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All Things Are Possible To Them That Believe
53-0218, All Things Are Possible To Them That Believe, Pentecostal Holiness Church, Tallahassee, FL, 33 min

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L-1 Brother Baxter, Billy wants you to help him, or some of you over here. All right. J-35 to 50. Let's try that first. Now somebody turn your card over; look over on the other side of your card. Now, look at your neighbor's card; they may be deaf and can't hear, and can't get up if they're deaf. They won't--they won't hear their number. And we want you to... Or if somebody's unable to move if--when they call a number, just raise your hand. That's all right. Just raise your hand and--and we'll see that somebody brings you out, brings you up so we can get a hold. Let's all sing that while they're lining up the audience. Now, we won't very long. We'll just keep praying. All right, all right...?...
Only believe...
... possible, only believe,
Only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
L-2 Let's imagine on a warm April morning, coming down the hill, came a lovely One with His robed around Him, His hair blowing over to the side. There's three men walking along with Him. And here come a father with his child that had epilepsy. And he said, "Lord, have mercy on my child, for he's variously vexed with the devil. Sometimes he falls into the water, into the fire, the devil trying to destroy him."
He said, "I can if ye believe. For all things are possible to them that believe. (Is that right?) All things are possible."
You say, "All things are possible with God." All things are possible to you... "to them that believe." You believe that? All right. Let's--let's sing again.
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
L-3 Now, Christian friends, I'm going to ask you one thing if you'll do for me, just now. I want to be real reverent. Now, if our Lord should do anything, then you give Him praise. But like... See, it's--it's a difficult. Brother Baxter knows. Is that right, brother, that it's very seldom what's around like this? That where spirits all around, everywhere. There's sick people. And as human beings, and every person's possessed with a spirit. And those spirits, one moving this way and one that way, you'll watch it. It'll go out meet him, back in here and everywhere go to calling people, tell them what's wrong (You see?) in their condition.
Now, if Jesus was here, could He heal you in your unbelief? Can anything be done for your healing but what's already been done? Not a thing. I--I haven't got nothing in me that would heal you. There isn't a thing. Brother Jackson, much as he's prayed for the sick too, there's nothing you could heal, is there, Brother Jackson? Not a thing. None of you ministers that pray for the sick, not a thing... The only thing that you can do is point them to Jesus where He has already healed them. See? He's healed them.
Now, no one... what... None of these ministers here, they couldn't say they'd save you. They can't save you but they can point you to where your salvation was purchased nineteen hundred years ago on Calvary. You just accept it. Jesus settled it with the Father for salvation when He, when He died at Calvary. Is that right? That--that settled it. The whole world is forgiven of sin; but it won't do you any good 'till you accept it tonight. And if every person was healed, but it won't do you any good 'till you accept it. Then we, as ministers, preach the word. And faith cometh by hearing, and hearing what? The Word of God. And then, after all that, that ought to be enough, doesn't it? But after all that, then God come down and set in the church gifts. [Romans 10:17], [Isaiah 53:5]
L-4 Say for instance tonight, maybe the lady setting down there might speak with tongues, this man here give the interpretation that would tell that the lady setting here in a wheelchair, that a certain thing she had done that had caused that disease or whatever's wrong with her or this man here, whoever it might be. And it'd be just exactly that way, tell him what was going to happen. I believe that's a gift of God, don't you? That's right.
Then He sent back, then he sent, he sent prophets. Do you believe that? He sent wisdom, knowledge, gifts of tongues, interpretation of tongues. All these things are all in the body all in the body.
Now, if He--after His Word, then look how mindful He was to come down in here and get something else and bring it up, knowing that there would still be unbelief in the Word, the question mark, that... Isn't He lovely? Oh, my, how wonderful He is. [I Corinthians 12:1-31]
L-5 Now, if He was here He might tell you what was wrong with you, tell you your conditions, what to do, but He couldn't heal you. If He was standing here Himself with this suit on, He couldn't heal you, 'cause He's already done it. Well, He can't do it the second time. He could say, "I am the Christ and I purchased your salvation back. Believe this?"
If you'd say, "Yes, Lord, I believe it," it's over. Well, this is His Word says the same thing, and He's no better than His Word is. Is that right? All right.
L-6 Oh, we have a little girl for the... Well, that's very sweet. All right, just set her down right here. See she's backward. Yes. You can set it right down here. You stand right with her if you want to, brother. Go right ahead...?... The baby? Well, that's mighty fine. What's your name?...?... Oh, I'm glad to know you, my brother. You're the father of the child, are you? All right, sir. Now, perhaps I talk to you then instead of the child, 'cause she's just a baby. I believe this our first time meeting. I--I've never seen you in my life, far as I ever know. This is our first time meeting. Now, I'll have to talk to you just a moment in order... See? Just look all around you everywhere: spirits everywhere. See? Human beings. But now, it's got to be a vision, singled out.
