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Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever
52-1027, Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever, Unknown, Edmonton, AB, 63 min

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L-1 Thank you, Brother Baxter. Good evening, friends. This is a grand privilege to be here tonight in Edmonton. After having a great revival here a few years ago, it's always been my heart's desire to get back to my lovely friends at Edmonton. I've appreciated your letters just since I have been gone, and all that you have done in praying for me and the success of God's work. And we thought it would be very nice tonight, if we could stop over and share the blessings of God with you for this one night. Wish that we could stay longer; have to hurry right home. Have to leave at two o'clock in the morning to be going, to hurry right back again for another service. And it's been a constant go since we have left here, and the Lord has been good to us to help us minister to His people.
I'm thankful for this bunch of ministers here on the platform tonight, and many others of the groups that's represented here. And you're always very dear to me. You're God's children.
I've always knowed this, and I've found this in my life of ministry. If you'll... If you want to serve God, serve His people. That's how you serve. As we love one another, we love God. And I love His people, and I'm doing all that I know how to try to represent our Lord Jesus Christ to them in a way of His Divine mercies and powers that He has given to the church in this last day. [John 13:34-35], [John 15:12, 17], [I John 4:7-12]
L-2 Now, I was very much carried away with Brother Baxter's talk tonight. That's the first time, and since he's been managing the meetings, that I've ever set on the platform and heard him speak: the first time in years that I've knowed Mr. Baxter, about 5 years. It's always in the meetings that I'm out praying, getting ready, seeking God, and praying and fasting before the meeting. That's usually the procedure. I never get into the meetings until the time to come out in--under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and go right into praying for the sick.
And I certainly like the way he presented that, and that's the way that I've always tried to represent it to the people. But many magazines and so forth, has represented me as a Divine healer, and so forth. But, friends, that's wrong: I'm your brother. I--I'm no Divine healer; I'm just one of you, if you will let me be. God be blessed to bringing me into the fold. [Psalms 103:1-3]
L-3 There's many men in here, setting nearby me, was probably preaching the Gospel when I was a baby. And I feel very humble to be standing here tonight before ministers who are aged, and preached the Word so long; who've paved the road and made it easy for me to come. What if they hadn't have preached Divine healing before this was manifested? Then there'll... I'd have a--an awful road to go. But by their help, and what they have stood for, I am come in confirmation of what they preached. And I'm very grateful to those brothers, thinking that sometime, when life is all over, and the last prayer is said here on earth, and the Bible closed, and we come down to the end of the road, enter into His joys up there... And I just wonder when that great supper is set, the last supper... Down along the lines of the thousands of miles, we'll set across the table from each other. I tell you. That's going to be glorious time, isn't it? We look across the table to one another and see those veterans who's "fought to win the prize and sailed through bloody seas." I guess we'll shake each other's hand and no doubt, a little tear drop will down our cheeks, but the King will come out, and wipe the tears from our eyes, and say, "Don't cry; it's all over now. We're home." And that's what I look forward to, friends, for that day. [II Timothy 4:7]
L-4 I tried under opposition, of course many times, to represent Jesus Christ as a Healer. A lot of times just being misunderstood, people call me the healer. But I couldn't heal no one, and neither does anyone on earth can heal anyone. Healing only lays in Jesus Christ. See, see? [Isaiah 53:5]
Here recently, I was reading an article in the paper to see... And that's what causes many people... No doubt there's Fundamentalists and so forth, setting here tonight. I was raised--brought up, ordained in the Fundamental church. You know I was a Baptist. But here's...
L-5 Many times, here's what causes them to criticize on the Full Gospel people. An article was written in the paper here not long ago to a man that said, "The Lord gave me the gift of Divine healing." Said, "He come down in the room, and picked me up, and set me up before His throne, and set me down. He said, 'Son,' he said, 'I'm giving you "the" gift of Divine healing.'" Quickly, that's wrong. There is no such a thing as "the" gift of Divine healing. There's no such a thing in the Scripture. And He said, 'I'm giving you power to open blind eyes, to unstop deaf ears, to cast out demons, to make the blind to see, and the deaf to hear, the lame to walk.'" And he come back to earth, and so forth, and do this.
Now, I'm not here to say that God didn't do that. See? God can do what He wants to. And I--I can't tell Him what to do. But if He did that, He certainly has got His Word mixed up then. And He certainly taken it away from Jesus Christ if He gave it to the man. Yes, sir. He... If--if you bought me a suit of clothes, and the purchasing price of that suit of clothes was fifty dollars; and you gave me fifty dollars, it's not yours any more; it's mine. See? And if He gave me power to open blinded eyes, to unstop deaf ears, it doesn't belong in Calvary no more, it belongs to me. I do what... Now, that might be all right. God might've said He did that. Now the thing I want to see it do; I want to see it work. That's... Then I'll believe it when it works. [Isaiah 53:4-6]
L-6 What God in His Scripture... We try to stay strictly with the Bible. And that's the only Foundation that I know of, friends, and that is God's Word. And as long as it's based upon God's Word, then God will be behind it and confirm His Word. See?
