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Prayer Line
53-1100, Prayer Line, Sports Center, Owensboro, KY, 36 mins

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L-1 I believe I've seen you somewhere. Look like I've seen you, where you from? Louisville; I thought I'd seen your face somewhere. I wasn't sure, but only God knows what's wrong with you, as far as that is concerned. He knows, I don't; but God knows.
Do you believe that He could make manifest His Being and His Deity, here tonight? If He would, would you accept Jesus, the Healer? Then if the Word declares that where two or three are gathered; that's the smallest of church, just three people, or even two; He'd be gathered with them. And if He's gathered with them, in His resurrection, then He's gathered here tonight. He's resurrected from the dead. Then as He was then, so is He now. And if I talk to you, like He talked to the woman at the well, then He would know just as... I... He'd let me know just where your trouble was, and in doing so would you accept Him as your Healer? You would. [Matthew 20:18], [Revelation 1:18], [John 4:1-21]
L-2 I believe you love Him. Your trouble's in your throat. You have a... you have a--a growth of some sort, right on the inside the throat on the adam's apple. Come here, just a moment.
Lord, who made the Heavens and the earth, and all things that in them is, we pray for our sister tonight, suffering here with these diseases of her body, and afflictions. Thou can make her well, Father. And I pray that in the Name of Thy holy Child, Jesus, that at this very hour, that You'll heal her. May she return to Louisville, happy, rejoicing, and never be bothered no more; for cursed be the Devil. And we come with this assurance and this authority that Jesus Christ the Son of God; Whom I've claim have seen twice; I pray that through His Sovereign suffering, and by His stripes, that she was healed. And as her brother, I now take the initiative and say to Satan, that he can't bind her any longer. She's come believing, and I rebuke Satan, in Jesus Christ's Name to come out of our sister. Amen. [Isaiah 53:5]
All right, now, as you go to your home, sister, go believing with all your heart; all that will leave you. Your infection, colitis, growth on your... female trouble, it's all gone from you. You can go rejoicing and thank God.
L-3 All right, come, will you lady? Now, I suppose we are strangers, I don't think I've ever seen you. But God has knowed you since you were a baby, before you was a baby. You could've never come on the earth, if it hadn't a been for God. Isn't that true? So I don't know you, but He knows you. He knows me. He knows all about both of us. [Jeremiah 1:5]
L-4 Now, it--it's very hard, Christians, I want you to be in prayer. See it's spirit all around, see, and usually... It was easier down at the other place, because I had the patient to myself. But everywhere a human being is there's spirit, see. And spirit, no matter whether it's faith, or whether it isn't, you still, down in the human heart... If you only knowed the sensitive that the Holy Spirit is, and it does make it very hard.
L-5 Now, it won't, per--perhaps God will be merciful to you lady. But if God will help me to see what is wrong with you; if it's sin, He will tell it. If it's something you haven't done, He will tell it. If you're standing here as deceiver, you'll know about it in a few minutes, and probably the--they'd pack you off the platform. But if you're standing here as a Christian and as a believer, which I believe you are a Christian, you'll... you'll be healed, if you'll only believe what I have read from the Bible, and what God will manifest the truth.
L-6 Now, if Jesus was standing here, wearing this suit that He gave me; like the woman at the well, and talking like we are; He'd know your trouble, wouldn't He? Just like He knowed her trouble. Now, as soon as she found... He told what her trouble was, she recognized Him as a prophet, and saying that she knowed that Messiah was coming. And He said He was Messiah. [John 4:1-21]
L-7 Yours is a tumor, you have a tumor. And it's seriously, and it's a--a choking sort of a--a spirit. And that tumor is--is in your throat, the doctors looked, said it's in the gland, in the throat, on the throat gland. Is--is that the truth? Now, what--what was it? What is it? [The sister says, "It's on my gland."--Ed.] It's a gland, oh gland, well whatever it was, see... Now, what you heard me say, you heard my voice, but that wasn't me. The best I remember, a second or two ago, I was in either a doctor's office or a hospital, and you were being examined. And didn't the doctor have his hands up in this way, or something or other, on the throat, is that right? Is that the truth? Well the... You believe that Christ is here, the Son of God, Who I'm trying to represent to you? Do you believe He will help you be well? Come near.
