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Who Hath Believed Our Report?
51-0719, Who Hath Believed Our Report?, Civic Auditorium, Toledo, OH, 78 min

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L-1 Thank you Brother Baxter. Thank you Brother.
[Audience claps--Ed.]
Thank you so much for that welcome. I feel real good about that. I was kinda surprised to see Brother Upshaw.
I'm just a little shorter than Brother Baxter...?... It's indeed a great privilege to be here tonight.
I just heard this afternoon some more good news, my wife may come up during this meeting. And--and I hope that she gets here. I say we don't, we going miss them. Thank you. Thank you.
If there's any credit to go the Branham family, let it go to her. She's the one deserves it. Thirty years old and gray headed. She's seen the trouble. When my phone there I've... At times I've seen when we had, that ant--average as many, sixty-four long distance calls an hour, day and night, and the people at the door and so forth. She's had an awful time. But God has blessed us, and we're happy to be serving Him.
L-2 It was indeed a surprise to see the congressman here tonight. I shall never forget his healing. I feel that that... He was the one that the Angel of the Lord was referring to when He met me and said, "You'll pray for great men, statesmen, kings of the earth." How could I ever believe that I would be praying for people like that. My first shock was when King George of England sent me a cablegram, come pray for him to be healed of his multiple sclerosis, which God did heal him. I was...
Then the night when I never knew Congressman Upshaw, when he was running... He run for president, I think in about 1919. And I think he was something in the state of Georgia where he come from, senator or something in there. He's been a internationally known man, served in the congress and retired in congress.
L-3 And one night I walked into the Temple. And I knew no one, just as I know here. There was the wheelchairs lined up through there, why, just as they are tonight.
Someone today, a business man was sitting, wanted to know why that that lady last night was healed in a wheelchair, why didn't I heal somebody else in a wheelchair?
I said, "I never healed her, and I don't heal no one. Jesus Christ healed her by her... the merits of her faith. And I saw it done and I told her about it and that's all." I said, "I could tell every one of them, if He would show me. But I can only do as He tells me to do." [Isaiah 53:5], [Psalms 103:1-3]
L-4 And I never heard in my life of this gallant man, Mr. Upshaw. I... You know in my talk that I'm uneducated. I was raised in a big family of ten children. I got not even a grammar school education. Seventh grade was as far as I got in school. I had to go to work, take care of nine children. My father wasn't very healthy, died young, and I had to work. I never got my education, I would've knew mister Upshaw.
Well, one night I walked into the building, and I seen a vision. All the wheelchairs was setting there. I looked, and I saw a young man in his teens, fall; he hurt himself. He fell on a hayrack or something. That's all I could say, knew of. I seen him in a high place, wore a strange looking collar, looked like the same man. Somebody was applauding to him. That's all I knew.
Somebody said... Brother Baxter said, "You know who that was you seen?"
I said, "No."
Said, "That's... Did you ever heard of Congressman Upshaw?"
I said, "No, sir."
Said, "He's setting before you. That's him."
Then I looked, and I said, "That's the guy. That's him setting there."
L-5 I went ahead and I started to look to see what would happen. I seen a doctor standing like that, thin doctor, wearing great big tortoise shell glasses. And he had one of those things out in front of his head that--glass like that they look into the mouth. I seen him shaking his head like that, and said...
I looked down, there laid a little colored girl laying by him. He had taken her tonsils, and it paralyzed her from her way--or from her throat down. She was paralyzed. I looked at the little girl, and I said, "I see a doctor. He's operated, taken the tonsils from a child, a colored child who's paralyzed."
I looked around this a way, and I heard someone weeping. I looked, laying down to the right was an elderly colored woman there, weeping like that. She said, "Good Lord, that's my baby."
I looked laying there; I said, "Yeah, that's the baby. It's about two years since it's been, hasn't it, mother?"
She said, "That's right."
I said, "I imagine by the looks of it, it's about two years ago."
She said, "That's what it's been."
I looked back around this a way and called another to the line. And I happened to look; I seen a path going like this, or it turned out to be a street. I seen that little colored girl going down the street with a doll on her arm. That was it. Said, "All right, mother. It's over. Your baby's healed." There it was. See?
L-6 The Spirit of the Lord come into the audience and just sapped my strength. And just as I started to go down, my brother run to me to catch me. And I looked; I seen Congressman Upshaw. And he'd been in meetings ever since he was a lad when he first fell and hurt himself. He wanted to be healed then by God. He listened to Mr. Roberts; he'd been in Mr. Freeman's meetings, Mr. Ogilvie, and many of them had prayed for him.
Friends, I've got something to say along them lines after a bit. No matter how much faith you have, it'll never change the predestinated will of God. It's got to be by vision to see what happens.
And as it started out, I seen him in a brown suit going down the street, tipping his hat to people like that. I said, "Congressman Upshaw is healed in the Name of the Lord."
There, after laying, been a crippled for sixty-six years, laying on a bed for many years, and rolled around in a wheelchair... Sent people through college by selling books on the streets, that's now in our government; and served his time as a gallant man, as a great man, as a statesman, and congressman of our United States of America. There, that man, for the first time since sixty-six years, threw aside his crutches and was perfectly whole. He minded what the Holy Spirit said do.
There setting by his side was a woman, had arthritis just a few years, screamed, who said, "What about me?" How could I say? What could I say to her? The Father had to show me, first.
L-7 And Mister Upshaw had heard enough of it before. He said before he come into the meetings that he knew that--that it wasn't me. That what God said, through there, he had faith to believe, for he'd seen others. And here's Mr. Upshaw and his wife setting here tonight to listen to this testimony, which is the truth. God... [Brother Upshaw interrupts--Ed.]
And he says, "Let's praise the Lord." Amen. That's... And here he is just as--at eighty-four years old, just as lively as any child.
L-8 Now, for any of you people, I'm... And concerning healing, I have told you many times, I can do nothing until the Father shows me what is done. [John 5:19]
Someone said, "Brother Branham, why don't you call the people up and just pray for every one of them." That's all right. I can do that. That's all right. That's not exactly the way that I carry the meetings. I carry the meetings according to the manifestation of the Spirit of God that's given me to minister to the people. Now, we do the best that we know how, to minister to them.
