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The Second Miracle
51-0729E, The Second Miracle, National Guard Armory, Erie, PA, 111 min

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L-1 Thank you very much. Good evening, friends. I'm happy to be back here again tonight. Just sorry it is the last night of this series of meetings. I don't know whether it'll be my last night in the area or not, because I may be back again if you all will let me, and the Lord will permit it, and I get to come back again. [Audience applauds.--Ed.] Thank you. Thank you so much. Makes me feel double welcome. And if the Lord will grant, the next time it maybe not be just a few nights like this. It's just such a shame looks like. Now, we're just now getting into a place that where the people are just beginning to get healed (You see?), just moving up.
The ushers was just telling me about last night; my strength give away. I'm sorry that I just can't stay no longer than what I do, because my strength is just about gone. Oh, my, if you only knew how weak I was. Sometimes I try to put a--throw my shoulders back when... Oh, my, if you just knowed what was behind that. But I'm trying my very best to do all that I can. I'm really weak tonight.
L-2 Last night I was trying to say about the lady was setting right here, that was in the wheelchair. I seen her going walking. And I was trying to tell her, and I just couldn't get my breath out enough to get it. And then when I got outside, the ushers, I said, "Go back and tell the lady, them braces, to walk, that Christ has healed her." They told me a few minutes ago she just took off her braces and was walking and was well. So that was fine.
And this afternoon, the lady that was here, and the Spirit of the Lord fell and pointed to her; the first time she'd walked in I don't know how long, setting in a wheelchair. Now she's walking. How the Lord has granted these things. And great testimonies going out...
L-3 I met a lady tonight while we were having our dinner in a place, that was in the meeting in Windsor, Ontario. I think she was going to speak, did she tonight? A lady that was just... Cancer had eat her completely up in here, and the doctors just give her a short time. And how that the Lord moved down and told her, "You're going to live." See? No matter what the, what others think, said, "That's first."
Now, what if she hadn't have believed that? And when she got... Went off in a few days, got a little worse than what she was; she thought, "Well, that man just told me something that was wrong." Well then, she'd have went on and died. But she believed what was said was the truth, and God rewarded it.
L-4 As I told you before, many times, time and sight is the worse enemies that God has, time and sight. You look, and neither one of them declares anything about God. You want it done spontaneously, when God takes His time about things. And let's just believe whatever's said.
I don't know; it was a few weeks ago that some of the most remarkable testimonies came in. And I wondered about that meeting, why there wasn't so--too many just spontaneous healings taking place. Well, I didn't know. And come to find out that... And while I was here a lady just called me while I was here and telling me. It was several days after the meeting that a--a lady had a stomach trouble, and it was so bad she could hardly, just couldn't eat nothing but just drink barley water and so forth, very serious ulcers. And said that, I told her she was going to be well.
L-5 And she said, "Brother, it went on for weeks, three or four weeks, and still nothing had happened." And she just kept believing; she wouldn't give up. And one morning she tried to eat some toast. And oh, said, "How her stomach burned her, till she could hardly stand it." And said, "She was crying at the window washing the dishes, crying." And said, "While she was crying, a real cool feeling come over her." Said, she said, "Well, something... And she tried to wash dishes; she got so nervous, and she turned around," and said, "her stomach was just as cool." And she eat some oats some of them had left there. And it didn't bother her. She drank a cup of coffee, which she hadn't been able to do for a long time. Didn't bother her. And she was so happy she run down the street a ways to her neighbor, to tell her neighbor about it had been to the meeting. And the neighbor had also been pronounced, was going to be healed. She was going to tell her neighbor not to be discouraged, 'cause it had to happen. The neighbor had a big growth on her neck.
And she found her neighbor down in the floor screaming to the top of her voice. The growth had just left her neck a few minutes before that. And you know what it was? It--it was the Angel of the Lord passing through that neighborhood of those things that'd--He had pronounced. If He pronounces it, it's His obligation, not mine or yours. See? It's your obligation to keep on believing. It's my obligation to stay here and work for Him. It's your obligation to believe what He tells you, and God will bring it to pass.
L-6 Now, they can't always answer spontaneously. When Paul was out on the ocean that night, and fourteen days and nights without moon or stars, why, all hopes was gone. Is that right? No hopes at all, on those seaman, oh, men with barnacles on them almost, they'd been in the sea so long. And they said, "All hopes is gone if they should ever live."
And Paul was down in the gallery, and the Angel of the Lord came to him. He run up on top the deck and said, "Be of a good courage; be of a good courage; for the Angel of God Whose servant I am, stood by me and told me last night." See, that, "Paul you're going to appear before the emperor and so forth; and God's give them all that sail with you." And he said, "Be of a good courage, for I believe God, that it shall be just as it was shown me."
And they taken and eaten--eating, was encouraged because they believed. Paul believed that what God told him was the truth. Now, it was several days before they was ever shipwrecked or got on the island. But God brought it to pass, because they believed it. Don't you fear. [Acts 27:21-44]
L-7 Now, I want you to listen to me. The last two nights, I'll say this: I believe if I... May God help me not--not to exaggerate, but just be honest as I believe from my heart. From the pull of the strength that's taking from me in this meeting, there's at least two hundred people setting here right now that's already healed. You just don't recognize it; you just don't recognize it. There's people here that I know that's healed. Just who, sometime it's such a conglomeration there, I can't tell where it's at. But it's just...
You just imagine; you take five hundred stations pulling into one radio at one time. See? It's hard. And I just raise up my hands sometimes and thank God and go [] It--it's true it's... Do you believe it? God has spoken that I tell you the truth, and it is so.
L-8 And you'll see many of these crippled people that's now--that's here now that's really crippled, they're going get well, just as certain as anything. They're going to get well. And they're--they're going to be, get all right, many of them. There's some of them, I see them. There's some of the people here with heart trouble, that's going to be all right. Some here with cancer, they're going to be all right. And there's been people that's passed across the platform here, that isn't going to be all right. And that's right. Unless God changes things some way. For I seen them come here and seen the very death rate rip itself, hang over them. And I--I know that they can't go long--long, unless God has something to do into it.
But now, their prayer can change that. I never say nothing. A lady passed by the other night. That lady, I knew I was real weak, and when she came by, when she looked up, I said, "Do you believe?"
The woman said, "Yes."
I just had a little more strength; I would've have told her, "You just think you do."
Faith is something that you; it's absolutely; it's not just what you imagine; it's--it's a--it's a reality. Many people... I say this with humble humility, because I--I may never be--see you all again from tonight. There probably is people here I'll never see again in my life. But I say that eighty percent of the people that comes to the platform, doesn't know what faith is. They have a hope, but not faith. But "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." [Hebrews 11:1]
L-9 Look here, young man, you stand there. Usher, I want you to come here just a minute. And just stand here just one... Not to make you a public show to the people; I just want for an illustration. Now, walk just a little closer. How many--how many people in here know how many senses that govern the human body, control the human body, let's see your hands? How many is there? [The congregation replies, "Five."--Ed.]
See if I name them correctly: see, taste, feel, smell, hear. Is that right? Now, that's what control the natural man. Now, I'm going to look this way. Now, standing before me is a young man. He has brown hair. He has a blue coat on, a white shirt with a blue and white striped tie. I want you to turn this way, young man. How many believes that that's the truth? How do you know it's the truth? You have a sense you possess...
L-10 Now, there's man--people setting here who are blind that cannot see that; they don't know it. See, they have to take my word for that, and your word. But the man is standing there. But we're blessed tonight, we who can see, by the mercies of God, that that's the truth. Now, sense of sight declares it.
Now, how many's heard this expression, that "Seeing is believing." All right. That man is still standing there, and I do not see him. Is seeing believing? No, sir. You want to argue with me he's not there? Well now, you can't do that. He's standing there. And I know he's there. "Well," you say, "no, he left, Brother Branham."
No, he didn't; no, sir, he's there. You try to argue me out of it now. You can't do it. And I do not see him; it's impossible for me to see him now. Is that right? But I know he's there. How do you think I know he's there? [Audience answers, "You feel him."--Ed.]
That's right, then seeing's not believing, is it? Feeling's believing in this. Now, that's the sense of feeling, that he's standing there. Now watch, now I cannot feel him at all. That sense doesn't work at all; I can't feel a thing. But I know he's there. Why? I see him. So there's two separate senses altogether. Is that right?
L-11 For instance, the music would go to playing. Could you see it? I thought seeing was believing. Seeing is not believing. All right, could you feel it? Could you taste it? Could you smell it? How do you know it was playing? [Audience answers, "You hear it."--Ed.] That's correct. Then seeing is not believing.
Now, if this young man, standing there now; I see him and I know he's there by the sense of sight. I can't feel him, no other way I can contact him. Now, I know he's there, because the sense of feeling says he's there. And that's a reality.
Now, everyone that has those same senses would know the same thing. Thank you, young brother. Now, what is faith? Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you do not see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. But it's just as real as what the sense of feeling or seeing is. You know what I mean?
You... How many here with good sight says I got on a white shirt? How many believes that? You believe that's a white shirt? What if I told you it was red. Would you believe it? No, sir, you'd say that shirt was white. [Hebrews 11:1]
L-12 Now, how many believes in Divine healing? How many believes that Christ healed you back there nineteen hundred years ago when He died for you? If you believe that, if your faith declares that, that you're healed right now, just as much as the sense of sight says that that's white; it's over. There it is. See? It's a reality. It's not just a myth; it's not something imagined; it's--it's actually, you know it. There's no--no doubt nowhere; it's just all wiped out; it's gone; you know it.
Now, like the young man sitting here in the chair. Young man, if you believe that your affliction's going to leave you now, and believe that Christ is going to make you well, your faith is strong enough to do it just as your sight says that's white, it's over, brother, you have to get well. That's right. Just the same as these other cripples that's been setting here. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-13 Now, most the time, when people are crippled... I--I very seldom call a cripple until I see them healed. Because the people... In the meetings there's always critics, and they look at the cripple and say, "Well, anybody with some sense knows that person's crippled, why tell them that?" I usually try to get the people that doesn't look like got anything wrong with them (See?), or something like that. And sometimes I'll start down a row, and just keep going down a row, till I find a sinner somewhere, like that. Where they're Christian, Christian, Christian, when I contact somebody that's a sinner, or something in their life, It'll call it out. Is that true? Has that been true? All right (See?), It'll call that out. Sometime I'll just go down a row, till I find it, maybe start down a row and can't find one, or start somewhere else and see if I can find a sinner somewhere, to where It'll call that person out. I don't know who they are in that mass, but I've got to contact each individual like that. Now, that doesn't heal them, but sometimes that builds the faith to where they can be healed.