Remember, sometimes our Lord Jesus taken people out to one side, talked to them, take them where, you see it was for a purpose to get in contact with the spirit. Now, did you ever hear the story about that Angel of the Lord that came and told me those things, what I must do? You believe that's true? Well, if He told me if I could you to believe me, then be sincere when I prayed, that it would take place. Now, you know I couldn't heal the little girl. I have nothing to heal her with. I'm--I'm not a doctor even. If I was a doctor, I--I couldn't heal her. I might aid some nature, but I couldn't... God has to do healing. And He's already done the healing, it just takes our faith to believe it (See?) that's right.
L-7 But now, if our Lord was here, and the way I feel that that little girl is sick, to see a little, sweet little thing like that sick, I've got one at home that's about like that. And you know how my heart would go for it. But if He was here, He would stand and talk to you maybe like this. He'd tell you... "Well, your child taken a certain fever at a certain time or whatever it was and--and a--and it's been sick for long, or something like that." Well, that would just make you say, "Yes, I know that's Him, because that's what's the matter with the child." And then He might tell you something about yourself, what you had done or something that happened to cause that fever or sickness to come on the child. Then if you'd say, "That's He," then...
Why, He'd say... He'd lay His hands upon it, say, "Do you believe?"
You'd say, "Yes, sir." Then when He'd go away then you'd believe the baby'd get well, don't you? Well now, He went and He's at the right hand of the Father. But He sent back His gift. And His gift is the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit has attributes of gifts that comes to the people.
And now, if He's here and I've told truth in testifying of these things, then He will manifest Hisself in the same manor, here, that He's--through His servant as He would through His own flesh if He was here. Is that right?
L-8 Sir, I believe you're a sincere believer. You're not altogether well yourself. You know that. Yes, sir. And... But your baby here, it's--it's not a fever. It's an accident has happened to the baby. Is that right? Did the child have a fall? Something like fell? And, oh, it's a... It run a little something it's rectum? Is that right? Is that true? And it's often having all kinds of attributes; it's got a discharge that comes. Is that right? And you with your prostate trouble. Is that true, my brother?
Let's bow our heads a moment. Our heavenly Father, Who brought again the Lord Jesus from the dead. Your Spirit's here. This little pierced and cute little child in here with an accident that punctured its little body. But Thou art God. Thou art the One Who can heal it. Now, according to what You said through the ministry that's to be preached, I pray that You'll heal the child as lay hands on it, and ask that You'd heal it, Lord. May it go from here and be a well child. I, as Your servant now, Father. Now I take the jurisdiction over all spirits of the devil. God's servant, lay hands in the Name of my Lord and ask is His Name that this child may be delivered from this affliction without any harm, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you...?...
L-9 Now go on. Look here just a moment. Now, it's--it's--it's correctly. All right, sometime something happens to the child but I don't remember just what it was, but that's the truth whatever it said? Every bit the truth. Every bit the truth. Now, to--He said, "If you get the people to believe you, be sincere, that nothing will stand before your prayer. Now, He said... I said, "They won't believe me because I'm uneducated."
He said, "As the prophet Moses was given two signs to a vindicate (See?) that he was sent for this purpose," said, "so will you." And told me this thing, "You'd know the secret of the heart and tell the people their troubles just like the Spirit back in the days gone by." Hard for me to see it, but I understand now. Now, don't fear, your baby will be all right. God will...?... Don't you fear.
Now, if the God of heaven will let me see what was in life back that way, and that's the truth and you know it's the truth, and if I tell you the baby's going to be all right, you just keep on the way you are. It's got to be as true as that was, is that right? God bless you, then take the baby.
Been awfully nervous, haven't you? I seen her when you was trying to hold her, and she was screaming and carrying on like that. Now, don't worry, that's going to leave you now. Just go, thanking God, and believe. And by the way, your trouble's gone too. Let us say, "Thanks be to God." Now, did I heal the baby? No, sir. That man's faith in God healed the baby. See? God pronounces His blessings, it'll be just that way. See? See?
L-10 Now, young lady, you believe now with all your heart? Now, now, you're conscious that something's going on. See? That was the first patient. It just gives the--the anointing.