And now, before I go any farther, I want to read some Scripture in confirmation of what I have just said. I want to read from Saint John 5, you that wish to mark them. And I... I want you to listen closely now.
Now, my words is the words of a man, it will fail. But God's Word, is the Word of God which cannot fail. How many believes the Word of God is true and infallibly the truth? Thank you. Then that... It might be misunderstood, I will read about Jesus. This is in the early part of His ministry, He was declaring Himself before the people.
After this there was the feast of the Jews; and Jesus went up to Jerusalem.
And now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches.
In these laid great multitudes of impotent folks... blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water.
For an angel went down at... certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepping in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.
And a certain man was there, which had an infirmity thirty and eight years.
...Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in this case, he says unto him, Wilt thou be made whole?
The impotent man answered him, Sir, I have no man... to put me into the water: but while I am coming, another steps down before me.
Jesus said unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.
And immediately the man was made whole... [] took up his bed and walked: and the same... was the sabbath day. [John 5:1-10, 19-20]

Now, I want you to read that whole chapter. But I want to read the 19th and 20th verse.
When he was questioned...
Now, I'll get to the verse just in a moment. I want you to watch the scene. And now, please give me your undivided attention on these lines, so there will not... It'll brush away superstitions and thoughts that should not be.
L-9 Jesus was the virgin born Son of God. We believe that. If we're Christians, we have to believe that He was virgin born. And I believe the Holy Spirit overshadowed a little girl, Mary, and created that Blood cell in her womb that developed into the Son of God. And I believe that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. For he said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me."
And now, He came by this pool in the beginning of His ministry, which was at the sheep market. We wouldn't have time to go in, 'cause you readers know what the sheep market, the pool was there at Bethesda, had five porches where the sheep came in from different parts, and the pool... to the pool. [Luke 1:27-35]
L-10 And now, there... Some people thought these people that waited there was superstitious. There was an Angel came down and troubled the water; that's chopped the waters; it's very dangerous water. And the first man stepping in with faith was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.
Now, let's watch the picture. And around this gate now laid great multitudes.
Now, what would you think consisted of a multitude? Now, we're told that a multitude consisted of two thousands. And multitudes was in the plural, great multitudes. Now, there's probably, let's say ten thousand people. Maybe they was more. But at least from five to ten thousand people we'll say. [John 5:1-15]
L-11 Now, let's look what kind of a group that was: of lame, halt, blind, withered. What a--a mass of disfigured humanity, waiting for the troubling of this water. Historians tell us that they'd even fight to get into the water, cut each other with knives to try to get ahead of the other one, to step in to see if their faith was sufficient to make them whole.
Now, Jesus passed by this pool. Now, Jesus never dressed Himself any different than any man of His day. He never wore His different... to make Hisself known.
The Kingdom of God is not the way you wear your clothes; it's what's in your heart. You don't have to turn your collar around, or be called doctor or reverend. It's what you are in your heart.
Jesus was a common ordinary looking Jew. And He passed through the people, and they--they'd get mixed up. They wouldn't even know where--where He was. He just walked right out. He wasn't dressed any different. Wasn't nothing queer about Him in that manner of His garb, make-up. [John 5:1-15]
L-12 And He walked in, and He knew a man had been laying there now for thirty-eight years, had an infirmity. Now, look. There was lame, halt, withered; and here laid a man with an infirmity, a disease. Maybe he had TB. Might've had high blood pressure. He might been anemia, heart trouble. But he had an infirmity for thirty and eight years. He wasn't bound on a cot, or a bed, or in a chair. He said, "While I'm coming down to the water, somebody that's better off than I beat me to it."
And then the Angel, as soon as the first person was healed, all the virtue of the Angel went off the water to the person, and left. And they didn't wait just for another day: until another season. Might be a month. But they waited.
We can't wait for one night to another. If we don't get prayed for the first night and healed, there's nothing to it. That shows how times have changed, and what a bunch of neurotics in the age that we're living in. The Bible said it would be this a way. And we're here.
L-13 Now, watch this. Jesus knew this man had been laying there for a long time. He knew nothing except the Father showed Him. And He went by and healed this man, and walked away from that multitude of crippled, afflicted, and suffering humanity; and walked away from them.
Could you imagine, that... Do you believe Jesus had compassion? Do you believe He was full of love? Sure, I believe that. But these things that go with that, that ninety percent of the Bible readers go over the top of it. They fail to see the true of it. Sure He was full of love.
And it looked like, that if He was so full of love, as we know He was, and seen those people laying there withered, twisted, and drawed up, blind, crying, no way to make a living, just begging and... Looks like that lovely Son of God would've walked over and said, "Now, blind man, receive your sight. Crippled man, you've been laying here so long, rise up. And mister, you with the withered arm, why don't you rise up."
L-14 Instead of that, going to a man that was just sick, and had lived an ordinary life with an infirmity for thirty-eight years. That looks strange, doesn't it? You couldn't hardly understand that. Now, I want you to remember that word, "couldn't understand it..." if the Scriptures didn't declare it later.
The Jews questioned Him. Now, listen what He says in the 19th verse.
Then Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in himself, but what he seeth the Father do; for what soever things he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.
For the Father sh... loveth the Son, and showeth him all things... himself doeth: and he will show him greater things than this, that you may marvel. [John 5:19-20]

Now, notice. Why didn't Jesus heal the withered there? Why didn't He heal the afflicted? Why did He heal a man that just had, maybe a stomach trouble, or--or something, and leave the rest of them there? Because His own Word says, "He could do nothing unless the Father showed Him." Is that right? Well, isn't He the same yesterday, today, and forever? [Hebrews 13:8]
L-15 Someone questioned me today. Said, "Well, if you can see all things..."
I said, "I cannot see all things."
He said, "Well, you--you... That one woman setting there bound in the wheelchair, you told her to rise up. And here set a whole big bunch of people setting in front of you, why didn't you tell them to rise up?"
"How can I, except God shows me?"