And as far as Divine healing... As soon as the boys come in, 'course the--the spirit of discernment... You understand. Many have been in the meetings, know what it was. The boy come in. I seen him come up to Mr. Baxter there; the boy's going to die right away if God doesn't help him, he has cancer. And he went down and talked to the boy...?... Said, "That's exactly right." See, it's... See, that's... Knowing things, that's different... That doesn't heal people. As many of you has been in the meeting this week at Grande Prairie. You see His Spirit do so forth, which is revealed and told to people, why, that cannot be hid. Now, that's... See, that's a divine gift, but Healing is in Calvary. See? It's your faith there.
L-7 Now, a gift of healing doesn't mean that man heals somebody; it means a man that's got faith in divine healing, that can point them to the finished work of Jesus Christ at Calvary.
How many has--has been saved in the last ten years; let's see your hand? been saved in the last ten years? Now, I don't want to different with you, but you wasn't saved in the last ten years. You were saved nineteen hundred years ago; you accepted it in the last ten years. Is that right? Exact. See? You were--you were saved nineteen hundred years ago when Jesus Christ paid the price for the sins of the world (Is that right?) at Calvary. And He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed nineteen hundred years ago. Therefore, every person in this building tonight, that's sick, has been healed since nine--nineteen hundred years ago when Jesus died. There's where God did everything that He could do for the human race, He did it in Jesus Christ. Do you believe that? [Ephesians 1:4]
L-8 Now, the only thing that a divine gift can do, is to stir your faith to that. Ministers preach the Gospel which is just as good as anything else could be done. Better! And if a person can just take God at His Word, and see the work finished there at Calvary, and accept it in their own life, that settles it right there. That's--that's all--all is necessary. Then God in His goodness after that, has sent gifts besides that, into the church to manifest His love and His promises to the people. See what I mean? But every individual must look to Calvary. There's where it comes from is Calvary.
Now, it's just like this: God pla--put the Blood of Jesus Christ in a deposit box at Calvary to heal all manner of sickness and diseases, and give every believer a checkbook with His Name signed on the bottom of it. The only thing you have to do is fill out the check and send it in for any redemptive blessings that Jesus Christ died for. You believe that? Don't be afraid.
L-9 If John D. Rockefeller would offer me a check tonight to build a new church for a--a million dollars, I wouldn't be afraid to fill it out. No, sir, because I believe John D. Rockefeller's worth it. And if Jesus Christ offered me a check tonight here for my sickness, that He healed me at Calvary, I'm not afraid to fill it out and hand it in there; go testifying that God has healed me. No matter what the results is, I believe Jesus told the truth. See? Now, that's where it comes from. It's what you believe, your attitude towards Jesus.
L-10 Look at St. Mark 11:24. Jesus said, "Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe you receive it." That's the order of the Word now. "Believe now you receive it; it shall be given unto you." Is that right? You shall have whatever you've asked for if you believe it. And now, He... If Jesus paid for it there, why, I believe it, I accept it, and believe it, and go testifying. God has brought the... [Mark 11:24]
How many believe that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself; that all the great powers that the Father had was given... [] all the powers of the Father? But when He met Satan, watch where He brought it to: for the weakest Christian here tonight, He never used any of His divine gifts. When Satan come to Him and said, "If Thou be the Son of God, command these stones to be made bread," Jesus said, "It is written,": the Word of God. "It is written, man shall not live by bread alone." [II Corinthians 5:19]
Again He was tested. And Jesus said, "It is written." The third time He was tested, and Jesus said, "It is written." Is that right? Right to the Word of God, showing that the weakest Christian can defeat Satan by, "It is written." If you'll believe the Word of God teaches it, believe it, accept it, hang on to it; God will bring it to pass. Don't you believe that? It is written. [Matthew 4:1-7], [Luke 4:1-13]
L-11 Now, remember this, that I make this quotation, that "The Word of God will defeat Satan anywhere, any time, any place, on any condition." The Word of God alone, "It is written," will defeat Satan, no matter who he is, what form he comes in, where he's at, it'll defeat Satan. Now that is truth: the written Word of God.
Now, and you're... And now, here's another statement I want you to remember. And you that--you especially here that's so sick setting here, these cancer cases and so forth tonight, look, that "The right mental attitude towards any divine promise of God will bring it to pass." Can you understand what I mean? "The right mental attitude towards any divine promise of God will bring it to pass." If you'll take the right mental attitude towards anything God has promised, God's under obligation to see that you get it. That's right, because He promised it. [Matthew 4:1-7], [Luke 4:1-13]
L-12 Now, many times people misunderstand the meetings in this, friends. Since I've seen you, there's been many, many things has happened, and you've probably kept up with it through the newspapers and so forth.