L-14 Now, God has been good to you; God is with you. And I want you to believe Him with all your heart. And now remember, many of you are going to be well. Many of you are going to get well; that's the truth. And now, I want... Brother Baxter said just a few moments ago, speaking to me, said, "Brother Branham, we got all of our debts paid up, and they taken up a love offering for you. Now, that makes me feel little too. You see? I--I didn't necessary want you to do that. But being that I'm going overseas, have to leave the family for awhile, and when I come back I won't have any... I was going to get me my job back till the Lord told me what to do, as a patrolman, back on walking high-lines for the public service company, till the Lord spoke to me and told me what to do. And Brother Baxter said, "Brother Branham, that'd be a stumbling block to the people."
And I--I want to get alone, what I want to do is to myself, and pray. Because I believe this now is, God by His grace, has let me spearhead a revival that's swept the world in the beginning. See? Now, I believe there's something coming that's going to be a double portion to the church. And I feel that down in my heart.
L-15 Now, back yonder the last sermon I preached in my Tabernacle was on David and Goliath. And I said, here, even my own Baptist bishop stood there and said, "What'd you eat that night?" Said, "You had a nightmare."
I said, "No, sir, and I don't appreciate that. I said, "No. It was the truth, to me it was real."
And he said, "You with your grammar school education is going to pray for kings, and great men, and--and statesmen and so forth, are going to be healed?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "Well, how do you get that?" Said, "You'd better go back over at your Tabernacle and forget about it."
I said, "How can I forget about it, when it's wrote indelible by the Blood of Christ across my heart." I said, "You'll--you'll see."
And he said, "I'll be listening."
And you seen the "Voice of Healing" here recently what he apologized. And he's praying for the sick himself now. So that... He said, "If I'd hadn't been so backslidden, I'd have listened to the boy and paid attention to what he said about visions." You read what the Doctor Davis said.
L-16 All right, but that... See, when God speaks anything, though it linger, it's got to come to pass. Now, I believe that God was going to do it, and there was that great modernistic day of scientist and everything standing out there and saying, "Days of miracles are past," and so forth. But God said, "Go." [Habakkuk 2:3]
Now, I... Like David of old, he couldn't slay all the Philistines, but if he could only kill that boaster out there, Goliath. And so, when Goliath was slain, all Israel took courage and away they went. And they beat the Philistines plumb back into their gates.
Well now, that's the way it's been now. Ministers has seen the vision. And Divine healing now, even the--the Presbyterian church in New York, and all them's, practicing Divine healing, having healing services on Wednesday night. Colleges are adopting it, throughout the world. In Korea they had a Divine healing service here not long ago in Korea and thousands got healed. Down in Japan, everywhere, from Australia, and around the world comes the news, great things going through; the books went forth, ministers read, taking courage and went out. And Divine healing has swept the world. Thank God.
L-17 "And when the enemy comes in like a flood," He said, "I'll raise up a standard against it." And I believe the enemy's a dashing, and God's here to raise up the standard. That's why I go back home, to find out. Now, Lord, I done the best I could, now what do You want me to do next? And you pray for me, will you? And I--I'll always remember you. And thank you much. And I'll assure you friends, that the money that you gave tonight, a portion of your living... I'm sorry that we even have to do that. I never took up an offering in my life. [Isaiah 59:19]
My wife's setting down there, she'll probably laugh when I say this. And I remember one time... I wonder, if there's an old minister here, has been around here for two or three days. And I remember, I said to wife, I said, I come in. We had a debt we just couldn't meet hardly, and I said, "Honey, I'm going to take up an offering tonight."
She said, "I'm going over to watch you."
So she got a chair and set down in it; there she was a watching me. And I said, "Uh, friends, I'm going to (ahem... um) I'm just in a little tight place," I said, "(Ahem), I'm going to..." Ha. Now, not that they wouldn't do it; they'd do anything for me.
L-18 But I'd been pastoring for twelve years, never received one penny of salary in my life. See? And I--I--I worked for a living. I was young and able, why not work. I was put here to do something, so I'd preach the Gospel in the--the night and work in daytime. I've went a many time right through with my old ragged patrol clothes on, come to a farmers house and talk to him about the Lord; they'd say, "Yes, I believe," and repent. I'd get my clothes, go right down to the river, the creek and baptize them all in the Christian faith, walk on out start on down the line, walking again.
Met a hobo on the railroad track one day and led him to Christ. Walking about a half mile to an old pond, throwed back the scum, back like that, just had to hold him down a long time to get all of his clothes wet. Brought him back up. Yes, sir, that's right. He went on the road rejoicing. Down... He wet and me too. We... And he turned one way and me the other; shook one another's hand and hugged each other, wet clothes on, going back to our work.
Why, the Lord's real, He don't have to be all dressed up to do anything. The inside's where it has to be dressed to do anything.
L-19 Then, I remember that night, we couldn't hardly make the ends meet. So I--we went over to take up an offering. And I said, "Friends, I--I--I hate to ask you," but I said, "if you got a nickel or dime," I said, "I got a little debt, and I just can't meet it, and they're pushing me," I said, "want to take up a little offering. And--and," I said, "Brother Wiseheart," bless his soul, he's in glory today, an elderly man. I said, "Go get my hat."
And he went over to get my hat. And everybody... Poor little old woman setting down there, Mrs. Webber, she went down under that little checkered apron, you know how the women used to have that pocket on the inside of the apron, pulled out that little old long pocketbook, them little snaps over the top of it. It was during the time of the depression when things was really hard. She begin to pull out those nickels, every time I see her reach in there I just feel my heart go out like that. I couldn't take that poor thing's money. I looked at her; I said, "Oh, I was just kidding you all to see what you'd do." I said, "I didn't mean that." My wife looked at me. Ha.
L-20 An old minister has been hanging around here on the street; I met him the other day up here on the street, jumping just as high as he could singing, "Old Time Religion." Name's John Ryan. Got long hair and beard; he's been around here for a few days. He--he was--rode an old bicycle down there. And he give me that bicycle. And I painted that old bicycle, and sold it for five dollars and paid off the debt. I didn't need to take up the offering, and we made the ends meet. So that was very fine. God knows all about things, doesn't He? But if I have to stand tonight before the judgment, that's one thing...
There's three things that I've watched in my life, in the reading of other ministers, when God blesses a minister just a little bit on the... Now, we're all friends, aren't we? When He blesses him just a little bit above maybe someone else, or--or give him an opportunity to do a little more work for Him or something, the first thing that Satan goes to working with that minister is three things, major things. The first thing is money, women, popularity. He will work on him with money, or if he can get him to... Like his first bait, that's like in the garden of Eden. Well, or if he can get him to thinking he's something when he ain't nothing, he's got him right then.
L-21 Well friends, before God, I honestly before God; I've shunned money. A man where his wife was healed like that, little, I believe she was a little German woman that testified here awhile ago with her breast eat off with cancer. That same thing happened in California with a man that owned Mission Bell Winery, portion. And when I baptized that group, when we standing there, and I holding on for about a day there with that cancer. The Doctor Palvetus said, "Reverend, that woman is dying."
I said, "Sir, would you walk out of the room just a little while?"
And I got him out of the room. There the loved ones standing; I kept praying; that cancer beat back against me, beat back again. And I kept on till I--I didn't eat. They wanted me to come to dinner; I wouldn't eat. And I just stayed there, that lovely big home. And after while I called that cancer; I said, "In the Name of Jesus Christ come out from the woman."
And that curtain, I hope this don't stumble you, but that curtain hanging at the bottom, while I was standing there before about two dozen people, it begin to wind up, wound plumb up against the stick like that and went "Frwit," [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.] dropped down and that women come to her feet; the cancer was gone.
Three days from then she was doing her shopping downtown. I baptized them in an irrigation ditch out there. And that man sold out his part and sent a check to me for over a million dollars. That's right. And I refused. The people brought it out; I said, "Don't--don't bring that to me; don't bring that to me."
L-22 In Texas and Dallas there, a rich oil man flew his--his mother in there; she was in a wheelchair. She'd been there two or three days now, I was preaching. I said, "I see an elderly woman coming in a wheelchair, gray headed, shaky." I said, "I see her rise up and go." I said, "Where is she?" Here she set out there; I said, "Woman, Jesus Christ has healed you, come to your feet."
And away she went running down through the building. Been setting there about eight years. He couldn't get to me. And the next night he got a prayer card, acting like he was sick and come into the line. As soon as he come there he said, "Brother Branham, I just wanted to get near you, put my arms around you."
And I said, "What's the matter, sir?"
He said, "Here's a check, a little check I want to give you."
I looked on there, twenty-eight thousand dollars; I said, "Oh, no, no."
He said, "Here," said, "not for saying the prayer for my mother; that isn't it," said, "I'm--I'm worth it." I see... said...
I said... Took that check and tore it up, I said, "No, sir, brother, no, sir. I--God never sent me to take money; He sent me to preach the Gospel."
I've got a little old fat wife back there, is the sweetest woman in the world. That's all. I love her with all my heart. There's no one else in the world but her to me. I love her with all that was in me can love a woman. Is my wife, the mother of my children back there. If I have to leave her ten years, I'd still love her just the way I did the day I married her.
L-23 And then, friends, popularity. I know that this is nothing but a sinner saved by grace. And God can withdraw His mercy from me any time He desires. And I realize I'm six foot of dirt, going back there someday, and that's all I am. And that's... I shun human homage, to try to keep away from people sometime, when they get to say, "Brother Branham, this and all that..." I try to keep away from it. And you pray that I can always keep that in my heart, that God would be able to use me to help bring His Gospel to others. God be with you and bless you.