Said, "Well I had an aunt setting back there. She had heart trouble. And you healed a man setting there with..."
I said, "Brother, I did not heal no one with heart trouble. Jesus Christ healed that man by his prayer. And I only seen it done." Now, He heals the cripples.
But people these days... Jesus said, "A weak and adulterous generation seeketh after signs." Is that right? "Except you see miracles," Jesus said, "and signs, you won't believe."
Now, there's cripples been healed. But the thing of it is, I want to get to you cripples, ninety percent of the people that's crippled, when the doctor says, "All right, you're setting there for life," they can't help it. Way down in them is something that frightens them and tells them that's going to be the truth. And you're afraid to let yourself out.
Well, you're not hopeless, no more than a man with heart trouble. I stand and look at the cripples, and see what's wrong with them and different things. It's true. I can see that, or anything of that type. [Psalms 103:1-3], [John 4:48], [Matthew 12:39], [Matthew 16:4]
L-16 I never speak and say, "This man, this boy here fall and died, and hurting himself, and so forth like that, and bursting up his spine, and everything." He knows that. And the crip... The people here see them and know they're crippled, and arthritis, and heart, the things like that. They see that.
But what does... The power of God is, is when a man standing here looking healthy, and you tell him what's wrong with him, when to the natural eye, he looks all right. The natural eye can see the man's crippled. See, maybe his leg's bent up, or his... Or see the man setting there blind with a cane, or he's walking to and somebody leading him, or... You know he's blind. But the thing, the people look healthy.
L-17 Oh, Christians, pinch the inside man now and wake up to the reality, that Jesus Christ is here to manifest Hisself to you. And His present attitude now is just the same to you as it--as it was to them back there. But He could only do as your faith will vindicate, or your faith will go to the Father and accept what He has already done for you.
Now, to you crippled people. There isn't any of you here as bad off as Congressman Upshaw. He was sixty-six years crippled, wheeled in a wheelchair, laid on beds, helped out and went with crutches. I never seen him or heard of him in my life, and God knows that's true. And here the man is tonight, standing before you, perfectly whole. See?
L-18 The congressman with a spiritual wife instructed in him, and say, "You believe." And him, being a spiritual man himself, believed. And when he saw the operation of the Spirit, he within himself, he said, "If God will only answer my prayer, and let the brothers see me, then I believe."
No matter how many men had tried to cast out and push up, and take the crutches away, that's only... Why, I can walk down there and try to pick somebody up off a wheelchair, say, "Stand up, hold up, hold up, do this." That's just a act of faith. That's all right. If that'll help you, go ahead. Let somebody do it.
L-19 But for my part, when I tell you to rise from the wheelchair, you do what I tell you, you're going to walk. That's--that's all there is to it. For I'm not going to tell you till the heavenly Father shows me that you're healed. And you do what you're told. When you're hear at the platform, and It tells you what to do, you go do it, and you'll get well, because It's not me.
And it never has one time in the literally hundreds of thousands, failed one time. It can't fail with you. But It's not me; It's He that does it. See? Not me, It's He. I only speak, 'cause I don't speak myself. He speaks through me. And that's mostly where...
L-20 Now, God shows visions. I want some of them, if they will, to call my time. I... Maybe I can see the clock. I'm not sure. Five after? Thank you. If I can... Why, I don't want to go too long. I want to get a--a little story to you, each night, a little testimony. Then it's a little cooler tonight, which we're thankful for it.
And dear Christian friends, I may be having my last American meetings for all I know. I'm going overseas now. And I feel the call to finish up my journey overseas in Africa, and the different parts of the world. I don't know when I can be back again. It'll only be through the will of God, and whatever He shows me to do. And I love you. And I know someday I must stand at the judgment seat of Christ to give an account for the things that we've done in this life.
Now, to--for something that maybe some people here has been in the meetings and know this. And from henceforth out, I will try just to give a testimony when I come to the platform, and then leave.
L-21 And in giving out the prayer cards of the day... Your prayer cards don't have nothing to do with this, only just a number to keep you lined up. They try to... I ask my boy...
At first, we would send the prayer cards to the minister. First, I wouldn't have any at all. I'd say, "All who wants to be prayed for, come up." Oh, they would be have a fight, who's going to be in the front lines; 'cause I only get to so many, and who was going to get in.
We had to do something. We give prayer cards. Then we thought, "Well, first come, first served." And the first day there, we just handed out all the prayer cards we could. If anybody else come in a little late, they were out. And just those who got the first hundred or two, was the only ones that got prayed for. If a man come in with emergency case, he--he couldn't come in before someone else, 'cause he'd beat them out.
L-22 Then it got so, we'd give them to the ministers. Well, then... And say each minister, send him two hundred, and next minister two hundred, all the cooperating ministers. And that even caused them to lose members of their church. If someone give a member a prayer card, and didn't give it to this other person, and then the first minister got his group in; time his group got ministered to, the rest of it was finished--the service was finished. That caused trouble.
And the only way successfully we've ever found of doing it, is to take a group of cards each day, and go down there. No matter if you've been there a dozen times, or if you've been there... And then we would take them and give them out, fifty cards. Start from number one.
L-23 And if you couldn't get up for past ten or fifteen, they say, "I don't want it. I won't be called anyhow." See? 'Cause that's about all I could get to in one night. Maybe sometimes not over one or two. And people misunderstand it. And letters flow in. "We don't get prayed for."
Our Master went into a city, and healed one man, and walked away from the city. Isn't that right? And if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. See what I mean?
Now, then we figured this, and the Lord one night revealed it to me. Said, "Go down and give out a group of cards. And then when you do, let no one know from where, and go walk up to the platform." And whatever He puts on my mind, that's where I start from. And that gives everybody a fair chance every day to come in.
And the prayer cards, there's more healed out in the audience than there is on the platform. You know that's true. So the prayer card don't have nothing to do with it. I ask each night, How many hasn't got prayer cards." And I try to watch over those people to see what the Lord will--will show me concerning them, and they'd be healed.