By the way, did you read the Writer--the "Reader's Digest" this month on the article was in there about my services in California? And they had it straight. I told the man when he come down, and he said there I didn't ask nothing but told the boy what was wrong with it and that's just a... But the medical help, if they'd be careful, the boy would get over that, and he did. The boy died later, but not with the disease. I saw a nurse had let a window up and get a draft across him, and the child taken pneumonia and died, but not with the disease. See?
L-13 Now, when... God is under obligation to His Word. Now, here's what takes place, friends. Now, in the coming meetings in June, if God willing, I'd like to come in first, come so we'll have plenty of time. Our meetings has always been too rushed. And across the nations we found it so.
I guess since we've been here, our... By God's grace and His... We've led to Christ, right in our own meetings, around 350,000 souls to Christ in--in the past five or six years. In one day alone in South Africa, thirty thousand raw heathens came to Jesus Christ in one single meeting in one day. Thirty thousand raw heathens, when they seen the manifestation of the Spirit of God given where the--where the witch doctors and everything else trying to find out what they could, and found that they were con--they were--couldn't stand before it, and give up, and surrendered themselves to God. And was thirty thousand in one day received Jesus Christ: and breaking their idols, washing their face, from Mohammedism and so forth, and become Christians in one day: after seeing a man walked on his hands and feet like a dog... I said, "Of course, I can't heal the man." No one knows that..." Or, I mean, "Everyone knows that, that I can't heal the man. But now, his life cannot be hid."
L-14 Now, I want you to understand this, Christian friend. So I'll give you a little preview. How many here is to be prayed for, let's see your hands, wants to be prayed for? Now, anywhere in the building, just raise up your hand; I want to see your hand. Oh, my, it'd be almost hopelessly and... But I'll pray for you. But... See?
But I want you to notice this. How many has been in the meetings and has seen the way the Holy Spirit moves and works with the people? Let's see your hands? How He tells them what they done in their rooms. And they--they can't be healed; and they have to go and make these things right; and some things they've done in their life; and so forth. You've seen it in the meetings. It's... That's... It...
L-15 Now...?... People sometimes wonder. That's what makes them get a superstition of--about the ministry that the Lord has given. I just want to ask you one simple question, and then you--you--you be the judge yourself. Now, how many in this building believes that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever? All right. Thank you for your confidence in our Lord. Now, if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, we'll have to have some conception of what He is and His work is, in order to see Who He is. Is that right? We'll have to--have to know something the way He did. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-16 Now, let's trace back just a little bit through His life and see what He did. When He was on earth, the Bible said He made Hisself no reputation, yet He was the Creator. The man who made your false teeth, he got a reputation for doing that. But the Man Who made them first, had no reputation. The man who made an artificial arm, made hisself a reputation. But the Man Who made your real arm, made His--of Himself no reputation. Is that right? Now, He may... He was a humble Man. And here, He didn't claim to be anything of--within Himself. He gave all praise to the Father, God. Is that right?
L-17 Now, we notice when His ministry started... Now, I just want you to watch His ministry. When His ministry started, they begin to realize that there was something supernatural about the Man. The Pharisees, as Brother Baxter just got through saying, they could not figure it out. He knew the people; He knew their thoughts; He knew their hearts; He knew what was going on. And they said, "Well now, perhaps it's mental telepathy or psychology." And after while they seen the--the miracles and things that followed His ministry, psychology won't do, and mental telepathy won't produce. So then the only thing they could do, they couldn't figure it out so they branded it with their own brand, "It's the devil. He's the chief fortuneteller of the bunch; he's Beelzebub." And sent Him away. [Matthew 9:4], [Matthew 12:22-31], [Luke 5:22], [Luke 6:8], [Luke 11:17]
L-18 Now, notice. Now, there was a man name of Philip, who got saved, and he went to find his friend Nathanael. And he said, "Come, see Who I've found, Jesus of Nazareth, the One that Moses spoke of." Now, watch the--closely now.
And Nathanael, a good man, he said, "Could any good thing come out of Nazareth?"
He said, "Come, see."
And when he was coming, Jesus, standing in the prayer line, perhaps praying for the sick, or whatever He was doing, and when He seen Nathanael coming up, He said, "Behold, an Israelite in whom there is no guile."
And it astonished the Israelite. And he said, "Whence knowest Thou me, Rabbi (Reverend, Elder, Teacher, or whatever we could call)?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you." Is that right?
Now, Nathanael didn't try to say, "Now, He's reading my mind. He's doing..." He said, "He's the Son of God, the King of Israel." [John 1:43-51]
L-19 A woman, one time at the well... He said... He had need to go by Samaria. And when a woman, probably a prostitute... He came out to the wells about eleven o'clock when He sent the disciples away for bread. Now, watch this: He said to her, a... "Bring Me a drink," just to get a conversation.
She said, "Well, a... It's not customary for the Jews to ask Samaritans such; they have no dealings." And you know the story.