Did you ever see that picture of the Angel of the Lord that they got here, that was taken down in Houston, Texas? You've never seen it. They'll have it here in a few nights...?... more. But that's...?... feel now. That's what that is--is His Presence. Now, just a minute. Before...?... lady, you're suffering with some kind of a convulsion you go out in: it's epilepsy. Is that right? That's a horriblest thing. I seen that black thing come between us, and I know that's what it is. All right, you bow your heads everywhere and let's...?... a mirror. Now this is one thing that really bothers: epilepsy.
L-11 Now, please, ladies, everybody, keep your children near, and everybody be in faith. Now, lady, my sister, I'm not--I'm not able to help you, nothing but to pray for you. I want you to believe me. Lord Jesus, help the women. I pray that You'll grant it. May she go from here tonight to get well. Grant it, Lord. I lay hands upon her in the Name of Jesus Christ and ask for her healing. O, Eternal God, Author of Life, hear the prayer of your servant. And in obedience to Your command, I lay hands upon her and ask that the demon of epilepsy will leave. Grant it. May he go in peace tonight, and may it grant that it'll be gone, through Jesus' Name. Amen.
Now, just a moment, please. I just want to talk you just a moment. I want you to look here at me, just a minute if you can. Now, that's been for a long time, hasn't it? I want to look at you, in just a moment, just to talk to you. I'm not reading your mind. I--I--that's--God knows that. But whatever you want to call it (See?), there is a--a... The devil's got a bogus for everything God has got. Do you believe that? He's got these little old psychic readers out here on the street make a guess or something. That's the devil. But Jesus Christ perceived their thoughts. Is that right? All right. Is He... Everything God has, he has a bogus. He has a real genuine Holy Spirit; the devil has something that looks like it, like that. But here, It just told what was wrong with you. But there's something else. You feel in your life, and have for a long time, that you have a call in--in the ministry of Christ. Is that right? And this thing's has been hindering you. Is that true? You talk about it to people. Does anybody in this building know that's the truth? If it is, raise your hand. Now, go, and may the Lord bless you. As you believe, so will it be unto you. God bless you.
L-12 How do you do, lady. 'Course, I don't know you. I've never seen you in my life. But God knows you, doesn't He? Do you believe that He is, and a Rewarder of those who will diligently seek Him? Do you believe that--that He's able to make you free? If He will do this, will you seek after Him with all of your heart, give your life to Him, and--and live for Him as best that you know how the rest of your days? You must do it with that condition; you know you can't live long like that. If that turns into a cancer, well then, you're done. You had an operation anyhow for that. Is that right? You have a tumor now. That's... Yes, that's right, in the breast. Now, will you believe that He will heal you and make you well. And you give your life to Him now. You surrender your life right now to Him and to His blessed will? Say you accept Him right as Saviour and Lord and Healer? You do right now? Raise up your hand as a witness. Now, come here.
Almighty God, the Author of Life, the Giver of every good gift, send blessings indeed. Forgive the woman, Lord. Take her now and heal her body, knowing that she's in serious condition. May she leave here tonight rejoicing and happy, in Jesus Christ's Name. I ask for her to be healed and saved and filled with Your Spirit in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
You accept Him now as your personal, individual Healer and Saviour? Oh, oh, God bless you. Go and may receive the Holy Spirit and be healed...?... All right.
L-13 You believe, lady. All right. If you believe with all your heart, God is here to heal you and make you well. You believe that? All right. Have faith in Him. Don't doubt. What about you all out there? Are you believing with all your heart? Have faith in God. God will bring it to pass, whatever you ask for.
Now, not these people here on the platform only, but you out there in the audience, anywhere you are, I put this to you tonight, you with... You that won't be in the prayer line, you that's out there without prayer cards, without anything, setting out there and haven't a chance of getting in line, you start believing God, and believing with all your heart, and praying to God, and just accept Him. Just accept Him. Say, "Lord, I--I now believe. I now believe. I--I believe it, first, because Your Word said so. I believe it, secondly, because You're absolutely a vindicating Yourself here tonight. As You was in the days gone by, so are You here tonight. And I believe it with all my heart. And, friends, look. It's just not Tallahassee; this has went around the world. See? Everywhere, literally tens of thousands and thousands and thousand times thousands of people healed and saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and...?... See? It's not nothing. It's been tried under every fiery trial, I believe it can be put before, and all. Here's my manager? Is that right, Brother Baxter? Through everything. And always, God is triumphed, never failed one time and can't fail 'cause it's God.
Now if it was me, there'd already been... I'm a failure to begin with. See? But He never fails.