L-8 Almighty God, Oh to this poor, little, old mother, Thou art near to help her. And I pray for Divine mercy, Lord, and You know how I'd like to see her be made well, Lord. That would just make my heart so happy. But, it's beyond my strength and power, and I pray for mercy. And now, Lord, forgive us of our trespasses, and pray that nothing will stand in our way now. And now, Lord, help me to challenge this enemy that's trying to take her life.
L-9 Now, Satan, I ask in Jesus Christ's Name, as I place before me, knowing that I come in this challenge of faith. You're exposed here tonight, at the platform. You think you can hide, but you can't. God knows you, and I'm a--acting with all these others as His servant. And we're claiming tonight, that Jesus Christ; the One that conquered you and all your powers, and stripped you of everything you had, all fear, all your powers; is our Lord. Who's commissioned us to go into all the world and to lay hands on the sick and they would recover, and to cast out devils; and thou art a devil, a choking spirit. Now I command you in the Name of Jesus the Son of God; with the authority of God's Word, by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, a gift ministered by an Angel; come out of the woman. Let her go, in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God, may you leave her.
God bless you, sister. Go, rejoicing now, and be happy. Let us hear what happens to you. God bless you. [Mark 16:15-18]
L-10 All right, come.
You're very lovely, be reverent. Now, just a moment, friends, please, just--just be reverent with me, and bear with me, if you will, as my Christian friend. It's, it's hard to get bearing, you see, it's another world, you see, I... Sometimes I wonder if I'm standing in another place, looking at another vision. This is two weeks for me; and just a little bit, weakens me very much. You shouldn't have to need anything else, you ought to believe God right now, see.
L-11 But, lady, I suppose, we are strangers, you--you and I. You know me? I don't... Where you from, here in the city? [The sister replies, "Toledo."--Ed.] Ma'am? Toledo, oh, you've seen me before. [The sister speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Oh, you've been healed before; in our meeting? All right, that's fine. Of dropsy, you say you had; in Battle Creek, Michigan.
Well, that's when the Holy Spirit called me out of that big meeting, and sent me to another place. You remember that? Where the place was packed and jammed, yet the Holy Spirit stopped me right in the middle of that meeting and sent me over to another place. You heard what happened over there. He's just God. He just knows all things, does all things well.
L-12 Now I want you to look onto me. Was you in the prayer line, or was you out in the audience? Oh, It called you out in the audience, and you were healed of dropsy.
Here's a testimony while I'm resting, yet. The lady was sitting in the audience, I believe at Battle Creek, you said, and was called out in the audience, made well of drop--dropsy. [The sister speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] She had a test recently in the hospital, and the doctor says, "It's clear, there's nothing of it no more." Sitting out in the audience; sitting out there just praying, just like you are now, see.
L-13 Friend, surely you can believe. Now, for our sister, now, let's reverently and see, now, there's perhaps something else wrong with her. God knows, I can... don... He knows; I don't. But He can tell, and maybe that'll help her, 'cause it was probably told her what was wrong with her, and what she'd done, or what to do, or something another; and that's why she's come tonight.
Now, perhaps if she hadn't have told me that, He would have told me that, but it's... She's told me that, now I don't know what He will say. But I just want you to look and believe that you're in His presence, I'm His servant; you're my sister. And only thing I know of you, is just what you've told me now; and thousands of people, I would never know one another, like that.
L-14 But, you--you're extremely nervous, and there's been something that's happened to you. Yeah, you've just come from a hospital, I see and they'd examined you, there's something about your fingers or body; you're becoming real stiff. You can't shut your hands and your body being stiff, is that right? They told you, I heard a tall, thin man, wearing a doctor's coat, said, "There's no cure for that." Isn't that true? That's far as he knows, there's no cure. But there's a cure right now: that's Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Close up your hands.