He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink and I'd give you water you didn't come here to drink."
She said, "The well is deep..." and so forth. He... What was He trying to do? He was hunting her spirit. And as soon as He got in that dimension of where her spirit was, He said, "Go get your husband," right straight to her trouble.
She said, "I have no husband."
He said, "You've said well; for you have five and the one you have now is not your husband."
She said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet." She runned into the city and told the people to, "Come see a Man Who told me all the things I ever did." [John 4:1-40]
L-20 Now, watch what kind of a Man we're talking about. Here He comes to the Pool of Bethesda where great multitudes... If I'm taught right, one multitude consists of over two thousand. And if there's multitudes, there's perhaps ten thousand people laying there. Now, watch it: St. John 5. Look at the condition of these people. They were lame, halt, blind, withered, twisted, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel came down into the pool at a certain season, and whosoever, stepping in first, was healed of whatsoever disease they had.
And here come Jesus now. Now watch this, the--love--lovely One... Do you believe He loved the people? You believe He was the Son of God? He was full of compassion? He loved the people with all of His heart? Sure He did. Now, here He come full of love. Suffering humanity, oh, how He loved them. Here He comes down to this pool where this great mass of people is. [John 5:1-19]
L-21 Now, He already took compassion upon the people, but He moved right down. And here stands an old dad, perhaps, standing there, twisted with arthritis, saying, "Somebody help me in the pool." And our lovely Jesus passes right by him.
Here stands a mother with a baby with a waterhead, perhaps: "Oh, somebody help me to get in the pool first with my darling baby." Jesus passes right by her.
Here is a man they had to carry; he was crippled and lame: "Somebody help me in the pool." He passed right by.
Here is a blind man: "Oh, have mercy on me; I've been blind for years. Somebody help me in the pool when the water's troubled."
Thousands of them, Jesus passed right by every one of them and went over to a man that had an infirmity for thirty and eight years: sugar diabetes, or TB, or something. The man could walk; he said, "When I'm coming down to the pool, another steps ahead of me." Is that true? Read St. John 5 and see if it isn't. That's right. Now, nobody doubts but what St. John 5 is inspired. You see? [John 5:1-19]
L-22 Now, He walked right by every one of those cripples, walked right along, and knew that the man had been in this condition thirty-eight years. And He said, "Would you be made whole?" And He healed the man that'd been laying there for--all this affliction, or--or this disease, and walked right away from that multitude, and left them poor old mothers, and daddies, and babies, and all of them laying there: lame, halt, blind, twisted, waiting for the moving of the water.
How could a loving Saviour... How could a Man with a heart full of compassion for the sick, how could the Son of God walk by such a massive mass of humanity, twisted, and lame... And we're even taught by historians that they stabbed one another trying to get in the pool first. How could a loving Saviour, full of love and compassion, walk by such a multitude and leave them lay there, and make one man whole that...? We'll just say for instance, he had sugar diabetes. How could He do that? [John 5:1-19]
L-23 The Jews was questioning Him a little later. Read down there on down. Read the chapter, and you'll find out when they were in question about Him on the Sabbath and so forth, listen, what He said: St. John 5:19 and 20: "Verily, verily I say unto you. The Son could do nothing in Himself but what He sees the Father doing. Whatsoever the Father doeth, He showeth the Son. And these things doeth the Son also. And He'll show you greater things than the healing of this diabetic, that you may marvel."
Jesus plainly stated that there wasn't one thing that He did without first He saw the Father doing it. Is that right? Then He took on Himself. You see? He give all credit to the Spirit: God. See? And that's the reason He passed by. Watch. He knew the man. [John 5:19-20]
L-24 Watch the resurrection of Lazarus. When He had set down... Mariam sent for Him to come pray for Lazarus, He went away. The Father had showed Him a vision what was going to happen. And then when He said, "Our friend Lazarus sleepeth," they said, "If he sleepeth, he doeth well"
He said "He's dead, and for your sake I'm glad I wasn't there. But I go wake him." Look at Him at the grave. "Father, I said not this because... Thou hearest Me always." He said, "But I said it because these who stand by." God had showed Him a vision what was going to happen.
According to the Bible and Jesus' own words, He did not do one thing without first the Father showing Him by a vision what to do. Is that right? How many believes that's true now? Read it, St. John 9--or St John 5:19 and 20; you'll see it. Jesus said, "I can do nothing within Myself, but what I see the Father doing, that I do also." Then if Jesus Christ... He said, "The things that I do shall you do also. A little while, the world seeth Me no more, yet you'll see Me (the Church, the believer), for I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world," making Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. [John 11:1-21], [John 5:19-20]
L-25 Then if His Spirit is with us tonight, and with the church in this day, that same Spirit that was upon Jesus Christ, will be doing the same thing today that it did yesterday, because it's Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that right? [Hebrews 13:8]
The world misunderstood it. The world called it psychology. The world called it the chief of devils. But the world will always call it that. But the church knowed Him to be the Son of God. You see what I mean? That's the reason that people misunderstand.
