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10September 17, 2004 - 08:06 AM
ulrick moele ndoba from Senegal

i believe the Message is God truth for our time. It is the opened Bible for the end of times.

11June 01, 2004 - 11:52 PM
John Farmer from United States

This is the testimony of my mother Gwendolyn Farmer.

She was told by doctors that she could no longer bear children. My mother attended Brother Branham's meeting on July 18th 1965 in Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA where the sermon "Spiritual Food In Due Season" was preached.

She obtained a prayer card number C-9 and went through the prayer line. Brother Branham called her out as follows:

"How do you do? You believe this female trouble is going to leave you too and you're going to be well? Go, and say, "Thank You, Lord." [Spiritual Food In Due Season, Jeffersonville, IN, 65-0718E]

She was healed as Brother Branham said in the quote above, and I John Farmer was born 9 months and 10 days later (April 28th, 1966). Praise the Lord.

Here is an audio interview with my mother Gwendolyn Farmer. May God bless you as listen.Click to Listen

12May 04, 2004 - 11:37 PM
Pearry Green from United States
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“I'm grateful to Brother Pearry Green and to these brethren here that's put forth their efforts to make this meeting a success. If there's anybody lost in this city in this generation, it certainly won't be upon them fellows, because they have turned every stone to try to make it a success: feeding the people, getting them places to sleep, and--and on television everywhere, just taking the money right out of their own pockets and placing it right out so that... They know that the--the--the crowds that we have wouldn't be able to support such as that. And so they taken out of their own pockets to do it. So I think that's wonderful, somebody with a vision like that. I believe it was said over in Hebrews the 11th chapter, "of whom the world is not worthy," and to stick their neck out in a time that when the--the ministry's so unpopular amongst too many of the people that should believe it. Those who it's been talked about. But when something happens, then they fail to see it.” [Influence, Beaumont TX 64-0315]

“Now, we're going to say, while I'm thinking of it, not to interrupt. Brother Vayle is here, and I might not get to see him. I'll... Can I send that manuscript on to you when I get back to Tucson? I'm looking it over; I haven't got it all read yet, and I'll send it back to you as soon as I get to Tucson. Now, I am wanting to make an announcement. This is especially to the churches everywhere, especially in the west, or anywhere that wants to come. Our noble brother, Brother Pearry Green, with the... It's a man that's instigator of this hookup of this telephone here. The Lord has been putting it upon his heart to come visit us at Tucson, and start a revival at Tucson, which we really need. And Brother Pearry will be in Tucson. If you want to contact him, just get ahold of our office there. It'll be August the 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th. He's had it upon his heart for a long time, and I told him there was only way get it off your heart, go do it. And he's a Christian brother, a real servant of God. And you people in Tucson, I know will be blessed as he ministers there somewhere, perhaps at the Ramada Inn or wherever the Lord provides a place; he hasn't got it on here. But I know you'll be blessed by coming, hearing Brother Green as he expounds to us the Word of God, perhaps praying for the sick, or whatever it lays in the duty of God's anointing to do.” [Events Made Clear By Prophecy, JEFF IN, 65-0801E]

‘Thank you, Brother Green, it's a privilege. A greeting to Brother and Sister Green, and all that's here this morning. And it is a privilege that I feel I have given to me to come to this place of worship to make a few announcements. I don't want to take Brother Green's time here, because I heard Brother Green several times speak, and I certainly was influenced...?... as he brought the Word of the Lord to us, and so humble about it. Yesterday he said, "I don't get the Word from the Lord as maybe It would come in revelation, as--as It's been sent," but said, "I like to--to stress upon what has been said." He said, "Like when Paul wrote something in the Bible, I come here to stress upon what he said." Said, "I have no message, only just to stress on what's already been said from the Lord." Thought that was really remarkable that a young fellow like that would say--make a remark like that.” [What House Will You Build Me, TUCSON AZ, 65-1121, pp. 1]

“But I like his next words, "Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in houses that's made with hands," and another place over in Isaiah... He said, "A body has thou prepared Me (See?), sacrifice and offerings, and buildings, and so forth, but a body has Thou prepared Me." Well, we realize that he was speaking then of the body where God tabernacled in Christ. But I believe today, that the inspiration that's come to--to Brother Green to move here, him and Sister Green, giving up their place back in the east also to--or back in Texas, to come here with--to start with nothing, just simply by an inspiration, feeling that they should do it. I appreciate men that will follow the leading of Christ, regardless of the cost it costs them.” [[What House Will You Build Me, TUCSON AZ, 65-1121, pp.21]

