because Your servant has said it, but because by Divine grace You have done it. And I'm so grateful.
Now I pray that You'll heal every person here that's sick tonight. Every person that's needy of anything, may they go out of here happy and healthy. And on their road home may they say like those who come from Emmaus, "Did not our hearts burn within us," because they had found that Jesus had risen from the dead.
May they find it tonight here, Lord, in West Palm Beach, that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead living in His people, doing the same things He did when He was here on earth. And Your great Pillar of Fire which was Your Spirit that followed Israel has come to us. We see It. We know It's here. It speaks for Itself. And the scientific world has caught a picture of It. We're happy for that.
And now, Lord Jesus, may He confirm His Word tonight in Jesus' Name we ask it. Amen.
[] [Luke 24:32]
L-55 Divine providence of God you might disagree with me which I know. I could call you right now, many of you that's doing it, but that don't stop it from being true. I pray that God will do something tonight that will make you a believer, that will make you understand it. May the Lord bless you. His Presence is here.
What if Jesus has risen from the dead? As Christians we ought to believe that. That's the very basic principle. All of His teaching, all of His works, all of His miracles died with Him if He didn't raise from the dead. But if He's risen from the dead...
Doctor Reedhead... How many ever heard of him? Sure, you have. He's great man, the President or something of the Sudan Missions. He stood by me not long ago before he received the Holy Spirit, said, "Brother Branham," talking to a staunch Mohammedan, he said, "why don't you renounce your dead prophet and accept the resurrected Lord?"
L-56 And said the Mohammedan said, "Kind sir, what can your resurrected Lord do any more for me than what my dead prophet can?" Said, "My dead prophet promised life after death," and said, "so did your Lord." He said, "They both wrote books. We believe them."
Well, Dr. Reedhead said, "We have happy and joy."
Said, "So do we." Any psychologist knows that. See?
Said, "We have happy and joy by believing."
Said, "So do we."
"But we have the proof of it."
Said, "How do you prove it any more than we can?"
Said, "Well, it changes us and makes Christians."
Said, "So does it make Mohammedans." He said, "Kind sir, our Mohammed never promised like your Lord did. Our Mohammed is dead and in the grave, and we got a white horse stands there year after year. Someday he will rise," but said, "you claim that your Jesus rose from the dead." And said, "Your Jesus promised you that if He... after He was risen from the dead that He'd be with you, and the very things that He did you'd do also." Said, "Now, let me see you teachers produce that, and we'll believe your Lord Jesus raised from the dead." but said, "Let--let our Mohammed raise from the dead and the whole world will know it."
L-57 Dr. Reedhead said he changed the subject. He had to. There was nothing he could do. He was whipped standing right on the ground. Yes, sir. He said, "Brother Branham, I thought of you." Said, "If I could ever get to where you was..." And he come there said, "Has the teachers been wrong?"
I said, "With reverence I say, yes, Brother Reedhead."
He said, "I've seen Pentecostalism. I've seen all the holy-rollers and all that kind of stuff," and said, "I've been taught in degrees and everything else." Said, "Brother Branham, I'm asking you. I know you're fundamentalist yourself." Said, "I'm asking you, is the baptism of the Holy Ghost truth?"
L-58 I said, "It is, Dr. Reedhead. God is my Judge. The same Holy Ghost that fell on Pentecost is the same Lord Jesus today in the full thing kind of power."
He said, "Can I receive It?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
Said, "When?"
I said, "Right now."
Said, "How do I get It?"
I said, "By laying on of hands." Prayed for him, laid hands on him, God give him the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
Then come Dr. Lee, come the rest of them, Don Wells, may... And the archbishop from India, the archbishop come over here, investigating around and's received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the archbishop of India, Presbyterian archbishop. Friends, you people will see someday that the very Chief Cornerstone has been rejected by the builders. That's right.
L-59 Jesus has risen from the dead, and if He's here tonight, He can do just the same. He works through people. Now, He can't 'less you believe. A minister said to me, said, "Brother Branham, I don't care what would take place; I wouldn't believe it."
I said, "It's not for unbelievers. It's for believers." They didn't believe Jesus, and they surely won't believe His servant. See? I said, "It's just for those..." These signs shall follow them that believe, not unbelievers, believers.