L-24 Now, it's the prayer, your prayer, your prayer. Now, remember, if you're going to be healed, don't think that somebody that's got a gift of Divine healing heals you. If you're going to be healed by Divine healing, you are the one that's got the gift of healing. It's your faith in Christ, not this person, or no other man. It's your own individual faith in Christ. How many understands that? That's the truth.
I couldn't do nothing. I could pray for you. Or your neighbor can pray for you. But it's your faith that does the healing. You accept yourself, individually, what Christ has done for you. You lay hold on it, and it's truth.
Now, the only thing that this does, sometimes corrects a man's life.
L-25 I don't know, they told me... (Oh, it seems like a dream after the meeting's over, when the anointing comes.) about a man who came here last night on the platform, and the Spirit of God went out to him, and told him that he was some sort of a critic, and had been criticizing me. And the manager and them told me, the... My boy says the man humbly reached out his hand and apologized, and said it was the truth. Is that true? Then he made it right with God, and went to his place. Said a deaf woman got healed, and so forth; and a woman in a wheelchair, and different things. They tell me. When they go to talking about it, I--I began to... It seems like it's way back. I can think of it.
Last night going out, I could hear someone calling me. I couldn't tell where it was. And I had nothing to do with it myself.
L-26 Now, here's how it happens. Now, for the next few minutes: While I was at Houston when this picture was being taken, Doctor F. F. Bosworth, one of the finest old men there is in the world... I'm anxious for Congressman Upshaw to meet him.
He's going with me to Africa, Mister Bosworth. We want to see him finish his ministry and finish his course with great joy. And he's going to Africa with us. I love him with godly Christian love.
And he came into my room, he said, "Brother Branham looky here." Just about a night before this picture was taken. And there he give me the picture of Miss Florence Nightingale, a great-great granddaughter of the late Florence Nightingale from England, that went down into Africa. And she was dying with a malignant growth over the...?... of the stomach. And they held up her picture.
L-27 And I thought Georgie Carter, my piano player at the Milltown Baptist Church in Indiana, was the thinnest person I ever seen. She weighed thirty some odd pounds, with TB, and been nine years and eight months on her back. And a hour from the time that the Holy Ghost showed me where she's at and to pray for her, she was playing the piano again. And she's my piano player there tonight. Six, seven years ago, she's just as healthy as anybody.
But this woman was almost six foot tall, Georgie was a little woman. This woman was about six foot tall and weighed around thirty-five or forty pounds. And they had her standing up, holding her, and her body with just a small clout around her. Even as hard-hearted as I am, it broke me down to tears. And I...
She's begging me, "Brother Branham, the last call. Please fly to Africa right away." Said, "I believe if I could just see you, God will heal me." Now, she did not belong to a fundamental church. Then... But she had faith.
All the faith don't lie in the fundamental church, or don't-- lies in the Pentecostal church, or the Holiness church. It lays in an individual. I've seen a Roman Catholic come to the platform and be healed miraculously with things. And different people...
L-28 I've seen in Winnipeg, Canada, a Buddha worshipper, a little blind boy converted at the platform. I said, "You being blind, do you believe."
He said, "If Jesus Christus heal me tonight, I'll worship no other God but Jesus Christus." And his eyes come open. There you are. Buddha...
I expect to see Indians and Hindus in Africa, and Hottentots brought to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
Listen. I prayed, and I said, "God, I can't go down there now unless You lead me. So I ask Thee, Lord, if You'll heal that woman, that'll be a green light."
And Brother Bosworth kneeling with me, said, "Go to Africa." Brother Baxter doesn't know about this even.
And we joined hands there, Brother Bosworth and I, and my wife, and little girl. And we knelt down and prayed that God would heal the woman. I commit it to the Lord, and let it go. I never knew nothing about that, left it go.
L-29 And when Brother Baxter and I, and all of us arrived in London, Brother Baxter and I were going in, which he's listening... setting here listening at me now. When we were going in, I said, "Well, it'll be peaceful here for awhile."
So I started up, and they paged me. And when I got there, I was wondering if it was the king's call to come to the Buckingham Palace, or what it was, immediately.
But what it was, the page was to go over... [] There was a lady had just flown in front of me from Africa, and they couldn't hardly get her out of the plane: Miss. Florence Nightingale. How she knowed I was to be there, I don't know yet. And I told this minister, I said, "Take her somewhere, and I'll see you in a day or so." We wanted to go down to the palace.
So he said, "If she lives that long." Said, "Brother Branham, she's dying."
L-30 So they got her down to the place, and that day when Brother Baxter and I, and Brother Lindsay, and Brother Moore, the managers, we went down to the place. The minister came and got us, and we went up to the place to pray for the woman. When I walked in that room, friends, I--I--I can't tell you how I felt. There laid a skeleton a breathing.
Now, I'm in a mixed audience. Now, you listen to your doctor, and I'm your brother. Now, please understand me in the right manner. When they brought down the cover, Brother Baxter turned his head.
And she wanted... Now, she couldn't talk to me, and I had to get down and let the nurse say what she was saying. And where enough moisture was coming to make tears rolling down her cheeks, I don't know. She wanted to die. She wanted me to ask God to let her die.
L-31 Well, I took a hold of her hand, and it cold pi--just like bones. Her head here, the skull, how it goes together, you could see the places. Her eyes way back. And on her breast, as a woman, it wasn't, sunk down into her ribs. And when they pulled the cover down to here, her bones... her legs up here at the place, at their sockets, was just about that big around.
They couldn't even find any veins to inject glucose or nothing. She hadn't eat for months, could swallow nothing. They had to put the water in her and so forth. And now, they couldn't find the veins to feed her. And there, the ring of her hip bone had growed together, and the skin from both sides of the ring was sticking together like that. You never seen such a sight in your life.
I knelt down, and I said, "Heavenly Father, have mercy." I told her, I said, "I'm under no anointing; I've just come down here. But I'll pray, but not for you to die." And I started praying. And she said, "Could you...?..."
I was going to get down close, and the nurse said, "She said, 'Brother Branham, I've always believed if I could get near you, God would answer prayer.'" If I was a hypocrite, God would reward such faith as that. That's true.
