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 1September 06, 2016 - 07:11 AM
alvin a peterson from United States

You can hear my wife Minnie prayed for on Dr. Moses 1/15/55 Chicago. Just before W.B prays for Minnie he says there is someone I'm missing. It was Billy Paul.
You can also see a video on "neville maia you tube" of our testimony. It is now on their 4th page of site because it was given in 5/21/16. God bless you. We our also in the Generation book.

 2February 21, 2014 - 05:56 PM
R Smallacombe from Canada

I personally never met Bro. Branham being just a child, but my Mom and Dad used to listen to his tapes on an old reel to reel. So from an early age I heard a lot of teaching.

I am now 56 and I have been suffering from diabetes for over 5 years.
The Lord has protected me from most of it, but the doctors have never been able to get the blood sugar at an acceptable level.

A few days ado I was talking with a lady who told me about listening to one of Bro. Branham's tapes, and how the anointing was still so strong after 60 years, that she was healed of an ailment she had for quite awhile.

Today I started downloading sermons and listening, I had taken the sugar strip test and it was flashing warnings at 23.3 (I'm not sure how it's measured in USA, but in Canada the acceptable "normal" level is 4-7), this afternoon I took another test after listening and reading and praying most the day, and the level had dropped to 10.2..... and I hadn't seen numbers that low in years.

I thank God for that anointing, and that He is still Anointing the Word being taught in tapes from the 40's and 50's.

I am also praying for my Dad, who suffered a stroke Dec 6, 2013. Dad came home yesterday...and I am preparing some sermons now to send out to him as well.

 3May 07, 2007 - 11:26 PM
Deborah Patterson from United States

Let me introduce myself and my family. My name is Deborah Myers Patterson. My family ,whether it is immediate or extended family is Myers, Ungren, Downing and Simpson. My families have attended Bro. Branham's meetings since the 1950's. My family is the one he referred to in Tennessee so many times on tape by name or being from Tennessee.

I was born in 1961 with cancer, one kidney did not work at all and the other was not functioning correctly and to it's full potential. I was dying is what my parents were told by doctor's. My parents wanted to take me to one of the meetings to be prayed for and the doctors and the hospital was not going to allow it. Thank God my parents did not listen to what man had to say, so they signed forms releasing the hospital of any ramifications. The staff, doctors and an aunt (non-believer) told them that they were "taking my life in their hands". I disagree they were just putting it in the hands of God.

I was prayed for by Bro. Branham. When they came back to Memphis they took me to the doctor and hospital and they could not find anything at all. To this day the pediatrician says "I am a walking miracle of God". He still is the families baby doctor. I was dedicated on the tape "True Easter Seal" 61-0204 just a few months after I was healed.

"Now, let me get... Look just like this is a little fellow. The name? Deborah Myers. Little Deborah Myers, she's bright-eyed this morning. Let us bow our heads. Heavenly Father, we bring to You little Deborah Myers; we pray Your blessings upon the child as we dedicate her to the Lord, as the father and mother now presents her, and in commemoration of our Lord Jesus Who blessed the little ones and said, "Suffer them to come unto Me." We give to You little Deborah for a life of service, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. "[The True Easter Seal, JEFF IN, 61-0402]

To this day I have several memories of Bro. Branham at meetings preaching and him praying for me in the house that he rented in Tucson on Park Ave. they are so burned into my mind that I can tell anyone of how the furniture was in that house and what Bro. Branham was wearing. I had a doll with me that day that had red hair that he named "carrot top". Needless to say that it is one of my most cherished things I own.

"And I--I see Brother Ungren, but I--I can't see Sister Ungren anywhere, whether she is all right now. Yes, sitting right out from him. Sure. Yeah. I'm glad. Cause we was called out the other night, in a... just a emergency case of her and her daughter, Sister... I... Downing, Downing. Run off the road, and just the grace of God, or they would both have been crushed to pieces right there. And here they come right on to church, got on a train and come on. [Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed, JEFF IN, 63-0728]

Bro. Branham also married my sister Sharon (he called her Cheryl) to Bill Simpson in 1963 and referred to them on tape- The Absolute 12/1/63. He also married my brother Gordon Myers to Shirley Mitchell in our home in Tucson in 1965. When he married my brother, my parents had moved furniture around in our home and when he got there he rearranged it. There was a reason for this, he wanted them looking at him where they would be facing the East. Remember how often he said "look to the East"?

"We just had a wedding, downstairs. Two of my children got married, and my children from the tabernacle; our little Billy Simpson and the little Myers girl, they had been sweethearts for some time; Sharol, yes. They were... They also are relative here, or the little Sharol Myers is, to Brother Ungren and them. So, we are happy for them, I see they've taken their place, after getting married, go right back in the auditorium of the church, and sit down to listen to the service. Those children have always had a deep place in my heart, because they're so respective to the Word. They--they just love the Word. I don't think that, that I call them my children, I don't think they're any better than other children. But they just look to me, and I look to God for them. "[An Absolute, SHREVEPORT LA, 63-1201M]

My sister and brother were baptized on the tape "Water Baptism" 3/29/59 and Bro. Branham refers to my aunt Helen Downing, grandmother Mrs. Ungren on tape "Christ Is the Mystery" 7/28/63. Also my uncle is Morris Ungren that sang the song "Down from His Glory" that was one of Bro. Branham's favorite songs that he refers to on the tape "Absolute" 12/1/63.

"I certainly appreciate that song Brother Ungren just sang: "Down From His Glory." If He hadn't have come from His glory, where would we all be tonight? So we're thankful that He come down to help us."[The First Seal, JEFF IN, 63-0318]

My family feel and were privileged to be called his friends. A friend of the Prophet, words cannot begin to tell.

Your Sister In Christ,
Deborah Patterson

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