L-60 the Lord bless you. Did you give out prayer cards this evening? What was the letter? E? This is our third--third night, is it, third time? I think the first we called from the first part, second part. Let's begin tonight with E-50. Who has E-50? Raise up your hand. E-50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60. Stay standing, if you'll stand in line over here. Pardon me.
L-61 How many is that? That's ten. I've been calling fifteen to come now. All right. 65, from 60 to 65 in E, stand next if you can. If you can't, raise up your hand. If you're crippled and can't stand, got those cards, raise up your hand. Somebody will come help you.
Now, let them and count and see if they're--if they're there. If they're not, some deaf person... Look on your neighbor's card. He may be deaf and can't hear, and see, he won't know his number's called. Would you do it?
Now, I want you to be reverent, just as reverent as you can be. I was looking for one of those pictures. I don't...?... I was going to show you one of those pictures. They're here, but we do not let them go on Sunday. We don't... We keep God's Sabbath holy in the way of not buying or selling. I'm not a Sabbatarian, but I'm... I just keep that day that way. I've always done it, and we buy the pictures ourselves and give them to the people absolutely at cost, what they cost us to get them.
L-62 We don't... We have books, but them's not my books. I buy them books from another man. See? I buy books at forty percent off, pay postage on them, ship them to me, put them in my truck, hire somebody to drive it, and send them to a meeting. How much you make off of them? Every meeting I go in debt with them. If I didn't think they'd help people, I wouldn't have them here. I think they help because testimonies comes in. And here's our brother has went and got the picture. Excuse just a moment...?...
How many believes that it was a Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel through wilderness, a Pillar of Fire? You know what a pillar is? How many believes that that was Jesus Christ? Let's see your hand. Every Bible scholar does. It was the Angel of the Covenant. Is He the same yesterday, today, and forever? See?
Well, here's the picture of It here. Now, that same Being, now, if He will come to us tonight and bless us, you will... That'll be Him that talks. It won't be me. [Acts 9:3-5], [Acts 22:6-9], [Acts 26:13-16], [Exodus 13:21-22], [Numbers 12:5], [Deuteronomy 31:15], [Nehemiah 9:13], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-63 Now, you can imagine seeing That. It stands right close here and you just not yourself. You just become like... That electric bulb can't say, "Look here. I'm giving light," say to that window. "See, I'm giving light." And tomorrow the light--window will say, "See, I'm the one that's giving light." It's neither one of them giving light. This is not the light, bulb giving light; it's the current in the bulb that's giving light. Is that right? It ain't the window giving light. It's the sun outside giving light. It just reflects the light. Is that true?
Did you ever study Genesis, the beautiful Genesis? How that God making the heavens and earth, the sun and the moon, and when the sun goes down the moon reflects the light of the sun. Is that right? []
It's just exactly like Christ and the Church. When Christ had gone away from the earth, He shines back His power on the Church which reflects His Light. See? That's just like Bride and Bridegroom. The whole--whole Book of Genesis, the whole Bible types out and is tied to Jesus Christ. And now, in Exodus the 13th chapter, you'll see that that Pillar of Fire what was--talked to Moses in a burning bush... [Exodus 13:21-22]
L-64 George J. Lacy... Read his little article on It there. He will tell you what it is. He said it looked like an amber of light through the violet rays and so forth like. It was about this wide, about that long, rather, and about that wide, and thousands, times thousands, and thousands of Christians have seen it. See?
It come right down before ten thousand people in Jeffersonville when I was baptizing one afternoon and told me, eleven years before I was sent out on this mission, that it would take place this way, and said it would be a forerunning Message. Like John the Baptist went as a forerunner to Jesus Christ, so would this Message be the forerunning just before the coming of Jesus Christ. [Malachi 4:5-6]
L-65 And now, the scientific world knows it. Now, the paper here, if you'd like to write to Mr. Lacy, or the FBI concerning it, or whatever it is, just go ahead. You're at liberty. That's what we want you to do, and find out. We don't try to misstate anything, friends. We only tell that which is truth. And may the Lord bless.
Now, slowly I want to ask this again. I'm going to ask you all to be seated and be quiet, be reverent. Now, if you want to thank the Lord for something that's been done, or praise Him, that's up to you. I want you to do that, but when the Spirit is moving...