In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, be made well. May God of Heaven rebuke this devil and make her well. And she can go back and start an old fashion revival in the city, and be made well in Jesus' Name.
Now close your hands up, like this. That's it. Now raise your feet, up and down, like this. He--He's touched your body... ?... see, there you are. Now, you can go off the platform, rejoicing. Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
L-15 Very incurable nerve condition; that paralyzes the nerves, body, and everything, and she stands like this. And her hands was just drawed like that when she was standing here. There she is going down. She can move her hands up and down, picking her feet up. The Lord is good, isn't He? Now, she'll get all right, like she did the dropsy, and the doctor will tell her, that it's all right. Just, she'll be all right. Isn't He wonderful?
L-16 All right, is this the lady here? Howdy do, lady? I suppose you and I are strangers, we've never met, as... If we have, I don't you. But if I could help you, I--I'd do it. I can only tell you what Jesus said.
This is the Word of God, first, and then, that's to the world, to the nation, to every individual. You believe that? But now, if I am His servant, then His Word would come through His servants, seers, prophets or whatever you want to call them. That would be secondarily to the individual, it that right? Now, see this is His Word for the world, but then He has set in the church: apostles, prophets, gifts of healing, speaking with tongues, interpretation of tongues, and--and all different kinds of gifts. Is that right? You believe that? And God has set them then, this is God's Word first. Then my word, if I be His servant, must compare with that Word. If it isn't, it's not true. So This is the truth, always. Do you believe me to be His prophet? Now--now, I mean that -- His servant, a prophet means a preacher, see. You believe me to be His servant, with a seer? [Amos 3:7], [I Corinthians 12:4-31]
L-17 Now, you're leaving me now, it's your... it's the baby. The baby is seriously ill, I see it at doctor's and the doctor, they... it's its stomach. And the doctors don't know what's the matter with that baby. Wa--was that the truth what It said? Just a minute, there was something, it seemed... Now, audience... Now look at me again, just a moment, and believe me as God's prophet, again.
Aren't you some connection with Brother Rodgers? I see him standing near you. You're... Lady, here's...
L-18 You also need Jesus Christ as Saviour; you're not a Christian yet. That's the truth. It's the same Holy Spirit that was on Jesus Christ, you're in His presence now. Will you accept Him now, as your Saviour? Forsake all sin, live for Him, the rest of your life. You believe if I shall ask Him, and lay hands on your baby, it'll get well? Come here.
L-19 Our Heavenly Father, Who raised up Jesus the Son of God from the dead, this darling little baby, Satan has took a hold of it, to take its life; but Thou art more than a match for him. Now, Lord, this little mother gives her life to You, and she's got her arms around the very fruit of her womb. And I pray Thee, God, that You'll let the baby be spared, that the mother now, will raise it in a Christian home, in the admiration of God. And upon the basis of her confession and accepting Christ, as Saviour; upon the authority of Jesus' stripes at Calvary, Who taken victory over Satan, and as His commission to His disciples to go into all the world, and a gift ministered by an Angel eight years ago; I now rebuke the Devil that's bound this baby. In Name of Jesus Christ, come out of the child. [Isaiah 53:5], [Mark 16:15-18]
Now mother, don't fear about the baby. Go on your road, rejoice, be happy... all my heart your baby will live and be all right. God bless you. God bless you. Go now and be baptized, confessing your sins, calling upon the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
L-20 All right, everyone reverent, come lady. You believe with all your heart, audience? Don't doubt, have faith in God. [Mark 11:22]
Wasn't there a baby just healed here, just now? Did it sit down, right in here? Where? No, it's... I see a Light hanging right here. It's over a little girl, that's the little girl, she's got heart trouble. I see a lot of sadness around there, the mother, lady there by her, has been operated on; a cancer case, many times in and out from the hospital.
