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31May 08, 2008 - 02:34 PM
Kabelo Godfrey Keakantse from Malaysia

May our exercise of godliess not only profit us in this life but may it surely manifest the promise of the life that is to come. We thank God for the life of Bro Branham and the ministry, calling home the bride of Christ, we will never stop learning from his encounters and experiences with God.. lets raise the bond of Brotherhood even higher, looking unto Jesus with expectation of the consolation of our souls. Because he is coming very soon, his reward is with him Behold all eyes shall see him. So lets perfect holiness in the fear of the Lord!!!

32August 23, 2007 - 05:20 PM
Francisco from Canada

i was born in the krishna religion that commits the worse seen to the eyes of God of worshiping idols but when i came to a Christian church i felt a the power of God and i notice everybody was so happy and friendly and when they preached they were so convinced of what they said but one day i visited a catholic church and the greeting i got was "can i help you?" in other words "what are you doing here?"then i notice through people's faces, everybody looked sad, bored, tired and angry and i honestly felt like running far away from that church i was actually scared this testimony is to show that there is only one true religion and there are many Antichrists so be careful and ask God to guide you to the truth thanx for reading and God bless

33July 28, 2007 - 08:01 PM
lydia collymore from Barbados

it's a blessing to read the testimonies of how the Lord is still working through people and healing wonders. I've recently started to allow Jesus to do the work through me that he has wanted to do all my life. It is the most intelligent move I've made in all my life. Sometimes it takes something drastic to turn you to the will of the Lord but his will be done always. For me it took the death of my boyfriend of seven (soon to be eight)years to come. But in it all I thank him for the life he chose for me and that he didn't give up on me even when i was in my rebellious way of thinking. Since then i have been doing the work of the Lord and have been seeing him at work in my house and also in my closest friends and since i have been brought up in this message I'd like to be able to share it with my friends so if it is possible for you to send me some books and cd's/tapes please do i would like to spread the truth as far as i possibly can people need to know the truth and by the Grace of God turn away from there evil ways. They are some who do not believe that the prophet was a man of God but a through seed of God will never speak against the things of God No matter if they do not understand they wont it is not possible. I no that God is still working today because when my boyfriend had just died last year in July 2006 leaving me with three children and pregnant, my mother working for a meager salary was the only means of support for us and just as things were running low my mother started to say she didn't know what she would do for the next day she prayed out loud actually and the same day (the evening), we were sitting in my sisters room and there was a knock on the door and there was a man from the construction firm that the children's father worked for with boxes of food items that the whole firm had put come together and bought God is GREAT

34July 22, 2007 - 07:09 AM
Bro Dareck WChiweza from Malawi

Praise be God,
I was diagnoised HIV positive in 1994 when i was at schooh before I believed the message. However Bro Peter Yobe of Chiputu church Lilongwe Malawi had just testified to me of the message. I got convicted and when I was told of my HIV status, I didn't hesitate but asked Bro Whyson who was then an associate to Pastor Singini of Chiputu Church to pray for me. Just after prayer, I believed that i was healed. A week later I went to Kamuzu Central Hospital where I went for another HIV test. I was found to be HIV non reactive,Syphillis mono reactive and Hepartis B negative. I started donating blood from that time up to now. Am now married with two children Joshua aged 6 and Jessei aged 4 who are health together with their mother who goes for an HIV test before delivery. From that time, I have been praying for HIV positive people and a number of them have been healed and are being healed by the LORD JESUS CHRIST.If people want a testmony of once HIV infected person who has been healed in this message then am one of them.May the LORD be praised for He is the same yesterday, today and ever more.For faith is our victory.I am HIV negative up to now. Amen

Bro Dareck W. Chiweza,

35July 20, 2007 - 02:01 AM
barbara meece from United States

Bro. Branham has been a household name in my family for years and my family always loved him and his preachings deeply. Just recently in June, my grandma past away a painful death, she was 86. While in her hospital bed before she died, my cousin held her hand as I read her "Beyond the Curtain of Time" if I stopped for only a second or two, my grandma would squeeze my cousins firmly, letting us know she was listening and wanted to hear more of what a beautiful loving place she was about to encounter. My grandma lived for the day she could be with her Lord Jesus, and it certainly was a joyous pleasure to be able to read to her for the last time a vision of Heaven experienced by a man she so loved and so trusted his word. May his legacy continue always.

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