L-32 And when I went to pray for her, just as I started praying... Brother Baxter here is one witness. As I started to pray, a little turtledove flew at the window, begin to go, "Coo, coo, coo, coo." And all...
I started down. I said, "Our Father, Who art in heaven..."
The little turtledove started going, "Coo, coo."
I said, "Hallowed be Thy Name."
He said, "Coo, coo," walking back and forth.
And when I finished my prayer, and said, "Amen," and asked for her healing, the little turtledove flew away.
The ministers remarked. And when I started to tell the woman to console her, the Holy Spirit spoke and said, "She's going to be well." And today, she weighs a hundred and thirty-five pounds in perfect health. There's a green light in Africa burning.
L-33 We went from there to Helsinki. (And I'll have to hurry, just get part of this.) Before leaving, I was at... One night, the Holy Spirit appeared to me in Miami, Florida. I seen a little boy killed by an accident and laying in a rocky looking land. And oh, at the condition that child, he... I described him. And many you people here might know it, as I--I speak of it.
And I asked it... Went over to the tent, and I said, "There's going to be a little boy somewhere's going to be raised. It's a rocky looking ground. He's got brown hair, kind of bobbed off. He's got little bitty short panty-waist trousers on. His feet's going to be run through his socks, and he's--he's all mashed up from an accident. And he's going to be dead. And the Lord is going to bring him back." I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD." I said, "All of you write it in your Bibles, and it'll appear in the Voice Of Healing. And one of these days, when, I don't know, (because the vision lasted some two hours.) it'll be sometime."
L-34 And I guess this is one of the dozens and hundreds of things that He has shown. I take any person to the record, if every one of them hasn't come to pass.
Then when... About two or three nights after that, they took me back behind the tent, said, "A little boy's laying back here, come see him." The little boy was drowned; about five years old, real coal black hair, well... I said, "No, that's not him." I offered prayer for consolation, and went on.
I come up through the Western country, down through Canada. And I told it everywhere in my meetings. I said, "Write it in your Bible. There's one vision that yet hasn't come to pass. It's a little boy that's going to be on his road to a undertaker establishment or something, and God is going to heal him. I'll be there. It's in a rocky country, lots of trees. And the little boy's about eight or ten years old, a little flat faced, and brown eyes." And I said, "He got bobbed looking hair like a girl's hair like. He's very poorly dressed."
L-35 How many remembers me saying that? Is there anybody here that remembers? Here's one man putting his hands up here. Yes, another one over there. That was way before (See?) it come to pass. Back in there, yeah, I see your hands. All right. That was nearly a year and a half or two years before it happened.
One day when we went to Helsinki, then we went up to Kuopio. It was fast time--I was fasting and praying.
They sing, the Russians and all, some of them were there, and the Finns. They sang a beautiful song, "On Golgotha." And all their songs are in minor, very sad. There was an Englishman down at the bottom below the tower, drunk. We led him to Christ when we come down.
I said to--to brethren, I said, "There's something strange going to happen. I feel that the Angel of the Lord is near, and it ain't even time for the meeting." We was having marvelous meetings. Thousands, they stood for a half a mile, about five or six city blocks, just as far as they could stand at three o'clock in the evening trying to get into the Messuhalli, which was then seated at twenty-five thousand or better. So then, waiting.
L-36 And when you pass by... You could pass by them and the tears would be just dropping off their cheeks, just in respects, they would stand like that. Lovely... Oh, my.
We got it easy over here. We got... We're well fed and clothed, and have need for nothing, as we think. Brother, they could teach us Christianity. They have to pray and hold to God for everything they get. We'll get an economy someday if we don't straighten up our living in this country.
I'm American, born here and generation after generation. I flew over the grave of many dead Branham laying in Germany and France, and through there, that's died in the wars. And if be my call tonight, I'd die freely for my country. But she needs some straightening up. That's exactly right.
We talking about revival, and we ain't had no revival yet. We've had a lot of protractive meetings, but a revival's when they tear down the--the sheds and go to praying and get right with God. An old fashion, back woods, sky blue, sin killing religion preached that makes people get right with God, that's what we need is a revival, not a church joining. Amen. I don't know why I said that, but I've already said it.
L-37 Notice. All right. And those people, lovely. And when we came down, I kept telling brother, "Something's going to happen." We come down the hill. And down below, a car was going swiftly.
Not many cars in Finland. Second-handed Fords sell for about four thousand dollars, gasoline about a dollar and a half a gallon. Very few cars there, you see one a sparingly.
And a car wreck, American made '35 model Ford, green, had run down through some school children. Two little boys started this way. They tried to run back. One went one way and one the other. And the bumper struck one by the chin. He started this way.
When the driver whirled his car to the right, struck him by the chin and threw him down that way, rolled him over and over, hit the curb and up against a tree and concussed his brain. And the other little fellow, it knocked him right in front of him, hit him with the bumper, rolled over him, run over him.
And the car was driving about sixty miles per hour. Rolled him up under the back, and kicked him plumb up in the air when he went out like that. And he fell like a sack on the ground. Think about a dog being hit like that or something.
L-38 Quite a while, a few minutes, fifteen minutes before we got to the scene. The little boy was laid out, dead. Brother and them went over there and looked at him. I couldn't look at the child. It--it just...
Brother Lindsay came back. Many of you know Brother Gordon Lindsay. Brother Baxter, I don't think... No, he wasn't at the scene. Brother Baxter never went up with us. He was taking a walk, he and my brother. And when I got there, I...
Brother Lindsay come back crying. Brother Moore come back crying, Sister Isaacson, the interpreter...
Well, I didn't know what to think. And finally, I took a look at the boy. And I started weeping. I got a son here. And I thought, "Way away in America, my boy." Now, if I hadn't been all excited, I'd have recognized it quickly. But I turned away. It covered his little face. And I...
L-39 Looked like Something just laid Their hand on my shoulder or something. And I turned around, there's nobody there. I thought, "Wait. What's this strange feeling?" I waited just a few moments. I said, "Let me see that boy again." And they raised the--the thing back from over him, and there he was laying there. And I said, "Ask the ministers if that boy's ever been in a church."
