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221October 13, 2002 - 06:25 PM
Mary Wells from United States

We live about 40 miles west of Chicago Il. My husband Harold felt led of the Lord to travel 6 hours by car to the Branham Tabernacle at Jeffersonville, not knowing whether or not Bro Branham would even be in town ministering at the church. To his delight, Bro Branham spoke the "Message Of Grace", not only did my husband obtain a clearer understanding of the evidence of the Holy Ghost, but he was supernaturally called out by Bro.Branham's prophetic gift. Bro Branham, by the spirit of God, told him his name, the ailment that he suffered from and encouraged him to believe God for his healing. Harold felt so inspired by the message, that he tried to share this new found "Grace" with the church he was currently attending. They were closed to new light and revelation of the living word of God, and they expelled our family from the church. We moved forward believing the word of God, and not denominational ideas of men. Truly it was "The Message Of Grace" for us.

222October 07, 2002 - 08:32 AM
Cherian Joshua from Canada

The broadcasting of the prophet message has been great blessing especially when I'm at work...I could listen to the voice of God, which our Lord Himself was spoken through mal.4 to this bride. Truly this message is for the bride perfection and I know His voice will go every crack and corner of the world to call out His chosen ones.
May the Lord bless you and greatly rewards you for all the effort and labor you are doing for the body of the bride of Christ.

Your Brother In Christ,
Joshua Cherian.

"The secret [things belong] unto the LORD our God: but those [things which are] revealed [belong] unto us and to our children for ever, that [we] may do all the words of this law.
Once a mystery has been revealed God relinquishes ownership. It belongs to us."

223October 05, 2002 - 10:00 PM
Matt Leitner from United States

I was at work about to cut a board, and a still small voice reminded me of what I had been instructed; to not stand behind the saw when cutting. I hadn't been real careful always, and I was in the wrong position. I moved over to the side and when I cut the board the saw kicked back a couple feet where I would have been standing. PRAISE GOD for His protection and warning.

224October 01, 2002 - 10:45 AM

God bless you saints,thank you for the work you are doing it is a blessing to the bride
your brother with the same revelation
brother Byanyima Stephen

225September 03, 2002 - 09:00 AM
allen from United States

my son-in-law was in a bad motorcycle accident in oct. 1998 he was in the hospital for over two months after, about the fifth week,on saturday, we again visited the hospital, and they told us to call the family there was nothing else they could do, he was dying. after all the family arrived we prayed, in a 1/2 hour he came back and the doctor said he couldn"t believe it, but he came back, got married to my daughter, and they now have a daughter of their own, and he is very strong and healthy, thank you LORD JESUS CHRIST. ALLEN IN INDIANA.

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