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11December 05, 2014 - 05:25 AM
Desiree Hlatshwayo from South Africa

Greetings to all

I thank God for helping me in my time of need, when I'm helpless, I know who can help me better and trust in.

My daughter and myself were sometimes not everyday terrorized by the centipedes coming out of the bathroom cracks whilst in the water and we had to quickly jump out. Then I decided to pray about the situation the second time the incident happened 'cause one will slip and get injured in the bathroom. I took a bold step against this and gave the problem to the Lord and ask Him to remove them from us.

There used to be the matured fully grown huge ones, which would scare you as they move very fast unlike the sweet millipedes, after some days I could see only the small babies but they disappeared and we realized this after long.

My daughter (then 11yrs old) even did a research on them at the local town library to see if they are dangerous, poisonous or...

They vanished and one time we were coming from church in the evening and when i was about to lock the door I saw a big one on the wall behind the door and i dealt with it with the broom and spoke the words that I believe what God does, He does a complete perfect job not halves! the devil must not try his luck.

The next time I saw a small one I told my daughter that just the ghost centipedes cause I asked that they vanish from our place and from there never saw them in a long long time.

One night i was asleep and I heard a shuffling noise from the ceiling and saw a huge one on the foot bed, I prayed that it goes away never to be seen and it went back to the ceiling never to come out, I suppose it died. I know what I asked for believing I received, Praise be to God who minds His brides' requests for anything, anytime, everywhere.

The devil sometimes recurs to see if you still have faith on what you prayed for or you've given up! so hold on to your prayer believing God in His own time does answer.

Saints, I cast any burden I encounter and can't help it to the Lord and He really does take care of it as the King taking care of His queen, I'm a witness to that.

A situation like in the Bible when the Lord prepared a meal for His disciple in the morning when they were fishing, Peter, John and others saw Him at the shore and He had bread and fish on hot coals fire happened to me at home. I had no money to buy food, I didn't rush to go borrow or loan out and the Lord gave me and comforted me after I was laughed at by colleagues. My faith released the backlog money that was supposed to be paid out to thousands of a big organization employees on month end. But it came through mid-month 'cause God's child had a need and God made a way and opened the floodgates of heaven. I went to the supermarket to buy the basic necessities and they had already fried fresh fish ready for breakfast, I wen to get one, went home to eat with my daughter, and it dawned at me that this same situation I read about it and God is busy showing us that Christ is risen and with us, doing what He did when He was on earth!

And the Lord was not yet done blessing me taking me from glory to glory!

The following weekend, I had no money again and I had just listened to the tape and an sms notifier went out after listening i checked and saw that the shares dividends have been paid out oh! how the Lord sees my daily needs and takes care of His own indeed.

I can say He's amongst us, if you look harder, you'll see and recognize Him in our day. I benefit daily from Him, He talks to me in his Word, guides, counsels, comforts, warns, etc.

I thank and Praise Him forever, Glory and Blessed be His mighty Name!

There are many more circumstances He shows Himself, only believe.

I like to say "I ask in prayer, believe and receive"

"...the world does not see Him Yet ye shall see me"

"Simply ask in child -like faith and leave it in God's hands and carry on with your life, until it's manifested".

"Take it to the Lord in prayer, pray about it"!

Oh, I love Him and Adore Him!

God bless you all and Have a Christ-centred day.

12October 06, 2014 - 12:03 AM
Melvin Pajibo from Liberia

I want testify unto the Glory of God for sprearing my Life

13September 23, 2014 - 03:16 PM
Raymond from Cameroon

I was told by Brother that God sent us a Prophet in our Age and i was rely curious to know who was the Prophet and i was given One Brochure to read.And then while reading my Spirit,soul and Body testified that is it the TRUTH and from that day i have never been the same again.Glory be to God and thank God for sending us a prophet to gather His children for this age.

14July 03, 2013 - 06:33 PM
Kingstone Kapfunde from Zimbabwe

Before i received the message of the hour i was just an ordinary beliver so called a christian.But when one day the Lord led me to depart from my country of birth knowing that the situation and the type of the job i was having and its conditions has been a hinderance for me to receive the message.But God is so gracious as the word says those my father given me will come to me neither one of them will i loose.Then when i got to that country i was staying in the same room with some brothers who were in the message and one day just happened that we started to read the messages and something just sounds familiar to my soul that this is the truth from that time thats settles and i got rebaptised in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and i am still walking in the light i never be the same again knowing there is a greater calling for me.Praise God.

15February 09, 2013 - 11:02 AM
stephen ritch from Canada

God bless you.My name is Stephen Ritch.I'm from Montreal, Quebec.Back in 1974 "I beleive";my brother Brian and I went across Canada passing out tracks and testifing about the Lord,because we just got saved.We went to British Columbia and we were in the streets of Vancouver,with our guitars praising the Lord. We met two Brothers in the message, Bro.Lyle Black,and another Brother.They told us that God had sent a Prophet to our generation.Our hearts stirred inside us.We believed!!We went to Bro.Eddie Bisko's church and had fellowship with the Word.God had changed the program for us.We received the message from God.We stayed a week,and went back to Montreal.We are still in the message today; on the third phase. God bless you.Bro.Stephen

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