“But there are those who are shepherds that watch the flock. I'm so grateful that Brother Pearry followed the leading of the Holy Spirit, and today we have a tabernacle. It's a small one. That's just good enough to start with to see what the Holy Spirit... Not knowing, let's just move step by step. Now, I believe if God has spoke to Brother and Sister Green to come here, and has opened up a place where our children; instead of on Sunday morning riding their bicycles, and on the streets and running around, to have a place to come to worship, instead of us sitting around and listening to something that we've heard on radio, which is all right...” [What House Will You Build Me, TUCSON AZ, 65-1121, pp. 26]

“But we, as this group of people, we have a Message for this day. We--we believe that God has given us a Message. And Brother Green is... I don't want to call him my associate, because we are... Well, it is also my associate; we are together in this Message. Brother Green preaches the same thing and Message that I believe in. He's left his home; he's left his people; he's left his church. He was, I believe, he was a district superintendent or something of one of the organizations, and give the whole thing up when he heard This. He left everything that was dear to him also to come to the desert, just to support what God is giving to us now.” [What House Will You Build Me, TUCSON AZ, 65-1121, pp. 27]

“I say, I believe it's not only should be in our hearts; it should be our duty to back him up, everything that we can: to attend the services, to come here to worship, and to make this a place where God can reveal to us the things that He has for us to reveal. And as his word said, "The Message doesn't come to me through the giving of the inspiration, as it does to maybe to some of us," but he said, "I am here to back up what God has given." What a statement. And I believe, if we will all cooperate together, we'll put our hearts to it.” [What House Will You Build Me, TUCSON AZ, 65-1121, pp. 28]

“And now that Brother Green, God has sent him in here and opened us up a church of like precious faith that we believe in, we ought to be very grateful to God, and attend every service, take every place that we can. And if we're asked and called on, to pray, to seek, to do, let's be soldiers right at the--just anxious to do it. See? Keep the Message honorable; live the right kind of life. Don't let no smut come upon it. We're living too late now; and we're--we're too late in the hour. Let's live It clean. On my life, your life, all of our lives needs to be picked up before God. Our young people just ride around from place to place, from show to show, and drifting further and further away from God. That's right. Now, that's the truth. I see it in my children, and I see myself getting to a place where not... You, you've got to assemble ourselves together to worship God; the Bible said so, "When we see this day approaching, that much more come together." If there's only two people here, you be one of them. Now, that's... And if we come together and worship together, then we just, something another about it, Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in their midst." [[What House Will You Build Me, TUCSON AZ, 65-1121, pp. 32]

“Dear God, I'm thinking of another great time coming, and that'll be the resurrection, when the old-timers will come forth first, saints, the patriarchs. "For we which are alive and remain shall not prevent or hinder those which are asleep; for the trumpet of God shall sound, and the dead in Christ shall rise first." Then when we see that great, just those people going, marching up through the skies; and we'd be standing, waiting for our change, knowing that we'll fall in line also, God, make us faithful soldiers. Only those who have really associated and been in the war would know what that really meant to see those tanks rolling by. And, God, we think that those who've been in the battle of life will know what it means when we're waiting our turn to fall in position and place in the resurrection, to go up. “ [What House Will You Build Me, TUCSON AZ, 65-1121, pp. 43]

“As this, mighty young brother, standing here, well trained, ready, dressed, waiting for an old man to lay hands upon him, one who's an old veteran from up there in the front line, knowing that he must join the battle too. Dear God, with these unworthy hands I lay upon my brother in representation of Yours. Bless Brother Green, dear God, who I bless in Jesus' Name. May he carry this Message, Lord, into this city and wherever You'll call him. May he be loyal, filled with the Spirit, living a life above reproach. God, let him have the hearts of the people, and that he might teach them and lead them and direct them in the path that we all desire to walk. Grant it, Lord. Bless his faithful wife, his little children. Bless our efforts here together, as Christian brothers here on earth, that we would carry this Gospel to the ends of the world. Send Your Spirit upon him, God. We pray in Jesus Christ's Name, as we give him to You. Amen.
God bless you, Brother Pearry. Carry the Word of God.” [What House Will You Build Me, TUCSON AZ, 65-1121, pp. 45]

“Last evening, I was in Yuma, Arizona, where my home now... I--I... When I was here before, I lived in Jeffersonville, Indiana. And now, I been in Arizona by a vision sending me there a few years ago. And we resident there the--now. I don't have any church there. Brother Green, our brother here with us, has established a tabernacle where the--one of the Assemblies of God church, Downtown Assemblies... They merged, and I think they all went in with Brother Brock and with Brother Gilmore and left this church open; and Brother Pearry Green from--from Texas moved in and took the place, which is a associate with us. We're glad to know that--that Brother Green has reopened this church that was closed.” [Things That Are To Be, Rialto CA, 65-1205]

Brother Pearry Green (Pastor, Tucson Tabernacle, Tucson, Arizona, USA) who is referred to in the quotes above, walked closely with Brother Branham for about 2 years.

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