Now, do you realize... Looky here. How many believes that every person is a spirit? Let's see your hands. Why, sure. You have to. If you wouldn't, you'd be dead. See? Look. There's spirit around there, spirit here, spirit around here; everywhere there's spirit. And here you are standing here talking to an individual, this person praying, that one praying, this one praying there, you see what I mean?
L-66 Jesus one time had congregation like that, took a man by the hand and led him outside the city. Is that right? He went into another place where they was all crying and weeping and going on. He said, "Give place. The girl is not dead. She's asleep." Why, they laughed at Him, made fun of Him. And He put them every one out of the house, then went in and raised the girl. Is that right? Say, "That's psychology." It is?
Look at Peter when Dorcas was raised. They was all weeping and crying, the widows. He put them every one out of the house, went over and prayed, and then went and laid his hands on Dorcas, and she arose up. Is that right? Huh? It's not psychology, friends. It is the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Now, let's just be reverent a few moments, and kinda be in prayer. Would you give us a little chord on the song: "Only Believe," if you will sister, kindly. [Matthew 9:23-26], [Mark 5:37-43], [Luke 8:49-56], [Acts 9:36-42], [Mark 8:22-26]
L-67 I want everybody to be praying. Now, I... Let me state this again tonight. I will not be responsible for anything that happens to critics or unbelievers, from this time to the end of the service. How many heard me say that. And I heard a question. That's law. I have to say that, 'cause it'll go right from one to another.
Man come in the building just perfectly normal, and well, and go out with a cancer. See? Unbeliever. See? So you--you have to be reverent. See? Now, so every one understands. Now, don't get up and move around. You just keep... And whatever, and you people in the prayer line... Now, how many... Here stands about fifteen or... All right, is everybody there? All right.
There's about fifteen, I believe, I called in the prayer line. Wouldn't have to call but two or three. But now, how many out there, or anywhere in the audience, anywhere that doesn't have prayer cards and says, "God, I want you to heal me tonight." Raise up your hands say, "I want God--I want God to heal me tonight." You don't have to have cards, but you believe anyhow God's going to heal you? All right. That's...
L-68 Now, I ask you one thing. I ask you to believe that I told the truth, and believe first that this is the Word of God. And this is only a confirmation of His Word. Any preaching, any teaching that's done outside this Bible is not the truth.
Paul said, "If an angel from heaven would come preach any other thing to you, let him be unto you accursed." Is that right? Why, the visitation of Angels, did Paul preach that? Sure he did. He said he had an Angel inspired him...?... down and said, "The Angel of God Whose servant I am stood by me last night," saying, "fear not, Paul." Is that right? Certainly. He saw visions and everything. He was a prophet of God. [Galatians 1:8], [Acts 27:23-24]
L-69 Now, while we're praying, I believe this is the lady. You come here if you will, lady. Now, the only reason that these people are brought here to the platform, just line up a few at a time, is this: that the Spirit of God can come. And I've been speaking (You see?), and then the anointing comes, and it's--it's another world. God has got a tape recording as it was, a movie of every move that you've made in your entire life. Do you believe that? And He can reveal it just as He will.
Now, this woman here is a total stranger as far as I know. I don't know one person in this building outside of Brother Bosworth, I guess, and my son, standing here, and brother setting here. That's all that I know. I don't know a one of you, but God knows every one of you, doesn't He?
L-70 Well, if this is the Angel of the Lord, and I told the truth, then God will speak of the truth, and He will testify that that is the truth. Now, any man can come through here and tell you anything he wants to. That's just is what the man said. You have a right to doubt that, but when God speaks and says the man's told the truth, then you believe God. Is that right?
Now, I want to talk to the woman just a little bit. Now, what do you think would happen if our Lord Jesus was standing here with this suit, that He gave me, and had this on, and was standing here talking to this woman? What would He do? As far as healing her, no. If she's sick, I don't know if she's sick. But if she is sick, He couldn't heal her. He'd say, "I did that when I died at Calvary." Do you believe it?
L-71 But now what did He do to the woman at the well? Let's just look at His ministry. He said, "Bring Me a drink." Wonder why?
She said, "It's not customary for you Jews to ask us Samaritans such."