Theological teachings, and so forth, they get their books of rules, and get them out, and look them over, and say, "This is the way it's supposed to be: this and that." But it don't make any difference what man says; it's what God says about it. And then, if God confirms that to be the truth, then we believe God is truth. Is that right? The Lord bless you, Christian friends. [Hebrews 11:4]
L-26 I want to start and pray. The only way I know to do, is let Brother Baxter stand up here, or some other man, at this place, and just line them up as they possibly can come through the line, and I'll pray for as many people as I can. I love you.
There'll be people when if I--I come next June, that's setting right here, won't be here then. In a mass--a mass of people here... They said the hall seat about seventeen or eighteen hundred. There's probably two or three hundred standing; close to two thousand people then are in the meeting. In a group of people like this, some of you young people, perhaps, may be killed in accidents. Some of them may be stricken down and killed. The older people, many of them, they're days are about finished and they'll be gone. There's people here that I'll never see no more until I see you at the judgment seat of Christ. That's right. So when I stand there, as I did five years ago, standing here in Edmonton, I say again tonight, "I'm not ashamed of my testimony, because Jesus Christ has confirmed it around the world now." And they know it everywhere. That is true.
L-27 Now, that's because that the Angel of the Lord had His picture taken. How many seen that in there, the picture of it too? You mean there's no one here... Just about one man has ever seen that picture that was taken yonder in the United States and is setting in Washington, DC, tonight: the only Supernatural Being, they claim, was ever photographed in all the world. And they have a copyrighted up there. You never see it? Well, that was in a discussion at Houston, Texas, when it was taken. Now... To get back to June--in June...
L-28 Now, to you sick people... Buddy, my brother, he's sitting there dying with cancer. And many others are here in the building's suffering likewise: heart trouble and so forth. I ask you this tonight, as your brother who loves you, and realizing that my life may be taken way before any of you's; I don't know; only God knows. But here, if you will believe this... I say this with my Bible, and here's how--how much I believe. I believe this with all my heart, knowing that I'm talking to the purchase of the Blood of Christ. God sent me into the world to pray for the sick people. As He sent other men to preach the Gospel and so forth, I was sent to pray for sick people as the Angel of the LORD spoke it.
I don't have to... You don't have to question that no more. That's confirmed among--among as many as ten million people tonight. See? And that's the truth. Kings, potentates, monarchs, congressmen... How many heard the healing of Congressman Upshaw in the United States? Sixty-six years an invalid, made perfectly whole. I just stand there in the vision, and saw what taken place, and he was healed and made perfectly whole.
L-29 Now, if you'll believe tonight, I'll step down here and pray for you. And when you come through... It isn't my prayer, friends. That--that isn't it. See? What I'm trying to get you to do when you come through, is believe that Jesus healed you and has sent us to pray for you that you might get well.
And how many people are in this building tonight, that was healed in the meeting when I was here before, that's still healed tonight? Let's see your hands. How many in here was healed in the meetings? Looky here. Just look over in the building there: thirty, forty, fifty hands from that meeting, then there, that's been healed, that's five years ago.
L-30 Young man, in five years from tonight, wouldn't you like to be raising your hand, saying you was the one that was healed at that time? Look, I want to say something to you. There was some lepers set at the gate one time at Samaria, when it was besieged by the Syrians. They said, "Why do we set here till we die?" They were starving to death; they was eating one another's children in the--in the city. They said, "If we set here, we die, if we go in the city we die. So if the only hope that we have is go down to the Samaritans. If they save us, we live. But if they kill us, we die. Whatever, we're going to die anyhow. So let's take a chance on going down." You know the story. And they not alone saved theirselves, but God rewarded them with that faith until they saved the whole city of Samaria.
Now, you're setting in the same place that they set, many of you along here in this, cripples and afflictions laying on these cots and things here. See? You're in the same place. You're not expected to go to the camp of the enemy, but you're invited to the home of your Father tonight, to come and believe with a Christ, with a bloody atonement laying there before the Father tonight, to make good you're confession in Him. Jesus sets at the right hand of God to make intercessions upon your confession. You've got to accept it, believe it and confess it's so, to make it an act of faith. If you'll do that, if you'll...
The doctor's done all he can do. Everything else has done all they can do. You too, sister, and you too, young man, and you, you... All that could be done is already done. There's nothing can be done only--out in medical aid. Well, if they've done all they can do, then there's only one hope left for you, and that's in Jesus Christ. Take it. Believe it. Hold on to it: say, "God, if others can, I can too. And You're my God, the same as you were theirs." [II Kings 7:1-20], [Hebrews 3:1]
L-31 And my brother, you look like a healthy man tonight, and God my Judge of the people that I've seen our Father heal: so far beyond you, till you'd look like a--an athlete by the side of some of them that's been healed.