L-24 Quickly now, for one little finish of testimony, and then I must go. First I want you to promise me you pray for me while I'm gone. And when I return, I'll be praying. And I hope and trust to God, that some glorious day I'll be able to return back to Erie then, and have a glorious meeting. If many of you cross the divide before that time, and you get over on the other side, remember me to my friends over there, and tell them that I'm trying my best. When you run into my loved ones, and my baby, and my daddy, and them over there, tell them I'm doing the best that I can, all that I know how to do to glorify Jesus Christ, working day and night for His glory. And someday I'm expecting to come home. And may God bless you all, give you good health and strength till we meet again is my prayer.
Now, for a testimony. I was so highly elated today to meet a little friend from Finland, a minister that was in the meetings with me. And me telling about the resurrection of that little dead boy last night, you remember that? And the little girl? Why, the man knows them. And I met him today, was right with me in Finland. I shall finish the testimony, then I want the man to come for verification of what I said. That's a way across the seas, thousands and thousands.
L-25 But just before that I remember something. Brother Baxter said there's a box full of letters setting here, handkerchiefs. Now, I--I'd rather that they wouldn't be this a way. I'd rather you'd write personally to me and let me be able to take each handkerchief and pray over it. Now, this is all right; I can pray over them in a mass form; but I'd rather pray individually over each han... How many believes in that? That's the Bible.
Now, just write me, Jeffersonville, Indiana. And any time that I can do anything for you, I'll be happy to do it.
And we send out thousands, my secretary's wife setting here somewhere, who helps in the mail, Mrs. Cox. And they bring to me hundreds of yards of ribbon. And I take that ribbon and pray over it. Now, truly, the secretary and them, they make up sometimes the form and so forth, to send out. But every handkerchief and piece of ribbon that you get, I prayed over it. See? That's right. I know if it was my child was sick, or my mother, or whoever it was, I--I'd want--I'd want it done the way the Bible said do it.
L-26 Now, many of you anoint them, the handkerchiefs. That's all right; anything God will bless I'm for it. But if you'll bear record with me, Acts 19, Paul didn't anoint the handkerchiefs, he taken from his body handkerchiefs or aprons. You see? And then we send them out and you're welcome to them. If you don't have no need for one, send, get it and keep it on the Bible, Acts 19. If a child takes a croup or something like that, or something happens, lay that ribbon upon them and find out what happens. Be sincere. It's a token of faith.
But now, being these handkerchiefs are here I want to offer prayer for them, if we'll bow our heads just a moment. [Acts 19:12]
L-27 Dear heavenly Father, here's several hundred letters laying here, great box, and many of them are going out to the needy and dying. We've assembled here in the Name of Thy Child, Jesus. And we know that You're with us. And You promised us, that whatever we asked, we should receive. Now, I haven't had the opportunity to read them, but You seen the people when they wrote those letters. You seen every handkerchief that was placed in there. And I ask You, dear God, as soon as they return to their proper place, may demons come out, may sickness leave. Maybe way back in some little dark room sets an old mother and dad, very sick; they're waiting for one of these handkerchiefs to return. Maybe a little baby laying with fever, just about to pass over the other side; they're waiting for the handkerchief to return. Oh, God be merciful.
And it's written one time, that when You brought Israel out of Egypt and they come right up against a mountain, the Red Sea had them bound, they could not go over. It's said by one of the writers that God looked down through that Pillar of Fire, looked at that Red Sea that had His people penned off from the promised land. And He looked down with anger, and the Red Sea got scared, moved back, and let Israel cross over into the land.
And Father, Satan, like the Red Sea, has cornered off many of Your people; they're laying bound, and afflicted, and sick. And when these handkerchiefs reach them, this token of God's grace, may the same God look through that same Pillar of Fire, and may that sickness become scared, move back, and may they cross over into that promise of good health and the three score and ten. Grant it, Father, for I go now to lay my hands and body over these handkerchiefs in commemoration of Your Word. Grant it, Lord, that each will be healed. In the Name of Thy Son, Jesus. Amen.
L-28 God bless you. May He add His blessings to every one of you. And now, just a reading of the Word, then I'm going right to have the prayer line 'cause we want to take just as many tonight till they'll have to pack me away from here if they have to. I've asked my boy and them, let me stand just long as I possibly can. And first I want to read one verse out of Isaiah 53:
Who has believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? [Isaiah 53:1]

And over in Saint John 4:46:
Jesus came again into Cana of Galilee, where he made the water wine. And there was a certain nobleman, whose son was sick at Capernaum.
And when he heard that Jesus came out of Judaea of Galilee, he went unto him, and besought him that he would come down and heal his son: for he was at the point of death.
Now, listen to this story and watch the action.
Jesus said unto him, Except you see signs and wonders, you will not believe.
The nobleman said unto him, Sir, come down ere my child die.
Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth... (Now, he wanted Him to come pray from his son. But He didn't do it. He said)... Go thy way; thy son liveth... (watch,)... And... ("and" is a conjunction)... And the man believed the word that Jesus... spoke unto him, and... went his way... (Obedience.)
And when he was now coming down, his servant met him, and said unto him, Thy son liveth. (That was the next day.)
Then enquired he of them the hour he begin to amend... (Get better.)... And they said unto him, Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.
So the father knew... it was at the same hour... which Jesus said unto him, Thy son liveth: and himself believed, and all his household.
This is again the second miracle that--that Jesus did, when he came out of Judaea into Galilee.
[John 4:46-54]
L-29 Watch this. The nobleman, his son, he had heard of the fame of Jesus, and when he came he wanted Him to go down and heal his son. Now, that was the way he wanted it: Come down and heal him.
And Jesus said, "Except you see signs you won't believe."
And the man said, "Sir, come down ere my son dies."
He said, "Go thy way, thy son liveth."
Now, what if the man would disbelieve? His son would not have lived. You have to believe the Word that's spoke to you. You believe that? He said, "Thy son liveth." And the man believed the Word that Jesus said to him. Said, "That's all right, Rabbi," or Master, "If You say my son lives, that's good enough for me."
And he went on back down; he didn't go like He told him. Now, it's a day's journey. And the next day he met some of his servants coming. And the servants said, "Thy--thy son liveth; he's still alive."
He said, "Well, what time did he begin to get a little better, amend?" Now, watch it now, begin to amend, get just a little bit better.
He said, "Yesterday at the seventh hour, well, seen the fever left him."
And the man said, "The seventh hour, that's the same time Jesus said, 'Thy son liveth.'"
Now, the Bi... He said, "This is the second miracle that Jesus did when He come out of Cana into Galilee." Miracle... How many of you that come in here sick now, that feels like you're just a little better, all along everywhere, crippled, afflicted, whatever, that you feel like you're just a little better than you was when you come in, let's see your hands. What's happened? Amen. There you are. You're just a little better. Sure. If you're just a little better now; tomorrow you're be a little better; and the next day a little better; you're going to get well. [John 4:46-54]
L-30 Some people has great big faith like this, anything can happen. The next has faith that deep, takes a little longer. Next has faith that deep, takes quite a little while. Some has faith like a mustard seed. But if it's mustard seed faith, genuine faith, hold on to it; just keep believing it; it'll become marble faith; then it'll become grapefruit faith; and then it'll become mountain faith. It'll bring you right out if you just stay with it. Hold on to it; it'll bring you right straight to the light, if you'll stay with it. [Matthew 8:6-10], [Matthew 15:22-28], [Luke 7:2-10]
But don't be discouraged. And do not believe symptoms. Symptoms, that's the devils lie. Some people say... Well, now look, what if a little lady here, when I told her she was... I never told her; God told her that she was going to be well. Why, she said, "Now, wait a minute." The next day she was, "Well, there's that cancer still running, and I'm drawed down; I can't move; I'm on this cot I can't go. Well, maybe he was..." Second day, third day, fourth day, "Well, maybe he was wrong."
No, if she'd have believed symptoms; she wasn't looking at the symptoms; she was looking at what the Word of the Lord said.
L-31 I walked into a man not long ago, his boy had black diphtheria. Did you ever hear of it? Horrible, works on the heart. And the cardiogram showed the heart, that it went all the way down. They called the man from the meeting, said, "Your boy's dying."
And he went over there, and he said, "Can I bring Brother Branham in?"
He said, "Why, no." Said, "Hasn't Brother Branham got some children?"
He said, "Yes."
Said, "Well, we can't bring him in." Said, "We just can't bring him in."
He said, "Please let Brother Branham come in and see my boy." Said, "He's dying?"
Said, "Yes." Said, "He will be dead in the next couple hours." Sixteen years old...
Said, "Well, let him come in and pray." He said, and the man was Catholic. He said, "Would you refuse a priest to come in and give the last rights?"
Said, "Yes, but the priest is not a married man."
"But he's--he's out amongst the congregations." He talked him out of it.
L-32 Well, they took me in and robed me all up with a whole lot of stuff over me, and washed my hands with all kinds of stuff. Walked into where the boy was. I said to the father and the mother standing there, I said, "Do you believe?"
He said, "Ask God, Brother Branham."
And I knelt down and started to pray. And while I was praying, the Angel of the Lord come down and said, "You shall live." I got back up; I said, "Did you hear that, brother?"
He said, "Yes sir," said, "Praise the Good Lord."
The nurse come back; she said, "I'm sorry, but you all will have to go right away, especially Reverend Branham."
I said, "Thank you, ma'am." Started walking out...
This man started walking along saying, "Thank You, Lord, Thank You." And the mother just as happy and a shouting.
The nurse said to her, said, "Say, did you realize that your boy's dying?"
Said, "Sure, I know what you said."
Said, "Well," and the doctor was standing out there, was a intern. And he was... They was just as happy and shaking hands and hugging one another, you know, and thanking God for his healing. The boy just dying right out. So he said, "Well, what are you so happy about, when I... Did you understand the doctor said... Did you understand I told you your boy will be dead in two hours?"
Said, "I understood what you said, and I understood what God said...?..."
He said, "Well look, it's all right to have faith, but I can't see how that you can just ignore such things as that, when that boy laying there dying?"
And the--the man turned around, which was a minister, he turned around and said, "Sir, looky here, you're looking at..."
