August 2006 Newsletter
“.. freely ye have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

Issue Date : August 01, 2006

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Text Box: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” [Matthew 10:8]

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"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." [Joshua 1:9]
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. [I John 4:18]
"Be of a good courage. Be not afraid; neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with thee wheresoever thou goest." The Lord thy God is with thee, wheresoever thou goest. No matter what it is, how hard it is, how great the obstacle is, that doesn't matter. If it's down through the valley of the shadow of death, the Lord thy God is with thee wheresoever thou goest.”[God Keeps His Word,  Jeffersonville, IN 57-0407M
"Now, you know, Christ's death had an absolute to it. Everybody was afraid of death, even the great prophet Job. Many of the people were afraid of death, a fear. And men always feared it. But when Christ come and took death upon Him, He become an Absolute to those who feared death. In Hebrews 2:14-15, "He took the form of man," to die like a man, to pay the penalty. But, on Easter, He came forth with the keys of death and hell. He had conquered it. He come, He said, "Fear not. I am He that was dead, and alive forevermore." [An Absolute, Phoenix AZ , 63-0127]
“The grace of God reached over in Noah's time. Noah, just an ordinary man, he and his family, but because Noah feared God, he believed God. You can't fear God without believing. How can you fear something you don't believe? You've got to fear God. Solomon said, "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom." Now, just to fear God, you're beginning to have wisdom. And the fear of God, Noah feared the Lord, and he believed the Lord. And that's what God honors, is your faith in Him. That's right. Then when the fear of God come upon Noah, God called him by grace, and saved him and his house, because it was grace that did it. [The Message Of Grace, Jeffersonville IN, 61-0827]
"Job feared." And what he feared, it actually happened. What brought it? His fear. That's what made it happen. His faith would have kept him from it, but his fear brought him... brought it to him. He was scared it was going to happen, and it did happen. If you're afraid when you come by the prayer line, "Maybe I just haven't got the faith sufficient"; it'll never happen, don't worry. See? But if you know it's going to happen, it'll happen. See? See, it's a substance of something. Job had a fear that these things would come upon him, and they did. If you have a fear that your disease is going to leave you... or won't leave you, it won't. If you have a faith, that it will. [Perfect Faith, Jeffersonville IN, 63-0825E]
“We are taught to "resist the Devil, and he will flee from us." Now, to resist is to just simply "turn him down"; just resist him, that is "just walk away from it." God said a certain thing; no matter what he's trying to tell you, you don't even listen to him. You have... your ears are deaf to anything else but what the Spirit says. See? "To he that has an ear (that listens), see what the Spirit saith unto the churches". [Perfect Faith, Jeffersonville IN, 63-0825E]
“Peter, he was doing all right till be got scared. The Word told him, he could walk on the water. What he feared, happened! What he believed, happened! When he believed he could walk, he walked; when he believed. Got scared in his belief, then his substance left him. See? He still professed his faith, but he didn't have the substance. The substance would have went right over top of that whitecap and went right on to Him, see, if he has the Perfect Faith. See? But he didn't have it. He thought he did. He did at first, he was willing to venture right out, "Why, the Lord told me to do it, it's got to happen." So he just steps right down out of the boat, and takes off. He never thought about the--the--the--the waves, how contrary they was. He never got that in his mind. [Perfect Faith, Jeffersonville IN, 63-0825E]
“And Elijah, when he come by, his time just about fulfilled for him to go, he spoke to Elisha. Come by where he was at, and he said, "Now, you stay here. I'm going up to Gilgal here." You see, he tried to discourage him. And many times when there's a blessing laying right ahead, the devil tries everything he can to discourage us. We go through trials and testings. But Elisha, being spiritual minded also, he knew that he had a purpose, and he wasn't going to leave him. He said, "As the Lord liveth and your soul liveth, I'm not going to leave you." I like that, that determination. Oh, my, we take a little thing from God and get all discouraged in a hour, but not Elisha. He looked forward to the time. He knowed that it was close at hand. [A Secondhanded Robe, Brooklyn NY, 56-1206]

 “Be not afraid. Don't be afraid of some evil thing. It's according to the Scriptures. Be not afraid; it's not spooky. Be not afraid; it's not fortunetellers. Be not afraid; it's not fanaticism. "It's I," says the Holy Spirit. It's God's Spirit giving witness that Jesus is alive and in His Church. [It Is I Be Not Afraid, Chautauqua OH, 59-0811 E-33]
Our Bible Study Subject for August 2006: "Be Not Afraid "
Please pray for us daily, for His Leadership concerning our little effort. We'll do the same for you.
May God richly bless you and your loved ones
Brother Robert Wilson

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