How many seen the picture of Florence Nightingale? It was yonder in London, England, when she only weighed about thirty-seven pounds. She couldn't even move her hand or nothing: cancer on the duodenum of her stomach. And while standing there praying for her, a little dove flew in, set down on the window and begin to go back and forth, a cooing. When I raised up, the--the ministers begin to say, "Did you see the dove?"
I said... I started to say, "I see the dove," and the Spirit of the Lord spoke and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, she'll live and not die." And she weighs a hundred and fifty-five pounds, in perfect health. See, see?
Now, the God that saved Florence Nightingale, the great-granddaughter of the late Florence Nightingale, the founder of the Red Cross, can save your life tonight, can save your life tonight, yours, yours, and many of the rest of you out through this building. Believe it, will you?
L-32 Ministers of God, as children of God, stand with me. This is a... I've just come in from a--being away, and I... It's... I just... There's so many here to be prayed for. Now, I want to pray for every one that I can. Brother Baxter, when I walk down through here to pray for the sick, will you have the people to line up. I believe they can come up this aisle, come this way and then have the upstairs... You can just arrange it.
[Brother Baxter speaks (while Brother Branham is yet speaking), making an announcement about the moving of cars and exhorts the people concerning Divine healing and assembles the line--Ed.]...?... prayer, Brother Baxter, while...?... going to have prayer while they...?...
L-33 While Brother Baxter is forming this line, or they're forming the line, dear Christian friends, now I trust that your faith, it goes up now to God, that many things may be did here tonight. And don't just come for that purpose, but come believing now. Whatever it tells you to do, you do it. And if it speaks, no matter what it is, you go ahead and do just what it said. Now, I'll be responsible for the outcome of it. I'm just going to start praying for the sick. Get ready and then... [Brother Baxter speaks--Ed.] What time is the closing time down here now? About ten o'clock? Yes, now... [Brother Baxter speaks while Brother Branham speaks in the background--Ed.] Now...?... many problems did you...?...
L-34 Our heavenly Father, thinking just now of a lovely One coming down from the mountain... A father brought a boy, said, "Lord, he's variously vexed with a devil. He falls in the fire and in the water." Realizing today that they--we would call it epilepsy. Nothing seemed to be able to do him any good. Jesus said, "Do you believe?" "Well, I can..." "If you believe for all things are possible to them that believe." [Matthew 17:9-21]
As this music is now sweeping out, and here's the people, I'm thinking of our good friend, Paul Rader, the writer. "All things are possible to them that believe." Now, here is people that's dying, Lord. Realizing that before God, we have to answer for our deeds that's done in this body...
In this hurry-up, rush time, the hour's getting late. Many, as we pass through in the--the line, may they be healed, Lord, every one. Grant just now, that the Angel of God, may come near. And may He bless every one that's been prayed for and will be prayed for. For He said, "Whatever you bind on earth, I'll bind in heaven. What you loose on earth, I'll loose in heaven." Grant, Lord, that those things might be said and done tonight, and there might be a great results from this meeting here. And we'll leave it to You, Father.
And seemingly there's a lovely spirit among the people, ready for a revival; then, Lord, grant this as a "go-light" for us, as it was. We'll return back then, if it's Your will, for a great revival where we can take time one by one, pray for many hundreds and thousands of people that's in need here in Western Canada.
Just now, may the Holy Spirit come near and respect the prayer of Your servant, for we ask it, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-35 [The tape quality is poor and Brother Baxter speaks while Brother Branham is heard faintly in the background--Ed.] That's the man...?... just keep...?... and also it's...?... for it's just that time of life...?... Your just... Here not long ago...?... I pray now that You'll heal him...?... [Brother Baxter speaks and leads in the singing of "Only Believe"--Ed.]... for You're the same...?... you believe...?... coming...?... to let me see what you...?... I don't know why, brother...?... what you're..?... He'll have to...?... told you, and if God's here to make him well. God, Who can foretell or know his life which was, surely can tell him what will be hereafter.
Almighty God, Author of Life, send Thy blessings upon this man, who I bless in Thy Name. And may this sickness of his body tonight be taken from him and may he go and be a well man from this hour on. May he be able to eat, and to live without fear, and--and be a man like he used to be, Father, and be healed and well in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, I ask this blessing. Amen.