"Do they know him?"
I said, "I seen that boy somewhere." I looked at him again. I seen his little foot run through that sock. I looked around, I seen that rugged country. I said, "Here he is."
I said, "Brother Moore, look in your Bible."
Said, "What do you mean?"
I said, "Look on the fly leaf, you and Brother Lindsay. THUS SAITH THE LORD, there's the boy that I seen in America. That boy will be alive in a few minutes." You'll never know how you feel when you know where you're standing. That's right.
L-40 Said, "Is that the boy?" Brother Moore looked over the fly leaf in his Bible where many... I asked hundreds and hundreds of people to write it in there. He said, "Brother Branham, that's the description exactly."
I said, "That's the boy." All right. They gathered, knelt down. I said, "O Eternal God, way in my homelands in America, one night You visit me and showed me this rocky country and this little boy. And here he lays here dead, waiting for his father and mother to come to hear this sad news." I said, "You Who separated me from my mother's womb and sent me to see these visions, now, Almighty God, speak; and death, you go hold him, I call for his life in the Name of Jesus Christ Who showed the vision."
And the little boy screamed, jumped on his feet, and is as normal and well as anybody there is setting in the building here tonight. That touch came in like a streak of fire.
L-41 That night when they tried to bring me to the meeting, why the... They was packed so far down the street, the officers, police patrol, army officers had to come and get me from blocks down the street. Coming in, I'll never forget.
I will have to hurry, just one more thing. And I'll finish up about the other boy tomorrow night.
I was going into the room, two Finnish soldiers behind me and two in front of me pushing me along. And I went into the room, and they... The auditorium was packed. Oh, my. And up and down the streets, and they had tents around everywhere. And I've got some of the chief men of the city, which we'd call mayor, wrote up in their books, signed by his own name, witness of the power of Almighty God to raise the dead.
L-42 Now, that's three times that I've seen that done. Maybe I can get to it later when Mrs. Hattie Waldorf here in Phoenix, and Ralph Perry at home. Now... That I mean's been pronounced dead, laying out... This boy, when I started in...
I was going to the little room, and I heard a door shut. And there was the ladies dormitory rest room there, such as it was. And when it stepped out, the most pitiful sight I ever seen in my life. It was a little girl.
How many takes that paper, "The Voice Of Healing"? You've probably seen her picture and know what I'm talking about. She had on a--a big steel thing around her like this, and one leg was a little shorter than the other. And she had no control of this limb. And she had a big shoe built on the bottom of this brace. And the brace was solid, not so it would bend the knee. It was solid. It come up around her and laced around. And there was a--a hook in the toe of her shoe, a strap come up and went over her shoulders and hooked the back of the brace. And then she had two crutches here that she walked on.
And she'd set the crutches out, and she'd swing her little shoulder, and that would set that limb out. And it not being quite grown, and no use of it, the weight of it flew upon this here (You see?) support. And she would hold and walk. And that helped her walk. She'd set that shoe down, she could make a step.
L-43 And the poor little thing standing there... And the ladies, if you knowed how they had to dress... The little thing was standing there, and little rags hanging from her little underskirt, and her little clothes all tore up. And I learned later, she was a little war orphan. Her father and mother was killed in the war, a Russian.
And she come out there, and she... little ragged looking hair. And when she seen me standing there, she looked and she straightened up like that, and bowed her little head. Oh, my, something just mashed down on my heart. I looked at the little thing. I... Oh, I just had the awfullest feeling. And that soldier said, "Mum, mum," pushing me on.
No... And I know she wanted to--she wanted to talk to me, only they'd been told not to bother her on the street or anything.
And I love those little old kiddies. I used to get them all in church. And when they was in the auditorium in the afternoon service... They give me some of that little old Finnish money, and I'd go out there and give it to them so they could buy their candies. And they would pull their little skirt out, and say, "Kiitos." "Kiitos" means "thank you." And they would holler, "Kiitos." And I'd have a line of kids from here back of the building following me along. I love the little fellows.
L-44 And she looked at me like that, and her little lips started quivering, and she stood still. And I motioned to her, come here. I knowed she wanted to come. And she came over to where I was. And she got over with her little crutch and her thing, she walked over. I wanted to see what she's going to do. And she took hold of my coat and kissed me on the coat, dropped it down, looked up to me like that and held her little crutches, pulled back her little skirt and said, "Kiitos." And the tears running down her little cheeks like that, dropping off. Oh, I... Looked to me like my heart would burst. I looked down at her, and I seen her healed. I knowed God would reward faith for that. I said, "Honey, you're healed."
And she couldn't understand me. They pushed me on in.
We had a great meeting that night. And the people, when they would see something being revealed out there, they'd just throw their crutches away and start walking on.
L-45 And that night, they just grabbed big armfuls. You seen it in the paper, of armfuls of crutches and like that, and sticks that the people was healed off of them. They would just have... Pulled them up beside of me, and Dr. Manninen and them when they taken the picture. And I said to my brother... He said, "We got to take you." He pulled me away.
And I said, "Just a few more." And God's wise providence, the very next card that was called, I heard something rattle and it was her. She was the next coming up on the platform. And here she come across. And I said, "Sister Isaacson," the interpreter, "just quote my voice."
She said, "Very well."
And I said, "Sweetheart, you're the little girl that met me out there in the hall." And she nodded her little head when the interpreter said so.
And I said, "Jesus Christ healed you, honey. You go over there and set down, and be taking off your brace. And just when you... when your brace comes off, let your little hand slip right down like that. You're healed." I said, "I saw you in a vision. You're healed." She walked over there. The ushers begin to take the braces off of her. And just as they...
L-46 I begin to pray for another woman that was standing there, had come up. Just then I heard a scream. And I looked, and here she come across the platform, braces, crutches over her head, and running just as hard as she could run. Like Congressman Upshaw, perfectly whole. Made well.
What is it? Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. His power is unlimited. It's limited to your faith. Do you believe it? That's confirmed amongst thousands times thousands of people.
And by the way, I believe right in my book there, I believe we have her address, and the little boy that raised... was raised from the dead. I'll get to the other one tomorrow night.