Said, "That, when that cardiogram shows that heart," ever-what it was, I didn't know, he's, words he was talking, said, "when that drops down," said, "all the world's history, there's never been a time that that's ever come up." Said, "Death's on the boy now."
He said, "Look, sir, you're looking at that chart, and I'm looking to a Divine promise, [] what God said."
L-33 What if two years ago, when Mayo Brothers told me I--I was finished. What if I looked to that? I looked to Hebrews 3:1 "He's the High Priest of my confession." And I believed Him, and see what He done for me.
Talk about somebody having symptoms, if anybody ought to have symptoms in the Bible it ought to have been Jonah. Look at him; he was backslid; that's bad. His hands was bound behind him; he was throwed out of a ship, swallowed up by a whale, three miles deep in the ocean. When a whale eats, any other fish, he goes right to the bottom of the sea and rests his fins on the bottom. Feed your goldfish and watch them. He searches through the water till he finds his prey and then goes down to rest.
And when he, down there in the bottom of the ocean in a whale's belly, hands tied behind him, backslid, on a stormy sea. If he looked this a way, it was whale's belly. He looked that way; it was whale's belly. Everywhere he looked it was a whale's belly. Talk about symptoms, he had them, didn't he? But you know what he said? He said, "They're lying vanities." He said, "Once more will I look to Your holy temple, O Lord, not to the whale's belly, not to my hands being bound, but I'm going to look to Your holy temple. For," I will quote it in simple words, "For when Solomon dedicated that temple," said, "if Your people be in trouble anywhere, and look to this place, and pray, then You hear from heaven." [Hebrews 3:1], [Jonah 2:1-10]
L-34 And Jonah believed that Solomon's prayer was heard. And he said, "I'm not going to look to these symptoms; I'm going to look to the temple of God." And if Jonah in that kind of a condition, could look to a natural temple, where a nat--or a human prayed, how much more ought you setting here, where people are being healed right around you every night, look away from the symptoms here to the--not the temple of earth, but the gates of glory where the Son of God with His Bloody coat standing before the Father now, making intercessions on anything that you confess. "I won't look to my symptoms; I'll look to Your holy temple, Lord." There's where it's at.
And God kept him alive three days and nights in the belly of that whale. Is that right? Vomited him out on a shore, and he give his prophecy and finished his course. [Jonah 2:1-10]
L-35 Now, say, some of you ladies tomorrow, what if the express agent would come down to your house and say, "How do you do, are you Miss John Doe?"
"Well, I have something here for you."
And you looked at it, it'd be a great big box full of rattlesnakes. Well, what a present. There's your name tacked on them. "These are yours."
Are they? In one sense they're yours, in another sense they're not. Now, you say, "I don't want them."
"Well, they're yours; your name's on them."
Well, that's one way it's yours, but still it isn't yours till you sign for it. And if you don't sign for it, he will have to take it back. You might see all your symptoms, the devil says, "Here it is; here's your cancer; here's your heart trouble; here's your crippled condition."
L-36 Refuse to sign for anything the devil brings. He will have to take it back. Say, "I refuse to have it. I just won't have it, no, sir." He will have to take it back in the Name of the Lord. If you believe it, and confess it, and say, "I've accept Jesus Christ as my Healer," there's no affliction or disease can stay on you. Stay right with it.
But the first time that you get weak and say, "Well, yes, I've still got it." Then you drop right down to where you was at. You signed for it, then took it back. Say, "Yes, Mr. Devil, I--I'll have it back." Oh, brother.
You stand right there as--as long as there's a breath in your body, say, "I refuse to have it. I refuse to have it." How do you feeling? "Wonderful, hallelujah." That's it. That's right. Show the devil what you're made out of; you're borned again by the Spirit of God, and you don't have to bow down to his images. Stay right there, say, "I don't want your stuff."
"Why, here's your name on it, the doctor said..."
"I don't care what he said. I know what God said. Get away from here with it."
That's right, that's the way to treat him; hand it back. He was the one give it to you, he will have to be the one take it back. [Hebrews 3:1]
L-37 God, you know what? He's your Redeemer. Did you ever see a pawn shop? Oh, that's a horrible looking place. The devil put you in a pawn shop, and Jesus redeemed you; you're free; get out of it. That's right. He give you these things, but Jesus paid the ransom. And He paid the price; you're out of the pawn shop tonight.
Reminds me one time, we tied an old crow up by his foot. Scared the other crows away eating at the corn field. Well, that poor old crow, he just cawed, and the other crows going over cawing to him to come, and he couldn't fly because he was tied.
One day somebody come by and looked at him, said, "Poor old fellow; he's--he's just starved to death." So he just reached down and untied him and let him go. The other crows flew over and saying, "Come on, Johnny crow, let's go south; it's getting cold weather." And that old fellow been tied so long, till he still thought he was tied when he was untied. He just kept walking around when he was untied. He thought he was tied; he'd been tied so long.
Maybe that's your case in that wheelchair and there and there. But remember, there was a good Man one day. The devil might've tied you up, but there was a good Man, Jesus Christ, Who redeemed you, cut every string loose from you. Hallelujah! When you see the rest of them rising to their feet and believing it, go the same way. You're free from the devil's pits. Yes, sir.
L-38 Oh, my, what's the matter with me tonight? Amen. I believe I'll come back to Erie and have me an old Holy Ghost revival here somewhere, my, just a good old fashion time. Amen. What we need. Thank Him. I'm not very used to preaching in the pulpit like this tonight on a healing service, but I--I--I must stop. God bless you. You're free, every one of you. Jesus cut you loose a long time ago. Just refuse to have it. Say, "I haven't got it, I'm getting better and better all the time. Praise the Lord, I believe it." And watch what happens.
Go out of here tonight, say, "No, I don't have to go through a prayer line; I don't have to go no more, no, Jesus, I accepted it; it's mine."
Neighbor say, "How you feeling?"
Say, "Wonderful.
L-39 I remember when everything I put in my stomach would 'gurgitate; I weighed less than a hundred pounds. Every time I swallowed anything, go [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.] and go out." I went down and I grabbed my wife, and I hugged her and kissed her, I said, "Honey, the Lord healed me."
She said, "What?"
I said, "The Lord healed me."
Said, "Are you sure?"
I said, "I know it."
Said, "How you know?"
I said, "The Word said so." See? He said, "He's the High Priest of my confession--confession. I've confessed Him as my Healer."
Said, "Can you eat?"
I said, "Sure."
And every time I'd even take a drink of water, it spurt right through my nose. She's setting back there looking at me now and know that's the truth. She said, "What do you want?"
I said, "Send over the store and get a can of pork and beans. Open it up, get a loaf of bread and-and cut up my big Texas white skin onion; I want some."
She cooked a big piece of ham, and I took this pork and beans, sit down and asked the blessing, said, "Thank You, Lord." Put up a big bite full. [Hebrews 3:1]
L-40 And The doctor said, "One mouthful of food, solid food would send you to the grave." Said, "Don't you let no solid food hit your stomach."
That's what he said, and the Lord said, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." Whom am I going to believe? I chewed up that big onion. Oh, how good it tasted. I--I swallowed it down, just as soon as it hit there like bul--a coal of fire went right down hit like that and come back up again. I held my hand over my mouth, swallowed again. Come back again; and I swallowed it again. No, sir, we had a--a bouncing party there for awhile. I swallowed it back; it come back. And I swallowed again, come back, and I'd swallow again. Got me another one, held my mouth, poked that one in, swallowed again. Called the doctor. Doctor said, "It'll kill him sure as the world."
I said, "Hallelujah, I'll die happy."
I went on down through there. Went out in the yard, everybody said, "How are you, Brother Branham?"
I said, "Wonderful."
"Stomach bothering you any more?"
"No, not a bit."
That's right, going on like that. I'd believed it. Yes, sir. Went on like that, and that night when I started to lay down, oh, my, there it was, every bit laying right in the same place. Say, "Want anything for eat, for supper, honey?"
I said, "Open another can of beans and slice some more onion." Yes, sir.
L-41 I knowed God's Word is the truth! That's all. And I poured some more on top of that. It laid right there till breakfast, and I had me two fried eggs and some more ham the next morning for breakfast. I kept on like that week in and out. And I was so nervous, looked like trees was running together and say, "How you feeling, Brother Branham?"
I said, "Wonderful. Hallelujah."
Stomach bothering you any more?"
"No, sir. No, sir."
"Are you all right?"
"Sure, I'm fine, doing good."
"How it happen?"
"The Lord healed me."
He said, "Brother Branham, you lied."
"No, I never; no, I never."
When I accepted Him as my Healer, He healed me nineteen hundred years ago, it was settled in my soul. No matter what this was here; in my soul it was settled. I was testifying not how the body felt, what the old soul thought about it. And my Spirit said, "Christ is your Healer."
I said, "I believe You, Lord." I stayed right with it.
One day I kept poking it down, and poking it down, and it all left. I eat anything I want to. Went on gained about thirty-five, forty pounds and feel fine. Oh, He's a Healer! But you'll have to show your faith in Him. And don't you think it's on a... You're going to a picnic; you're going on a battleground. That's right. You're not to a picnic where everything is handed down to you in a silver spoon. You got... "If... I must fight if I must reign, increase my courage, Lord." See.

Must I be carried home to heaven
On a flowery bed of ease,
While others fought to win the prize,
And sail through bloody seas?
No I must fight if I must reign,
Increase my courage, Lord;
Help me and support me,
By Thy Everlasting Word.

Yes sir, stand on God's Word. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-42 In Finland that night, when that little girl that got healed... Where's my Finnish brother setting here somewhere? I want you just a moment. Listen to this story. You heard it last night, did you? Our brother's with us. That little old boy that was hit under the chin; he was in the hospital dying. About the second day I believe it was, had passed. And they didn't know what to do about the little fellow. I had the awfullest time. I couldn't get... I couldn't even get into the hotel. That little woman and husband laid on the steps, and they had to drag me over the top of them.
And I remember that night when the little Finnish girl was healed, I went up to the room, Mrs. Isaacson said to me, she said, "Brother Branham, what can be done?" Said, "Them people's about to worry me to death."
And I said, "Well, I don't know, Sister Isaacson, it's against the rules for me to go out like that."