L-36 Now, just a moment, my brother. I just want to speak to you just a moment. Now, you just look right at me. Now, when you come here a few moments ago, I never seen you in my life, know nothing about you. You know that is true, isn't it? I never seen you. But here the Holy Spirit's tells you what's wrong, what you've done, and how it all acted. Is that right? If that's right, raise up your hand, so that the people... Now, without knowing you or anything... Now, you believe me to be His prophet tonight? If you believe that's the Spirit of Jesus Christ, Who knowed where--what the woman had done at the well; He knowed what--where a man was under the tree praying; when He just told you just now what you done a few days ago at your room. Isn't that right? Told you just what you were doing and everything. [The man says, "That's it. That's right."--Ed.] All right. Now, if that be so, then if I be God's servant, I know what will be. Is that right? Now, you go home. You just eat what you want to. God has healed you, and you're going to be a well man and every ailment that's been named in your body is going to be well. Now, do you believe that? Now the God that could show what was, certainly knows what will be. Is that right? Now you're healed. The Lord bless you. Go home and be well now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-37 Let's just say, "Thanks be to God," every one, if you will. See? The Lord Jesus is here to make well and to heal.
Now, you see, the man... The man, I knew not, but the Holy Spirit comes here and tells him what's his trouble; what's he been doing; what he was doing day before yesterday at a certain place at a certain time; revealed all those things to him. Tell him what it was as you picked it up right here at the microphone, goes along now... I had prayer for him.
Now, it was just like looking, to me, as I might explain it. It's like looking on at something. The man faded away and got real little, and seen him as a little boy, and just watch down along like that through life. And then it moved away. When I had prayer, I didn't know what would happen. I just asked our heavenly Father. He told him about his conditions: he's got a prostate trouble that's caused him to have a nervous disorder, and he--also it causes him to get up at night, told about going into the bath... []...?... You who live in his neighborhood, see if that isn't right now. See if that isn't...
L-38 Now, He's here. Now, Christians, there isn't a person in the building but what that would happen to. But if we take each patient like that, you know how long we'd be here? About three weeks to get through them people that's here to be prayed for through. Now, how many believe with all of your heart? Say, "I believe, Brother Branham, you've told the truth and God's confirmed it." You believe it then? All right.
Now, I wonder if you Christians would join with me in prayer while this whole entire audience joins in prayer while I pray. And some of the minister's here, that's along the line, also lay your hands on the sick." The Bible said, 'These signs shall follow them that believe." See? "In my Name they shall cast out de--" and so forth. If the Holy Spirit should stop on something another, I'd be glad to do it. But I won't be able to get the people prayed for unless I start praying for them. And 'course it catch the person's eyes, it starts right into discernment, of course, immediately as soon as a person comes up.
And now, I want you to pray with me. And how many up there will pledge that you'll pray, all over the building, while we're praying and singing, "Only Believe." Will you pray? You raise your hand.
L-39 And if you people along the line believe if we'll just ask God, God will do it, do you believe it? Raise up your hands if you do. All right. When you... Now, bow their head while we have prayer. All right now. [Brother Baxter speaks--Ed.]...?... Heavenly Father...?... [Brother Baxter speaks for five minutes and leads in singing "I Need Thee Every Hour"--Ed.]...?... a woman who's suffering here from this blindness, may Thy Spirit come upon her tonight and heal her, Father, I pray through the Name of Thy Son, Jesus. Amen...?...
Have faith sister. I pray, Father, that You'll heal her. She has a...?... may she go and be well through Jesus Christ's Name.
Lord God, I pray in the Name of the Lord Jesus, that You'll heal our sister. May she go tonight and be made whole through Jesus Christ's Name. Don't doubt, but believe.
God, be merciful to our brother, I ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that You heal him and make him well. Grant it, Father, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you. [Brother Baxter speaks--Ed.]
God bless you now. Go serve the Lord with all of your heart.
Lord Jesus, I pray for this woman that You'll heal her. Grant that Your blessings come upon her and she'll be made well, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Look, lady, don't fear no more; go believing now.
In the Name of the Lord... [Brother Baxter speaks--Ed.]
L-40 I just want to say, there's so many people passing through here that's suffering with mental oppression, demon manifestation, but oppression: Satan. I seen a vision break before me of a young lady. She went back there, and set down a few minutes ago, that thinks that she's crossed the separating line. Don't let Satan tell you that. As long as you love God, God still loves you. It has to be a creator to create that creation in your heart to make you love God. Don't believe that. See? Go believing with all your heart that Christ loves you.
Suffer the same thing. Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll make her well. May she go tonight, healed, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Now, just go thanking God and you'll get well, sister.
Father, I pray that You'll heal our sister and make her well as I lay hands on her, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Dear Lord, I pray for our sister, that You heal and make her well, in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus. Amen. God bless you, sister.
Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, send Thy blessings upon our sister and heal her in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, sister. The Bible said, "These signs shall follow them that believe."
Think now that you'll get all right? All right, you're sure. Lord, I pray that You'll heal our sister. May she go from here tonight and be made well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, sister.
L-41 [Brother Baxter speaks--Ed.] Heal our brother...?... Lord...?... pray that You'll... God, I pray that You'll heal our brother from this. I ask it in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, brother.
I pray, Father, that You'll heal our brother...?... tonight, in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, I ask this blessing...?...
Lord, I pray that You'll heal our sister and make her well through Jesus Christ's Name, I pray. Amen.