He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink, and I'd bring you water, or give you water, you didn't come..." What was He doing? He was trying to contact her spirit. She was a spiritual being, of course, and He's trying to contact her spirit. And as soon as He found her spirit, He went right straight to her trouble and told her what it was. Is that right? Now, isn't He the same Jesus tonight? I...
Now, I know He's here. The very picture that you seen there of that supernatural Being isn't standing two feet from where I am right now. Now, that's true. You'll see at judgment. [John 4:1-30]
L-72 I want to talk to the woman. Just a--a little word with you is all I wish to say to you. And I... It's just... I'm here to help you, and the only way I can help you is to point you to Jesus Christ. You're aware that something's going on. It's--it's His Presence, that Angel picture that you see. That's exactly what you're aware that's near you now. See?
Do you believe that--that God in this last days has is restoring back the Church again? Do you believe that? Isn't He wonderful to do it? And aren't we happy to be alive tonight to see it? Our eyes are beholding things that--that the prophets desired to see just before the second coming of our Lord. [Matthew 13:17], [Luke 10:24]
L-73 Your trouble, of course, I see it. It's on your mouth. That's not a burn or a blister. It's a cancer, and the cancer is a eating cancer, going into your lip. There a hope for you, and that's in Jesus Christ. Now, being that I could see that and see it's on your lip, I want you to believe me as God's prophet, 'cause the people out there...
More you talk to anyone, more vision you'll see, of course. You'll see breaking into that dimension that they're in (See?) and just see God reveals. But I don't try too much on one person 'cause look at them here and around. See?
And every... One vision will do more to you, weakness, than preaching for five hours straight. How many knows that's Scripture? Sure it is. Daniel saw one vision, was troubled at his head for many days. But being as you could see that on the woman's face there, there may be something else. She may have some other disease. If it is, God can reveal it the same as He could that. [Daniel 4:5], [Daniel 7:15]
L-74 Now, I want you to look at me and believe just for a few moments, just as--as--as your brother. Yes, ma'am, you do have other things. You've got a--you've got a high blood pressure. Isn't that right? And you also have some kind of a coughing. It's a--it's a asthmatic condition in your throat. Is that true?
And here's something else. You've got someone that you're deeply interested in, and I believe it's a boy. It's a son, and he's a... I see him in a uniform. He was a soldier or something and he's--he's--he's got mentally tore up. Isn't that right? The army... He--he... Something happened in the army. He's mentally... Is that true, sister? Come here.
L-75 Merciful God, to this poor, little, worn mother standing here, O God, be merciful to her. Satan, the enemy, is trying to send her to a premature grave if he could, broken hearted. But Thou, O God, is full of love and compassion, and I pray with the prayer of faith, You said, "Shall save the sick."
And I lay my hands upon her, though they're unworthy, God, for such a task, but I pray that as Your servant, as a--a branch in the vine, that the healing power of Almighty God will move into this woman's body and will heal her. And may her desires be granted her tonight. For in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I rebuke the enemy that's tormenting her. Amen.
God bless you, sister. You believe now? It's going to be just as you have believed. God bless you.
L-76 Now, you may say, "Praise be to God," [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.] if you wish to. Now, only our Lord Jesus can heal the sick. God knows all things, and can reveal all things, can do all things. Don't you believe that? All right.
All right, lady. I want you to come. Have faith now. Believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ the Son of God is here. Are we strangers, my sister? You know me? You just heard of me. But I mean to know you, I don't know you. No, I...?... You've only saw me in pictures. Well, I am--I am happy that you have faith enough in God to come to believe for healing. You believe that? And what you've read in the books, and magazines, and things, and "Reader's Digest" and the "Colliers," and... You believe that was the truth? That God has...?... [The sister speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] I believe that with all my heart. Friends, if you're... Which I believe you're telling the truth, 'cause you're a Christian. Then I can be able to help you to receive Jesus Christ. You believe that?