L-14 Just a moment. Didn't I pray for an epileptic a few minutes ago. Was it a woman or man? Where's the woman at, with an epileptic was prayed for? Oh, there? That's not it. That struck again in this audience. Here it sets right here. You want to accept it, sister, your healing?
Almighty God, I pray that You'll be merciful now and heal her and may she be--be well from this very hour. Satan, leave the woman, in the Name of Jesus the Son of God, come out of her. God bless you. May it...?... Have faith. Believe in God; God shall bring it to pass. See? That spirit is sneaking around, trying to...?...
L-15 Now...?... Is that right? I've never seen you in my life, is that right? You've had a life of sorrow...?... very much disappointed...?... problems a little girl. You--you had one when you was a little child, a girl. See? Is that right?...?... That true? Wearing a little checked dress...?... Is that true? And now you have a growth; that growth's in the back. Is that right? Now is those things true? Every word of it true. Now, that wasn't me talking. That was something else talking. See? I never... How--how would I know what you did when you was a little girl and how you dressed in school and what taken place? I never--I never knew nothing about that, but it's the truth. And everything that's said was positive the truth. Is that right? That's the Angel of the Lord that's standing here doing that talking. I was just... I didn't have no control, what I was going to say. Now, you going to get well? You accept Him as your Healer?
Almighty God, Who brought Jesus Christ from the dead, I lay hands upon our sister and ask that she goes from here and be a well woman, in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ the Son of God. Amen. Cursed be the disease of this woman's body, in Jesus Christ's Name. All right, now you may go. God bless you, sister.
Now look, go and be of a good courage. Go shouting, go rejoicing, praising God for your healing. Believing God for it.
L-16 How do you do, sir. Do you believe with all your heart? Of a morning when you move from the bed, you can't hardly do it. That back is such a fix, is that right? Stepping down from a curb, you go easy when you walk the curb. Is that right? Go in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let's say, "Praise be to God."
Do you believe me, sir? To look at you, think you was a very healthy woman, but you're not. You heart trouble. Is that right? Another thing, you're very mental...?... menopause, from time of life. You get...?... Is that right. You have a female trouble too...?... going through when it's time, in that time...?...some type of pain down on the, mostly on the left side. I see you holding yourself down...?... Is that true, every word of it? Then what was that that went down through to those secret places that nobody in the world knows nothing about but God alone, and reveal it you, what you've done in your life. Is that right? Now, do you believe me to be God's prophet? The Lord Jesus has healed you now. You go on your road rejoicing. Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
L-17 Come, lady. How do you do, little lady. Do you believe me to be God's prophet, His servant, that is anointed with the Holy Spirit and is... If--if this Spirit is of Jesus Christ, It'll testify of Jesus Christ. Is that right? I have nothing to do; I'm just like that light there. It isn't that light; it's the current that's in the light. Is that right? That's right. Then when Jesus talked with the woman at the well, He went right straight to her trouble and told her what it was. Is that right? She then believed and went and said, "Come, see a Man, told me what I done." Is that right? He never told her all she done. He told her where her trouble was.
If God should now reveal to me your trouble, will you accept Him as your Saviour and Healer, I mean your Healer. You are a Christian. Will you accept? You will? You have female trouble, isn't that right? That's right. Now go and do as you have said and you'll get over it right now. It's a abcess on the...?... God bless you. Go and may the Lord bless you. All right. Come, lady.
L-18 Do you believe with all your heart, believe that now--not your brother, here... I'm your brother. I'm just your brother, but God is your Saviour. Do you believe that you're in His Presence? You do? Not because I'm here, but because I am representing Him. Is that right? Coming between you and I, yes, you have stomach trouble, definitely. And you believe now that He will heal you of that? You accept it now? Almighty God, I pray that You'll heal the woman and may she go from here a well person through Jesus' Name. Amen. That's nervousness causes... That causes a peptic condition, souring inside... that's right. You go on now and get, be... believe with... If He knowed what was wrong with you and what you done, He knows what the outcome will be now. Do you think He tells me the truth? If He wouldn't, how would He let me know what was...?... see? Isn't that right?