God, I pray that You'll heal our brother and make him well...?... Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen. God bless you, brother. Something's happened to you. Your deafness has left you, sir. Can you hear me all right? You're perfectly normal and you're healed...?... That's right.
Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll bless our brother and make him well, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, brother.
L-42 God, I pray that You'll bless this brother, as I bless him in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ that he shall receive his healing. Amen.
Lord God, I pray that You'll bless our brother and heal him in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
God, I bless my sister in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. I ask for her healing. God bless you...?...
Father, bless our sister who I bless in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I pray that You'll bless our brother, Lord, crippled up here, walking with a cane, may he be healed tonight. Make him a blessing, Lord, and a testimony, as I ask that he might believe, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. You believe, my brother? Put your crutch on your back and go on your road.
L-43 Lord, I pray that You'll heal our sister and make her well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
Heal our brother in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ...?... may he be well. Grant it, Lord. You are healed, brother...?... Go now...?...
God, I pray for our brother, that You'll heal him and make him well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that You'll grant this to him Lord. For Your glory, Father, I ask it.
God, I pray that You'll heal our sister and make her well, through Jesus Christ's Name.
God, I ask for the healing of our sister here, that she'll be made well through Jesus Christ's Name. I pray.
Ma'am? Yes...?...That's what...?... to me. God can heal...?... Do you believe He could...?... If God, by His grace will tell me what you've done, what your life is, would you believe then? If He--if He told you what you had been doing, and--and what your conditions are, and the way you've been acting and what you've been doing, you'll certainly know the truth. Is that right? You didn't know your condition was tuberculosis. You're healed now...?... You ask the men..?... 'course it's gone from me. If He knows what was causing that...?... But that, that doesn't make you have tubercular...?... You go on in your...?... [Brother Baxter speaks--Ed.]
L-44 God, I pray that You'll heal our sister; may she go and be made well, through Jesus' Name.
God, I pray for our sister, that You'll heal her through Jesus Christ's Name.
God, I bless our sister, who...?... in Jesus Christ's Name.
Now look, well come sincere...?... and believing now while we are ...?... In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I claim her healing...?...
God, be merciful to our brother...?... through Jesus Christ...?...[Brother Baxter speaks while Brother Branham continues to pray--Ed.]
L-45 [Brother Baxter speaks and leads the songs "The Great Physician" and "Let the Breath of God Breathe On Me" for several minutes while Brother Branham continues to pray for those in the line.]
You think that I'm just asking His blessings on the people, they been healed. See? You might not see. Healing doesn't consist of excitement; healing consists of power. See? I've seen many who... It's not--it's not emotion. Healing... You just stomp, and scream, and cry at the demons; they won't move. But faith they recognize. See? That's just what takes place. You see? Watch the people; you'll see what I mean.
L-46 Here recently I was in a line, just letting them come through... Just while I'm resting a moment... Two of them was prayed for. One of them had a growth on her neck, and one of them had a stomach trouble. It was in a different type of praying when it come to me to tell them about what their conditions was. Once in a while you hear the Holy Spirit stop the people and tell them what they got, but I'm trying to get everyone prayed for while I'm here tonight. And this lady, she was--she was told to go home. She's going to get well: with a big growth on her neck. And other one was told... Brother Baxter knows of it.
And she had a stomach trouble: told her she's going to get well: "Go home and eat what she wanted." Well, that she tried to do. And for about six weeks, it was horrible. [] Everything she'd eat, she'd vomit right up. And one morning, she was standing, washing the dishes. And she said just felt like something went over her: cool. She didn't know what had happened. In a few moments she felt like crying, so she started weeping. Then she said--got real hungry. And she tried to eat a little piece of toast. And usually she'd just vomit it up; and it--it--it didn't come up. Then she ate some oats that was there at the table. And they were all right. And she drank a cup of coffee; it was all right. Then she set down just eat a good hearty breakfast; it was all right.
She was so happy, she ran down to tell her neighbor woman, the one that had the lump on her throat, what had just happened. And her neighbor woman was just screaming to the top of her voice; the lump had just went off of her throat. And now, that was weeks later.
L-47 What had happened? Please believe me. See? If I can get our sister here... Here--here's why. Do you remember when Daniel the prophet...There was an angel who followed him. How many knows that's the truth? The angel of God. And Daniel prayed one time, I believe it was about twenty-one days 'fore the angel could... Is that right...?... Is that right? But he believed.
Now, what had happened, a blessing had been pronounced upon those people. And when... Now, that blessing... If I'm telling the truth... If I'm telling the truth... Which I don't think you have room to doubt; God is testifying it's true. Just the same as you'd walk to a minister and be baptized down in the pool, your baptism was essential. You'd believe that you were baptized, wouldn't you, in Christian baptism? It wasn't a minister, but he was ordained to do so. See? But that's just what I was sent to pray for the sick. If you'll just believe, you watch what happens. It'll take place. It's got to. I'd be...

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