And she said, "Well, will you just meet them in the morning, out here if the little boy's still living?"
I said, "All right."
L-43 So we--she brought them up there. Where is Sister Isaacson now? Is she in the states here? She is. A very lovely person... So she made an appointment in the afternoon for me to see the mother and father. Very nice typical little Finnish family, and they set out there, and they seen me coming they started running and fall down like that. I said, "Now, get you a chair," through the interpreter. And so they--they set down there. And I said, they said, "Oh, go down at the hospital and heal our little boy."
I said, "I couldn't heal your little boy."
Said, "Well, you healed the other little boy that was dead." And said, "Our little boy's not dead, but he's dying; he's never come to; his brain's crushed."
And I said, "Well..." A concussion, ever-what it was, and his spine in there and all. And I said,... A blood vessel had bursted on his spine, or something. And I said, "Well now, I--I didn't do it." Said, "Well..." I said, "Over in America I--I, about a year ago I saw a vision of a--this little boy being healed." The interpreter told that. She said, "Go, see vision for my little boy."
L-44 Well, that was awful nice, but, you know, you just can't see visions when you want to. It's no more then I could say, "Dream me a dream." You dream dreams, but you don't do them yourself. So, he said--I said, "I can't do that, sister." And I told them; I said, "Are you all Christians?"
I said, "Look, God may be aiming to take your little boy home." And I said, "If you're not Christians, if that little boy dies, you can never be with him no more. If you die, when you die, then little boy'd go to heaven, he's too little to know about sin. But he'd go to heaven, and you won't go to heaven, and you'll never see him no more." I said, "Then if you become a Christian, and when the--if the little boy dies and goes up to heaven, then you can go up to heaven where there's no more accidents, and you'll be with him forever." And I said, "Then if you wanted a favor from me, you'd try to do something for me." And I said, "If you want a favor for--from God, try to do something for Him." I said, "Now, perhaps when you would give your life to Him, you might find favor, and He might save your little boy."
L-45 Well, they talked it over, they--they couldn't lose, 'cause they go to heaven; if the little boy died they'd be with him forever. And if they found favor, maybe God would heal the little boy. So they knelt down, and I led them to Christ. They got up and hugged one another, and it was all right. Now, the lady said, "Go in, see vision for my little boy."
Well, I said, "No."
She wanted me to go to the hospital. I said, "No, God can speak to me in this room just the same as He can down at the hospital. Sister Isaacson told them. Well, she said, "You go in, and we'll wait."
I said, "Look, He might not even say one word to me; I don't know." I said, "But if He does, I'll tell you. If the boy's going to die and He tells me, I'll tell you." I said, "I'll--I'll tell you if he's going to die, and if He tells me. If He doesn't, I can't say nothing."
Well, finally Mrs. Isaacson got them to go back home. Well, they went back home, and about twenty minutes, they called. Said, "Has him seen vision yet?"
L-46 So, the... Now, he can put his fingers in his ears if he wants to, they're very sweet, kind people, the Finns are. And I'm not saying that 'cause the man's setting there, because he, I don't think he understands English too well anyhow. And he said... They're very lovely, kind, sweet, humble people.
So they--they don't have very much of this world's goods, but they love the Lord. And that's where the riches lays. And so they're rich in the Kingdom of God.
So then, went a little while longer, and they called back again. They wanted to know if--if the vision had come yet. Well, they called several times that afternoon. That night when we come home, the little girl had been healed. I had this same Bible right here. And now, if there's any Finnish people here that... I--I don't mean to hurt your feeling about this, and I don't aim to hurt Brother Baxter's feelings either, when I'm saying this.
L-47 But we in America are well off when it comes to eating and things like that. I was up in Canada not long ago, and we was up around Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; we had around ten thousand of Indians, and Eskimos, and all, coming down into the meeting.
And over there they don't... Their candy is not as rich as ours is here. Some of it, I go... We got a hold of some over there that just almost taste like starch. Because the people can't afford it like they do here. That's true. I think Canada's a lovely, wonderful country, way larger than ours, and the resources is far beyond ours, and fine people. But they're just poor people. Their roads are bad, and they haven't got the money to build the roads. But this class of people in America's rich, richest people in the world.
And then their candy was bad, and my brother Howard, he said, many of you I guess know Howard here. He--he come in; he said, coming home that night, he said, "Billy."
And I said, "Yes."
He said, "You talk about Canada having some bad candy," said, "taste this out of--out of Finland."
Well, he give me two little pieces of candy about like that. And I held them in my hand, we was going on up steps. Brother Baxter and Howard slept together; they went to their room. Brother Moore and Brother Lindsay, they went to their room, and Sister Isaacson went to her room. And they keep me in a private room on account of visiting of the Angel of the Lord through the nighttime. He will sometimes come to me at night and tell me every person, and everything will be healed the next day. And I quote it to the managers; I say, "You watch, they'll be so many, and a person over here, and a person down there, person over here will be healed. There'll be a woman come in, dressed a certain way, laying on a cot, and she's coming from a different district; she'll be healed." Just tell them all about the meeting 'fore it happens. Well then, He comes in like that.
L-48 So then I just walked into the room, and I took those two pieces of candy and laid them on the desk like that. And I laid my Bible down, no, I beg your pardon; I put my Bible on my heart. I walked over there. And coming down through that park, you know, there in Kuopio, that long park, coming down through there there was those little Finns coming down through there, going home, just praising God, soldiers and all. And some of them poor little soldiers over there never shaved; they was just kids in the army. Them Russians killed them off over there like flies, and they just had the poor little fellows. And they were going along through there, and they were just talking.
And I looked out. Oh, it didn't get dark there at night. And so, I looked out, and I held my hand up, I said, "O Great Jehovah God, how wonderful, how glorious." That little girl had been healed that night off those crutches. And I said, "Praise be to Your Holy Name, how I love You, how I adore You, O Great God creator or heavens and earth." Right in the same direction where them Russian planes come over to bomb you, right down through there.
L-49 I... And I was looking, I said, "Someday, Russian planes come one day, but one day Jesus shall come." And I said, "Oh, what a difference it'll be for this country then. Instead of them all running into bomb shelters and things that's built around the city here, they'll be running in the streets hollering, 'Kiitos, Jesus,' just as hard as they can. And with their hands up in the air praising." I said, "Oh, how I love You."
And I felt something. And I turned, and here He stood, standing right there by me. And he had a little glass in His hand, a just about that high, and in there was two American Easter lilies. Easter flowers, daffodils, whatever you call them; I don't think they even have them in that country. Easter, long, look like a horn on a old gramophone. I don't think they have them up in that country.
L-50 And there they was, He had them in a little jar. And he set them down before me without saying one word. And I--I couldn't... Just stood there. He's a big Man, got dark hair to His shoulder, olive complexion, smooth face, dark eyes, has His hands folded like this, always. And He took this here and set this down before me. And one of the flowers was leaning up towards the north, laid down. And the other one started going down, going "tew, tew, tew, tew, tew." [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] And He said, "What was that your brother gave you?"
And I said, "It was a piece of candy, Sir, or two pieces of candy."
He said, "Eat them."
And I picked up one piece, and I put it in my mouth; I chewed it and it taste pretty good. And when I swallowed it, this Easter flower that was laying towards the north, went "thrrr, [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.]" stood right up. I looked at it. And I...
He said, "Eat the other one."
I picked it up, and oh, my. You talk about an awful taste; I said, "Whew," I took it out of my mouth. And this other flower started going, "tut, tut, whew [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.]" almost to the end.
He said, "Them two flowers represents them two boys." Said, "If you fail to eat this piece, this boy shall die."
I put it back in my mouth, started chewing real fast, and then swallowed it. Then when I swallowed it, this one went, "Thrrr [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.]" stood up like that with it.
And the way those boys fell, you know. One fell to the north, and one to the south. The one to the north was one was killed on the road. The one to the south was dying in the hospital; the doctors said, "He'd never come to; his brain was concussed, and there was something on his spine." Said, "He can't come." Never had washed the little boy's face.
And they called and called and called all that day. And he said... This one stood up like that. And when it stood up, He looked at me, put His arms together, and I looked over and here was that Light that you see back there in the picture, going like that. And the Light settled down over the Angel; the Angel went into the Light, went out of the room.
And I stood there, and I felt my hand; I bit my fingers; I was numb for a little bit. The vision left me; it wasn't a vision. I don't mean to say vision, that's... I see visions here, but that's just as real as I am, or you are. I stood and looked at Him.
L-51 And I ran out real quick and I called, I said, "Everybody, come." And out come Brother Baxter, Howard, Brother Moore, Lindsay, all of them run out. I said, "Go get Sister Isaacson." They got her, and come down there; I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, call that lady and tell her, THUS SAITH THE LORD, her baby shall live and not die."
Said, "Brother Branham, she called about a hour ago, and said that the baby was in the last stage; the doctor said it'd be dead in the next two hours."
I said, "I can't help what he said, THUS SAITH THE LORD, the baby shall live."
So she run to the telephone, and their phones there are not like ours here. And she cranked it on the side, and she got the family. And there's a babysitter there with their little bitty baby, and said, "They just called them to the hospital; the baby was dying," the little boy.
And so they rang the hospital and got the woman to the phone and Mrs. Isaacson said, "Brother Branham said, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD, that the little boy will live.'"
She said, "How well I know it; and he just come to himself, setting up down here just as well as he can be." Setting there normal and well. And the baby lives in Kuopio, Finland, today a normal, well child by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the power of revelations, by the power of His Spirit.
L-52 This brother happened to be along. He's a Finnish brother, he was with us; I met him today; he knows of the case. Come here, brother, what is your name now? Watkin, Waltanin. You'll have to say that brother, I'm not so good at saying them.
All right, I will ask you this, those testimonies are true, are they?
[The brother's confirmation follows--Ed: "Yes, they are really true. I was there just as a eyewitness. I come from Finland, and our assistant pastor of the church, Salem, Helsinki, and I was also there in Kuopio. We were on a hilltop all--all parked, and we came down and that accident happened there. And the other boy was raised up from dead, and the other is healed; and they are healed today. And also a little girl whom Brother Branham told yesterday, last night, she's still really healed. And praise God. And very many other marvelous things were done there. And that very great service with Brother Branham and his party was doing in Finland, it is still growing and bringing fruit for God's work. Praise the Lord."--Ed.]