L-77 You're--you're... First thing you have a female disorder. Yes, isn't that right? And then, say... I see something just happened to you. You had some kind of a--of a attack, just some... Like a... Some woman told you that that was a heart attack, and that woman herself suffering with heart trouble. It wasn't a heart attack. It wasn't. No. It's a nervous condition that you got. That's exactly, and you're going to get over it and be well. God bless you. You may go, sister. Your faith has saved you and made you whole. God bless you. You... All right, be serving in the Lord. All right. [Luke 7:50], [Luke 18:42]
If you believe, all things are possible to them that believe: only to believers. Now, look and live. Have faith in God. Now, that might not seem very much to you, but what if that was your sister? What if that was your mother, your wife, your daughter, or what if it was you? It'd certainly mean a lot to you, wouldn't it? Somebody's loved one, somebody who loves her just like you love your... Now, you be reverent, and believe with all your heart. [Mark 11:22]
L-78 Do you believe, sister? You believe? Do you realize that you're standing in His Presence, not mine, I'm your brother, but His Presence? Then if Jesus has risen from the dead, as we believe He has, then His Life is reproduced and as He promised, "The things that I do," He said, "you'll do also." Do you believe that to be the truth? You must to live. [John 14:12]
You realize what's wrong with you? In the stomach, cancer, dropped down into the female organs. Is that right? Malignancy has went down (That's right.) to the female glands. Nothing in the world can do you any good outside of God. They couldn't take your whole insides out...?... It's done too far gone for that. But Jesus Christ will heal you right now if you'll believe it. You want to live, don't you? Just look to Him and live. You believe that God gave me the authority to pray for you and command that to leave you? You believe that He did? Would you live for God and give God praise if God will spare your life on this? Come here, sister.
L-79 Our heavenly Father, in the Name of Thy beloved Child, Jesus, I come with sincerity of heart, knowing that Satan's exposed. His great crippling, and powers, and his lying wonders, his deceiving is exposed. And he's hid from the doctor, but he can't hide from You, God. This woman's come with sincerity. and I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ, that this demon called cancer leaves her body, and goes out of her. And in the Name of Jesus Christ may she be healed now and be well. Amen. God bless you, my sister.
Now, look. This is Sunday. You're going to feel good until Wednesday, and Wednesday you're going to get extremely sick. Don't fear; only believe.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
L-80 How do you do, sister? Do you believe? You're plagued with some sort of a--a rash. You have to take treatments for it. And it breaks in your arms. If you don't take the treatments, it goes all over your body. You believe Jesus will heal you tonight? Come here.
Almighty God, the Creator of heavens and earth, according to Thy Word that says, "They shall lay hands on the sick; they shall recover." And this I do in the Name of Jesus Christ: curse this plague on the woman. May it leave her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, rejoicing, be happy. Don't doubt nothing. Just believe with all your heart.
L-81 Are you believing out there everywhere? If you have faith, you can have just what you asked for if you believe. For all things are possible to them that believe. Just keep praying and believing with all your heart. You will receive what you've asked for. Any of you at any place can receive your blessing. You don't have to be up here. Just have faith and trust. Ask some of them who's been healed, see what happened. God cannot fail. He cannot--cannot fail and be God. God makes the sick to be well. [Mark 9:23]
You have something wrong with your back, don't you, sister? Your stomach, your eyes are going bad, but Jesus healed you when you raised your hands a few minutes ago. You are healed now in the Name of the Lord Jesus. The little woman's faith made her completely whole while she was setting there a praying, believing with all of her heart. God healed her. That's the way to do it.
Got a colon trouble, haven't you, lady? Yes. You believe God will make you well? I see you stand up. He has made you well. God bless you.
L-82 Yours sister wasn't exactly a colon trouble. It's in your bowels, and you have bronchitis also bothers you. Isn't that right? You're both healed, cause God...?... Amen. Just have faith in God. [Mark 11:22]
There's the Holy Spirit moving right over those people right now. I see standing before me a young woman. She's wearing glasses. She's about in her middle age, I guess she'd be. I see she's got something around her arms. A doctor, a middle-aged man, is pumping on something. It's blood pressure. It's low. There sets the woman setting there with a brown coat on. You that raised your hand, lady. You have low blood pressure, or you did have low blood pressure. Your faith has saved you. God bless you. Go, and God's peace be with you.
L-83 Come, sir. You believing with all your heart? Be reverent. God's eternal power and Godhead is moving through this building. I don't know what you're going to think about it, but God knows all things.