Lord Jesus, bless them, may they be well for Your glory. Hear the prayer of Your unprofitable servant, and I ask this Lord, and rebuke the Devil, that it comes out from them, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. [Matthew 25:30]
L-21 Lady, you believe her? Come here, just a minute. Do you believe me to be God's servant? You recognize that--that the feeling that you have now is not your brother standing here: It's His presence. You got lots of trouble, there's a dark streak. You've been kept... something been kept away from you. They won't tell you what's wrong with you, the doctors won't tell you. But the doctor has given you less than a year to live, but you are... it's a heart condition. It's your heart, but... Just a minute, it left me now. Was that truth, what was said? Do you believe that God will heal you? Come here, mother.
Almighty God, Who raised the Son of God from the grave, and He raised up to dwell among men. Oh, how we thank You. Your great Power of Attorney is here tonight to manifest and to make well, and to set at liberty those that are in captive.
L-22 Now, Satan, you who bound the woman, God's servants the doctor has done all they can do; but they can't touch her; but Oh God, You can. Turn her loose, Satan, in Jesus Name. Go out of the woman. I adjure thee by the living God; that you depart from her, and she lives. Amen.
You believe you're going to live now? All right, you shall live, go on your road, rejoicing, thanking God for His goodness.
Be in prayer, be thankful, be grateful.
L-23 You believe, sir, with all your heart? You believe that His presence is here to help you? It's not you, it's your baby. Your baby got heart trouble. Isn't that right? You're going to serve Him all your life? You are.
God, I rebuke the heart trouble on this little infant baby. May it leave the child, in the Jesus Christ's Name, and go out from the little fellow, and may he live for God's glory. Amen.
L-24 Now, my brother, you believe that, don't you? All right, you shall have just what you believe. God be with you, and help you.
All right, come, my sister. You believe, with all your heart? You believe that He'd make you well? Have faith now, in God. [Mark 11:22]
Now, be reverent, audience. You can class me a fanatic, if you wish to. That's between you.
L-25 But I want you to walk right here, lady. Stand there, just a moment. You have a stomach trouble, don't you lady? Yeah, it's a peptic condition: nervous, causes stomach ulcerating. Isn't that true? This lady here has the same thing, stomach conditions. Them demons are trying to pull one from another, help. If you'd only know what the other world; you--you--you only look at the outside, it's another world. And in there, here's where this contact is made. If you'll believe... stand up lady, you accept your healing? You accept your healing?
L-26 Almighty God, make them well. Now as Satan, who cannot hide. He thought he would get by with that, but You're here to call his hand on those things, and Thou has promised it. And now, as Your servant standing in between this channel of--of spirit, moving one to the other and calling for mercy. I now say to them, "Spirits of evil, come out of the women, and leave them, in Jesus Christ's Name. Go from them both."
God bless you. You can both go in peace. God's blessings be upon you, go.
L-27 Look, right at the same time it was pulling from you, and it stopped already. You had stomach trouble also, isn't that right? You can go home and eat what you want to, now. It stopped on you, as the same as it stopped on them. You can go and be made well.
L-28 Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart. Come, lady. There it is again. Same thing, pulling from right here, too; lady sitting right there, has stomach trouble. You have stomach trouble. You both accept your healings? God bless you. Just stand up and go home and be made well, in Jesus Christ's Name. [Mark 11:22]
L-29 All right, may the Lord make you every whit whole. God bless you, mother. Ulcerated see, causing the burning, it stopped. God bless you.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
All right, you the lady? You want to get over that back trouble? Just go and thanking God, saying, "I'm over it." God will make you well. You believe it?
God bless her, and grant this blessing. I pray and rebuke the enemy, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Go rejoicing, happy.
All right, come, lady. You believe, with all your heart? Your main thing is a nervous condition; started a long time ago, caused you to have stomach trouble, and fluttering, and so forth like that.
L-30 Now, that's just pulling all through this building now. I'm getting weak. And it just seems to me like the whole thing. I can't hardly detect where it's at now. But every person in here can be healed, if you just believe. You must have faith in God. You must believe with all your heart.
Come, let's pray. Our Heavenly Father, Who brought again Jesus from the dead; heal this, our sister making her completely well. I ask this blessing in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
And now, Satan, come out of the woman. I adjure to leave her, in Jesus Name. Amen.