Amen. God bless you, brother there. So glad to get to see you again. God bless you. Jumalan rauhaa. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. All the way from Finland.
L-53 Little did I know when I was quoting that story that the man would be setting here present. And this afternoon, I met him coming in. Oh, what a time, glorious time.
Is there another Finn in here? The other night someone hollered, "Jumalan rauhaa," at me, passing over the platform that was healed. I guess they're not here; it was some lady best I remember. Oh, there's the lady over there. Yes, that's right. You wouldn't... Was you in Finland when I was there, lady? You were borned in Finland. Was you the lady crossed the platform here the other night and was healed at the platform? Praise the Lord, God bless you. Do you know the brother here? You should get to know each other. All right, you see who she is, brother. All right, that's fine.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
L-54 This is the way heaven will be, there'll be Germans, Finns, Italians, and even the Irish will be there. Amen. I said, "I know there's one there; they call him Michael." All right. God is here tonight, do you believe it? He's in His mercy, and He's here to heal the sick and afflicted.
All right, it's time for us to call the prayer line now. And may God be with you. Brother Bobby, if you'll play tonight for me, my favorite song, "Abide With Me." Some morning, life is all over, this mortal life; the sun will be set for its last time. This old earth will be blowed into bits. Maybe five hundred years from tonight there'll be a... Let's draw our picture now, mentally.
L-55 Five hundred years from tonight, just imagine, I hear the winds howling; I look at the earth; it's out of its orbit. The atomic bombs has throwed her from her orbit; yonder she lays into the sun. She's whirling fast; the winds are blowing. There's not a living thing on earth. The sands are blowing across, howling. Many times, and thousands times fahrenheit of heat laying against her. No more water, but fire this time.
What do I see sticking up there in the sand, oh, it's a tombstone. Somebody's name's on it. They may be setting in the meeting tonight. Where's your soul then, friend? If you're not right with God.
Then let's draw a little farther out. I see God bring it back into its orbit again. She's rehabited. The wolf and the lamb shall feed together. I see a beautiful dawn, a tropic like an orient, big palm trees, and beautiful birds a singing. I come, look, walking down through the garden yonder, the white doves a flying from tree to tree. What's approaching? The One that's going to set on David's throne, and His white robe moving along. Oh, I want to stand along this side there, don't you? Be just possible that the tears comes down my cheeks while He passes by and look at Him, I say, "There's the lovely One that redeemed me."
L-56 When the great supper's set, there we all get setted--seated around the table, the wedding supper. I'll look across the table; I say, "I recognize him; he's from Finland. I recognize him; he was of the Erie meeting." I reach across the table and take you by the hand; we just have to shed a few tears, won't we?
Then the first thing you know, the King will walk out in all of His beauty; He will take His hands and wipe all tears from our eyes, put His arm around and say, "Don't cry now; it's all over. Won't have any more healing services here, no more hot nights, no more tears, no more wheelchairs, crutches; it'll all be over. Enter ye into the joys of the Lord." I want to be there, don't you?
L-57 Our heavenly Father, abide with us until that time. May Your mercies rest upon us. May Your grace be ours. And then when there'll be one flag, one nation, one people speaking one language. Oh, what a day. Well, it may seem to many it might be many, many years off. May seem like a fancy dream to some. So is the things that we see today to others has been a fancy dream, but we're living to see it. When You speak, Lord, it's got to be so. We shall see it. Just think, we mortals someday shall see this great thing that we're speaking of, because the Lord has said so.
Now, Lord, while we're in the journey, abide with us, won't You? May Your Spirit come upon Your humble servant tonight, anoint me with Your prophetic gift. May I be able to do the things that You told me to do. Of all these six years You haven't left me or failed one time. And I know You will not tonight. In the hard heats of the battle, You're always there; You take the part.
L-58 And now tonight, Lord, being the closing night, I feel faith pulling hard; that's why I spoke a little. And now, Lord, may it be so tonight that there will not be a feeble person in our midst when the service is closed. We thank You for healing that woman last night and taking those big braces off of her. We thank You for healing the lady this afternoon from that wheelchair. We thank You for healing the lady with cancer. These with heart trouble and different, well, we thank You for all. And Lord, as Your servant has said, "So shall it be." For I know that You spoke these words. Many are here that's already healed; they don't realize it just now. Grant it Lord, that tonight will be a great time. For we ask it the Name of Thy Son Jesus. Amen.
L-59 Everyone reverent. Now, is everybody going to believe with all your heart now, all your soul, all your mind? All right. Now, let it be known this way before I start my line. We're going to try to stay a little extra long tonight. And then, I want to see... How many in here believes in laying on of hands, and be...? I'm going to see if I can some way work out the Lord, if everybody don't get healed in one time, I'm going to see that everybody gets prayed for anyhow. All right.
L-60 Now, how many in here wants to be prayed for, anywhere in the building, just raise your hands? My, there's some five or six, maybe five hundred, six hundred. I don't know; I see them out in the rows too, outside.
Now, remember this, friend, now, I can't be responsible for critics. If anything happens to a critic, I'm not responsible. Any--all--all hear that, raise your hand, so I... See, I am not responsible for anything that happens to critical people, criticizing. Because remember, when demon powers come from one, they find a place to go. And they'll go anywhere that they can go. Now, I...
How many is going to witness when some of them says, "Well, that Divine healer." You're going to take up and say, "Brother Branham said he was not a Divine healer." You going to do that for me? And remember that there's only one Divine Healer, and that is Almighty God. Even Jesus Christ is not a Divine healer. He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me; He doeth the works." Is that right?
L-61 I just begin to wonder and thinking, maybe because there's not too many healed; I see them out in there in the audience, maybe they're already healed. Now, just be reverent. All right.
Good evening, sister. You believe with all your heart, lady? Now, you and I are strangers, aren't we? Don't know you. You don't know me? Is this our first time meeting? It is. We don't know each other. But God knows both of us. He's knowed me since I was born; He's knowed you since you were born. And I believe He loves us both, because we're both Christians. And you being a Christian sister, and I a Christian brother, and you've heard the remarks that someone has made about this. And there's no doubt that there's something wrong with you. And you come to me as God's servant, your brother, to help you along to believe more in Jesus. Is that right? That is right.
L-62 Well, if I can do anything for you, I'll be very happy to do it. And I... Only thing that I could do, would be ask God to let you get well. And then, if God would do something now, more than what He's already done, He's already paid the price for your healing. But you're just trying to learn how to write the check for your--for your healing. Well now, if He might do something that would speak to you of something that has been, that'd it'd have to be the spirit of prophecy, or a gift of the word of knowledge, that would go back down through your life's journey, and find something down through there, and bring it back to your memory. Then you'd say that would be something that you'd know come supernaturally.
Now, as I said a few moments ago, you being a Christian; I know you're a Christian, or your spirit wouldn't be welcome. You've noticed each night, and in the lines and everywhere, a sinner's always called (See?), it--it won't embrace sin at all. You're my first patient to talk to, my first sister tonight on the platform, not a patient, but the first one that I would talk to. And after being preaching the way I was, it takes just a little time for the anointing to move on me.
L-63 And you're--you're aware that it's, it's near, don't you? Yes. You're... And now, when you said that, you felt it more than ever, didn't you? It's coming down onto you now.
Now, between you and I comes a real hazy Light. I see you now, sister, yes, you are... You have an arthritis, don't you, sister? Sometimes it--it gets worse than others. I see you with kind of a lightish looking dress on. And you're--you was walking somewhere. And you was just kind of a limping like, and you had to set down and rest. It was in a yard or something. Look like there's a lot of grass and trees around. I see also, that you have a--you have a gallbladder trouble too, don't you? I see the examinat... Say, my, you've had operation too, haven't you, sister? More, yeah, you've had two or three, four, five, six, you've had six operations. Is that right? Yes, sir. All right, come here and be healed, sister.
Our heavenly Father, and merciful God, grant the healing of my sister standing here. May she, Lord God, be made well tonight, as I bless her in the Name of Thy holy Child, Jesus. May she go from this platform and be a well woman. In the Name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Amen. You believe me? If I tell you that you're going to be well, you believe it? You are. God bless you...?...
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
Look at her walking now. She's already healed. Let's bless the Lord. All right, bring the next lady.
L-64 Good evening, lady. You believe with all your heart? You're trying to, aren't you, sister? Yes. Yes, ma'am. Well, do not fear. You're surprising yourself. There's been a time in your life lady, where you've been hindered. There's been many things that's bothered you. You're a tubercular case, aren't you? You suffer with tubercular. And you've had lots of trouble. You have. And you've--you've tried to have faith. Say, you--you belong to the Holiness people, the Pentecostal people, or something. Isn't that right? I seen you in the services where you're rejoicing.
And you're embarrassed sometimes when you're trying to... You cough a whole lot, and many times you pretend that it's something else, instead of trying to admit that it's tubercular. You won't have to do that no more, lady. This is going to be the hour for you to be healed. Come here. You believe me as God's servant?
Almighty God, Author of Life, give grace to our sister tonight, seeing her heart breaking down here, You going back in there pulling out things of her life. Satan, I come in the representative Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God; you've hid from doctor and all, but you can't hide from God. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I lay my hands upon this woman and ask for her healing. Come out of her in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Go sister, testify and glorify God.
L-65 Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Amen.
Oh, that's the way I like to see the people come. Faith, come like Mary did, "Lord, even now, whatever You ask God, God will do it, no matter what it is." All right, bring the lady. All right, everyone reverent now and believe with all your heart.
Audience, if you could only know how this feels here right now. What a feeling: Grace, grace, amazing grace. It just looks to me now, 'course I'm standing here and the anointing's here. It just looks to me that every person in the building could just raise up and be healed. That's the way it looks to me like. Now, try to hold back just a few minutes if you can. See? Just if you... That's awful to say that, but just try, so that these along here can get a view, maybe first time people here. Have faith now, believe just now that Jesus is going to make you well. Be accepting it and pray, have faith.