Do you believe, young man? All right. I want you to look on me as His servant. Your trouble's in your back. You have back trouble. You have another trouble, a thing that you can't get rid of, something that's taking you to your grave. You're an alcoholic. That's right. You're an alcoholic, and you've tried... Say, you've got a mother that's got something wrong with her hip, and she's a preacher. And your dad is kind of a gray-headed looking man, and he's--he's got arthritis. Here they set right here now. Is that right? Now, wait just a minute. I see a big meeting appearing before me. It's in a panoramic condition. It's some kind of a--a stadium. And I'm standing on the platform. That was Hammond, In--Hammond, or, Connersville, Indiana. That's... Is that right? God bless you.
L-84 Satan come out of the boy. I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus Christ. Leave him. I adjure thee, by the living God, to come out of this young man. You can't hold him any longer. May he go and God's peace be upon him. God bless you, boy. Go now and serve the Lord Jesus and be well.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."--Ed.]
Believe with all your heart and you shall see. You shall have just what you've asked for if you'll believe it. All right. Bow your head before this woman comes. She's got a deaf spirit. Bow your head everywhere.
L-85 O God, Author of life, Giver of ever good gift, send Thy blessings upon this one who I bless in Thy Name, underprivileged to hear the Gospel. O thou deaf spirit, you've desired to do this so you could send her before a moving vehicle and kill her. But I adjure thee by the living God and Jesus Christ His Son, that you depart and come out of her. [Ecclesiastes 3:13], [James 1:17]
Every one keep your head bowed, please. It'll go from one to another. You run it back on the woman then. Don't raise your head till you hear my voice. The spirit left the woman, come right back again. Keep your head bowed, for if you don't it'll come to you.
L-86 Almighty God, have mercy upon the woman. Please relieve her of this plague tonight. We know the people do not wish to be ugly. They're only enthused, and I pray you forgive them of their error. And forgive me, Lord. I pray that You'll give me power to make this evil one leave our sister, as she might be made well. For Satan has desired to do this, but Thou art God the Healer. Come out of her, Satan, they deaf spirit in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Now, keep your head bowed just a minute. You believe Him with all your heart? You believe Him with all your heart, believe that He make you... You're healed too. All right. You may raise your head now. Here's her--her healing aid which was hid. Do you hear me now? You're well. Jesus Christ has healed you. You're all right, and God bless you. Go in peace. God bless you.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."--Ed.]
L-87 The woman was... Aren't you in distress, lady, with the red coat on, setting there? You are... It's strange, but I see a hospital or something. It's a--it's a man, and the--the doctors are fixing to operate for something like adhesions or something, and that... It's--it's--it's a brother or something to you, and that place is in Alabama. Isn't that right? Is that the truth? Stand up for his healing.
Almighty God, in the Name of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost, I send Your blessings in Jesus' Name to the man. Why would You speak over this woman tonight in her deep sincerity if You wasn't going to let the one get well? I ask for his healing in Jesus Christ's Name. May it be so. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.]
L-88 Come. You believe me? Because that I preached the Word, the truth, you believe it's true? What if I told you something, and if it was the truth, you'd--you'd know that would be the truth? Your trouble is female trouble causing drainage which is... You know that's true? Which is an abscess. Your trouble's on your left side, which is an abscess on the left ovary. You were healed when you was standing there in the line coming up awhile ago. Go home now. Jesus Christ has made you whole.
Have faith. Believe with all your heart.
L-89 How do you do, sister? You believe me to be His servant? Would you obey me as His prophet? You do. I see you trying to move along somewhere, holding your hand. It's arthritis.
Turn her loose, Satan; in the Name of Jesus Christ I adjure thee to come out of the woman. Raise up your hand. Stomp your feet up-and-down like this. Your arthritis is gone, and you're well. God bless you. You can go, be made well.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."--Ed.] Do you believe? "Have faith," Jesus said, "Have faith in God."
Do you believe what you're praying for will come to pass, lady? Got something wrong with your foot or something, and you--you have a female trouble also, don't you, inward trouble? Is that right? All right. You can go home and be well then in Jesus' Name.
L-90 You believe? You believe you're going to get over that asthma, setting back behind that man there with the brown coat on? You believe that God's going to make well, lady? You believe that He will? Here sets another lady, setting right there with the same thing. You want to get over yours too, sister? Believe that God will make that sinus trouble to leave you and you'll be made well? You wish to get over that low blood pressure setting back there, sister? Do you believe that God will make well? If you do, you can have what you asked for if you'll just have faith.