L-47 Who has believed our report? To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? He's here tonight. Jesus, the Son of God, to bless every one in Divine Presence. I cannot heal you. God may be able to show me what He has done for you. If you'll confess your faith in Him, and believe that He sent me to do [] this you shall see the glory of the Lord. Let us bow our heads... [] as we pray.
Heavenly Father, we just love to testify of Your way. That's just still burning in my heart, that poor little Finnish orphan, little thing with no mother and no daddy, both of them killed, poor little thing, packed about from place to place.
And I'm thinking tonight of the scenes that I see here at home when they go back out to the garbage can and rake out those big slices of bread and pieces of meat. And them poor little Finns, walking the streets; some of them with little dirty hands, wringing the tears out of their little eyes. They'd be happy to have one of those pieces of bread. O God, we're unworthy. [Isaiah 53:1]
L-48 Some glorious day though, we'll cross the border. Then we'll set down at Your table, look across at one another, tears rolling down our cheeks from the great fights, we see many of the old veterans that's fought along in the battle. We--we'll shake hands with each other, and cry a little. And the King will come out and wipe all the tears out of our eyes. Say, "Don't cry no more now. The battle's over; you're home. Enter into the joys of the Lord." That's the day I'm working for, Lord. That's the day we struggle for. No matter whether people believe our report or not, Lord, we--we teach it, and Thou art confirming it.
And we know that You're here to make known Your blessings. God, bless these people tonight, Lord Jesus. Many old dad and mother setting... [] just about gone. Doctors has turned them down. Many are setting here in these wheelchairs and think they'll never walk no more, unless something can happen. Many old brothers setting here, maybe with heart trouble, or sister that'll be gone in a few weeks if something don't happen; a cancer eat them up. Oh, have mercy, Jesus. Be with us tonight again in a special way. [Isaiah 25:8], [Matthew 25:21, 23]
L-49 I testified of Your Angel to show visions. O Father, not that this audience could hear my voice, for I'm not speaking to them. I'm speaking to Thee. I pray God, that--that You'll show visions tonight, may appear visible if it would be possible. All over this building here, may the Angel of God throw His great wings across here, and the distilled dew drops of mercy drop from them, Lord, upon every hungry heart in here. And may they have faith to be healed tonight, and accept their healing from the Lord. If there be any who meets this qualification that Thou has required, Lord, show it to Your servant. And may He engulf Thy servant now, enshroud, Lord, and hide away.
Knowing setting here is Brother Upshaw, that for sixty-six years he waited. But in the dim light of his days, You blessed him. You give him the desire of his heart. You withhold no good things from them that walk upright.
L-50 There are those setting here who're dying of cancer, that's now well. One woman who was crippled in a wheelchair last night, she's here walking now, well. O Christ, may men and women realize, shut away their superstitions and look to Calvary now, from whence cometh our help, and may they see Him Who we're trying to represent. The Lamb of God is wounded for our transgressions, with His strips we were healed. May they see Him in His power and His glory. May they see Him in the power of His resurrection tonight. And as His disciples of old, when they were turning from Emmaus, when this audience leaves here tonight may they be like the ones that returned from Emmaus, that seen the power of the resurrected Christ, said, "Did not our hearts burn within us?" For He was there... [] Healing them. Grant it Lord.
Now, I commit myself to You... []... Glorious outpouring of Thy blessings, for I ask it in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus. Amen.
L-51 Now, remember, as I make this statement: I am not responsible for critics who are at the meeting. Can I say that again please? I will not be responsible for critics at the meeting. If any persons are here who are just critics, or just come for curiosity, I--I wouldn't stay while this part of the service is going on. Come back tomorrow and listen at the preaching. But don't stay for this. For be it assured to you that when demonology spirit and power is let loose, it finds a place to go if it can. And unbelief, it'll certainly take its stand. (Or if you're a believer, truly, and just with a weak faith and something happens, we can take care for that.) But when you're an unbeliever, or I--I have nothing to do with it, 'cause I couldn't make it leave you.
And now, to Him that's able to keep you from falling, and can do exceedingly, abundantly more then we could think, may His grace and Being, anoint our meeting now. And may your faith settle down. And imagine seeing a--a lonely pilgrim, rejected of man, a Man of sorrow acquainted with grief, accused of being a devil, a mind reader, a spiritualist, coming walking along, misunderstood. But He was God's own Son.
And He's here tonight. He's here right now with me. He's here with you, and He knows all things. I know nothing. But He can make known all things, can't He. [Jude 1:24]
L-52 Some poor crippled man coming. All right, just come here just a moment. Just reverent as you can be. I wonder if the Christians realize the position that I'm standing in? Do you realize that in an audience of this type, there's superstitions, critics, and everything setting here? And I made a statement concerning Jesus Christ.
You say, "Brother Branham are you afraid?" No, sir! Not a bit. I know Who's here, and I have believed Him. And I'm persuaded He's able to keep that which I've committed unto Him against this hour.
The man's a stranger to me, humanly speaking. I know him not.
We're strangers, are we, sir? Yes, sir, we're strangers. Now, sir, I just want your attention to talk to you just a moment. And now, there's... If we're strangers, and I know nothing of you, it'll--it'll have to come from some spiritual resource, won't it, sir. It'll have to come from some spiritual resource. You're aware that something's going on. Of course, that's just the Angel of the Lord. You are a believer? Yes, sir. You... I believe you believe. You're more then that. Aren't you a minister? You've preached a mighty fiery sermons in some meetings. Isn't that right? You've been in a hospital or doctor's office, or something, for an examination. Isn't that right? Isn't that right? Yes, sir, I see him examining. Yes, your trouble's on your liver--it's on your gall, I believe. Isn't that right? I believe you have a cancer. I believe it is that... Jesus Christ is here to make you well. Do you believe that? All right. Oh, I see--I see it hanging like that, it's the bladder instead of a... Isn't that right? A bladder. Come here just a moment.