Now, at this time sister, it's broke and gone from you, see. Now just believe with all your heart, you'll get all right, see. Now, don't doubt. If you do, it'll come back again. The Bible said, "Go ye and (how much?) sin... [Congregation responds, "No more."--Ed.] [John 8:11]
What is sin? Unbelief. God in His Sovereign mercy standing here, doing what He's doing and He... You know, friends, that has to come from God. You go and disbelieve, I believe worse things would come upon you. [John 3:18]
L-31 Bring the child. Sir, your baby has kidney trouble, very rare case; can't be helped no other way, but through God. You believe God will make it well? You believe if I will ask God, that between now and in the morning, if you put a string around that baby, it'll shrink a inch or more, do you believe that?
I rebuke the Devil that's bound this baby. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of him.
I just frightened it. It's all right. Go measure the baby's stomach tonight. Tomorrow night measure it, and bring me back the string.
L-32 All right, come, lady. You believe with all your heart?
I seen a doctor appear, right in here, just a few minutes ago. A young--like fellow, taking a blood pressure... it's a high blood pressure. It had something on the heart, it's a heart trouble. You believe that God will make you well of it? If you can believe, and accept it, God will grant it to you.
You want to get over that nervousness? Look sis, I want to ask you something, just a minute; if I could do anything for you... That's the most horrible thing there is of anything else. You've no assurance of yourself, it gives you all kind of funny feeling. You have all kinds of upset feeling, like you was going to lose your mind and--and everything. It bothers you real bad sometimes. Gets real bad and you get melancholy, and have to go off and sit down. When you're walking on the streets, I see you, it gets on you there. Sometimes you have to go back home because it--it's bothering you so bad.
L-33 I'm not reading your mind, but your life can't be hid now. At this time the Holy Spirit gives me jurisdiction over every spirit, and everyone's subject now.
Between you and I, is a dark cloud floating, like a breath. Many people's told you, "Get near yourself," or "Get next to yourself," I believe it was. Forget about it, you can't do it, 'cause there's something at you all the time, haunting at you. Is that the truth? If by God's grace, and God's power, and the Divine presence of Jesus Christ, if it'll leave you now, will you never permit it to come again? I want you to bow your head, and I want the rest of you, if you don't want this same thing. Now, it--it's cutting up, it's holding the girl around and around.
L-34 Almighty God, as this young woman stands here, Satan determined to put her in the insane institution, and let her butt her brains against the wall. But Thou art here to deliver her, and this is that hour that she's watched for all along. Almighty God, help Your poor servant, that this girl that's bound by this enemy, that she will be liberated this very hour.
Thou demon, in the Name of Jesus the Son of God, come out of the woman. Now look here, you're all right.
Now, you can raise your head. It's gone from her. God bless you, lady. Now you go rejoicing, and happy. It ain't going to bother you no more.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
L-35 Are you believing, lady? You believe God will heal you of that heart trouble? Then go off the platform, saying, "Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord."
You believe, lady? Believe God will take the kidney trouble away from you, back, and make you well? You--you believe it? You say, "I raise my hand, I accept Jesus as my Healer."
Lord, heal her, I rebuke this devil, in Jesus Christ's Name, may it come out from her.
Go on your road, rejoicing, and happy. Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
Are you believing, back there? Way back, are you believing, way back in that way? There it is. That's Him.
L-36 Lady, you're here for somebody else, aren't you? You've got a friend, and that friend... You've come out of a big north country. I see the vision here in front of me, and that, it's a woman. And the woman was a Christian, she's blackslid. Gone back on God, become a dope addict. Is that right?
Return to your home and lay your hands on her and call the Name of Jesus Christ. If He's able to reveal this, He can do that. Hallelujah.
Do you believe with all your heart?
Is this--this is okay? Brother Bosworth, come here a minute. I'm so weak, I can't pray any more. Come help me.
Let's bow our heads a minute. Take my place a minute; will you, Brother, now? [Brother Bosworth speaks--Ed.]

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