L-19 You knew that woman. You knew her life. And was that exactly the truth? Every word of it? Plumb back there as a little child, come down? Is that right? She never even, maybe, told you some of those things, and you know her to be right woman? Now, as it was with her, so is it with you now. Go and the Lord be with you. Now, be happy, rejoice. You see? You're... got yourself in a--in a condition. You've been prayed for before and many times. See? That's right. Meetings. But... What you're trying to get a hold of something. It's right on you; it's now. It's...?... When you're up in here (See?), then you drop down here. And when you're down in here you're moody and low and nervous and upset. You have real upset spells like that, you know, mental conditions. You know, what makes you feel that... Well, just all wound up. Now, see, and you--and you, get... First, you think, "I've got my healing." Then you drop down here and you say, "Oh, I lost it." Sure, because you let yourself drop down here. See? Stay up here. See? Stay right here. Put a ring around there. Go on, God bless you now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-20 Come, sister dear. How do you do? The Lord bless you. Do you believe that these things that you see and hear, comes from the Lord Jesus Christ? Yes, sir. 'Course there's one thing, seeing you shaking, mother, without vision or without anything at all, I know you got palsy, see you shaking that is a nervous condition. Well now, let's you and I talk just a moment. And maybe the Lord Jesus could show me something else about you that... And 'course you're wearing glasses. 'Course you--you could be something wrong with your eye. Anyone can see that. See? But maybe there's a... Yes, sir. Between you and I comes blood dropping. And it's anemia condition. Is that right? If that's right raise up your hand. All right. God bless you, my sister, and may the Lord Jesus Christ make you well in the Name of Jesus. God bless you, sister. Go believing now with all your heart.
L-21 Come, lady. How do you do, lady. Come here just a minute. No, mother. I want you to raise up. Raise her up. Don't lay down. Look here at me. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Do you believe what you hear is the truth? You're getting awfully sick, aren't you? Is the reason you're doing that. It's... Satan's trying to rob you. If you'll believe me to be His servant, tonight you're deliverance. You've come a long ways to come here, haven't you? That's right.
And don't you suffer with something like arthritis or something that's real... It's in your back and up and down. Isn't that right? This woman's bothered with her back too. Isn't that right, lady? Now, it's in the kidneys, here, but your's is arthritis. Is that... do you want... You had TB also. I don't know whether you know that. You know that? Do you know that? Mother, in the... Put your hands around her, dad. Almighty God, look at that old couple setting there, Lord, like old dad and mother. The poor thing's sick, suffering. Satan, come out of her. You're exposed, in the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the woman. Come out of her.
God bless you, lady. You believe you're kidney trouble is gone? You do? Say you have a desire to serve God (See?), closer than what you've walked to. Isn't that right? You've been praying on that the last few days. Isn't that right? And when you standing down there in the line, just was afraid I was going to tell you that when I got here, when you come up here. Now, you just go and believe with all your heart. And is that the truth? It's the truth. Now, how would I know what you was praying and what you was doing in your heart? Now, you go believing with all your heart and you're going to be a well person. Believe with all your heart.
L-22 You had the same thing she did, in the kidneys. That's go on off--off the platform; you was both healed at the same time. Let's say, "Praise be to God." Believe.
Lord Jesus I pray that You'll make her well and heal her in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. You believing?
Got cancer, don't you? You want to get over it? You must believe God now or you'll never get over it. You believe He will make you well. Stand up on your feet and accept your healing then, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. You go...?... believe Him with all your heart. Have faith in God. God shall bring it to pass.
How do you do, sir. You don't--you know me? I don't know you. You believe me to be His prophet? I mean the prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ that He said that He would set in the church? You believe that? Wouldn't you like to go home and eat like you used to, have a good solid meal? In the Name of Jesus Christ if you believe this, go eat what you want to. Have faith in God.
L-23 Do you believe in God? Do you believe He's here to make you well? All right. If you believe it, if God will help, and your faith will rise up to a place right now, that heart trouble will leave you. Would you like to get over it? Raise your hand. Say, "I accept it, Lord Jesus." God bless you and go in the Name of the Lord Jesus and may you be made well. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. You believe out in the audience? Do you believe?
Somebody in this way, look and believe. What about you, lady, sitting there with... 'Course I seen--you're--you're--you're eyes are crossed. Do you believe with all your heart? Say, look this way again. More than that. I don't know whether you know it or not, but you're suffering with cancer also. Do you know that? If you knew it, stand up to your feet and accept your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Be healed.
L-24 What are you doing there in the audience? You believe? Pray. Believe.
What are you lady, with your... the elderly lady with her hand raised up. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Yes. Do you believe with all your heart. If God, here, right here, will reveal to me what's wrong with you, will you accept it? There, your asthmatic condition... Isn't that right? Is that right? Raise up your hand and say... All right. Stand up and be healed then, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Accept your healing. How many in here wants to accept their healing right now and say, "I want to accept my healing."...?... brother and sister...?... won't accept their healing, stand... In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, I ask every devil doubting spirit in the room to be cursed and sent away. In the Name of Jesus. Stand up, accept your healing. Be healed. Hallelujah. Stand to your feet...?...

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