L-53 Almighty God, Who brought again Jesus Christ from the dead, thinking this man being a crippled, and seeing You moving up there. But he's Your servant, and this hand that I'm holding has waved sinners for glory a many a times. Have mercy, Eternal God. And while he's in Your Presence, standing here recognizing this, the last opportunity of his life to receive, may now, the blessings of God come upon this, Thy servant. And as I lay my hand upon him, I ask the cancer to leave him in the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless you, brother. Go rejoicing now. Walk right on down.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord." All right. Now everyone just as reverent as you can be. Amen. [] Wants to praise the Lord with him. He's healed. Just realized that he just got... Yes, sir. He wants to praise the Lord from the steps, 'cause he's healed. Blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus.
We thank Thee, Lord, for Thy power, and Thy servants that loves You. And may this be a grace. May our brother preach many mighty sermons yet, and convert many sinners to the Cross of Christ. Grant it, Lord. As we offer Thee praise in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus, we give Thee the adoration of our hearts. Amen.
Oh, how wonderful, wonderful, Jesus is to me,
The counselor, the Prince of Peace, the Mighty God is He;
Saving me, keeping me from all sin and shame,
Wonderful is my redeemer, Praise His name!

Do you love Him? May His peace rest upon you, be graciously unto you.
L-54 All right. Lady, or I should said, my sister. You are a Christian. That desire that you have in your heart to receive the Holy Ghost, you--you want to receive It, don't you? There's been troubles that's caused you... You've been nervous for a long time, haven't you. You're sincere though. Yeah, you have a heart trouble also. It's... You still have some nervousness, is what caused that. Smothering, laying down it's worse than ever. Isn't that right? I see at the bed, trying to hold yourself like... Say, when I touch myself... Oh, sister dear, you have more than that. You have cancer; that's on the breast too, isn't it? Uh-huh. Come here, sister. Do you believe that Jesus healed you nineteen hundred years ago? Do you accept it now?
Merciful God, bless this woman. May she receive the Holy Ghost, and be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Go, receive it, sister, and be well. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." How wonderful. Amen.
L-55 Now, I'm not an excitable person. But "amen" means "so be it." The Bible said the congregation said "Amen." So be it: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Have faith now. Don't doubt. Believe. All things are possible to them that believe. Amen.
How many hasn't got prayer cards, let's see your hands around. Oh, a great group of you. All right. Do you believe?
All right, sister, your great faith healed you while you were setting there. Walk on off the platform.
Let us say, "Praise be to God." That's the way to receive it. Nervous, mental nervousness... How wonderful. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Don't you believe that? Amen.
What are you thinking, sister? Wonderful, isn't it? You're kind of interested in that child too, aren't you. Huh? Don't you have two of them? Isn't that right? Isn't there two of them there? All right. All right. You believe? All right. God bless you. Receive your healing. Amen.
L-56 Dad, what do you think about it? The minister there was just healed. Isn't He wonderful? You're feeling better now, aren't you? Your friend there wants to be healed too, doesn't he, setting next to you?
Look around this a way, sir, just a little bit. Do you believe with all your heart? You'd like for that growth to go out of your nose, wouldn't you? Amen. Stand up and receive your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
What do you think about it, lady, setting on this side of him? Do you believe with all your heart too? All right. You got throat trouble, haven't you? Stand up and receive your healing then in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
That makes a whole group of them healed. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Everyone believe. Have faith in God.
Come, sister. My, anemia, diabetes, heart trouble. Go and be well, sister, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." That's right, have faith in God.
L-57 Mister, your heart trouble was just healed, setting there. That's right. The third man setting in there. Stand up. You had heart trouble, didn't you? It just left you just then, sir. You go home and be well now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen. Don't doubt, have faith.
All right, come on, sir. Wouldn't you like to get over that asthma? Wouldn't you like to get over that? Go and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and receive it. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Have faith.
Come, lady. You believe? Do you believe God sent His gift to heal you? You do? All right, you need a blood transfusion from Calvary. You're anemia. Go forward and be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ. Here It is. Have faith.
Come, lady. Look this a way. Do you believe me as God's prophet? You do? Your heart troubles leaved you then. Go home and be well in the Name of Jesus. Praise be to God.
Young man back there, do you want to be healed of that TB? You do? Stand upon your feet and accept your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen. Amen.
Let us say, "Praise be to God." All right.
L-58 Lady's deaf. Bow your heads. Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon the woman. Thou Who died to redeem, Thou Who was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity, the chastisement of Your peace--our peace was upon You, and with Your stripes we were healed. You Who called to the deaf spirit and it obeyed You, O Eternal God, hear this prayer of Your humble servant, and I represent You here tonight in the power of Divine healing. Hear the prayer of Your servant, and may this demon that's holding the woman, shake her, come out of her.
Thou demon, leave the woman. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of her.
Hear me? All right. You have had complications and everything wrong with you. Can you hear me all right now? Can hear me now? Hear me now? You're healed. Go off the platform and be well. You're healed.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord."
All right, come, lady. Do you believe me as God's prophet? You do? You've had kidney trouble a long time, haven't you. Go off the platform and be well. Jesus Christ makes you well.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Amen. He's here to heal. Do you believe it? Have faith.
L-59 Do you believe Him with all your heart? If you do, you can go home. You won't have to fool with your cot and stretcher no more. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Amen. There she is. Take the cot out of the way. There she is. All right. Do you believe Jesus Christ? Take her stretcher away, 'cause there's somebody else setting there fixing to get healed.
Be reverent. Look this a way. Believe with all your heart.
All right, sir. Do you believe? Your heart trouble's done left you. You can go on off the platform. (Be our last one, and so forth). Just walk on off the platform well.
You believe with all your heart? Look out there, to you without your... Look this a way.
What about you, sir, sitting there with stomach trouble? Raise up and be healed in the Name of Jesus.
Next man to you has got hemorrhoid troubles, haven't you? Stand up and be healed in the Name of Jesus.
The lady with arthritis, if you want to believe on the Lord, stand up and be healed in the Name of Jesus.
All the rest of you, do you believe Him? What about it? He's here. Stand to your feet. Raise your hand. Accept your healing.
Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, remove from these people.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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