L-66 How do you do, lady? Now, every one reverent. Are we strangers? We're strangers, I don't remember if I ever seen you. And well, there's... If there's anything that's wrong with you, well, I'll--I'll--I'll have to have some way to find it out some way. Now, that wouldn't heal you, if I could know what was wrong with you; it wouldn't heal you. But it might give you encouragement. You're wondering what I'm going to say. I'm not reading your--Yes, I guess it is. That's right. I--I don't mean to say... I just knew what you were thinking of then, 'cause it come to me. Now, you know that's true, isn't it? You're wondering what I was going to say. Well, I'm going to tell you what I'm going to say.
Your trouble is a freak case. It's hard to understand; it's some kind of a--a gland or a tube in your body has collapsed. Isn't that right? And I say it's from your ear to your throat. How about that, is that right? Go, Jesus Christ has made you well, you can be well. God bless you, sister.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
L-67 Just faith, that's all, I seen that laying like a tube open up, like that, coming down the side of her face. Oh, how wonderful, how amazing. No wonder he said, Amazing grace! how sweet the sound. Have faith, believe now, and God will bring it to pass. Do you believe it? What about all of you along the line there? Believing with all your heart? How about out here? You believing? All right, just keep having faith, God will bring it to pass.
L-68 Bring your patient. Now, everybody be reverent. Good evening, lady. A timid spirit, that's the kind, usually that's kind of a little timid type. Don't have too much to say, deep thinker, always planning things ahead. Usually never happens that way though. But you had some good teaching; you--you've had many sorrows too, haven't you, lady? Had a great scare once in your life too. Something, seemed like when you was a school girl. I believe it was a dog or something along. I see something bark or go on and you jump, scream. You was just a little child. And down comes life coming down. Recently you been real nervous, oh, yes, here's something else moving up. Sister, I'm sorry, yes, I believe you know it. It's cancer. And come here just a moment.
I want you take a look at my hand. I want you take your hand here and lay it on mine. Look at my hand how it turns there, see that? See those white things running across my hand? That's the life of the cancer. I'm going to take my hand off. Now, they cease. Now, I put my hand on, it's not there is it? Put your other hand here on: not there. You're just as much human in this hand as you are in this hand, aren't you? The same hand, same person. Now, just change your hands back again, this one here. Now, look coming there. See what it is? Now, watch it just as I hold it there a moment. Watch the hand, see how it's swelling, turning dark, little white things running over the top of it. Is that right? If it is, raise this hand so the audience will know it's true.
L-69 Now, just take your hand off of mine, just easily, there they go. Now, put my hand on there. They're not, are they? Well, I'm just as human as you. See, I want you to notice; it isn't the position that the hand is in. Now, put this one back here. See? Now, it isn't positionally the way the hand is; it's just the same. Is that right? Now, I've told you the truth haven't I, lady? And now, you see then that the truth has been told you by a vision, that something physically here is vindicating that it's true also.
Now, I can't make that leave you; only your faith can. But this is going to be something. Because your type of person that--that tries to believe. But you--you're--you're the... I don't know just how to explain... You know what I'm trying to speak of, your type of person, timid, backward. And it's just something... You--you want to believe, but you try to make yourself, push yourself to thing, but that won't work. See? It's just got to be a settled faith like your mother would've told you when you was a little girl, "Darling, I'll get you a new dress Saturday night." You look forward to it (See?); you look forward to getting that new dress. Now, just look the same thing to God to heal you. Just settled, just... He's your heavenly Father. Your mother might not be able to carry out that obligation, but God's able to carry out everything He promises you. See?
L-70 Now, look at my hand now since it's been on there a little bit. Now, now watch, when you raise your hand now, my hand will remain like that for a few moments. Now, you see, a few moments ago when your hand just laid there a little bit and it wen... You took your hand off, my hand turned normal just a way, didn't it? Now, move your hand, now watch how long it stays there. Now, look here; there it goes. See, see? See what I mean? Now, just lay your hand right back again, so the palm will hit on it. There it comes, see it coming again? There it is, see it swelling again, turning black. All right.
Look lady, I want you to come this way just a minute. So that, to make your faith. Now, in your case, it's going to take a challenge. And the challenge is going to be, is going to have to command that to go out. Now, if I have to rule it out by my own faith, for God has promised me that if I be sincere... It can leave you now, and you'll know it. But now whether it will stay away from you, that's different. Because when the unclean spirit's gone out of a man he walks in dry places. Then he returns back, is that right? And if the good man of the house isn't there to hold him off, he will come in.
L-71 Now, what we're trying to get is more strength in the good man of your house, which is faith. Is that right? Now, if you can look at here now and see that by revelation, and by something physically actually showing on your hand, on my hand, rather, that something's happening... You notice how it goes in waves like that?
Now, audience, I don't know whether you can see it or not, watch here. Now, there it is. See it coming up? Watch it go, now there it's moving away. See? Now, here it comes again, look, there it is, see it? Watch it go. Listen at it that, "Thrrr [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.]" Just a moment, don't--don't stand that say fear. Now, can you see it? Can you see it? Now, watch. Now, there it goes; here it comes again; look at it. Here they come; there they go. Now, what is that? That's a malignant growth laying there, alive, a demon, hideous, dark. And that thing knows. See, she's a lady, me a man; we're both human. She's got a spirit that's trying to believe, and there's something on here does believe. And the only thing is get her faith up to a place to where she really does believe. It has to leave. It has to leave. It knows that. And if it--and if it--if it--if it has to, if it leaves, then if her faith will stay there, it'll take it out.
L-72 You watch, I see the blind come to the platform and receive their sight and read the Bible. Two or three days, come back just as blind as they ever was. Say, "How lasting is Divine healing? " Just as long as faith is. "How lasting is salvation?" Just as long as faith remains. Is that right? All right. If God can make it leave here, He can keep it away. The same faith.
Now, look at my hand there now. And I want you to watch my hand here. Let me, so I can let the audience... Now, see my hand? I want you to look here. I'll put my hand on there, right this way so you can see. See how smooth it looks, white. Now, take this hand, lady, now lay this hand on there. See how it's smooth and white, see now, just as smooth and white as it can be.
Now, I put my hand on, now watch when I lay this hand here on. Now, lay this hand right here, lady, on. Now, look at there. Look here, see them big white things running there? That's the life of that cancer. Now, it's scared; it knows it's going to have to leave if her faith will only believe.
Now, look, lady, now the... Look at that one there, see how it faded? It's a female disorder too, hitting there also. You knew that. Uh-huh. Yes, my. Say, you've had troubles haven't you, lady? You've had operations for growths before too, haven't you? All right.
L-73 Now, I want you, the patient, to come near. I--I want to station my hand here somewhere so it'll take all doubts and everything. Now, I want you to watch my hand, sister dear. Now, you... I want you, don't--don't you close your eyes. You watch my hand. I'm going to have the audience because this time the thing has to be run out. I may be by God's grace, and by my faith, it will go. But you're truly sure that something's happen, haven't you? It's there; it shows it physically. The Bible said, "The mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established."
First thing, you being a stranger and me telling of your life, and if--what was wrong with you. Here it is showing here. That's two witnesses. If it stays, the only thing I can say, sister dear, is God have mercy. You won't have much longer to be here. But if it goes, you're going to live. Now, I--I want you to believe with me, and I'll pray and ask God if He will heal you and let it go. If that stops, it's gone. If it doesn't stop, it's not gone. Now, it's being honest with you, isn't it, as--as a lady, my sister.
L-74 All right now, audience, now remember this: now get this as a warning, you keep your head bowed until you hear me say, "Raise your head." For this is not... Now, if I'd ask it to go and it would go, all right. But when you have to put it out, it's molested.
Now, I want to ask you something, ministers. Jesus said, "In My Name they shall cast out devils." Is that right? They shall cast out. Now, I don't say that I can. But the woman will know if it does, she'll know it, feel it, know it when it leaves. If it doesn't, the woman can't live much longer. [Mark 16:17]
Now, lady, you watch and be believing. Be believing that what's talking to you now comes from the Spirit of God. All right, bow your heads, inside and out. Now, I want you to watch; you be the judge. Now, see, you're the one's got the cancer. It can't bother you no more. See? Now, I'm going to try to lay my hand somewhere. Now, see how, what color it is? Now, look at this hand here. Now, I'll try not to move my hand at all.
L-75 Our heavenly Father, I'm not doing this to act smart, Father, You know my heart. I'm only doing this, that this poor woman standing here, young woman, much life left; but she's in a serious condition. And I ask Thee to be merciful to her. Grant Lord, that she can be made well. She wants to live like all of us. We all want to live, and she's trying hard. And now, dear God, poor little timid thing, I realize that people maybe with a few minor troubles will live an ordinary life with them. But we realize with this cancer she can't live much longer without Your help. And I pray, God, that You'll help. And help my faith, Lord, to believe with all my heart. And send the power and the anointing of Your Angel, that He will--He--the Blood of Christ will stand between me and this enemy.
And now, Satan, called cancer, I come in this duel of faith, professing solemn faith in Jesus Christ, claiming a Divine gift that was ministered to me by an Angel of God the hour I was born in this world. Which has been vindicated throughout the world. And you know all about Him. And this woman comes tonight for help, and I come in this channel of faith in a challenge; I claim you can't hold this woman any longer; come out of her. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the woman. Thou, demon, come out of the woman.
L-76 Everyone reverent, it's still holding her; she's watching my hand. It's still there, isn't it, sister? 'Fore I open my eyes. Everyone reverent. Be in prayer.
Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, You promised this, Lord; I believe You. Oh, hear my prayer, answer Thy servant, Lord. Give something to our sister; she's trying to believe, Lord. Grant it.
Thou demon, in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out from the woman.
Now, every one; there it goes. Keep--keep your heads bowed everywhere. There it goes, lady.
Now, before I open my eyes, you watching my hand; it's left, has it? My hand's turned back normal, is that right? The lady, the patient, I'm asking you to speak. Yes, all right, open your eyes, everyone before I do. I want you to look at my hand. Something's happened, hasn't it, sister? What you think has happened? [Sister say, "I'm healed."--Ed.] You're healed is right, sister.