Do you believe? Is this the person? We are strangers. I don't know you, but my Lord knows you, and it's Him that I'm trusting. I have nothing else I can trust. I'll admit I'm weak. My face feels numb, but I know that He's standing here. And I know that I could not heal you, but your life, you couldn't hide it, 'cause that's a gift. I can't do what He's already done: that's heal you. His promise is that. But as His prophet when the anointing is here, every spirit here is subject now to God. Nothing can be hid. Jurisdiction of every spirit is now under control of God. If I be His branch in Him, then everything's subject to what I'd say.
L-91 Satan's lied to you. You've been suffering. You're going through the change of life, and that's been on you, the menopause, for about five years. You take ever kind of medicine that comes along, and ain't none of it does you any good. Isn't that the truth?
And you're also anemia. I see blood dripping between me and you and the...?... light. You're anemia. My loving sister, why don't you believe Jesus Christ makes you well? And don't have nothing to do with the devil...?... And go out of this building and be made well. If God is standing here with the power of His Spirit to let me know your life, can't He make you well? You believe if I curse the thing in Jesus Christ's Name it'll leave you? That's what you wanted me to do. I wasn't reading your mind, but you're--you wanted me to put my hands on you, 'cause that's what you was believing. Is that right? Come here. I'll do it.
L-92 Almighty God, Author of Life, seeing that her faith lays in laying on of hands, oh, I pray for mercy. Those dark shadows hanging around the little woman, knowing that Satan always along there to tempt her in this time of life, but Jesus You are always standing in the shadows watching Your children. Nothing can harm them.
Now, you enemy, as God's servant, I take charge over you. In the Name of Jesus Christ come out of her. I lay my hands upon her as God's servant, commissioned by an Angel. You know about it. You--you've seen it happen. He told me if I'd be sincere, that nothing would stand before the prayer. And I believe Him, and you're a loser; and I free this woman tonight from all these things in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
L-93 All right, lady. Looky here. If God knowed what was in your life, and what has been in your life, He surely would know. Yet, you are healed. You've always been just a little bit nervous. When you was a little girl, one time coming from school, I see you, or something or other, you run up towards a dog or something and you got frightened by, way back, had a little checked plaid dress on. You remember that? It's all over now. You can go and be made well. God bless you. Be healed.
Are you believing? Everybody believes with one accord, one heart, one mind? It's unlimited what Jesus Christ will do. If I have found grace in your sight, and God has given me favor, believe me as His servant. I told you by the authority of the witness of the Holy Spirit, He's here now, that you couldn't hide your life if you had to; and by that same witness and by the Bible that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has healed everybody in this building.
L-94 If you're ready to accept it, it was done nineteen hundred years ago at Calvary, and it's yours freely as you can receive it tonight. Do you believe it? If you'll notice, not one thing crosses here unless God makes it go from the person while they're standing here; if it's deaf, blind or whatever it is. If God can do it here at the platform, He can do it out there. If you'll bow your heads and believe, I'll ask God to heal every one of you and you believe with all your heart, you'll be healed right now.
Almighty God, I ask You in this late hour of the night, as the people have set long, listening, I pray Thee, Father, to be merciful to the sick and needy here in the...?.... [Brother Branham moves from the microphone--Ed.] in need. And now,
Almighty God, realizing that only one thing can could keep them from being healed, is their unbelief. Let God move what hangs over them there that keeps the blessings of God from flowing by the law of God, down into their bodies and healing every one of them. I now rebuke that spirit of doubt and unbelief that hangs over this audience and may it leave in the Name of Jesus Christ and may every sick person here be made well for God's glory...?... my sincere prayer...?... and pray, God will...?... tonight men to continue the prayer 'cause the whole building becomes milky to me now. I know my that time...?... is here...?... But...?...
If you were deaf in one ear, put your finger in your ear, and hear...?... If you were--if you were blind, look through your eyes to see. If you were crippled, stand up and walk. Whatever was wrong with you, I want you to get up and do something that you could not do before, for God has taken care of it, in Jesus Christ's Name...?...

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