Now, watch her, audience, see my hand? Now, take your hand off. Put this one here on. Now, put this one on, now, put this one on. Something has happened, hasn't it, sister? You know that physically looking, is that right? Look audience, same hand, same position, same place, everywhere. Is that right? Something happened, hasn't it? You're healed, sister. Go off the platform rejoicing and be made well. Now, everybody be just reverent as you can.
L-77 You're the patient, aren't you? All right, sister dear, you believe with all your heart? Believe that God is here to make you well? You do. Now, what do you think about this all, you believe it's the stre--power of the Almighty God? You... Couldn't be nothing else. Well, you've been suffering with a nervous trouble for a long time. You haven't been well for long time. Another thing, you got... Oh, yes, you got something wrong in your back, haven't you, lady? I believe something wrong with one of the disks in your back. Isn't that right? Is that true? Come here. Do you believe me as God's prophet?
Our heavenly Father, I ask for the healing of my sister tonight, as I lay hands upon her, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may this demon turn her loose. Come out of her.
Now, stoop yourself over. All right, here she is with a dislocated spine, back. God bless you, sister, you're healed. Go off the platform rejoicing.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
L-78 Do you believe me, sister? God bless you. I never will forget; I believe you're the first colored lady that's come on the platform since I have been here in the meeting. I never forget a thing that happened one time at Jonesboro, Arkansas. A colored girl coming through the crowd crying, blind. And I prayed for her back in the back of the building. Many of you's heard the testimony, haven't you? Poor thing, no one was paying any attention to her.
And she was coming on. I was standing out there trying to get in, about twenty-eight thousand people had banked the place, and I was trying to get into the building. Been a lady healed with a cancer; they said she was dead. I don't know; I think she was in a coma.
L-79 But I remember when she bumped into me, she said, "Excuse me."
And I said, "What do you want?"
She said, "I's lost my father." She said, "I can't find him and I's blind, sir."
And I said, "Where you from?"
She said, "Memphis."
And I said... Looked over there and seen that bunch of chartered buses; I was at Jonesboro. I looked and seen that chartered buses setting there, I seen one of them said, "Memphis." I said, "What are you doing over here?"
She said, "I come over to see the healer."
And I said, "The what?"
She said, "The healer."
Nobody there, eight days, that's where I set at the platform for four days and nights without even leaving the platform, praying for the sick. I slept at the platform, eat at the platform, what I eat. And I said, "Do you believe that to be true?"
She said, "Yes, sir."
And I said, "Why, as many fine doctors as we got..."
She said, "Sir, when I was a little girl I had cataracts come on my eyes. The doctor told me when they got ripe," I don't know what she meant by that, "they'd take them out." And said, "Now, they've wrapped around the optical nerve of my eye, if they pull the cataract out they'd take my eyes out." And she said, "I heard on the radio this morning, a man up here from Kennett been blind twelve years received his sight." That's what happened that morning. She said, "I come to see if I could see the man." And said, "They tell me I can't even get near the place." And said, "I've lost my father, and I--I'm blind; and nobody will help me to the bus."
And I said, "Do you believe about that Angel?"
She said, "Yes, sir." And she said...
I said, "You believe that that man would pray for you to get well?"
She said, "I will tell you what you do, if you'll take me by the hand and lead me to where he's at, I'll be able to find my father then."
That was too much for me. I said, "Do you believe that's true?"
She said, "Yes, sir."
I said, "Perhaps I'm the one you're supposed to see."
And she grabbed me; she said, "Are you the healer?"
I said, "No, ma'am, I'm Brother Branham." I said, "Jesus is the Healer."
She said, "Brother Branham, don't pass me." Poor blind girl standing there...
And I said, "Sure, I wouldn't, sister. I'm sure God won't."
And I never will forget, I took her by the hand and I said, "Lord Jesus, some nineteen hundred years ago there was an old rugged cross come dragging down through the streets of Jerusalem, dragging out the Bloody footprints of the Bearer, His poor little thin body, frail, fell under the load..." []
L-80 Name of Jesus Christ, receive your healing, mother. Go off the platform and be made well. Amen. God bless you, go rejoicing and be happy.
[] Diabetes, go and be made well, my brother, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ...?...
All right, bring the lady here. All right, sister, yes, you believe? All right, you keep that tumor when it passes out of you, you send it to me. God bless you, sister. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
Come, sister, you believe? Wouldn't you like to be rid of that asthma? Go breathe in the Name of the Lord Jesus and receive your healing.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
Come, lady, do you believe, sister? You like get over that heart trouble, wouldn't you? Go receive your healing in the Name of the Lord.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. You believe?
How do you do, sister? Do you believe me as God's prophet? You'd like to be rid of that cancer, wouldn't you? Go and be healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus and be well.
L-81 That's it, friends. Believe. What do you think setting there sister, do you believe with all your heart? You'd like get rid of that back trouble, wouldn't you? Walk off the platform the other way; you're healed. God bless you.
That's the way to believe it. Now, you're doing it; now you're coming right. All right.
All right, come, lady. What do you think about it? You believe me as God's prophet? Your kidney trouble left you, sister, coming across the platform.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
Now, you're believing. Just a moment, when I turned around that lady was healed, with that... Yes, the gray headed lady, setting here, right back there with that green polka dot dress on. You had back trouble too, didn't you, sister? All right, you're healed now. You can go and be well. God bless you, sister.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
L-82 Bring the lady. All right, sister, what do you think about it? You believe? Put your handkerchief in your other hand, lay your hand on mine. What does that look like to you? Strange looking sight there, isn't it? It's cancer. Come here just a moment. You know when the Angel of the Lord met me, that was the first thing He said, "Till not even cancer will stand before the prayer." Do you believe it? I want you to repeat this and watch my hand. Repeat this as I say, from your heart.
Lord Jesus, now I want you to watch, see that moving on my hand? Lord Jesus, [Lady repeats after Brother Branham.--Ed.] I believe You; I accept You as my Healer; I believe that there was a supernatural Being said these things to Brother Branham. I believe His Presence is here now. I accept my healing.
Now, what happened? Something changed there, didn't it? Vibrations stopped, didn't it? Your faith has made you whole, sister, your cancer is dead and gone. God bless you. [Matthew 9:22], [Mark 5:34], [Mark 10:52], [Luke 8:48], [Luke 17:19]
L-83 Oh, my, poor little baby, Pack it; get him over here. A little fellow, braces on his leg. Come here, darling. You love Jesus, honey? Everybody bow your head just a minute, a little crippled boy.
Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee for child simplicity. Thank Thee for this darling little babe. And I pray, dear God, that You'll heal the little thing tonight. This horrible enemy has struck the little lad in his youth. But I hold his little body against mine and ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that You heal him. May this leave him. Come out of him, thou demon, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
All right, little boy, you the mother of the baby? All right, take the child down there, and take the braces off of it, and bring it back on the--round the platform here walking without them. God's healed the baby.
L-84 All right, come, lady. Do you believe? Do you accept me as God's servant?
(...?... Is that right...?... Is that right...?... How would I know...?... Is that right? You're going to be well now. That was an abscess that caused that, that draining see.)
Nothing immoral, just something that couldn't be said before this audience, that only God Almighty would know. How about it, sister? Is that right. Nothing but God alone was there when this happened; that's right. The lady and God alone. It's true, isn't it, lady? Go home, for Jesus has made you well. Amen. God bless you.
Are you a believer? With all your heart? All your mind, all your soul? Oh, He's so wonderful. He's here to make every one of you well. Don't you believe it?
Baby, all right, lead him up on the plat... Here comes the little boy with his braces off. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." every... There's the baby, polioed, one foot up, it tickles his foot to run. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." God bless you, brother.
L-85 Do you believe? What do you think about it? Jesus is here. What do you think about it, brother? Amen. What do you think about it, sir, with a white shirt on setting there. You'd like get over that rupture, wouldn't you? Amen. All right, stand up and receive it, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. What about your wife setting there with that tumor? You'd like to get over it too, wouldn't you, lady? Raise up and receive it in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah.
There's... What about the young lady setting there with epilepsy? You want to get over it, lady? If you do, rise up and receive it in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah!
Just a moment, just reverent, just a minute. Oh, if you only knew. Where's the ministers of God that believes in Divine healing? Come here, ministers, come here in front of me just a minute, ministers of the Gospel who believe in Divine healing. I'm going to show you the glory of the Lord. Line right up here in front of me just a moment.
L-86 One day it come to pass, it was so great that our Master could not touch the people. He sent other seventy. My brethren, do you believe in this with all your heart? How many in here is sick and needy? Scatter back this way, brethren, move way out here, make the line long. You ministers standing right out this a way now, turn this a way. You in this line, turn this a way. And you in that line over there, turn this a way. You in this line here, turn that way.
How many believes that God's glory is fixing to fall on this building and there not be a feeble one among us? I believe He's here. My brethren, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I'm asking you to represent my hands and God's hands tonight, and I'm going to stand at this microphone, bow my head in prayer while you start laying hands on these people. And I believe there will not be a feeble one in our midst by the time you get through them, laying your hands on the sick. [Luke 10:1]
L-87 And I want every sick person in here, that's sick and wants to be healed, to stand up on your feet right now, you that's able to. Turn this a way, ministers, don't fail but what you touch each one. All right, you sick people, lay your hands over on one another. Turn around this way ministers, towards the audience. Are you now ready to receive your healing? That's right, the lady's already healed standing there. There's another one healed standing right there. God bless you, yes, brother. There you are; you're through with that; throw it away from... That's right. That one's healed with asthma standing right there. That lady, He healed her cancer, standing right there. Here, that lady standing right there with...?... is healed. That man there, with his eyes. God has made you well, my brother. There.
L-88 Ministers, walk forward in the Name of the Lord, lay your hands on them.
Almighty God, we come to You in this crucial moment, believing that You're here. Lord, God, we now represent You, laying hands upon the sick.
Satan, you've lost the battle. Thou demon, I adjure you to come out of these people in the Name of Jesus Christ; leave every one of them.
I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ, cripples, stand up on your feet. Here come the cripples up out of the wheelchairs, a cripple's coming up. The people are being healed. Accept it right now, raise up your hands and give God praise. There's a crippled woman, another crippled woman, a crippled man. The power of God is here. Go forward, in the Name of the Lord...?...

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